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[Altered Melee] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged Faction Overview - Desertborn Orcs

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View media item 130809Hello again, this New Year, I would make an another altered melee race. I am finished the Republic and the Sisterhood faction, let's see the third race of the faction. The Desertborn Orcs.

The Desertborn are once exiled Orcs who refused to join the Orcish Horde due to their treachery by using dark magic. So they fled to the Barrens and due to the sandy environment, their skin changed from brutish green to sandy brown and thus, dwelling or wandering in the deserts may cause a change in their background and this exiled race was born from betrayal and trusting no one but themselves. They are also negotiators and hunters depending on their appearance.

View media item 132329Buildings:
1. Great Hall - Command center for the Desertborn, trains Peons and has the Pillage upgrade. Also serves a drop-off point for gold and lumber. Can upgrade to Stronghold and then Fortress.
2. Orc Burrow - Food production building and commands Peons to prepare battle stations from enemy raids.
3. Barracks - Troop production building, trains Desert Grunts, Desert Assassins, Desert Maidens and Demolishers, has Brute Strength, Celibacy upgrade for Desert Assassins and Maidens and Burning Oil upgrade for Demolishers.
4. Altar of Storms - Summons heroes, revives slain heroes.
5. War Mill - Drop-off point for lumber, has Spiked Barricades and weapon and armor upgrades for the Desertborn Orcs.
6. Spirit Lodge - Trains Shamans and Priest Mages, has spell upgrades for Shamans and Priest Mages, as well as the Desert Scroll to increase damage and armor.
7. Beastiary - Trains Desert Raiders, Kodo Beasts, Wind Riders and Desert Warlords, has upgrades on Raiders, Warlords, Kodos and Wind Riders.
8. Gronn Totem - Trains Gronn, has upgrades for the Gronn.
9. Voodoo Lounge - Creates a shop for purchasable items for any heroes. Items will be unlocked depending on the current Great Hall.
10. Watch Tower - Defensive structure, effective against land and air units. Can also upgrade to Earth-Fury Tower.

View media item 132328Units:
1. Desertborn Peon - Peons are basic worker units, can gather gold and lumber and build structures. Also can garrison burrows for an attack.
2. Desert Grunt - Desert Grunts are not as much powerful as regular Orc Grunts, but they have the same stats. Has the Brute Strength upgrade.
3. Desert Assassin - Female ranged Orcs throw daggers, effective against air units. Has the Celibacy upgrade.
4. Desert Maiden - Desert Maidens are not as powerful as the Desert Grunts, but they are agile in terms of combat. Can learn Evasion, Brute Strength and Celibacy upgrade.
5. Demolisher - Desertborn Demolishers deal long range damage against structures. Has the Burning Oil upgrade to set the ground on fire.
6. Desertborn Shaman - Desertborn Shamans has the same ability as the regular Shamans. Can Purge buffs and debuffs, casting a Lightning Shield on the enemy to deal damage overtime to nearby enemies and Bloodlust your units and allies to gain attack speed.
7. Priest Mage - Priest Mages are support spellcasters, can deploy Sentry and Stasis Wards to detect invisible units and stuns groups of enemies, as well as the Healing Ward to heal nearby troops in the heat of battle.
8. Raider - Desertborn Raiders are fast moving riders, can Ensnare air units to the ground, giving ground units to attack.
9. Kodo Beast - Deserborn Kodo Beasts are support tanks can use the War Drums, to increase attack damage to nearby friendly units. Can also Devour and Pack Mule upgrade.
10. Wind Rider - Desertborn Wind Riders are flying units can throw poisoned spears to deal damage overtime against land and air units.
11. Desert Warlord - Powerful wolf rider, can cast Battle Roar to further increase the damage to nearby units.
12. Gronn - Powerful mighty warrior, can learn the Pulverize upgrade.

1. Desertborn Beastmaster
- Mighty hero, throws axes against air units and fights in melee on land. Can learn Summon Bear, Quillbeast, Hawk and Stampede
2. Desertborn Far Seer - Far Seers are excellent scouts and mages, can learn Chain Lightning, Feral Spirits, Far Sight and Tranquility.
3. Desertborn Blademaster - Desertborn Blademasters are powerful and agile heroes, can learn Wind Walk, Mirror Image, Critical Strike and Bladestorm.
4. Desert Reaper - Though they are not part of the Desertborn, Desert Reapers are renegade elves who were betrayed by Lady Sonora during the Elven Civil War and now fought with the Orcs. Can learn Fan of Knives, Blink, Shadow Strike and Charm.

P.S. I would like to thank to Bagysta, Mr Ogre man and Symphoneum for the skins and the models of course.
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