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  • Sadly, the campaign "The Legend" is gonna have a bit of delay, i moved the campaign to the "Coming Soon" spot along with the others. Reason is i got a REALLY LONG break, and while i was in break my mouse broke, which making me hard to work, so im having a delay in creating the campaigns!

    1.Demons of the Past

    2.The Orange Wisp (Coming Soon!!)

    3.The Link (Coming Soon!!)

    4.One Mage, One Arrow (Coming Soon!!)

    5.The Legend (Coming Soon!!)
    too bad you only hung around in chat for a minute, if you had stayed 8 seconds longer, everyone woulda responded.

    test failed >;o
    Yet still not done with "The legend" but i got another upcoming campaign, its called "Demons of the Past", out soon,
    Hi there! Iv'e been continuing the last thread iv'e created, by the way! iv'e got an upcoming map, "The Legend" Coming out soon! still working on it by the way, that why its been a long time since iv'e gone to hive :thumbs_up:
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