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  • oh! Hey again.
    There's a forum on the site that might help you out, I'm not terribly reliable with activity here. If you have a question you can ask it there.

    You can make an account on the forums here;
    As a heads up there's a 3 day waiting period for account activation.

    The most well known method for making a tulpa passively is Fede's guide

    Although to get a tulpa vocal, as well as impose it, you have to talk to it / imagine it throughout your day. Visualizing them and really spending time with them is what the sessions are for.
    Ah, darn. There's a method that doesn't require the meditation, but it seems like I was too late to respond.
    if you watch horror movies or walk in the dark does it support you or does it change form into something scary?
    It supports you. It'll only change into something scary if you intentionally think it will or want it to. (Or maybe to just fuck with you if your tupper's personality is like that, mine isn't.)

    In most cases the form is of something that you like; I have yet to come across someone who absolutely hates his tulpa's form. Keep in mind that you have heavy influence over the form. Deviations can occur but in the end you have to accept them. If you dislike a deviation it will disappear in a few days so long as you don't pay attention to it.

    <span style="font-size: 9px">Tupper = slang term for tulpa</span>
    Well, what was the order you made your tulpa
    Short personality, maybe 7 hours on it. I then immediately went to visualization and narration and am still doing the two. For visualization I kind of did my own thing, I skipped the whole 'energy ball' idea as I had a general idea for her to look like. For narrating I'll generally tell her what we're doing for the day, tell her what I'm doing at the moment, and a ritualistic good morning / good night.

    did you use wonder land?
    I sort of did, I started out thinking about using a lighthouse as one. Probably 10 hours in the entire thing deviated. (and still does) It's useless to have a complex wonderland like I did - but it's good to have a wonderland when visualizing so you can interact with your tupper. Like say, a meadow, a forest, or maybe an abyss. Just something to help you with visualization.
    Buddy, I was skeptical with it at first as well - but I'll tell you from experience that it does in fact work. I've put in close to 70 hours into it so far and it's probably the best thing I've ever done. My tulpa has spoken to me twice so far, and has sent 'emotional responses' to me quite frequently. So no - it's not a troll. If you need some sort of reassurance on that, just remember that the site owner has to pay roughly $100 dollars a month to keep that site running as it is. Do you think he'd devote that amount of money just to troll someone on a relatively unknown topic?

    do you REALLY have a hallucination that you can, eh, feel?
    Yes. Yes you really do. You can smell, see, hear, taste... they become equivalent to a real being to you.
    (Excluding the fact that if you try to push/grab them your hand will go right through them.)

    If you've got any questions feel free to ask me.
    Yeah, it's that mission, also there were all the 7 human heroes guarding the dark portal, and that was the only orc mission that player got to control deathwing.
    There are like 4 or 5 fully upgraded human bases on map, and they constantly send forces and the player has almost nothing, some good for nothing orc forces and the heroes. Even if you destroy the first human base and takeover it's goldmine, human forces and gryphons are constantly incoming, it's almost impossible to beat it. I'm really in need of some good tips on that map :(
    Hey, do you remember the last mission of Orcish Beyond The Dark Portal campaign? It's said to be Blizzard's hardest chapter ever made :p is there any hint you can give to be succeed in that chapter?
    meanwhile, I saw a warcraft 2 version on youtube which allows peasants to build walls. Do you know anything about that?
    I had legal version of it too, it didn't need crack or anything. But it started to cause problems when I closed or restarted the pc.. I need tome.1 and tome.4 but I don't know where to put them, I''m not sure if you would be able to find them though.
    could you upload and send me WC II of yours? except the save files and stuff. Please, you know I need it badly :d
    is it 2.02 ? because at the uploader's readme, it says that 2.02 was better version than the last version because of something related to ogres (or something like that, I dont know) and so there was also a 2.02 patch along with the game itself, so I patched it when I installed it.
    Well, I manually downloaded it's setup thing and then used Daemon Tools Lite. Which version of wc II do you play?
    I searched that support tomes file on google, and people say that I would only need tome.1 and tome.4 to make it work. Well, only way to get them is getting it through the original wcII CD though, and you see, it's not possible for me. Do you know what this problem is? Could you help me?
    I have a problem with my wc2 :( when I first install the game and patch it to 2.02, everything goes fine. But after I close the pc or reboot it, I receive this error the next time I try to open the wc2 game: "Warcraft II Edition is unable to read a required file. Your Warcraft II Edition CD may not be in the CDROM drive. Please ensure that the disk is in the CDROM drive and press OK. bla bla bla"

    Then when I try to open wcII world editor, I meet that error this time: "Unable to find Warcraft II data file 'support\tomes\tome.1' Your Warcraft II Edition CD may not be in the CDROM drive. If this problem persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling Warcraft II, bla bla bla"

    I uninstalled and reinstalled WCII like 3 times or so, but everytime it happened again after I close the pc or reboot it.
    Well, I don't need bridges or fire breathing knights for now. But it would be awesome if I found a trick to create custom characters like how in wc3 editor. Some jpg icon for the in-game face image, some voice files for speech and just some modification on hit points, damage etc. parameters, and there is my new custom made hero. It would be cool.
    you once said you had 250 custom wc2 maps or something, did you ever considered showing them off via youtube? at least the best of them :p I've just downloaded and installed b net edition. But from the vids I see so far, there seems to be still more tricks about world editor that I don't know yet.
    Im a brony and i am extremely offended by your ignorant sig,why are you hating on us? and i presume you are going to say "BRONIES SHOULD GET A FREAKING LIFE!!!!!!!!",I have a life,and a good one,not like you who pretends sickness just to have some more playing/other non-life stuff
    "Every brony should get a life, seriously, less time on computer. Girls dont want a boy friend wathing My Little Pony." you are a girl I presume.
    Greetings Lautanen,
    I have observe your Spells and its very good... really very good.. I decided to recruite you as our Trigger Maker/Lead Coder.... You are going to make, edit, modify, and bug fix Triggers/Jass/vJass for the project.... If possible we ask your little-little-little time for the project..... Though I do not expect that 100% of the effort you would be working for this project... We will give you time to make it....
    Our goal is to make 100% Epic maps for people to enjoy anytime they want. If you are asking, "What would I do?" You would just simply provide us with Triggers/Jass/vJass that needs to be edited, Made, configured, and BUG fix in our projects to be used in the Project.
    If you have any more questions, please fell free to Private Message / Visitor Message me. You would not regret in joining this project.I tell you my friend... :) With your help it would be 100% Epic , 100% fun....

    For the Glory of the Hivest!!! :p

    Admiral Jack
    Well, thx, but i know that, and there is no way, to do a unit begins constructing to know who started constructing... thy anyway
    "but u should make dummy for neutral passive and save owner of peasant to dummy with hashtable. And after dummy start building, replace with full hit pointed and change owner to saved player from hashtable. This will remove "I can´t build there" bug". How can i get the dummy's owner(from hashtable) when he starts building a wall... how much i know that's imposible, so this makes removing the "can't build here" inpossible
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