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  1. Ralle
    Created by Ralle
    May 28, 2019
    They just put out the patch notes for 1.31:

    Read the full list here:
    1.31.0 Patch Notes

    !! WARNING !!

    Make sure to backup your map before saving it in the newest World Editor. There is currently a bug which can corrupt the string data in your map.
  2. Landmine
    Created by Landmine
    May 13, 2019

    "Uncle Lothar wants YOU!" -Footmen

    In 2016, user Tauer uploaded an impressive model for Sir Anduin Lothar of the Alliance. Lothar is featured in Warcraft II and his actions have made him one of the greatest warriors.

    Sir Anduin Lothar has garnered quite a reputation with a 5.00 rating as well as 5000+ food supply (AKA downloads). Tauer gave the armour and weaponry lots of fine detail to admire, but the animation helps make the model very functional. The model includes 23 animations such as defending, spell casting and channeling. You'll find Anduin Lothar is perfectly suited for command as a hero unit.

    Perhaps you've already seen Lothar used in custom maps and campaigns you've played. He makes an appearance in over a dozen maps such as the Daemonic Sword ORPG, Legacy of the Master, Defenders of the Light, and many Beyond The Throne maps. With a file size of 385KB he makes for a great addition to your projects.


    While you enjoy checking out this month's model, keep in mind that you can also recommend resources for these spotlights; just send me a message. They don't have to just be models, we'll cover more variations in the future. Next month, we'll dive into other resource types available here on the Hive.
  3. Frotty
    Created by Frotty
    Apr 20, 2019

    Best of the Wurst 10


    In March and early April, we rolled out the previously announced
    configuration file improvements, allowing for further code-based map metadata customization, and also laying additional groundwork for the independent map generation pipeline we envisage for the future of wurst.

    You can now make full use of the toolsuite from the command line with our new Grill package manager. Additionally, welcome
    to the standard library: a new damage detection and modification API, which supports and uses the new 1.29 natives.


    • Upgrades to the
      configuration workflow. You can now modify scenario data such as players, teams, and loading screens, all without opening the world-editor. See the Tutorial for more information.
    • The WurstSetup received a face lift, including auto-update, better async tasks, and complete CLI functionality for power users.
    • Objects and other allocations inside
      expressions are now retained for use during runtime.
    • Updated
      statement with joined cases, duplicate case detection, and control flow improvements.
    • Annotations must now be properly defined to not throw a warning.
    • Experimental support for @LeP's "hot code reload", which enables code modifications while the map is running.

    Standard Library

    We are very excited about having merged over a dozen pull requests and fixed plenty of bugs, thanks to many contributors! The highlights:

    • Added the new package
      for damage detection and modification, and deprecated the older
    • The timer used for
      executions can now be customized, allowing for the creation of a timer dialog.
    • Package
      has been cleaned up and fixed.
    • Package
      can now be fully configured.
    • Package
      now only listens to mouse events if those events are used.
    • Package
      no longer generates default unit order strings, so they can be distinguished in events.
    • Generalized
      from unit to widget.
    • Added additional overloads for
    • Added shorthand
      to make any ability castable by a dummy caster.
    • Added missing field definitions in
    • DummyCaster
      dummy units can now be accessed via the dummy caster API.
    • Fixed nested indexing/deindexing in UnitIndexer.
    • Fixed counted callbacks not stopping properly in certain cases.
    • Fixed
      , and improved image documentation.
    • Fixed
      instances being executed incorrectly and now permits destroying instances directly.


    • Added further - and improved existing - standard library documentation pages.
    • We also recently rolled out a new tutorial on closures - be sure to check it out.
    • Webpage interface breadcrumbs for tutorial, stdlib, and blog posts now include all parents.
    • Our domain is now verified on GitHub. :cool:
    e: Regarding the new LUA option, if it makes sense to use, we will add another backend.

    >> Continue to Spotlight <<
  4. TriggerHappy
    Created by TriggerHappy
    Apr 24, 2019
    Patch 1.31 PTR Update

    The long awaited patch 1.31 has arrived. This patch introduces many highly anticpated features to the World Editor. As always, with any patch on the Public Test Realm, please try to extensively test all of the features and report any bugs you may encounter.

    Key Features
    • Lua scripting support.
    • Native damage detection and modification.
    • Maps can be saved and loaded as folders (as well as MPQs)
    • Object modification system API allows new changes to many items, abilities, units and more at run-time.
    • Added Custom User Interface functions to allow map makers to add, remove, and adjust UI frames.
    • Folders can now be nested in the Trigger Editor.
    • Tooltip previewer in the object editor.

    More Information

    You can find the complete patch notes for Patch 1.31 here.

    Download: https://battle.net/download/getInst...ocale=enUS&version=PTR&gameProgram=WARCRAFT_3


    A new website has been created in order to streamline the feedback process for Warcraft III. It's completely optional, you can still voice your opinions in the patch discussion forum, but we hope the new site will help the developers get a better idea of what people actually want. It's still in Beta but the website will be gradually improved over time.

    Warcraft III Feedback Site

    By voting for suggestions you can attract attention to the most wanted features, so they will be pushed to the top.
  5. Shar Dundred
    Created by Shar Dundred
    Apr 5, 2019



    The Orcs have returned!
    The Second Orc Book of the Legends of Arkain, a hosted series of campaigns by Shar Dundred, was released this week.

    Following the events of the First Orc Book, this campaign starts with the Orcs on the run.
    New enemies have emerged that seek nothing more than the total destruction of the greenskinned menace:
    The Redfist led by Duke Volarian Redfist the Tyrant, the father of Aedale and Cora Redfist from the First and Second Human Books, intends to burn everything that either looks orcish or is either allied or even neutral towards the Orcs to the ground.

    The remaining regiments of the severely weakened Imperial Army have been assigned to the command of Commander Daric and his strong mercenary army. In service of the Empire, they have been charged with the task of hunting and killing every single Orc they can find.

    Against these impossible odds, the Orcs have to adapt in order to survive the onslaught. Alone, they stand no chance. Allies must be found to help them survive this new tide of enemies for otherwise, it will drown the Orcs clans in their own blood.
    Are you up for the challenge? Download the Second Orc Book and prove yourself against your new enemies!

    And a special ending may be waiting those who slaughter everything.