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  1. Shar Dundred
    Created by Shar Dundred
    Apr 5, 2019



    The Orcs have returned!
    The Second Orc Book of the Legends of Arkain, a hosted series of campaigns by Shar Dundred, was released this week.

    Following the events of the First Orc Book, this campaign starts with the Orcs on the run.
    New enemies have emerged that seek nothing more than the total destruction of the greenskinned menace:
    The Redfist led by Duke Volarian Redfist the Tyrant, the father of Aedale and Cora Redfist from the First and Second Human Books, intends to burn everything that either looks orcish or is either allied or even neutral towards the Orcs to the ground.

    The remaining regiments of the severely weakened Imperial Army have been assigned to the command of Commander Daric and his strong mercenary army. In service of the Empire, they have been charged with the task of hunting and killing every single Orc they can find.

    Against these impossible odds, the Orcs have to adapt in order to survive the onslaught. Alone, they stand no chance. Allies must be found to help them survive this new tide of enemies for otherwise, it will drown the Orcs clans in their own blood.
    Are you up for the challenge? Download the Second Orc Book and prove yourself against your new enemies!

    And a special ending may be waiting those who slaughter everything.
  2. Landmine
    Created by Landmine
    Apr 4, 2019

    In May 2017, The Hive Workshop ran a paired modeling/texturing contest where 6 teams competed for the best leader unit. While entries ranged from sci-fi to comical, it was the Mo'arg Overlord by FerSZ and Murlocologist thatcaptured first place.

    Today, the Mo'arg Overlord commands a strong presence. He's got a 5.00 rating and boasts an army of 6500+ minions (or downloads). With all the care FerSZ and Murlocologist put into the unit, it's not hard to see why. The Overlord looks impressive and imposing while coming with over a dozen animations including attacks, spellcasting, and victory poses with really nice particle effects that I wish I was able to capture in the previews below.

    One of our goals this year is to start up these spotlights once again. There are many projects available and we want to show off the higher quality ones. Expect to see more awesome projects next month.
    If you have any recommendations on any projects that you feel should be showcased, send me a message.

  3. Landmine
    Created by Landmine
    Mar 29, 2019

    With it brings a bunch of exciting features including a minimap and dark UI theme, along with updates like fully functional undo/redo and a JASS editor. No longer do you have to endure a bright World Editor. As always, make sure to backup your maps before diving in.

    For those unfamiliar with HiveWE, it's an open-source third-party Warcraft 3 map editor being created by Eejin. You can find more information about it on the resource page.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Some Feature Highlights
    • Minimap
    • Full undo/redo for terrain/pathing/doodads
    • Show Destructibles pathing
    • Pathing map preview for doodads
    • Cliff lighting
    • A functioning JASS editor (with some limitations)
    • Dark UI theme
    • Tabs for various tools
    • Syntax highlighting and autocomplete
    • Doodad palette functionality

    Read all the changes and download the latest version here!
  4. Ralle
    Created by Ralle
    Mar 25, 2019
    A very rough Ralle news post about some breaking Warcraft news!

    I was sent a picture from a Chinese presentation about Warcraft 3 patch 1.31.


    More will most likely surface about what exactly is coming and what is not, but it's definitely exciting.

    Lua support sounds very interesting. I wonder how that is going to work.
  5. Landmine
    Created by Landmine
    Jan 16, 2019

    Patch 1.30.3 and 1.30.4 PTR Updates

    With the passing of the holidays, Blizzard is back to work on releasing patches for Warcraft 3. It looks like we're starting 2019 strong with Patch 1.30.3 release the first week of January and Patch 1.30.4 now released to the PTR.

    These patches include a list of balance changes and a few bugfixes. Affected by the balance changes are the Keeper of the Grove's Entrangling Roots, Alchemist's Acid Bomb, Glaive Thrower's Vorpal Glaives, Defend, and Mountain Giant.

    You can find the complete posts for Patch 1.30.3 here and Patch 1.30.4 here.