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  1. Mythic
    Created by Mythic
    Apr 30, 2020

      The Cave is a classic RPG that blends the style of World of Warcraft with Diablo II -- created in the Starcraft II engine, using Warcraft III art, and inspired by decades of playing classic Blizzard games.


      "A mysterious cave, a cast of wonky and unusual characters, and no idea how you got tangled up in this mess. 'The Cave - RPG' will lead you on an epic adventure to figure out 'Why am I on an adventure?' Tears of frustration and awkward looks from loved ones as you sit in your chair and giggle to yourself won't be your only takeaway from this game; I hope. Designed by a gamer, for free, for gamers. If you enjoy RPG games, then this was made specifically for you."
    -- @Glorn2   


    • HEROES - Watch your hero evolve as you progress through the game. There are 15 final-tier heroes, touting 10 abilities each, with stat allocations based on the path they took to get there.

    • ITEMS - RNG-based loot with hundreds of potential combinations, unique mods, and drop rates high enough that you're never just grinding for that specific item.

    • CUSTOMIZATION - Heroes are able to customize/alter the effects of their abilities with glyphs; they have ample stat points to allocate as they wish, special item modifiers, and more abilities than you can shake a stick at, allow you to create and play a hero how you want it.

    • BALANCE/META - The game is designed in a way that there is no "meta" for builds. No blowing up monsters 2 screens away, no perfect builds. The situations are loose enough and variable enough, that there is no set way to do things. Play how you want to and remember - you can't DPS if you're dead.

    • WORLD - 35 large zones with a "simple" boss per zone; and 11 dungeons containing 3 unique bosses each, designed to scale and allowing 1-5 players to complete them.

    • QUESTS - 140 quest, create thick quest density. You will never need to "hang out and farm for a while" to progress. At worst, you may need to explore little, or party up for a tough one. quests are rewarding, and progress the story.

    • ENDGAME - The story is fun and cute, and not too challenging. The real game begins when you complete the game. To test players' skills over their gear, all regional bosses and dungeons become reinvigorated as "Heroic" forms, with additional strength, abilities, and AI -- as well as a "Legendary Mode" designed to truly test your prowess. Raid bosses bring that concept to an entirely new level, as they spawn randomly in the world, scale from 7-10 players, and have intricate mechanics and strategies.

    • REPLAYABLE CONTENT - Though the game is intended to end, a few things freshen up the game, if you have invested 1000 hours and just want to keep going. Legendary dungeons have random modifiers to them, and cycle through every hour. An "Endless Waves" dungeon allows you to see how far you can progress against randomly generated waves of monsters and bosses.


      "It has the nostalgic feel of old Warcraft 3 RPGs, while blowing every other SC2 RPG out of the water. You can build any hero at least 4 different ways and it'll be viable. The progression to end game is fun and doesn't feel grind heavy at all. End game dungeons are a real challenge and very rewarding. Raid bosses give you and 8-9 friends a real challenge."

    "You can literally say you made some advanced AI mechanics, since your bosses abilities are so diverse and well randomized -- so hard to predict in some cases."


    "Old School"

    "Game's epic as shit"

    "RPG, old style, Diablo 2 with World of Warcraft dungeon gear hunting"

    Play it on the Starcraft 2 Arcade!

    NA: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/305693
    EU: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/214321
    KR: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/131660

    Alternatively, you can search for 'The Cave - RPG'.

    Starcraft II is free to download - and Arcade is free to play!


    [​IMG]  Check out the project forum to keep track of the latest progress.

    Join the Server!
  2. Mythic
    Created by Mythic
    Apr 28, 2020
    1.32.4 PATCH NOTES

    Blizzard said: blizzarrow.gif

    Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes
    Version 1.32.4
    April 28, 2020


    • All Melee units and buildings have received a team color polish pass to increase vibrancy and gameplay readability.
    • Female Demon Hunter scaled up to match closer with Male Demon Hunter’s silhouette.
    • Waterfall changed to use Replaceable Textures. Its tint automatically adjusts in game based on the map tileset.
    • Visual effect used for the first stage of buildings damage changed from smoke to fire for better readability.
    • Adjusted fire visual effects placements on the Townhall, Keep, and Castle for added readability during their damaged states.
    • Northrend Trees have been updated to match Classic visuals. There are now four visually distinctive tree wall sets:
      • Northrend Icy Tree Wall
      • Northrend Tree Wall
      • Snowy Tree Wall
      • Scorched Tree Wall
    • Footprints have been updated for the following groups:
    • Trolls have their own unique footprint.
    • Undead units with missing footprints are now fixed.
    • Vehicles now have continuous rolling footprint.
    • Fixed an issue with the Female Demon Hunter’s hero icon appearing incorrectly when disabled while in Demon form.
    • Tuskarr Trapper now throws his own spear when attacking.
    • Portrait animations have been updated for the following units: Peasant, Sorceress, High Elf, Lich, Dreadlord, Balnazzar, Mal’ganis, Keeper of the Grove, Night Elf Runner, Cenarius, Illidan (Demon Form), Tree of Life, Tree of Ages, Tree of Eternity, and their corrupted counterparts.
    • Reduced Violence updates:
    • Female Death Knight updated with correct visual effects for spell casting.
    • Ogre Magi no longer disappears in the middle of its attack animations.


    • Single Player mode has been re-enabled. This can be accessed from its own Create Games section in the Main Menu.
    • Fixed multiple crashes on custom games such as Custom Hero Survival.
    • Several fixes have been applied to Instance API natives related to unit attacks.
    • Blizzard.j and common.j are no longer considered when computing save checksums.


    • The “Export All” option in the Asset Manager now functions correctly.


    • Destructibles flagged as “Walkable” no longer cause desyncs between Classic and Reforged.
    • Reforged Troll mercenary unit selection circles are now smaller and more aligned with Classic.
    • All Neutral unit selection circles now properly match the Reforged unit models.
    • Creep camps are easier to see on the minimap.
    • Permanent morphing units, such as the Obsidian Statue, will no longer briefly display their disabled morph ability icon while transforming.


    • Game lighting adjusted to improve Reforged readability and colors.


    • Doom Guards now have the correct sound effects for their air and ground attacks.
    • Forest, Dark, and Ice Troll Trappers will no longer play the Berserk sound effect when casting Ensnare in Reforged mode.
    • Alchemist facial animations and acknowledgement sounds updated.
    • Flesh Golem facial animations and acknowledgement sounds updated.


    • Sepia tone backgrounds in Classic mode have been reverted.
    • The “Use Command Button for Hotkeys” on Mac now functions as expected.

    April 29, 2020


    • Fixed a bug that caused Multiplayer win totals for Collections to be set to zero.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players in some regions from joining custom games.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players in some regions from starting any game.
    • Single player custom games can again be created in the Russian locale.
    • Reduced Violence Mode is again enabled where required.

  3. Mythic
    Created by Mythic
    Apr 9, 2020


      Almost a decade after the Classic version became Hive's Hosted Project of the Year for 2011, the one and only @TheSpoon is back with his 2 Player Human Campaign - this time in Reforged! March across Lordaeron with a friend, relive the campaign, and challenge yourself like never before with a revamped Insane Difficulty.



    • Insane difficulty revisited and tweaked. New enemy bosses, heroes, and custom units.
    • Save/Load codes are saved to file, making it easier to transfer data between maps.
    • Custom heroes when there's only 1 hero present in the map. New cooperative spells for these heroes.
    • Potion and scroll item stacking.
    • Technologies and tech-tree requirements are shared between the players.
    • Maps redesigned for Reforged will be updated.


      The campaign adds one custom chapter for a tenth level of cooperative fun, following Arthas' descent into madness. Take your share of the souls of the living, or fend off assaults from the Undead to secure the journey home.

    Currently available on Patreon as an early release.

      If you enjoy the maps and would like to see the project to its completion, consider supporting it. In return, receive the ability to vote on polls and access early releases.

      The main hub for the project's development and bug reports. Check it out if you'd like to help or take part in the discussion.

    Note: Custom Campaigns are not yet supported in Reforged, so please use your Maps folder instead.
  4. Mythic
    Created by Mythic
    Apr 1, 2020
    The shadow shall be lifted nevermore.

    Mal'Ganis the Eternal One
    by @FerSZ

    A20S (10).gif
    A20S (5).gif
    A20S (3).gif
    A20S (2).gif

    Her name was Jaina. She died at Theramore.

    Jaina Dreadlord
    by @Stefan.K

    A20S (6).gif

    How did it get so late so soon?

    Dreadlord Child
    by @NhazUl

    A20S (4).gif

    It's the latest fashion from the Nether.

    Dreadlord (Pre-Beta Look-A-Like)
    by @Kuhneghetz

    A20S (7).gif

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    Call of Dread
    by @Mythic

    A20S (1).gif

    Find your place among the sanguine lords of old.


    A20S (9).gif

    This skin has you covered, whatever darkness waits for you in the depths.

    Naga Tichondrius
    by @FrIkY

    A20S (8).gif

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Special thanks to @Spellbound, @Storm Knight, @Directive255, and @The_Spellweaver for their feedback.
  5. Archian
    Created by Archian
    Mar 19, 2020
    1.32.3 PATCH NOTES

    Kaivax said: blizzarrow.gif

    Zug Zug!
    Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have a dedicated team here focused on Warcraft III. Alongside our continued efforts to bring monthly patches with bug fixes and quality of life changes, the team is prioritizing delivering features like Ranked Ladders, Profiles, Clans, and Custom Campaigns. We’ll continue to share more details as those features are nearing release, but know we’re here and hard at work on the game.


    Warcraft III Reforged Version 1.32.3
    Patch Notes
    March 18, 2020


    • Naga units now have footprints in Reforged mode.
    • Random items placed using the unit palette will no longer be invisible in game.
    • Fixed animation issues with the Naga Sea Witch’s Tornado spell.
    • Magtheridon will now animate correctly when its movement speed is slowed.
    • Death Knights have been scaled down to be the correct size in Reforged mode.
    • Fixed an issue where buildings that were unsummoned mid-upgrade could sometimes visually persist in-game, in Reforged mode.
    • Guard Dog critters will no longer be invisible in Classic mode.
    • Fixed a bug where if a Demon Hunter died in demon form, the revive icon would be the demon form icon.
    • Added the autocast frame to the Firelord’s Incinerate ability.
    • Selection circles for all the neutral ground units has been properly adjusted to fit around the unit.
    • The Blademaster’s attack animations have been updated to have less horizontal movement in Reforged mode, making it more consistent to interact with.

    • Fixed an issue that was causing certain Reforged combat sounds to be used while in Classic mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Meat Wagons sometimes did not properly play their death sounds in Reforged mode.

    • Priests and Sorceresses no longer use their blood elf model during cutscenes in “March of the Scourge” in Reforged.
    • Player heroes will always be selected when loading from sub-maps to the main map of “To Tame a Land” in Reforged.
    • Fixed a bug that could block progress in Gazlow’s quest in “To Tame a Land” where in certain situations the Sappers could not target the support columns.
    • “A New Power in Lordaeron” no longer has city gates preventing the AI from attacking the player.
    • Blood Elf Archers and Swordsmen command card icons in the Curse of the Blood Elves Campaign have been updated to have green eyes.
    • Blood Elf Lieutenants in “The Dungeons of Dalaran” now use the correct command card icon.
    Custom Games

    • Smoothed the menu transition when exiting a custom lobby
    • Fixed an issue that was causing item stacking to break certain custom games.

    • Fixed an issue that was causing item stacking to not trigger item-pickup events in scripting.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause bridges to desync when a client with Reforged graphics played with another on Classic graphics.
    • When using custom hotkeys, Warcraft III Reforged will now also check a user’s keyboard locale layout in-game, in addition to English. This enables the usage of non-English characters in CustomKeys.txt.
    • The selection volume for units affected by Cyclone and Tornado spells is now more accurate.
    • Fixed a bug where debug text would appear when using certain abilities in some locales.
    • Corrected the Necromancer Initiate tooltip to mention Raise Dead instead of Cripple.
    • Doodads with invalid/not-found model path will be invisible in game now instead of shown as a green box. They are still shown as a green box in the editor.

    • Improved performance when using terrain-deforming abilities in Reforged mode.
    • Fixed an issue that caused flickering for some effects when viewed through fog of war in Reforged mode.
    Non-Ladder Maps

    • Fixed an issue with some creeps that was causing them to be invisible on Jungle Fever and Rice Fields.
    User Interface

    • Fixed an issue on ultrawide screen displays that caused menus to be misaligned.

    • Fixed item tables for certain creeps on Timbermaw Hold and Market Square.
      • Kobold Geomancers now drop a Level 1 Powerup on Market Square.
      • Satyr camps guarding gold mines now drop a Level 3 Permanent and Level 2 Powerup on Timbermaw Hold.
      • Dragon camps now also drop a Level 2 Powerup on Timbermaw Hold.
    • The following maps have been reactivated on ladder: Ruins of Stratholme (3v3), Banewood Bog LV (4v4), and Fountain of Manipulation (FFA).