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[Altered Melee] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged Faction Overview - The Republic

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View media item 130809Hello guys, today I would like to make an altered melee map for Battlefield Warcraft Reforged. Though work in progress, need to adjust to make any modifications. Anyway, here are the units, heroes and buildings of the Republic factions:

The Republic is a quasi-militaristic Human faction that comprised of humans, dwarves, elves and inhuman allies. Their knowledge of advanced weapons and tactics to keep them on the offensive and defensive capabilities, they combine both light and dark powers to cast enough power to overwhelm any opposition.

View media item 1322871. Town Hall - The town hall is the command center of the Republic armed forces and a resource gathering point for gold and lumber. They train workers and has the ability to use "Call to Arms" nearby workers to become militia to defend from enemy raids. Can upgrade to Keep and then Castle.
2. Farm - Farms are food producing building, they keep the supplies up and running which the maximum number of units can be trained.
3. Lumber Mill - Lumber mills are a drop point for lumber and used for researching upgrades for buildings and lumber harvesting for workers.
4. Blacksmith - The blacksmith provides weapons and armor to all Republic soldiers, crafting steel and gunpowder, thus arrows. They upgrade enough damage and defense to even the odds of their enemies.
5. Barracks - The barracks is the troop producing building for the Republic forces. They train Legionaries, Heavy Musketeers, Heavy Archers and Centurions. It also has Defend, Long Rifles, Advanced Marksmanship and Animal War Training upgrades.
6. Altar of the Republic - This altar is home of the best heroes of the Republic, they summon heroes and revive slain heroes.
7. Nephalem Shrine - The Nephalem Shrine is mystical building that possesses both angelic, as well as demonic powers and influences. Trains Light Priestesses, Dark Priestesses and Praetorian Guards, can also contains spell upgrades and magic sentry for defense towers, as well as the Rylai's Book that enhances their powers on both Priestesses.
View media item 1322858. Workshop - The workshop builds Arclight Gunships, Scorpios and Colossi. This also contains Flak Cannon upgrades, Vorpal Blades and Flare upgrades.
9. Gryphon Aviary - Gryphon aviaries train Gryphon Lancers and Battle Phoenixes. Can also contains envenomed spears and Breath of Fire upgrades.
10. Arcane Vault - The arcane vault creates a purchasable shop for heroes and allied heroes. These items are available depending on each town hall.
View media item 13228411. Republic Towers - Towers are defensive buildings that may defend their bases against enemies. Scout towers are basic defense tower, has no attack but can upgrade to Guard, Cannon or Arcane Tower. Guard towers fire arrows to a single target against ground and air, cannon towers deal area damage to ground targets and arcane towers deal damage to spellcasters, heroes and units with mana with the feedback ability.

View media item 1322881. Worker - Workers are resource gathering units that gathers gold and lumber, plus they build structures. They become militia when using "Call to Arms" ability from the town hall.
2. Legionary - The Legionary is a basic Republic infantry, armed with swords, shields and heavy armor to combat other enemies. They also Defend from piercing attacks.
3. Heavy Musketeer - Heavy Musketeers are armored riflemen, armed with muskets capable of firing towards ground and air targets. They also use the Flare ability to reveal the map and invisible units.
4. Heavy Archer - Heavy Archers are armored female infantry, armed with composite longbows, they fire arrows with deadly accuracy. They also have the Deadlock Arrows ability to deal critical damage.
5. Centurion - Centurions are mounted veteran knights of the Republic armed forces, they deal heavy damage when they charge in to the enemy front.
6. Praetorian Guard - Praetorian Guards are elven spellcasters that has the ability to steal enemy spells from enemy spellcasters. They are immune to spells and also Defend from piercing attacks.
7. Light Priestess - Light Priestesses are support spellcasters dedicated to the knowledge and influence of Saint Rafaela of Telamon. They heal injured soldiers without the use of their mana, can also use Healing Wave to maximize their effectiveness in the heat of battle and Inner Fire to increase armor and damage for a short time.
8. Dark Priestess - Dark Priestesses are powerful spellcasters dedicated to the desires and independence of the renegade demoness Lilith of the Painbearers Legion. They use Curse to miss their attacks from the enemy, removing buffs with the Dispel Magic and Silencing enemy spellcasters and units with mana pools.
9. Arclight Gunship - Arclight Gunships have the ability to scout and unlike Flying Machines, they attack both land and air units and detects invisible units.
View media item 13228610. Scorpio - Scorpios are artillery units that deals heavy damage against structures and has the Vorpal Blades to attack trees as well.
11. Colossus - Colossi are armored giants that Taunt nearby enemies to fight it and they are immune to spells.
12. Gryphon Lancer - Gryphon Lancers are powerful flyers, a powerful creature mounted by a javelin-wielding armored dwarf throws spears at the enemy. Envenomed spears make is deadlier in effect.
13. Battle Phoenix - Battle Phoenixes are also powerful creatures that detect invisible units and attacks air units. The Breath of Fire can deal area damage to both ground and air groups.

1. Republic General - Republic Generals bring the light and order to the armed forces. Exceptional at augmenting defense rather than offense to nearby troops. Can learn Holy Light, Divine Shield, Devotion Aura and Mass Resurrection.
2. Republic Ranger - Republic Rangers are half-human, half-elven trackers, that can also manipulate enemies as well. Can learn Scout, Cold Arrows, Siphon Mana and Charm.
3. Heavy Wizard - Heavy Wizards are hardened mages handpicked by the Republic armed forces, excels at CC and awareness. Can learn Blizzard, Summon Water Elemental, Brilliance Aura and Starfall.
4. Priestess of the Damned - Priestesses of the Damned brings dark and chaos that are vital to the Republic. They weaken their knowledge and strength of their enemies by discover their traits and lies. Can learn Mana Burn, Howl of Terror, Evasion and Reincarnation.
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