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Mordork's Quest Remake


The tale of the Archmage Extraordinaire continues with Mordork's Quest Remake, a custom campaign for Warcraft III version 1.35. Originally released in 2004, this fully remade campaign follows the noble Mordork Clavicle and a new cast of characters, including the rash Dummash Hellscream and the silent but deadly Alisa Treefeather and their quest to vanquish the evil LeChunk! Curious about other entries in this series? Then try out Joe's Quest Remake!

  • 5 remade single-player chapters and 3 cinematic interludes!
  • New custom music and sounds!
  • Hundreds of custom models, voice files and music!




Not interested in this remake? Then come on down and revisit the trials of Joe, Deandra and Mordork with Mordork's Quest Classic and Joe's Quest Classic! Relive the derring-do of Mordork Clavicle, Gimmicky Stonegrinder and Legolamb Treefeather! Do our beloved heroes have what it takes to defeat the evil LeChunk and the dreaded Diablo? Will they ever get to the fireworks factory?! All this and more in Joe's Chronicles Classic and Mordork's Quest Classic!


1) Have all levels been remade?[/B] Yes, all two playable levels and cutscenes have been edited extensively... including the ending!
2) When did you start this remake why didn't you just work on a remaster? I actually started this project early last year when I was just starting to get back into Warcraft III. I wanted to challenge myself by remaking my old works with 'fresh' coat of paint, scrap characters and parts that I personally was never a big fan of, and so on. It was a challenging process and I kept second guessing every decision. I'm quite happy with the results, though some may not agree with the changes... and that's fine.
3) Why did you decide to recast the original cast of characters? It's cool that people have fond memories of Legolamb and Gimmicky, but I wanted to go a different route with the characters.
4) Does the Eye of Newt play a large part in the plot? Yes ,this was the series where I began using the eye as a MacGuffin. Admittedly, it was always kind of this throwaway thing.
5) So you took out a lot of the movie references? Yeah, I did. It was a different time. For some reason, all the big mappers at the time shoved in as many movie references as they could in their stuff, so I was compelled with the original Mordork's Quest. I decided I didn't have to lean on it so hard with this remake.
5) You dropped all Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Carribean tracks!? Yeah, I decided to stick to Blizzard Entertainment properties as sources for in-game music. You can still play the Classic edition. All that stuff is still in there.
6) Will you still put out Joe's Quest 2? Maybe. It remains to be seen.



  • Released on August 10, 2022

  • Added journal entry collectibles to each level (save the last)
  • Added a small reward if the player collects all codex and journal entries
  • Removed hidden codex and journal entries in the final level / ending

  • Modified quest regarding Rexy's treats to use variables

  • Muted water color tint in the Hillsbrad level
  • Added missing pathing blockers to a wall in Dimgarde
  • Made Flint playable in the final Deathtrix boss battle
  • Fixed some minor typos

  • Renamed 'The Syndicate' to 'Kilhelm's Raiders' in 'Hillsbrad Hijinks'
  • LeChunk's model has been swapped with a higher definition version
  • Removed some animations from Dummash model
  • If you have command Rexy and he survives after you kill Kraven Kilhelm and save the town, you can find him sleeping near the newly repaired bridge.
  • Tweaked minor dialogue

  • Updated Remake from 1.27b to v.1.35 / Warcraft III: Reforged

Known Issues
  • Game may crash in certain levels, so save frequently
  • In-game Music may suddenly stop playing. Just save your game and reload



Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Underground
Aobo Wang

Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo III


Mordork's Quest Remake (Campaign)

Mordork's Quest Remake (Campaign)

Mordork's Quest WOOD (Campaign)

Bob27: A fun campaign. Although it hasn't got many missions, the missions are still long, hard and fun. Good Terrain, decent Cinematic, and awesome Gameplay. Approved.




Bob27: A fun campaign. Although it hasn't got many missions, the missions are still long, hard and fun.

Good Terrain, decent Cinematic, and awesome Gameplay. Approved.
Level 1
May 30, 2009
The best Campaign i've ever played.

Great Terrain, Perfect cinematics, Long, hard missions, Very funny, Great story, and did I mention funny?

it is PERFECT:infl_thumbs_up:. 10xxx/5
Level 1
Jun 13, 2009

CON: Chapter 1 is telling me to find the brothers. I have searched the whole Map and the are not to be found. I cant move on!!!
Level 2
Apr 27, 2010
Great so far, but i kind of had a bug in chapter 2 when your fighting the bandits and Deslayic the brave in the arena. The bug was Gimmicky turned to his side and started attacking me. And i had to restart the whole chapter again as i was killed quickly.
Level 5
Feb 26, 2009
The only thing that I did not like about this campaign is how HARD it was I almost completly gave up alot of times, also in chapter two the guy who feeds the sasquatch thing dies from it, but then he appears in later chapters. I don't know if its a glitch or what but...yea its confusing. Another thing that bothered me is how in the final boss battle in chapter four, all the heroes where scattered around the map. So this campaign is glitchy and near impossible to beat.
Level 1
Apr 20, 2010
Brilliant campaign, nicely challenging and superb cinematics and humor, I think....

But I can't say yet cause I'm not getting past the first 'real' map, that's chapter 2. Why not? Well, when I kill all the bandits in the town, I don't make my main quest.. so I think a bandit has sneaked off into some trees, but you're supposed to have view of them :( Anyway, result is I can't complete it because of a bug. Second bug is, I loaded to try again and see if it worked now, but I got Mordork stuck behind a villager and his kid (I was trying to block the bandits from running out of the village so that I could kill them all and finish the main quest). Well, it's kinda hard with just 2 of 3 heroes and I currently don't feel like doing it... although it is easily possible. I might try again :)

oh yeah, and there's some spelling/grammar errors, but they don't matter.
Level 1
Apr 17, 2012
This campaign is really really awesome all models are nice the skill are alright too and the houses like diablo hehehehe and everything in the campaign is freaking amazing!!so i give this a rate of 100% awesome 10000000000000000 Nice Job!!!
Level 5
Dec 2, 2009
med. map guy. its so sad that you have let joe's chronicles incomplete.

if you have stopped maping,

can you at least tell us the end of the story?

the last we saw joe, he was with wallie and deandra in a dirigible
Level 4
Aug 2, 2014
Indeed Wood. Don't take me wrong. This is just my opinion and I'm free to say it. This campaign pretty much destroyed what I saw in Joe's Saga 'till now. The humor I saw in the other 2 campaigns, here was nowhere to be found, and the story was just like... you know... a filler. With only 2 playable missions. And 2nd, I mean, the 4th map, was soooo buggy. SOOO buggy. I don't know how many people really finished that map without cheating. I did. But I was sooo frustrated and I still am.
The bugs start at the scene where you need to defend Mordork. The first bug I've encountered was that all minions were ignoring Mordork. o_O Mission: Defend Mordork, don't let him die. But... you know... you can just hide somewhere because the units are too retarded to attack him. And then after some minutes, the units stop to come. They don't come anymore. They get once again bugged. They get stuck at the portals all of 'em and make a big crew right there. Then comes the dwarf guy and the `Invulnerable` pirate guy from nowhere. But they can't come near the other 202923293 heroes because they have no path which they can use. Whatever. Then comes the ugly skeleton guy. You struggle to beat him after 200 loads and then, from nowhere, you see "Sorry, you lost". You lose the control of one of your heroes, it just DISAPPEARS, one goes in town, he can't come (Legolas guy, I mean, Legolamb), the dwarf guy gets too with him in town, the pirate guy still can't come. WHAT THE... and the skeleton guy has full hp in your face. What is going on? I've loaded up 202020 times thinking I did something wrong, but no! So it should be it seems! I struggled once again to kill him and VOILA, I finally finished it.
Don't get me wrong, I really was kinda enjoying my time until I've encountered these bugs. After that, I started growing grey hair. I mean, with or without bugs I still would have said that the humor and stuff from the previous campaigns are missing, but I would have had an enjoyable experience, right?
I found some icons missing bugs too, but are not so important like the ones that I've written above.

The humor is what made Joe's Saga so fantastic. 3/5 just as a form of respect for the time wasted by the author to work at it.
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Deleted member 237964


Deleted member 237964

Still waiting for return of this glorious series.
Level 5
Aug 31, 2018
Let me start by saying this campaign has one of the best cinematics intro ever and
best cinematics overall.
It aged so greatly and even today I think no custom campaign comes close to this quality, and immersive feeling.
The sound effects, the camera, the human city in the beginning..Everything is perfect.
It feels like a true parallel universe of the original warcraft. Love it.
And not only that! The dialogues and characters are awesome as well!
I think this was WAY ahead of its time. Even Blizzard couldn't
use the camera so cool in the original wc3 tft campaign. For example when I saw the drawbridge fallen down and then going up again in the epilogue. That was amazing stuff.

Chapter 1:
This is quite challenging. I like that you can pick up apples to heal yourself a bit.
I focused on the dwarf to be a tank, the archer dps and gave them the right items.
Every item has a cool description. I also love to play in Westfall against the defias brotherhood.
I'm totally impressed by this campaign! Screenshot
The banshee looks visualy awesome. And even with this badass creature, I still have trouble
coming through. That is great balance. The mine looks also superb. The defias plot was a good one.

Chapter 2:
I do fall more and more in love with this campaign. From sunny Westfall to rainy Aroth. Really well done!
The Lord of the Rings soundtracks makes this even better.
I love the short video sequences. It might not even be relevant but it does make it even more immersive.
The campaign feels polished. Even the small detail matters.
A pub fight? This campaign keeps on delivering...
The part where you have to protect Mordork with 5 heroes was tough and fun.
Also the fight against deathtrix.
Epilogue was epic. Well done.
That was it? Damn. For me It's one of the greatest campaign I ever played for sure.
5/5* - So far im totally impressed how good these custom campaigns were 11+ years ago. :eek:
Last edited:
Level 5
Nov 29, 2017
Amazing campaign! too bad is only 2 missions, it was so well made, and i read that there is no continuation which saddens me :(
Level 7
Mar 11, 2020
i think its bugged the new one atleast first mission when i put the meat in the box for the rex nothing happens i tried all 3 meats alone or all 3 at once playing on 1.3.1 btw
Level 27
May 14, 2021
i think its bugged the new one atleast first mission when i put the meat in the box for the rex nothing happens i tried all 3 meats alone or all 3 at once playing on 1.3.1 btw
Make sure you don't use 1.31.1 if you want playing custom campaigns! I think this problem is fully related to unit-event triggers, which can cause a game breaking issue if you attempt to do a "Save-Load" feature. Try to play on 1.27b, which is the usual patch for older custom campaigns.
Level 12
Jun 22, 2020
Played on 1.27. Something is wrong here. I can't go any further and the bridges are unusable.


Other problems I encountered:

Problem 1: Ever since Matthias' Chronicles, I've been wondering why there are many items whose characteristics are duplicated and others that have no effect on the character's status - It would be great if you could reveal this secret. Here is an example:

WC3ScrnShot_081622_153804_01.png ==> Без име.png pay attention to the one enclosed in red (compare the two pictures)

Problem 2: I usually use 3 manually made records sv 1, sv 2, sv 3. Every new campaign I start I use 3 new such records for example sv-1, sv-2, sv-3 periodically deleting the old records so they don't overlap. So what happens here: I overwrite 2-4 times the sv 1 file. Since I can't win I reload sv 1 then reload sv 1 again and again. After 3-4 reloads, WC3 freezes in the process of loading sv 1 in such a way that I have to either restart the computer or log out and log in again because with Ctrl+Shift+Del and wanting to start Task Manager it doesn't work - the only option is Log Off or Restart. After restarting the computer if I try to directly load sv 1 again WC3 freezes when loading the file.
I occasionally have this problem with some campaigns on 1.31 never until now on 1.30 and only in your campaign on 1.27. I admit the possibility that this problem is also due to WC3 itself.

And in the end, I never managed to protect the Wizard. I'm bored and most likely the campaign will remain unfinished. I can only say good things about everything else: custom sounds and music, cinematics, characters' reactions, dialogues, terrain, camera movement.
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Level 23
May 14, 2004
Hello, the second map is rather unstable (even before remaking it), and I could never pinpoint the issue. As for the items not having an effect, I tried to reduce the use of custom items. I'll look into the issue one day. As for the other trigger based things you've cited, I've had the campaign tested extensively and it worked fine. I hope these issue are an isolated case.