Republic Shadow Priestess (Reforged)

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Shadow Priestesses are elite support casters, can augment and enhance their offensive, as well as defensive capabilities to all units. Can cast Healing Wave, Unholy Frenzy and Inner Fire. Immune to spells and can also Shadow Meld at night.

Friendly and mystical, Shadow Priestesses are made from the souls of fallen Republic priestesses and formed into a ghostly being and returns to the Republic armed services. They are also loyal bodyguards to the Reclusiarch Paloma Mahja, they protect and serve any forces of the Imperials, the Republic, as well as other allies that are loyal to the crown.

Scaling value to 1.10, change the armor type to metal, HP to 650, MP to 500, race to Human.

Republic Shadow Priestess (Model)

Republic Shadow Priestess Portrait (Model)

Republic Shadow Priestess Icon (Icon)