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  1. Ralle
    Created by Ralle
    Dec 2, 2017
    I am very happy and proud to announce that our good old member @Kam now works for Blizzard. This is so ducking awesome. I have reflected his job title on the site:
    Screenshot 2017-12-02 10.21.37.png
    Give him a round of applause everyone!
  2. QuantumT
    Created by QuantumT
    Nov 28, 2017
    IslandTrollTribes Banner 2.png
    IslandTrollTribes image 3a.jpg

    Island Troll Tribes is a Survival PvP Arena game in which you and your tribe build up a base, hunt for meat and gather items to make gear. The ultimate goal is to fight with and defeat the opposing tribe(s).

    Hey Guys,
    We would like to invite everyone to our Island Troll Tribes Tournament.

    Clan TwGB@USEast is hosting a 3v3 Round Robin Seeding Into Double Elimination Playoff. Total prize pool is 225$ + 25% of donations. You can choose your own team or be assigned a team at the start of the group stage.

    2 Matches are assigned weekly and are scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays at 4 pm EST. However, this does not mean that you have to play your match on this day. If you are able to agree on another time with your opponent, you can change the match date. Each team will be assigned 10 matches total over the course of the group stage.

    The group stage will consist of best of 3 matches. You will be awarded 1 point for each game win and 2 points for each match win (i.e. a 2-1 results in 4 points for the winning team, 1 for the losing team). The teams with the most points at the end of the group stage will be seeded highest into the playoff bracket. Format for playoffs will be announced towards the end of the group stage.

    Modes will be as follows:
    Code (Text):
    -fd 3600
    Group Stage Begins this Saturday 2nd December 2017! It will run for approximately 6 weeks, you may join in any time during the group stage, so still plenty of time to get organized and participate. If you are still looking for a team follow the link below:

    Sign Up Page: Clan TwGB

    If you have a team and you'd like to register: Team Registration

    Keep an eye out there for all Island Troll Tribes News and join our Discord, we play daily and have multiple Hostbots.

    Hope to see you guys there.
    Island Troll Tribes Dev team.

    Thanks to Quantum@USEast for this tutorial video.

    Assigned moderator: @Naze
  3. Rufus
    Created by Rufus
    Nov 27, 2017
  4. Cokemonkey11
    Created by Cokemonkey11
    Nov 15, 2017

    Hello! This is the first issue in a regular series of news posts about wurst and the wurstscript community. Actual years have passed since we last summarised wurst-related content for hive workshop news, so keep in mind that this is a very sparse summary, whereas our future news posts will more densely discuss current events.

    Background on wurst: wurstscript is a programming language that compiles to JASS, and is developed alongside a suite of tools for a coherent development experience. It can even work alongside maps written in vJass. A usual workflow looks like this:
    • Design a terrain in a world editor (vanilla editor, WEX, or anything really)
    • Define objects, either using the object editor, or using the wurst “objectediting” subsystem
    • Write scripts, get instant feedback, and compile & build in the lightweight vscode editor
    • Check in your code to version control
    Unlike vJass, wurstscript is a higher level programming language with a strict type system and a powerful optimiser. The result tends to be shorter code written quicker, without any sacrifice to performance.

    So, what’s changed recently?

    The Wurstscript community has been steadily active with frequent and regular changes, not only in the Wurstscript language, but across the whole map editing toolchain.

    Wurstscript has found its niche as the toolchain that aims to maximise productivity and consistency of the development experience, without sacrificing quality.

    The maintainers of Wurstscript are typically programmers first, and mappers second. Sadly, time constraints mean that we’ve not spent much time publicizing our progress for the larger modding community. This is something we’re keen to change, with more frequent curated summaries of what’s going on in our bubble.

    With that context in mind, we hope this will be the first of many “Best of the Wurst” recap posts, wherein we highlight major changes - certainly more frequently than once every three years. There are too many changes to count, so in this post we’ll discuss some of the changes made just this summer that we’re excited about.

    GUI tool for compiler updates and map project setup


    Probably the most major development this summer is a new tool for maintaining your installation of wurst, bootstrapping new map projects using a template and importing existing projects.

    This tool maintains a global instance of the wurst compiler, automatically updates it, and can generate & update projects in a way that’s friendly for version control repositories as well as the vscode plugin.

    The key point here is that we’ve done some refactoring of the wurstscript project structure to make wurst play more nicely and consistently with vscode. With the addition of dependency management and template projects, we envisage great strides in productivity as the project template (or templates!) progress.

    New runmap/run-arguments design, with readonly terrain mapfile

    Alongside great improvements to the JMPQ3 library, wurst now accesses your map project as a read-only archive file. Instead of overwriting it (as done traditionally), the compiler now writes built mapfiles out to a separate
    directory. This has tremendous gains, including:
    • Map files can more safely be version controlled since they’re accessed read-only by the wurst compiler.
    • In the extreme case, alongside native objediting, you can maintain your map end-to-end using your checked-in mapfile only for terraining purposes.
    • Better integration with existing maps that have JASS/vJass, because wurst can reuse the existing map script without mutating the source file.
    • Building and compiling wurst maps is now done independently in vscode by default - thus there is no need to use a custom editor (apart from for terraining) or even have warcraft3 installed at all.
    Map metadata in


    The overall structure of a wurst map project has changed, and now comprises two new metadata files:
    - the first providing build artifacts, and the second for passing arguments to the wurst compiler.

    One advantage of using the
    file is that consistency is maintained from build to build - dependencies are segregated, and maintaining library code can be more modular and convenient.

    Another advantage is that the world editor is no longer needed for some metadata like the map's name, description, author, etc - that metadata is sourced from the build file and injected into the final map.

    The setup tool also interacts with this metadata by importing the
    file, thus updating the project's dependencies to keep the standard library and other used packages up-to-date.

    New docs and website, at a new address

    Documentation and tutorials for wurstscript now live at wurstscript.github.io - a new landing page which we believe provides a much more consistent and attractive experience for consuming wurst. We’re encouraging community-written tutorials, and indeed the Wurst for vJass Users is one such tutorial.

    Take a look here as well for the wurst setup tool mentioned above!

    ...And more

    As a lightning recap of the last few years, here’s more:
    • Vscode plugin and workflow, which deprecates the Eclipse plugin and workflow.
    • New Github organization - refeactoring work to split up repo; now using gradle for dependency management.
    • Wurst standard library v2 now active and de facto standard.
    • Improved JASS compliance in Jurst (the vjass-friendly wurst dialect).
    • Compiler performance and RAM usage improved.
    We hope you’ll find this summary informative. Please do give us some feedback as we plan to write curated content like this more frequently in the future.

    As usual, we chat all things wurst at the #inwc.de-maps IRC channel.

    @Cokemonkey11, @Frotty, and @peq

    WurstScript - Blog - Getting Started
  5. IcemanBo
    Created by IcemanBo
    Nov 5, 2017

    Hive Member

    Create a warcraft hero, based on a hive member!

    Let the Warcraft universe feel the power of The Hive and send our fellow brothers into the battle of storm, earth and fire. Shape a new son, give him the right looks and arm him with a unique spell to rule the battlefield for our good! Heed my call!

    • First Place: 100 reputation points + Special Rank Icon on the hive
    • Second Place: 65 reputation points
    • Third Place: 40 reputation points
    • Remaining entries: 10 reputation points
    • Judge: 10 reputation points
    All winning teams will receive an award icon, representing the winning entry.​

    Link to contest thread: [+100 Rep] Team Contest - Hive Member