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Last Activity:
Feb 26, 2017 at 3:16 PM
Jun 22, 2007



Jumbo was last seen:
Feb 26, 2017 at 3:16 PM
    1. sluk
    2. deepstrasz
      1. Jumbo
        Thanks. Good idea - I just need to have time for it :-)
        Dec 24, 2016
    3. sluk
    4. sluk
      Hi whats your name on bnet?if you are in the gaias clan my name is woeski if you wanna play with me :-)

      can u play gaias with me? pls
    5. Zwiebelchen
      I'll go check out some of the default tracks again to see if I find something that fits the mood.
    6. Zwiebelchen
      But I'll check out the human03 again just to go sure.
    7. Zwiebelchen
      The default mountain themes were carefully selected to represent the mood of the area; there wasn't another default track that catches the vibe of the zone or I would have added it already.

      And I selected the music pieces for the default tracks, not for the mod and that won't change because 99% of the people won't use the mod. So, unfortunately, I think you'll have to work with just the two tracks.

      Why not just edit the music tracks so that they are 20 minutes long and have basicly 4 tracks in one? It's not like the length of the tracks matter...
    8. Zwiebelchen
      No different track for the tower.
    9. Zwiebelchen
      The snow area will use the same tracks as the mountain area; since I didn't find any default WC3 track that delivers that vibe.
    10. msongyboi
      wanna play :) - im online with kamina Gaias ORPG Farmmmmm
    11. Zunariel
      Good suggestions ;D It is important that you always close the menue before running further that means you have to push the Left Arrow Key until it closes. Yeah my English got way better today, but I havent reworked these parts until, now because I am currently working on a new project but you are right I will deal with that in the next time. To the unit sounds, I also thought about that, but for me I didnt like that then and removed it again and I dont think that I will do that again. The Monsters in the first part, yeah good it is only the first part, if you know that part you are through in 12 minutes and using escape is something which can be seen as normal there and also in other parts of the game.

      What I take really seriously is the grammar issue. You have to keep in mind as a map maker you get better and better from map to map, your triggers get better, your ideas get better, your terraining etc. and on the first two maps that has been really early in the game of course I reworked many parts but on a limited scale. The first map is from my pov nothing more than a test map (besides the story part, that's gonna be important), there I tested the most important features and then improved them a lot in the following maps.

      So I recommend as the review of the Moderator says, continue playing and check out the next maps because they will get better and better and always follow the streets, they are always going to lead you to your destinations.
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


    Gaias Retaliation ORPG by Zwiebelchen & co. the best multiplayer RPG in Warcraft 3, it is directors cut here on the Hive Workshop:

    Chronicles of Azeroth - Warcraft in Starcraft 2
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