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  • Hey buddy, are you sure that these songs are copyrighted? I am aware that I uploaded these custom races of WC3R on You Tube with copyrighted songs, I prefer outdated songs from the late 90s and early 2000s.
    Theme songs for every factions:
    Republic of Arynetia - The Firstborn (from SC2:LOTV, cutscenes only)/Forest Green (from Total Annihilation)
    Elves of Elysium - Protoss 03 (from SC2:WOL)
    The Desertborne - The Mammoth Hunt (from Far Cry Primal)
    Sisters of the Empire - Naoss (from Zeus: Master of Olympus)
    The Ravagers - Battle (from Transformers 3 DOTM)
    Death Angels - Dominus Pugnae (from Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate)
    Custodian Guard - Pyrrhus of Epirus (from Age of Empires: Definitive Edition)
    Eldritch Legion - Two Worlds Colliding (from WarCraft 2016 Movie)
    Descendants of Redstone - Slaysenflite (from Age of Mythology)
    The Kunoichi - Mizutsune Theme (from MHRise)
    Wrathtide Savants - Paradise Fabricated (from C&C4)
    Phantom Revolt - The Mechanical Aparethid (from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided)
    In fact, the colors are requiring to colorize the font with HEX Color for the post.

    List of HEX Color Codes:
    1E55DF (Blue - Republic of Arynetia)
    49B46F (Dark Green - Elves of Elysium)
    ED1212 (Red - The Desertborne)
    BBD8E8 (Light Turquoise/Sky - Sisters of the Empire)
    501AAA (Royal/Purple - The Ravagers)
    636161 (Dark Gray - Death Angels)
    53F2EB (Cyan - Custodian Guard)
    462D20 (Brown - Eldritch Legion)
    E3E831 (Yellow - Descendants of Redstone)
    EAAD31 (Orange- The Kunoichi)
    20F72B (Green - Wrathtide Savants)
    FFB9C7 (Pink - Phantom Revolt)
    Get a load of this...
    I think I'm just planning to create the faction to make a showcase on the map. For the first time is Republic of Arynetia, a quasi-military faction with only Imperial remnants instead of those allies.
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