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[Altered Melee] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged Faction Overview - The Death Angels

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View media item 130809Hello again, my friends. I would make an another altered melee race for BFWCR, the Death Angels.

The Death Angels were once proud warriors and constantly loyal to the Imperium, but now under the leadership of the Imperial General Arthur Ramirez and the corrupted Commissars intervene, the Death Angels are exiled but not for long. They started a new war and this time in the Outland expedition, they comprised of exiled Imperials, heretics, Undead loyalists and even the cult called the Vek'Taron joined their cause to overwhelm any demonic insurrection.

View media item 132371Buildings:
1. Necropolis - Command center and drop-off point for lumber. Trains Fallen Priests.
2. Ziggurat - Defensive structure and food production building. Can upgrade to Spirit Tower and/or Icefury Tower.
3. Crypt - Troop production building, trains Avengers, Dark Rangers and Lightning Revenants. Has Death Frenzy, Advanced Marksmanship and Lightning Mastery upgrades.
4. Graveyard - Drop-off point for lumber and also upgrades for Death Angels units.
5. Temple of the Damned - Spellcaster production building, trains Shadow Priests, Wraiths and Deathlords. Has spell upgrades, Control Magic and Lilith's Code of Death for spellcasters.
6. Slaughterhouse - Produces Abominations and Chaos Engines. Has Chaos Launcher upgrade.
7. Sacrificial Pit - Has the ability to sacrifice Fallen Priests into Shades. That can detect invisible units, but cannot attack.
8. Boneyard - Trains Frost Wyrms and Dreadnoughts. Has the Freezing Breath ability and Chaos Armor upgrade.
9. Tomb of Relics - Creates a shop for purchasable items. Items will be unlocked depending on a Necropolis or above.
10. Spirit and Icefury Tower - Defensive structure, Spirit Towers has a basic attack, while Icefury Towers damages and slows down enemies.
11. Altar of Darkness - Summons heroes and revives slain heroes.

View media item 132372Units:
1. Fallen Priest - Basic worker, can summon buildings, gather gold and sacrifices into Shades.
2. Avenger - Basic attack unit and lumber harvester. Can learn Death Frenzy and Cannibalize.
3. Dark Ranger - Basic ranged unit, can fire Black Arrows and upon death, turns into Ghosts that can possess enemy units.
4. Lightning Revenant - Powerful ranged unit, can learn Purge and Chain Lightning. Has the Lightning Mastery upgrade.
5. Shadow Priest - Basic spellcaster, can cast Healing Field that heals nearby units. Can also learn Unholy Frenzy and Bloodlust.
6. Wraith - Support spellcaster, has the ability to Curse enemies to miss their attacks. Can also learn Anti-magic Shell and Possession.
7. Deathlord - Mounted spellcaster that combat enemy spellcasters with Spell Steal. Can also learn Feedback and Control Magic. Immune to spells.
8. Abomination - Heavy melee unit, has a Cleaving Attack. Can also learn Death Frenzy and Cannibalize.
9. Frost Wyrm - Flying heavy assault creature, has the Freezing Breath ability.
10. Dreadnought
- Powerful flying unit. Has true sight and immune to spells.
11. Shade - Detector unit, cannot attack, but an excellent scout.

1. Death Knight - Warrior hero, evil counterpart of the Republic General. Can learn Death Coil, Death Pact, Unholy Aura and Animate Dead.
2. Chaos Lord - Warrior hero, adept at recovery and combat. Can learn Forked Lightning, Howl of Terror, Vampiric Aura and Locust Swarm.
3. Death Ranger - Ranged hero, evil counterpart of the Republic Ranger. Can learn Acid Bomb, Black Arrow, Life Drain and Transmute.
4. Dark Arcanist - Mystical hero, particularly at frost magic. Can learn Frost Nova, Frost Armor, Dark Ritual and Death and Decay.
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Sep 28, 2011
I simply do not see the link between the lore and the actual units.
Aka: why no space marine(with stuff like skulls and the Aquila and whatever) and why are the priests fallen if the death angels are still loyal?
I simply do not see the link between the lore and the actual units.
Aka: why no space marine(with stuff like skulls and the Aquila and whatever) and why are the priests fallen if the death angels are still loyal?
Well, this ain’t Warhammer. But its army comprised of heretics, Imperial exiles, Undead loyalists and even some cultists who were fled from Imperial rule.
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