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  • Greetings from Seoul! I really hope you see this message. I just started playing Warcraft 3 and your marvelous map, Cruiser Command and I'm totally hooked. (I know, I'm EXTREMELY late to the party)
    Now I want to enjoy this map in Korean. And from what I heard, it seems I need unprotected version of Cruiser Command to translate it into Korean.
    If you don't mind, could you send me the unprotected version of Cruiser Command? (If this is considered rude, pardon me. I'm totally new to this site)

    If there's other way to translate your map into Korean, let me know.

    Hope you stay healthy in this dark time.
    Hello tkf, I am a Chinese, I love your "Cruiser Command", and I am also an world editor.
    Here, I want to get an unencrypted version of this map from you, because I want to continue updating it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Unlike "Unit - Replace <unit>", this method does not create a new unit so all variables that point to this unit will remain pointing to the (changed) unit.
    Custom values, etc also remain.

    One thing that does not remain is the unit abilities added via triggers.
    To counter this, you have to make the abilities permanent.
    There was a GUI action for it but was never implemented.
    You can search Google for "Warcraft 3 MakeAbilityPermanent()".

    "the triggers does also not being affected by this? Right?"
    I dont really know what you mean.
    Well, you know how to instantly transform a unit?
    In any case, try to find a tutorial called "Passive Hero Transformation".
    (However the name is really stupid because it is not necessarily passive and it can also be applied on non-heroes... but I guess people don't really use their brain nowadays.)

    In any way, in my Missile System, I have a few options when creating a missile.
    One of those options is to make the missile locust or not.

    If the missile must be locust, I create a unit of the missile dummy type (which has no locust by default) and give it the crow form ability and add locust via triggers.

    If the missile may not be locust, I create a normal dummy unit (which is locusted by default (object editor)) and then use the passive hero transformation... sorry Instant Unit Transformation technique to morph it to the missile dummy.
    Then I remove collision via the trigger and adding the ghost ability and then my de-locusted unit is created.

    So 2 simple steps to make a de-locusted unit:
    1, Create a locusted unit.
    2, Morph the unit to a non-locusted unit.

    I havent really tested much with it so I dont really know anything about spell immunity or be able to be hit by phoenix fire.
    I suppose that he will act like any ordinary unit except you cant select it (and it wont show health bars).
    You can add spell immunity yourself.
    Sorry I haven't logged in for a long time. I appreciate your concern, but i cannot access the site anymore for unknown reasons. My username TKF didn't work with my password after the site did change. I might have been inactive for too long maybe you can do something about it? Aren't you an admin on that site??

    But If I have to use the sites contacts let me know.
    Hey, TKF. I think all your "star power" maps should be on here. I encourage you to post if you're interested.
    <span style="font-size: 15px">Showcase Your Project On MakeMeHost!</span>
    I don't blame you for failing to export the SupCom script, that shit is a mess. Bob666 made some awesome maps, but looking at his code just makes me want to shoot myself. I can make a system like this, but i just have a couple of questions:

    Do missiles need to collide with asteroids? If so, are asteroids represented as units or destructables? Does it need to consider terrain elevation, or are you only using it for a flat map? Do missiles only need to move in a 2d plane?
    As for Oblivion it is the same as when I took over the project. Maybe I need to nerf its ion storm damage in future release. Many things actually. AA Guns is are balanced in a way that storming the planet with countless of space fighter units should be more easily countered.

    I'm at full time work now barely have time to do anything now unfortunately as rebalancing the abilities of units, almost done with critical bugfix on cruiser command....
    What i meant back then was that Dark Energy tech is the only one with an actual bomber. Strongest able to enter planetary surface ship with cloak. Ships can easly be countered via AA turrets as they have insane range and DPS, but a cloaked army of Phantasms will kill any player who isn't a turtler. They can kill big or small ships pretty damn effectively, just try it.

    Scenario bla bla1: One goes for Ion Generation tech, and he is able to build fleet killer ships for extreme cost efficiency, which renders GC useless and way too slow. Then they also have Ion cannons which can annihilate a planet easly. And then if you need extra firepower to kill the player's surface forces, you combine the cannons with the Phantasms.

    PROs: -Cheap sneaky fleet killing capabilities
    -Effective planetary bombardment capabilities

    CONs: 2-3 minutes behind earlier techs, but if one is able to produce an Oblivion ship and use it well, he will win.

    Complete counter: Fission Battlecruisers + Warp tech.
    Why ?: Because this tech is by far the fastest, can easly escape with minimum damage from Oblivion ships Ion Storm or any super weapon ability unless it's Novarion battlestation and you are close to it like a dumbass.

    If i were to list FINAL techs from best to worst, it would look like this:
    -Warp Tech(Requires some micromanagment, nothing an actual good RTS player can't handle)
    -Ion Generation(Noob friendly, Ion Cannon Satellites a little buggy ---> if you spam the firing you will only fire one... absolutely useless against Shield protected bases, but kills any other, but very slowly. Oblivion ships OP use them)
    -Shield Generation(All in one tech, if combined with Dark Energy Flagship and Nightmare BCs and Atlas ships it unlocks, you can pretty much destroy any fleet, and bombard any planet with no problem, and survive against Warp Tech rushers. It also beats Ion Generation if you have enough Atlases)
    -Biological Warfare(As dangerous as Warp tech with Battlecruisers, but only effective against a single opponent, as others will be prepared after the first attack, and no big fleet... rending you vulnerable)
    -Robotics(For players who want a guaranteed win on the ground, followed by making big ships so you can easly repair them)
    -Trade Federation(For passive players)
    -Nuclear Weapons(Pre last version it was pretty useless)
    -Mobile Battlestations(Too slow)
    -Galactic Cannon of always losing(Ineffective for what it does and TOO SLOW)
    oh man i remember that map was so buggy, almost unplayable. but updates to it were usually improvement. where will you start working? goodnight
    I haven't been on lately but I usually see a few of them a few times a week actually only months ago. I wouldn't say they're rarely hosted. You just need to use some modern tools like or to find em.

    Well, you've done a good job taking over. Obviously it was a success since you got the DC and the popularity ^^
    Oh, I didn't notice you've created three hits (Cruiser Command, Solar Conquest, and Missile War). Nice.
    Adding then hide unit then remove locust then unhide unit will let phoenix fire hit them and can't be selected... HOWEVER you can still drag-select them. But hey at least when you accidently hover over them it won't be a bother anymore.
    There's one possibility, but you can still area-select them. Add locust then hide remove locust then unhide as well disable area-selection. Otherwise you can make selection scale circles to be 0.01 or -1 to disable health bars at least.
    I noticed something wrong with your maps, the projectiles are actually selecatable... Should fix that maybe?

    If you can't, could I get a unprotected copy and try my hand at it? If I succeed then you get a bug fix for free. =)

    Edit: I don't actually need any of your maps, just your projectile system. I really liked your maps as well edits of others and their maps, figured to try to offer some help if possible.
    Okay, the "CC Duplicate" map has been dealt with, I have requested Orcnet to check the map and have the map Rejected.
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