Dwarf Priestess

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Scaling Value: 0.85
Name: Shadowcaster (Dark Iron) Priestess/Mage (Dwarf Priestess variant)
Role: Support/debuff caster

Trolldaeron - concept art and unit icons
Mr Ogre Man - help with animation issues
ShadiHD - custom assets/textures
Tamplier777 - initial model assembly, animation
Moonman - animation/geoset edits

Dark Iron Priestess (Model)

Dark Iron Priestess (Icon) (Icon)

Dark Iron Priestess (Portrait) (Model)

Dwarf Priestess (Model)

Dwarf Priestess (Icon) (Icon)

Dwarf Priestess (Portrait) (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Awesome model, hopefully someone makes more dwarven females with this as a base. Great job.
Awesome model, hopefully someone makes more dwarven females with this as a base. Great job.
Ah yes... this was my promise initially, to add a neutral clan skin and maybe a .psd file so people can modify the elements themselves.
Got to do that soon.
Level 6
Aug 2, 2012
I really like both models. They are amazing, mainly the dark iron.

The Ironforge one is a very good alternative, but dont you think the face is too clean (beautiful) for a female dwarf ? Mainly the lips and eyes !
Level 6
Aug 2, 2012
I was responding about the face comment; the dark iron is fine, but the ironforge is too clean, but, aren't both the same?
Yes they are exactly the same. But the dark iron has not the same skin and it's what make her very different, on the other hand the ironforge one have close ''human/elven'' skin that make her closer to the elven sorceress. The unicolour eyes is making the eyes of the darkiron far away from the possible human sorceress for example. Same for the lips of the ironforge that is close to the elven version, while darkiron is not that close.

But honestly after testing them in game, they are looking better when you can zoom in. I still think the Ironforge skin could be a bit less close to the blood elf sorceress and more... pale or something else ? Apart that looking her frame by frame I can truly tell that she is already super nice but the texture (skin) could been polished for more differenciation. I have the feeling that the darkiron were reaaaaaaly polished due to the fact she was the base idea, and the ironforge skin is ''less worked'' due to the wish to give everyone a ironforge female variation.

PS : And the little detail that make the darkiron superior is the hands :D Awesome IMO.
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You should be able to add the soundsets you've uploaded to the Sound section to their respective models now. We've updated the asset search.

I've added the soundset to this bundle.
Great, I'll see to the rest of the models and do the same. Ty