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Battlefield - Warcraft (2014)

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Apr 1, 2009
Battlefield Warcraft - Year 2014

"Year 2014 - 23 years since the disaster. It's still just a desert out there. Though, we have heard rumors about some survivors. But as far as our intell shows, we cannot be sure about it. We are still searching.
Pray to God there are some survivors..."

I'm sorry to report the project currently is an pause. Technical problems.

In the year of 1991, a great nuclear disaster striked earth.
The Soviet Union fired several large-scale nuclear weapons against USA. The attack raged 23 long hours, and after that, 8/10 of the population of the north and south america had died, and a large radioactive cloud covered the south, west and north of the earth.
The remaning population of america managed to fire 2 tactical missiles, against Russia.... revenge as they call it.
The tactical nukes did not create colossal damage to the soviet union, but still created several areas with a high percent of radioactivity.

After the attack america made against russia, the wind began to get faster, approximately the speed of a hurricane. It created a chain-reaction.
The nuclear dust that remained from the russians attack on america began to spread to the east, which eventully made the whole earth covered in one large cloud of radioactive dust.
The sun were blocked out, but it's heat still entered the atmosphere, which made the climate even warmer, and made the polar-ice melt, and stopped the Gulf-stream. But it did not create a iceage, due to the fact of the high temperatures.

Several places around earth it suddenly began raining acid, and the earth got so warm, that the ocean started boiling. The water eventully disappeared, and all the steam got stuck in the radioactive dust, which created even more acid rain.

At the year 2001 the acid-rain stopped, and the radio-active dust, some places around earth, started to diaspear, making the sun shining. What the few survivors saw chocked them... desert, desert and even more desert.
Miles and miles away, still only desert.

The survivors had survived by living in large bunkers. But there were some people who survived, staying on the surface. The radioactivity had made the change, and the acid only made it even worse. They eventully evoled into a new race. Mutants...

- At year 2014, the world started to fall back in place - kind of. The british government decided to send out a small group of SAS (Special Air Service) into the desert, to search for survivors.

Battlefield Warcraft - Year 2014 is a new epic survival game, inspired by games like Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead.

You play as either one of 6 completly different SAS troops.
Play as:
- Sergeant
- Corporal
- Medic
- Radio-operator
- Engineer
- Soldier
Each with different spells and abilities.

- Rage through an epic 256x256 fully playable map, to find survivors. But beware of the mutants.
- Use new weapon technology to make your way through the desert of hell.
- Complete the quests, or search for survivors in this fully epic hell.
- Enjoy a new epic desert warfare terrain.
- Create your own history, glory and reputation - or simply follow orders.
- Search the desert for items, that can help you on your travel.

Beware of mutants!

- Warhunter565
- skrab
- Kofi_Banan
- HappyTauren
- FlashpoinT
- Illidan(Evil)X
- Cavman
- Ice
- olofmoleman
- Horn
- RightField
- zombie2279

Current map status:
Editing and alpha testing.

Screenshots will be posted as soon as possible.

* Map is made by Nick010 (battle.net username: Nicklas-XX)

Please visit the official site: www.bfwc.forumup.com


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