Deandra's Tale Remake

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The lovelorn Deandra returns, with a vengeance! Re-introducing Deandra's Tale Remake, a custom campaign for Warcraft III version 1.35. Originally released in 2004 (and posted on HIVE in 2007), this campaign follows the beautiful kaldorei Deandra, her dutiful sidekick Gabriella and the cheery Cindy in an epic tale for romance for the ages! Be sure to check out previous epic entries in the series, Joe's Quest Remake and Mordork's Quest Remake!

  • 4 re-worked single-player chapters and 4 cinematic interludes!
  • New custom music and sounds!
  • Hundreds of custom models, voice files and music!




This completes the remaking of (nearly every) entry of Joe's Chronicles, beginning with Joe's Quest and Mordork's Quest! These campaigns were reworked from the ground up, with new characters, new music, new vibes! I wanted to enhance the dreamy, ethereal nature of this entry with the music and its visuals, and I really hoped I achieved that. Anyway, thank you to those that have continued to support me in this mapping journey!


1) Have all levels been remastered?
Yes, all levels have been edited and remastered.
2) Why does Deandra have a crush on Illidan? Because Illidan's the tall, brooding type, the complete opposite of his tree-hugging brother.
3) How did you go about remaking that infamous 'stealth level'? You're referring to the level where Deandra sneaks around an orc fortress where she constantly gets caught by wolves, right? Spoiler alert, but I basically completely scrapped the alarm mechanic, and streamlined the "stealth" system. I personally never liked how clunky the system was in the original.
4) Will you remake Joe's Quest 1.5? No plans, but I am considering incorporating elements from that chapter into a possible sequel if it ever pushes through.
5) Is that the soundtrack to Space Runaway Ideon? Yes! One of my favorite scores of the late Koichi Sugiyama.



  • Released on November 21, 2022

  • Increased the damage of certain creeps and minor bosses
  • Changed Illidan's line regarding Deandra's blindfold
  • Made Deandra sit after she speaks to Illidan instead of 'dying'
  • Changed Zardozz the Faceless One's reward to a Crown of Kings
  • Added a small effect on the infernal when attacked by the Eye of Newt
  • Reduced collision size of friendly Furbolgs
  • Made Ogag's dynamite barrel pile look much bigger, similar to the original
  • "Unhid" one of the codex entries beside the Lightning Lizard in the stealth level
  • Corrected some spell and unit descriptions in the final level
  • Renamed 'Owl of Doom' to 'Raven of Doom'
  • Removed all the explosive mines in the final level
  • Removed Glaive Thrower and Huntress upgrades in the final level
  • Added correct spells to Yogi Furbolg
  • Removed Shadowmeld during key cutscene in the final level so heroes aren't invisible
  • Fixed some typos found in the campaign
  • Special thanks to the magnificent Armelior_is_back

  • Updated Remake from 1.27b to v.1.35 / Warcraft III: Reforged

Known Issues
  • Game may crash in certain levels, so save frequently
  • In-game Music may suddenly stop playing. Just save your game and reload



Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Underground

Blizzard Entertainment
Koichi Sugiyama


Deandra's Tale BRONZE (Campaign)

Deandra's Tale Remake (Campaign)

Deandra's Tale Remake (Campaign)

VGsatomi: Approved. Prelude to MapMedGuy's well-known "Joe's Quest" series. A must play.




VGsatomi: Approved. Prelude to MapMedGuy's well-known "Joe's Quest" series. A must play.
Level 1
Jan 20, 2008
Very good campaign.

I accidentally downloaded it from some other web-site some time ago started playing and completed a few chapters then quit to deal with real life every day adventures.

I then resumed playing this campaign after an almost 1 year time span pause and figured out that the campaign was amusingly fun, its storyline had got a distinct charm, featured very nice cinematic and involving gameplay, there was also a bunch of fresh ideas that made this campaign unique and stand out. I also figured that it was wisely balanced there was nothing to remove or add in my opinion.

Battle at the Barrens IS the 10/10 map. I loved it. However, I stuck in chapter three after giving a catapult operator a book and cinematic; I cannot proceed to the bridge north west and found Deandra basically locked in that region. I'd bet this is the bug and I actually couldn't find a way to continue playing, which is of course very, very sad.

Other then that it is a really, really good campaign. I rated it as Very Good and I strongly recommend it to everyone.

(I registered to just post this comment!

Med. Map Guy seems to be a serious and skilled mapper judging from the other campaign's community comments and high ratings. Kudos to you and great thank you for creating such nice campaigns.)
Level 13
Mar 23, 2008
NICE!!! this map is pretty nice (especially the ideads you got with skins and just the history :D) its pretty short and the last map is 2 hard (for me blue and teal just keapt sending all their unit all the time and red dint do anything before i killed the other enemies (with whosyourdaddy cus its 2 hard else)) else a nice map just make last map easier
Level 3
Feb 20, 2007
Very good campaign, excellent cinematics and storyline. The one thing that spoils the thing is that 2 missions should have been easier or at least easier, when you lose and prompted to reduce difficulty level. The AI is almost unbeatable (AMAI or anything like that?) As for the second map with Kodobeasts' attack, variable beast number depending on game difficulty would be OK. I'm giving 4 of 5, hoping the author will do something about it if he ever opens WE again.
PS. I don't know if the version I played was the latest, so my comments may be a bit out of time.
Level 5
Jan 27, 2007
Is there a filipino in your team med mapguy??? haahhaha!!!

I figured it out with the phrase deandra said..."bukas pinto"
Level 3
Jun 18, 2008
I like the campaign, but found a bug. In the chapter where you need to infiltrate the orc base, i took the wrong shimmerweed so i had to restart. Then i ran over and took the weapon back from the orcs, and the goblins moved on. When i then came to the gate i couldn't get through... Why that:confused:
Level 3
Nov 16, 2009
Nice, but in some places it looked like a parody on warcraft. And no one can scare goblins - they blow themselves up, which shows that death cant scare them, since theyre mad. Oh and Illidan never shouts - even when he lost the eye of sargeras he didnt shout. 8/10
Level 22
Jan 10, 2005
Really fun campaign, but it needs some polishing.

I found some bugs, for example. Deandra resetting to level 6 each mission (and losing all items gained after you turned level 6).

Enemy units attacking Deandra during cinematics (The wolves in the stealth map).

The icon of Gabriella doesn't work.

Lots of tooltips are unedited. Upgrades for Furbolgs are still ''Druid of the Talon Master Training'', etc.

Some grammar needs fixing as well. With things like ''you're'' instead of ''your''.

I give it a 4/5.

Nice, but in some places it looked like a parody on warcraft.

Hah, so true. :D
Level 5
Jul 2, 2010
Good work in the campaign! It's completely FuN!
But I will give a 4/5 because some leaks needs to be fixed. Like example: At mission when you have to infilitrate in the orc base, the goblins simply didn't moved after a cinematic.

BTW, Joe's Series are the best!
Hope you make a sequel!;)
Level 1
Apr 20, 2010
Very funny campaign. The cinematics are totally the best I have ever seen in a campaign (and also the funniest). Great comic storyline. It lacks in the sense of you as player making progress, but that's not the aim (it's a comedy, not a hero beating the crap out of evil).

There are indeed some grammar/spelling issues, but not so much that it gets very annoying.

minus points are a feeling of unfinishedness in terrain, and bugs in the triggers. What sort of bugs?

-Chapter 3: Bloodlust. Part in the garden finding shimmerweed. When you save there, pick the wrong one and die and then load, you can no longer fight the creeps in the garden: they are assumed to be orcs by the trigger.
The problem is apparently insolvable since the editor wasn't quite capable of working around it in one of the chats where you hit a cage and the game states that "why did you kill the building? Now the orcs know you're here and are coming to kill you!" or something. (Anyway, I know campaigns are often buggy so I had a backup save :p)

-Chapter 4: Getting Medieval. The first time, I was under constant siege (which i think was the point) and died for reasons that don't matter (yes, I sucked ;P). Second time, however, I skipped the cinematic with esc and they never attacked me. They never did anything, actually... not evne attack me, nothing. So yeah, that's a big bug ;)

I'll give it a 5/5 because it stands out from many other campaigns, but it's definitely not quite finished yet. Yet it is VERY playable and the gameplay is challenging (except Chapter 2 which is far too easy).
Level 2
Jul 2, 2011
Lol.When on Chapter 2 the Warchief says:"this is so embarrasing,if we fail at this,i gonna stop playing Warcraft and wait for Starcraft 2" :D
Level 2
Oct 15, 2011
I liked your campaign, great job!

-difficulty: hard => there is nothing which is more boring than eeeasy campaign
-nice terrain, models
-extraordinary map ideas (stopping the kodos, Orc chief assault)

-mable a little bit too hard? (assult, last map!!)
- some annoying thinks i cant understand(see next lines)

And there are some improvement to be done:
-Gabriella: - ((Pic)), and the most annoying thing was that she mustnt die, but you loose here too fast in the fight: => Transform her to an Hero, or remove loose consiquense when she dies.

The second thing i really didnt get is the map with the orc chief assault. If the orcs mustnt attack D., or otherwise hungry wolves are going to smash you in many little pieces. BUT: its nearly impossible to pass these stupid TOWERS!
You can use your lvl 6 unit, but it stays nearly impossible and annoying. Destroying the tower (a building) makes the wolves come. Mable its a bug, but i really dont get it.
And, make the units 'pause' while the cinematic, my hero died two or three times course of this

This campaign wasnt somehow something i prefere, it was not my thing. In fact i can not really explain it. But it would be totaly unfair if such a subjective feeleing would influence my "grade" of your great campaign

Well thats it, in my opinion, well done! 4/5
Level 1
Oct 20, 2013
i'm suprised that im the only one asking this,what do you have to give the orc to go pass him? i looked all over!
Level 4
Aug 2, 2014
I'm kinda stuck at the 4th mission. It it impossible to defend against that army that keeps comin'. Only if I could make some units, but when? Because they're already atacking after I defeat the enemy units that were in the base...
I'll come back with an edit including my review of the campaign, if I can get past that crazy mission... -.-"

EDIT: So, I've got past that mission. Found out that that was the last. The AI kinda broke. I rage-restarted the mission so many times that the AI got so tired that they didn't even atacked me anymore.

Here's my review:
Bad things:
-Found 2 bugs in the first mission: Captured Cindy vanished for no reason (she was losing health all the time, without taking any damage) and suddenly I couldn't control her anymore. Her cage was there, but I couldn't control it. o_O And the 2nd bug is Gabriella's missing icon. Also, I don't know if that's normal, but in the cage was Illidan, not Cindy, eh I think that's the unit from the official campaign and they/he couldn't edit it.
-It was pretty frustrating to keep Gabriella alive in the first mission, she should've been a hero.
-The raiders seemed pretty retarded in the 2nd mission, avoiding the fight with us, and goin' straight to the circle instead (2 waves).
-At mission 3.... God, that autoatack of the hero was so freakin' frustrating.... And I got atacked twice by wolves while the cinematics were playin', kinda wierd. o_O
-The last mission is kinda impossible. The atacks are too strong and you don't have enough time to make enough units for defense before they launch the first atack. I was lucky that AI broke after restarting the mission infinite times because of failing to defend the base, and they didn't atacked at all after the last restart.
-Not too challenging.
-Too short.

Good things:
-Glad too see Illidan and Malfurion once again
-I was very happy to see that the action in the first chapter was 10.000 years ago, when was the sundering
-The story was interesting
-Many funny quotes/dialogues
-Amazing cinematics.

Pretty interesting overall. Not really my style, but I really liked it. I give it 4/5, what I really liked the most at this campaign is the humor, kinda my style. Now I'm gonna start the next campaign, the 2nd campaign from Joe's Chronicles, the sequel to this one. ^^
Oh... and... what was with the last, let's call it..., cinematic? o_O

For the guys that find this campaign difficult, or they can't get past something, I've made a playthrough with the entire campaign. There is a link with the playlist below:
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Level 22
May 14, 2004
Thanks for the review! Yes, I apologize for all the numerous bugs and whatnot that have creeped up from many many playthroughs. It was tough since i never had the thing playtested during development. I'm glad you enjoyed the whole thing, flaws and all. And awesome! A playthrough! I can't wait to watch it. I haven't seen my campaign in years...

Oh, and there's no sequel. What does happen to Deandra?
Level 4
Aug 2, 2014
Thanks for the review! Yes, I apologize for all the numerous bugs and whatnot that have creeped up from many many playthroughs. It was tough since i never had the thing playtested during development. I'm glad you enjoyed the whole thing, flaws and all. And awesome! A playthrough! I can't wait to watch it. I haven't seen my campaign in years...

Oh, and there's no sequel. What does happen to Deandra?

It would be awesome if you start working at a sequel for Deandra. :D
Atm I am playing Shards of Resistance. I hear that that campaign is somehow connected to Joe campaigns. Is that correct? Because I did not saw any connection until now, playing this campaign. Someone told me those are, in this order, the campaign from Joe Saga:
1. Deandras Tale, 2. Joes Quest 3. Mordorks Quest 4. Shards of Resistance 5. Joes Quest 1.5
Is that right?
Level 5
Aug 25, 2015
Thanks for the review! Yes, I apologize for all the numerous bugs and whatnot that have creeped up from many many playthroughs. It was tough since i never had the thing playtested during development. I'm glad you enjoyed the whole thing, flaws and all. And awesome! A playthrough! I can't wait to watch it. I haven't seen my campaign in years...

Oh, and there's no sequel. What does happen to Deandra?

please, make a sequel of deandra, is awesome!!! your story should be in wow legion :goblin_good_job:


Map Reviewer
Level 62
Jun 4, 2009
It has some humour but it's not enough to make it a good campaign.

-why did she fall!?

-Gabriella's icon looks green in a group selection
-Messengers look exactly like Sentries
-Cindy's wagon contains Illidan
-how did they see/know of the switch?
-how did Yogi get inside the temple?
-what's the point of stuff coming down from the roof if it doesn't hurt?
-ok I lost for now real reason after meeting the enemy Furbolgs
-somehow night elven troops were there hiding..
-the enemy Furbolgs have a Curse buff over their heads but it's confusing as it's only for aspect reasons
-Corrupted Ancient Protector is melee ranged but throws rocks...
-units can get through the big tree's roots
-rescuable units stand behind enemy units; makes no sense

battle at the barrens:
-she waited instead of trying to get him out?
-for what would the eye be of use now? He needed it then for a reason...
-a red/fel orc in Thrall's army!?
-a troll that teleports like a human archmage...
-"use your ultravision"... it's innate, it's not a spell
-not sure how two Kodo riders threw axes at high flying Hyppogryph Riders and killed most of them. Then the remaining rider killed a Kodobeast Rider by ensnaring it...
-some wave of Wolf Raiders just go to the circle instead of attacking
-the level is monotonous
-how did Gabriella suddenly explode? The Kodo wasn't even near her. Then the Kodo ran but Deandra still Thunder Clapped the way to its former position
-it didn't look like a one on one battle to me

-level 5? But the hero was ten in the previous level..
-it seems Deandra now has a sword she didn't until this level
-the orcs protecting the sword somehow knew she was an elf with the Draenei skin on
-the caravan remained somewhere on the road in the orc base
-the bridge can't be accessed early on
-why would the gate remain opened after the Warlock gets out?
-this stealth thing is not too realistik
-the Avatar of Vengeance isn't affected by the alert meter
-during the Shandris cinematic scene, wolves came and ran about near Deandra
-she teleported them!?
-Ogag ran besides his wolf...

-ultrahearing huh...

-Deandra's sword didn't follow to this level
-again? Deandra level 5....
-Cindy has no glow and just looks like an overgrown Dryad.. no colour difference
-Furbolg Lodge has some strange upgrades meant for the elves, that are not even available to be trained...
-Bossk has mana but no spells
-Sylvos Windrunner is not in his base but north of the silver coloured base
-Troll Worker's icon looks like that of a Troll Berserker instead of a Witch Doctor
-allies don't help each other's bases
-the player can't build defenses (towers or at least glaives) while the AIs have plenty of towers

What's the point of the WoW cinematic scene? It has nothing to do with this campaign.
Level 1
Mar 16, 2016
I love this campaign! The undercover agent and the koodoo are brilliant. Just for the last one, maybe make it more challenging? And could you update the tooltips for upgrads of furbog tamer and furbog wind caller in furbog lodge, they are still shown as the tooltip of Claw Adept and Talon Adept. Besides that, the troll workers can't repair things.

Thanks a lot for the great campaign!
Level 4
Apr 26, 2011
Hey there, could someone give me tips on how to beat the last mission? It's just insane, I can't even manage to defend the base for long.

And those enemy paladins are pain in the ass - turns on invincibility, heals troops, resurrects troops... I can counter this somewhat with manaburn, but I can't really keep manaburning them all the time :-/ especially when they regenerate their MP while invincible.

I haven't even managed to keep an expansion for long because if I do they attack it immediately and I can't defend 2 places at once :-/ and towers are expensive..

I have enabled "whosyourdaddy" for a while so I had enough time to build chims and hypos - these were somewhat useful at destroying enemies but after I destroyed LB (needed several rounds of chims and hypos for that) red started attacking me with his huge armies as well as blue which was devastating.
So yeah, tips welcome lol (I suck at wc3)

EDIT: Lol, on next time I beat it quite easily with mass glaive throwers. But it seems the AI might get bugged since they only attacked me a very few times.
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Come back and finish this.. one day...moth...year....or in next thousand of years.Will be always 5/5 from me.