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📢Hosted Project: Heart of Storms Act II Update


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Jan 1, 2006

Unveiling the Epic Sequel's Story and Mechanics

It's been over a year since Hive Workshop first teased the epic sequel to Heart of Storms, and fans of this Warcraft III custom campaign have been eagerly waiting for new details. The development team recently shared a comprehensive update on Act II's story, characters, and gameplay mechanics, revealing an exciting expansion to the Heart of Storms universe.

🔗 Click here for the complete update!

The Story and the Crew

Act II of Heart of Storms will build upon the foundation set by its predecessor. The development team expressed their gratitude for the feedback received on Act I, which not only inspired them but also guided their efforts in avoiding hero bloat and erratic storytelling. Instead of attempting to cover the entirety of Warcraft I and II's events, they are focusing on two intersecting original story arcs.


The first story arc will revolve around Stephania, a Kul Tiran adventurer, who becomes entangled in a secretive project led by the enigmatic Doctor Aedelein, which involves the Ashvane Company and the Kirin Tor.


The second arc features the unlikely duo of Dayoma and Holga (pictured below), a high elf and a dwarf, whose quest for a mysterious artifact draws the attention of powers beyond Azeroth. Both story arcs are intricately connected with the canonical events of the First War's climax and the subsequent interbellum period.


Missions in Act II will take place in various locations, including the Kingdom of Stormwind and Khaz Modan, showcasing the political repercussions of the First War on the Eastern Kingdoms. Players can expect appearances from familiar and historically significant characters such as Daelin Proudmoore, James and Priscilla Ashvane, Brann Bronzebeard, and Othmar Garithos, along with the returning trio of Act I's protagonists - Arnak, Wulnar, and Rogaar.

Additionally, a third arc tied to the first two will revolve around Shial and the Void, primarily conveyed through cutscenes. Players can anticipate early glimpses of the final two races, the Shadow Elves and the Burning Legion.

The Crew and Unique Mechanics

Act II introduces several unique gameplay mechanics and a diverse cast of characters. Doctor Aedelein leads the "Damned Dozen," a group of eccentric and dangerous specialists loyal to him, each with their own abilities and quests. These characters serve as heroic units, bolstering Aedelein's forces with their strengths and adding depth to the gameplay.

Stephania also has the option to choose a permanent bodyguard from a selection of characters, ranging from down-to-earth companions to more exotic choices. Meanwhile, Dayoma and Holga, the high elf and dwarf duo, bring their unique abilities and choices that impact gameplay.

Additionally, Act II features a massive Ironclad called the Hammerhead, which serves as Aedelein's base of operations. Players can upgrade the Hammerhead throughout the campaign, transforming it from a rusty hull into a formidable fortress. The ship also plays a pivotal role in battles, offering naval and shore defenses.


Allies and Enemies

The story of Act II delves deep into Kul Tiras and prominently features House Ashvane and its mercenary army. While Kul Tiran units follow the established canon design, the Ashvane Company boasts a more aggressive, industrialized steampunk appearance.



Act II also brings the Dark Iron Dwarves to the forefront, providing players with a chance to encounter this iconic faction as both allies and foes. The Flamehammer, inspired by Warcraft Arclight Rumble, adds another layer of excitement to the game.


Goblins, often relegated to comic relief, receive a more serious and darker portrayal in Act II. Kezan, their capital city, becomes a dystopian steampunk hive of scum and villainy, drawing inspiration from various sources, including other gaming franchises like BioShock and Dishonored.


The orcs of Act II include the Bleeding Hollow clan, known for their savage and feral appearance, and the Twilight's Hammer and Burning Blade orc clans, offering players diverse enemy encounters and challenges.


Heart of Storms Melee: The Public Beta

As part of this update, the development team announced the release date of the Heart of Storms Melee public beta: October 23, 2023. This melee/multiplayer mod for Warcraft III: Reforged includes Act I races with full tech trees, custom units, and updated visuals. Players can provide feedback to help refine the experience and improve Act II's missions. Playable races in the public BETA will be: Draenei, Orcs and Ogres!

What Lies Ahead

The Heart of Storms team is dedicated to delivering an epic experience in Act II, building upon the success of Act I. They continue to work diligently, expanding the game's features, creating new models, and striving for excellence. Fans of Heart of Storms can look forward to more updates, revealing additional details about the story, mechanics, and visuals of this highly anticipated campaign.

Stay tuned for further developments in the Heart of Storms saga, as the journey through Azeroth's history continues to unfold in spectacular fashion.

For more information and to participate in the Heart of Storms public beta, visit the Heart of Storms forum.
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Sep 11, 2016
Really ambitious project with a lot of great ideas and effort going in there. I've said it before, but I've been in love with how good the production value for this mod is. It's something on an (old) Blizzard's level.

Take your time. Looking forward to play this whenever it's out! 🤘


Hosted Project: W3E
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Oct 16, 2021
I'd need to write lots of stuff to describe my feelings related to this...

I can just say that this stuff is beyond breathtaking. I've seen many overambitious megaprojects in many modding communities, but HoS in general is a rare modder's dream of a megaproject that actually manifested. I dare to say it is the best looking SD mod available and has the most impressive modpack as well. I see you guys are restless at contributing even more cool content to it. I'm definitely looking forward for more.


Hosted Project: HoS
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Mar 31, 2004
hey is that sellenisko's protodrake rider model? (in the screenshot)
Nope :) Nearly every model is based on a masterpiece by someone in the community, though. It would all never exist without Hive.

As with Act I, we are keeping a detailed list of credits and ask for permissions where required.

Will version 1.27,1.29 still be supported this time?
Not for Act II, I am afraid. Act I data and visuals were already quite a challenge for classic engine. The complexity we need will simply not work there.

It's actually funny how on the same PC configurations (we checked) our melee build with Act I object data loads about x3 times faster in Reforged than in 1.26, and about x5 times faster than in 1.29.
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