Resource Spotlight - Dwarf Sound Pack


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May 25, 2007

Aight, lads and lasses! LoreCraft Designs, the team behind WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War are proud to present: The Dwarven Clans Sound Pack!​

"Earlier this year my team released to the modding community our own dwarven pack. We've managed to create the three distinct clans with their own lore accurate aesthetic. However, this wasn't the end. I assembled a small team of talented voice actors and for over six months of hard work we managed to give all the units their own voice lines and personality."
~ @ShadiHD

Check out some samples from the voice pack:

Each individual sound set is available to download in the Sounds resource section:



Dark Iron

Find out more about the voice actors involved below:

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As a Scot it's always entertaining hearing people attempt the accent. So I will say I thought the accent was spot-on for the Captain and for others I think they're just doing their own take on the "Dwarven voice". Others were a little harder to listen to. Overall was fun to see and listen to them and a great addition the the Hive.