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  • If you have any other balancing recommendations list them to me in PM so ii dont have to make 1-2 changes per version
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    (Post) I thought that was a level-headed, reasonable assessment. I didn't try the map myself, but I thought you provided some useful input to the map maker. :)
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    (Post) Thanks for checking out my Diablo Eternal map and commenting. It's been helpful.
    You can open my map now I think, if there are any more issues you find, please tell me
    I am the new account of noob.
    I lost the password for that account(and the password for the webmail that I used for that account) so that is why I stopped logging in with that account.
    Feel free to get in touch with us in Admin Contact to see if you can get your account back.
    I will give ya some of the stuff that I think. First of all, when you destroy buildings you get only one-time income. It should give continous income. It should give income based on the building's hp and armor. Then the grammar is so spooky that I poop my pants. Hero uses some vanilla spells, which he shouldnt if you ask me. And its sorta hard to make an army because of the units costs. But atleast they have good names such as ''shadowy rft'' lol.
    I was trying to say that there will be four basic spells, one ultimate that is unlocked in lvl 6 and one super ultimate that is unlocked in 10. But aside from those spells heroes will have a spellbook where they can use summoning spells.
    If you can do complex spells, I requested some hero ability ideas from the modders idea workshop. You can do those spells, since I do not have the knowledge to do anything.
    Hey dude did you notice my last message to you? I don't think you did because it was a year but you didn't answered it. Anyway I was going to say scratch that. I played our map and for some reason I felt like I want to make a game so were continueing.
    Dude, first off, your comment on my wall was so poorly written I had trouble reading it.

    1. a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
    2. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

    I think the second definition is what I was explaining.

    You are so much an nerd you could explode the universe if you could convert your nerd-ism into energy(owning WC3 creating four maps(who are even approved on the hive) and hanging out so much time in the hive classify you in this category).
    Yeah, I've spent a bit of time on here. Judging my social life on my work and time spent on a gaming site doesn't justify your naive statement. Don't be ignorant. You don't know me, just as I don't know you, so don't judge based on what little insight you have of me.

    But I do not think that being an nerd include being socially awkward I know many people who are nerds and do not have problems into society.
    Then by definition, I don't think the people you know are nerds. That or you have trouble identifying their social status.
    Man, this is taking to much long, I'm just too lazy to do that kind of map. I can't make it. Maybe, we can give it to another user so he can continue and we'l start making a map that doesn't takes long like an altered melee or a mini-game? Though if you say press on, I will continue.

    (My plan is to make an altered melee set.)
    Um, I am guessing you are talking about MMRPG but other than that I do not know what you are talking about.
    Okay I finished rough version of part of "Zombie Campain" you can check it in my "Kingdoms vs. Zombies" threads. So you can make picture what kind of campain I want make:)
    Well, I loved Summoners: Mastery of The Kindom but lets make it Dominators: Mastery of The Kingdom
    Some names;
    Conflict of The Dominators
    Domination Over Conflict
    War of The Dominators
    (My favorite) Rule The Conflict

    Too many conflicts right? :D
    Im 12 years old but say that counts too or imma gonna kill myself

    Ok lets create a thread gimme creadits too

    Also, Im currently creating a hero called Aldin Deathbringer, The Necromaster.
    IT deepends on how much posts they are spamming in the row... 2 is enough, if some one do more it can be spamm. Tough, i have seen a guy with 4 at row lol
    Looks good. I will do heroes like this:
    They will have 4 abilities, 3 normal, which can be leveled up to 4, and 1 ultimate, which can be leveled up to 3. These abilities are NOT (Maybe some of them.) summoning abilities. I will add a spellbook that has 4-6 summoning abilites. And of course summoning abilites (that are in the spellbook) can be upgraded by capturing buildings.

    Which type of hero should I start with?

    Mechanical hero (Siege Tank, Meat Wagon, etc,)
    Night Elf hero
    Human hero
    Orc hero
    Undead hero
    Demon hero
    Neutral Hero
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