CSW - Dark Iron Priestess Soundset

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- Ideal lore unit name: Shadowcaster (Caster)
- ideal soundkit to replace: (Runner soundkit)

link to Unit model:



Voiced by: AliceCry
Unit Quotes by: @ShadiHD @Barorque

DI Priestess attack1 (Sound)

DI Priestess attack2 (Sound)

DI Priestess attack3 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed1 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed2 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed3 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed4 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed5 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed6 (Sound)

DI Priestess pissed7 (Sound)

DI Priestess ready (Sound)

DI Priestess warcry (Sound)

DI Priestess what1 (Sound)

DI Priestess what2 (Sound)

DI Priestess what3 (Sound)

DI Priestess what4 (Sound)

DI Priestess what5 (Sound)

DI Priestess yes1 (Sound)

DI Priestess yes2 (Sound)

DI Priestess yes3 (Sound)

DI Priestess yes4 (Sound)

DI Priestess yes5 (Sound)


Hosted Project: W3CSW
Level 23
Mar 5, 2020
Spectacular. The quality of all the sound sets are just staggering, rivals that of blizzard.

What effects are you using for the attack voice lines? Delay+some kind of fade in and maybe reverse+reverb+reverse? Been looking to find it for a while.
I use adobe audition for our sound production, and yes you pretty much said it all :D


Hosted Project: W3CSW
Level 23
Mar 5, 2020
Any way you can be more specific regarding the values of the effects and the order? I tried to replicate but didn't sound any way similar.

- Echo : Delay time 380ms \ feedback: 24% \ echo level: 19%

rest of effects are really just compressors and such, the trick is in the echo, and the reverse reverb effect afterwards.