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[Campaign] Battlefield Warcraft Reforged

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This custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged is an improved version, which the previous one has a lot of problems like skipping cutscenes, trigger problems, cinematics and even some plot twists. This time, I need to analyze and rethink some maps in order to test these campaigns correctly.

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Just a note: All of my models are in HD, it's recommended to go to Reforged mode and see it recognizable. It's just a project for the custom campaign, so feel free to make some requests whatever you want. It has various difficulty, no matter how easy or hard to play, but it's too fun to play.

The Plot:
After the war between the Imperial Army and the Orcs, bloodshed and attrition has been cost a lot of lives on both sides. General Arthur Ramirez and the Republic Lord Galahad are putting an end to the Orcish threat once and for all. Lord Varhok of the Bloodaxe Clan must find a way to escape the Imperial wrath by aiding the Ogres to succeed. However, the Imperials are fighting on two fronts; the Orc incursions and the invasion of Outland which cost the reputation and the manpower they need to survive. The battle was won by the Imperials, but the Republic has lost its reputation also, Lord Galahad was killed in battle while defeating Varhok in a pitched duel between him and his second-in-command, Gaius Visceral who succeeds him as the new General of the Republic armed forces. Years have passed, Visceral must call upon his Dwarven and Elven allies, as well as inhumans and Demons who were defected or betrayed by the Legions of Outland to join and support the Republic cause... The war for spoils, justice and righteousness is about to begin.

Here are the factions of Battlefield Warcraft Reforged:

1. The Imperial Army - A well-trained and well-organized human faction that challenges every foe against its enemies and they were the cream of the crop of the Imperium's armed forces. Every commander in charge is called Commissars, which they survey any troops to keep them maintained in combat, as well as inspiration. (Player Color: Gray by Default and Dark Green for the Imperial Guard. Other colors are renamed as other Regiments or Divisions)
2. The Republic - A quasi-militaristic faction that comprised of armored knights, hardworking dwarves, mystical elves and resilient inhuman races that are loyal to this faction. This small, yet highly professional faction that may be open to all recruits who were not fitted into the Imperial service, instead, they need some special tactics that may earn their reputation as a Republic soldier. Every Republic leader is a General who augments his troops' survivability and protection to make them unstoppable and powerful as time passes. (Player Color: Blue)
3. Redstone Mercenaries - This Human faction were comprised of bandits, cutthroats, criminals and even deserters who were escaped from the Imperial wrath. But these mercenaries have bonded each other like brothers in arms. They loot, raid or even kill for weapons, armor and they customized every equipment. Therefore, they were feared, armed to the teeth and ready for their adventure in search of riches, spoils and glory, in hopes to become a career Redstone Mercenary. Their motto of any Redstone is "If you can't beat the best, join the best." (Player Color: Red)
4. Elves of Elysium - The Skyseekers are the first Elven faction which they were encountered by the Republic forces under Lord Galahad, Lady Euphemia, the queen of the Skyseekers must help the Republic armies by defeating the Orcs out of Elysium. In contrast, Euphemia is a revered queen of Elysium, by pledge their loyalties to the Republic, she restore and maintain her power from any opposition from her rival houses. Armed with powerful magic, with military tactics and defenses, the Elves are a force to be reckoned with. (Player Colors: Red for House Vasha, Purple for House Sonora, Orange for House Jennalla, Pink for House Vesa, Teal for House Capella and Green for House Eirena)
5. Sisters of the Empire - This all-female Human faction is limited, but very powerful support abilities that may empower the Imperium from its corruption. Young girls at the age of 16 and above must be recruited as a Junior Sister, studying arts and traditions in the convent and learning of sanctity and must not be affair with mortal men according to the rules of becoming a true member of the Sisterhood. The guidance and affinity with Saint Rafaela of Telamon, who teaches the way of the Martyrs to live in the afterlife. In battle, a female commander called the Canoness, which heals and supports fellow Warrior Sisters through peace and war, Though they are not as powerful as the Imperial or Republic Generals, but they are sustainable and fragile in terms of combat. (Player Color: Light Blue)
6. Death Angels - This occult society of corrupted officials were virtually served by their own, away from any Imperial or other Human faction presence. They are the Demon Killers, which they score a wave of Demons when they're invading the Human kingdoms via portals. The Death Angels were accompanied by the currently exiled cult known as the Vek'Taron. Both cults have one true purpose; take over Outland, and manipulate or kill all the Demons by force. But aside from hunting Demons and Fel Orcs, they met a friendly resistance with the Draenei, in exchange for their service and tribute. (Player Color: Coal)
7. Custodian Guard - The Custodian Guards of the Kingdom of Kaloria were no exception to the Imperium, instead, they operate within the Imperial kingdoms from enemy activity, reconnaissance and surveillance. They interact with the Dream Elves which the High Priestess Elysia Rayel greeted and stayed them for whatever they want to do. The Custodians have an array of flexible and armored units, as well as artillery to even the odds. They rely on defensive rather than offensive ways to make the first move. (Player Color: Turquoise)

Here are the missions for each faction in BFWCR:

Republic Campaign:
Introduction: The New General
Chapter One: First Strike
Chapter Two: Assault on Greenville
Interlude: Elves of the Republic
Chapter Three: Landfall
Chapter Four: The Invasion of Telamon
Interlude: The Battle Report
Chapter Five: Weekend at Sephera’s
Interlude: The Last Isakari
Chapter Six: Corruption of the Guard
Chapter Seven: Traitors on the Run
Interlude: Separate Ways
Chapter Eight: Breakout
Chapter Nine: Rescue and Retribution
Interlude: The General's Return
Chapter Ten: Demonic Disturbance
Chapter Eleven: Siege of Melbetery Square
Chapter Twelve: Korman's Last Stand
Finale: Redemption
Bonus Level: Bloody Grass

Redstone Campaign:
Introduction: Preparations
Chapter One: From the Cold
Chapter Two: Into the Caverns
Chapter Three: Unlikely Allies
Interlude: The Wounds of War
Chapter Four: Utopia
Chapter Five: Spoils of War
Chapter Six: Crucible of the Gods
Chapter Seven: Steampunked Up
Interlude: New Discovery
Chapter Eight: Attack of the Nerubians
Chapter Nine: Steaming Escape
Interlude: Rastif's Sacrifice
Chapter Ten: The Devil's Angels
Chapter Eleven: The Rage of Redstone
Chapter Twelve: Hell and Heaven
Finale: Paying Respects

Elves of Elysium Campaign:
Introduction: Elven Civil War
Chapter One: A Sortie for a Cause
Chapter Two: Once More Into the Offense
Interlude: Framed!
Chapter Three: Sonora's Wrath
Chapter Four: The Vision
Chapter Five: The Search for Natalia
Interlude: Republic Intervention
Chapter Seven: Valkyrie's Steps
Chapter Eight: To Kill a Usurper
Chapter Nine: Finding Natalia
Interlude: The Truth
Chapter Ten: Vasha Rampage
Chapter Eleven: Sonora's Treachery
Chapter Twelve: An Innocent's Justice
Finale: The New Queen of Elysium

SOTE Campaign:
Introduction: A Disturbance of Faith
Chapter One: Rise Up, my Sisters!
Chapter Two: Save the Saint
Chapter Three: Daughters of the Storm
Interlude: The Three Saints of Life
Chapter Four: Rafaela's Testament
Chapter Five: Eudora's Wrath
Chapter Six: Aurora's Sentiment
Chapter Seven: Key of the Three Saints
Interlude: Unleash the Blessed Saint
Chapter Eight: Defilers in the Mist
Chapter Nine: Call of the Wild
Interlude: The Battleplan
Chapter Ten: Battle of Kameugne's Ridge
Chapter Eleven: Zealous Heart
Chapter Twelve: The Legion's End
Finale: The Light before the Storm

Death Angels Campaign:
Introduction: Exiled and Deserted
Chapter One: Welcome to Outland
Chapter Two: Nether Nuisance
Interlude: A Legion's Treachery
Chapter Three: The Draenei's Request
Chapter Four: Demon Crossing
Chapter Five: Demoness in Distress
Interlude: Lilith's Warning
Chapter Six: Vexed and Hexed
Chapter Seven: Fel Fiasco
Chapter Eight: Arcane Apathy
Chapter Nine: Betrayer Among Us
Interlude: A Bloody Blow
Chapter Ten: The Peninsula of Blood
Chapter Eleven: Siege of the Black Citadel
Chapter Twelve: Demon Lord's Downfall
Finale: The Queen of Outland

Custodian Guard Campaign:
Introduction: Jerod's Vision
Chapter One: Kaloria in Crisis
Chapter Two: I Dream of Elysia
Chapter Three: Rebels in the Mist
Chapter Four: The Death Cult
Interlude: Conspiracy
Chapter Five: A Commissar's Aid
Chapter Six: The Kalorian Rhapsody
Interlude: A Custodian's Demise
Chapter Seven: The Kalorian Mutiny
Chapter Eight: Emerald Dawn
Chapter Nine: Return of the Corrupted
Chapter Ten: Illusions of a God
Interlude: Elysia's Prophecy
Chapter Eleven: Insurgency
Chapter Twelve: Countdown to Restoration
Finale: The Son of Jerod
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Jul 26, 2008
Looks really exciting. I should say though, having a grand background like the setup you are laying out now might take a huge amount of time to implement. The majority of custom campaigns are just about 1-2 hero(es) hacking at bad guys supported by a simple plot.
Looks really exciting. I should say though, having a grand background like the setup you are laying out now might take a huge amount of time to implement. The majority of custom campaigns are just about 1-2 hero(es) hacking at bad guys supported by a simple plot.
Depending on their persepectives of any hero.
8. The Palatinate - The Palatinate is an independent Human faction which has been at war with the Imperium, the Orcs, and other hostile factions, its armored knights and fanatical casters may be the bulk of the main force with sheer ferocity and valiant efforts to keep up on the offense, as well as the defense. (Player Color: Orange)

Palatinate Campaign:
Introduction: Independence Day
Chapter One: The New Tomorrow
Chapter Two: Striking the Deal
Chapter Three: The Wilhelm Commission
Chapter Four: The Great Migration
Interlude: A Sinister Presence
Chapter Five: Demons in the Ridge
Chapter Six: The Exarchate of Norelia
Interlude: Betrayal
Chapter Eight: The Runes of Eudora
Chapter Nine: Mechanized or be Mechanized
Chapter Ten: Payback
Chapter Eleven: Indomitable Fury
Interlude: Ceasefire Pact
Chapter Twelve: The Tyrant's Fall
Finale: Recognition and Return
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9. The Felreavers - The Felreavers is a mysterious Human faction that comprised of Imperial survivors who were left behind during the disastrous Outland Expedition, the Fel magic consumed by the survivors became unstoppable and unleashed its inner demon within their veins to combat against not only the Eldritch Legion, but the Fel Orcs, and the Ravagers. (Player Color: Green)

Felreavers Campaign:
Introduction: Betrayed and Corrupted
Chapter One: A Devious Survival
Chapter Two: Fel Felony
Chapter Three: The Siege of Halora
Interlude: A Sadistic Rescue
Chapter Four: And lo... The Demon Wanes
Chapter Five: Escape Plan
Interlude: Return to Arynetia
Chapter Six: An Eldritch Savant
Chapter Seven: Save the Reclusiarch
Chapter Eight: Fort Seleudra
Interlude: Article 21
Chapter Nine: Marked for Heresy
Chapter Ten: Revenge of the Legion
Chapter Eleven: Event Horizon
Chapter Twelve: All Odds
Finale: Vengeance
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Feb 15, 2021
10. The Ravagers - The Ravagers are the race of arachnids that reconsiders the power of nether and evolution of strain ideals. The governor of the Ravagers' leadership is Queen Ynnilith that shapes it's ascendancy power by empowering their inferior of the evolution and adaptation beyond recognition in one futile to defeat the vile opponents such as Eldritch Legion and Orcish Horde, and pollute the majorities of the land. (Player Color: Purple)

The Ravagers Campaign:
Introduction: New Awakening
Chapter One: Among the Vessels
Chapter Two: In Debt of Reward
Interlude: The Matriarch
Chapter Three: Nexus in Peril
Chapter Four: Hour of Desecration
Chapter Five: The Seeker
Interlude: Forgotten Council
Chapter Six: Primordial Rumble
Chapter Seven: Into the Solid Caverns
Chapter Eight: Silencing the Depravity
Interlude: Growing to Become Stronger
Chapter Nine: Abandoned Memory
Chapter Ten: Nemesis
Chapter Eleven: Empire of the Dread
Chapter Twelve: Chain of Ascension
Finale: Immortality of the Swarm
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11. The Isakari - A Human/Elven hybrid race that had been nearly extinct by the Imperials before the war, its unseen weapons, technology, and soldiers were mystical, yet powerful beings that can be a threat to the Imperium. But with a slow recovery by the Imperium's branches, the Isakari seek refuge to the Republic, the Sisterhood, and the Custodian Guard before they can be flourished again to restore to its former glory. (Player Color: Lavender)

Isakari Campaign
Introduction: Memoirs of Eiresa
Chapter One: Rude Awakening
Chapter Two: Raging Fauna
Interlude: Ravaged!
Chapter Three: Escape from Arynetia
Chapter Four: Interview with the Nephalem
Chapter Five: Back to Square One
Interlude: Flourished Again
Chapter Six: The Liberation of Kaloria
Chapter Seven: True Colors
Interlude: Blessed Saint's Row
Chapter Eight: Spiritual Guidance
Chapter Nine: The Isakari Strikes Back
Chapter Ten: The Heart of Darkness
Interlude: Resistance is Nigh
Chapter Eleven: Breaking the Nexus
Chapter Twelve: The Queen's Demise
Finale: Sacrifice
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Feb 15, 2021
12. Brotherhood of Taurus - The Brotherhood of Taurus is the Republic's paramilitary faction that arms up with heavy armored knights and spiritual mages aided with dwarf and tauren allies to against the return of the Ravagers. However the survivors of Imperial army joined to the Brotherhood's side and later to combine our forces along with the Ravagers and the Imperium. (Player Color: Navy)

Brotherhood of Taurus Campaign:
Introduction: Return of the Ravagers
Chapter One: Taurus
Chapter Two: Enemies Alike
Chapter Three: From Order to Action
Interlude: A Reverent Exploration
Chapter Four: Digging Deep
Chapter Five: The Sleepers Awakened
Interlude: Details of the Partnership
Chapter Six: Sticky Fingers
Chapter Seven: Forged Allegiances
Secret Level: To Aid the Nexus
Chapter Eight: Infestation
Interlude: A Ravaged Land
Chapter Nine: Endangered Colonies
Chapter Ten: Sisters to the Rescue
Chapter Eleven: Glorious Intent
Chapter Twelve: Viva La Revolution
Finale: Saving Grace
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Feb 15, 2021
13. Desertborn Orcs - The Desertborne Orcs are the brown-skinned orc faction that opposed the rivals of Orcish Horde but it refused by the Primordial Gods. Even in the source of desert, they gain with shamanism and magical alleviation where the Desertborn Orcs are on the majesty to exterminate them who opposed the warchief. In fact the Desertborn Orcs were exiled to House Sonora where the lands to be remain conquered. (Player Color: Maroon)

Desertborn Orcs Campaign:
Introduction: A Tide of Blood
Chapter One: The Retrieval
Chapter Two: Setting Sail
Chapter Three: Defense of Bonedust Town
Interlude: A Greeting to the Fortress
Chapter Four: In the Waking Tide
Chapter Five: Hidden Threats
Chapter Six: The Kunoichi Tribes
Chapter Seven: The Pool of Blood
Interlude: Legacy of Sonora
Chapter Eight: The Rail Between the Desert
Chapter Nine: Kingdom of Nishio
Chapter Ten: Broken Bonds
Interlude: Warbands and Battalions
Chapter Eleven: The New Cause
Chapter Twelve: The Primordial Gods
Finale: Hope Lies Remembered
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1. The Imperial Army - A well-trained and well-organized human faction that challenges every foe against its enemies and they were the cream of the crop of the Imperium's armed forces. Every commander in charge is called Commissars, which they survey any troops to keep them maintained in combat, as well as inspiration. (Player Color: Gray by Default and Dark Green for the Imperial Guard. Other colors are renamed as other Regiments or Divisions)
(This is before the Republic Campaign)
Imperial Army Campaign:
Introduction: The Imperium before the Republic
Chapter One: Training Day
Chapter Two: The Offensive
Chapter Three: A Helping Hand
Chapter Four: The Skunk Works
Interlude: An Inspiring Act
Chapter Five: El-Moussa's Epiphany
Interlude: Conspiracy
Chapter Six: The Battle of Arynetia
Chapter Seven: Bleadsdale Mutiny
Chapter Eight: No Traitors Tomorrow
Interlude: The Execution
Chapter Nine: Onto Euphemia's Doorstep
Chapter Ten: The Outland Invasion
Interlude: Korman Corrupted
Chapter Eleven: Attack on Eredar
Chapter Twelve: Unwavering Tides
Finale: The Retreat
Bonus Level: The Goblin Slayers
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14. The Wolf Horde - A spiritual Orc faction that rely on elemental magic and brute strength that had been neutral with the other Orcs or any Imperial faction. Its harsh winters and whiteout conditions makes them a survivable faction and they live, fight, and work together as one Horde. (Player Color: Gray)

Wolf Horde Campaign:
Introduction: A Cold Beginning
Chapter One: A Winter Hunt
Chapter Two: Rage of the Wendigo
Chapter Three: A New Enemy
Interlude: Corruption in the Snow
Chapter Four: Razing Storm
Chapter Five: Frostbitten
Interlude: Elemental Elegy
Chapter Six: Icy Resistance
Chapter Seven: The Defense of Icevale
Chapter Eight: Polaris Alpha
Interlude: Wolves of Velyr
Chapter Nine: Road to Velyr
Chapter Ten: Frosted Core
Chapter Eleven: Ice, Blood, and Steel
Chapter Twelve: Under a Blinding Edge
Finale: A New Home
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Feb 15, 2021
15. The Forged Hand - The Forged Hand is the fel orc faction who had refused to join the Eldritch Legion in assisting of Orcish Horde's splinter factions, the Draenei and Death Angels. This Forged Hand has the very impervious and resistant to it's corruption but therefore uses the fel powers in help of unbroken ones and fire elemetals to eliminate the sinister threats of Eldritch Legion and any hostile factions. (Player Color: Peanut)

The Forged Hand Campaign:
Introduction: Vek'Taron's Aid
Chapter One: The Dark Deal
Chapter Two: Guiding Through the Land of Flesh
Interlude: Madness of Y'Uurd
Chapter Three: The Harder They Fall
Chapter Four: Reversal of Fortune
Chapter Five: Diabolic Presence
Chapter Six: A Gruesome Warnings
Interlude: The Traceless Massacre
Chapter Seven: Heresy's Reward
Chapter Eight: A Long Path
Chapter Nine: Ignoring the Masses
Interlude: The Return at Yuggol
Chapter Ten: Withdrawal to the Cult
Chapter Eleven: Into the Fane of Flesh
Chapter Twelve: He Who Shapes
Finale: A Wicked Reunion
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Feb 15, 2021
0. Eldritch Legion - The Eldritch Legion are the race of demons and monstrous, vile creatures of the void that seeks to destroy Azeroth and bring an end to sanity over the world. However the Old Gods wake as of this moment the Eldritch Legion is responsible of destroying some countless planets and corrupting over the lands by chaos. The major goal is to corrupt the entire planet for the aid of the Old Gods. (Player Color: Brown) (The Eldritch Legion is the origin faction that laid the beginning of the campaign before the events of Battlefield Warcraft Reforged.)

Even the campaign's two missions and one interlude have references of Ange Vierge's episode names.

Eldritch Legion Campaign:
Introduction: Beginning of the Chaos
Chapter One: Starting Potential
Chapter Two: Navigating the Path
Interlude: Demon Lord's Remembrance
Chapter Three: Proceeding to the Next Base
Chapter Four: Burning Charity
Chapter Five: Demoness in Steps
Chapter Six: The Usurper's Deal
Chapter Seven: Elevating the Presence
Interlude: Urizen's Treachery
Chapter Eight: Betrayed by Own Kind
Chapter Nine: Grasp of Malice
Chapter Ten: A Flame That Burns in Darkness
Interlude: Remaining Possibilities
Chapter Eleven: Urizen's Fall
Chapter Twelve: The Flight From Outland
Finale: The Invasion Has Begun
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16. Wrathtide Servants - A race of snake-like humanoids ready to defend the seas against the land-dwellers, such as the Orcs, the Imperium, the Ravagers, as well as the Eldritch Legion. With superior waterborne arsenal and tactics that send their foes beneath the waves. (Player Color: Green)
17. Tidecallers - A race of mermaids and shark-like beings served as a second branch of the Wrathtide, and a seaborne counterpart of the Sisters of the Empire. Armed with the powers of air and water, these sirens will deal a hellish blow to the land-dwellers and its ground lackeys. (Player Color: Mint)
18. Furbolgs - The Furbolgs is a bear-like race that dwells in the Moonshadow Forests, calling the wilds to protect from defilers and demons. (Player Color: Green)
19. Moonshadow Elves - These mysterious female Elven faction that looms within the secluded areas of Mareharrow, home of the Moon Matriarch. They aided the Furbolgs, with stealth, ambush, and surprise attacks in the forests. (Player Color: Blue)

Wrathtide Servants Campaign:
Introduction: The Tides have Risen
Chapter One: The Ocean Floor
Chapter Two: Invaders from the Land
Chapter Three: March of the Murlocs
Interlude: The Tidal Council
Chapter Four: Beachhead
Chapter Five: The Siege of Fort Arathi
Chapter Six: Mutiny Under the Sea
Interlude: The Traitor of the Tides
Chapter Seven: Waterborne Rivalry
Chapter Eight: Sea is Believing
Chapter Nine: Tidal Rage
Interlude: Force of Will
Chapter Ten: The Ruins of Kadralos
Chapter Eleven: Iron Bottom Sound
Chapter Twelve: Apocalypse on the High Seas
Finale: Silenced Tides

Tidecallers Campaign:
Introduction: Rise of the Mermaids
Chapter One: Aria of Tides
Chapter Two: Swept Away
Interlude: The Chosen One
Chapter Three: Kadralos Port
Chapter Four: Orcs under the Sea
Chapter Five: Swept Away
Interlude: The Keys of Life
Chapter Six: Aqua Bendita
Chapter Seven: Aria Maldita
Chapter Eight: Lock of a Thousand Waves
Interlude: Eldritch Waters
Chapter Nine: Demons in the Waves
Chapter Ten: Wrathtide Fury
Chapter Eleven: Mermaid Miscellany
Chapter Twelve: Whirlpool of Despair
Finale: Days of Rejuvenation

Furbolgs Campaign:
Introduction: Disturbance in the Forest
Chapter One: Defilers in the Midst
Chapter Two: Defending the Fountains
Chapter Three: The Sasquatch
Interlude: Frenemies with Benefits
Chapter Four: Demons in the Woodlands
Chapter Five: Undead at Sephera
Chapter Six: Corrupted by your Kind
Chapter Seven: Call in the Magnataurs
Interlude: Mercenaries for the Trees
Chapter Eight: The Midlands Clash
Chapter Nine: Furbolg against Furbolg
Chapter Ten: No Eternity, No Life
Chapter Eleven: The Hope of No Return
Chapter Twelve: Salvation
Ending: Mareharrow in Ruins

Moonshadow Elves Campaign:
Introduction: The Aftermath
Chapter One: From the Shadows
Chapter Two: Into the Flames
Chapter Three: Moonlight Cove
Interlude: Faded from the Sun
Chapter Four: Escape from Lightness
Chapter Five: As the Sun Sets
Chapter Six: The Demon's Crossing
Interlude: The Sisterhood Intervention
Chapter Seven: Unholy Alliance
Chapter Eight: Lunar Deliverance
Chapter Nine: Storm and Moon
Interlude: A Silent Council
Chapter Ten: Taking back Mareharrow
Chapter Eleven: Boundaries of the Legion
Chapter Twelve: Final Moonlight
Finale: Rise of the Covenant
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Feb 15, 2021
20. Phantom Revolt - The Phantom Revolt is a race of dusk elves that implored the strength of shadows and darkness along with the nether and the void. For Sonora's betrayal, the Phantom Revolt easily survived until the Moonshadow Covenant has risen for months in order to exile with the Alliance by force. (Player Color: Pink)
21. The Kunoichi - The Kunoichi is an all-female elven faction with dark skin and blonde hair. As the personalities of Kunoichi have invited to incorporate with the source of sand magic to turn the body into sand objects and using the power by giving the implementation of sand storms around the wastes. Even the Kunoichi have opposed with Sisters of the Empire, Moonshadow Elves and Tidecallers as feminine users.
22. Draenei - The Draenei are the highly intelligent alien species that aligned to join with Naaru's light in memory of previous Draenei comrades. As for the race to involve with the combination of Lost One and Lightforged as one in path of unity. (Player Color: Violet)
23. Grand Horde - The Grand Horde is the combined faction of Desertborne Orcs, Wolf Horde, the Forged Hand, Moonshadow Elves, Furbolgs, Wrathtide Servants, Tidecallers, Death Angels, The Kunoichi and Redstone Mercenaries that combines with all strength by sides during the events of End War. Every side has users to fight with their territorial accounts of Kaloria and by the way to defeat the Eldritch Legion at this moment. (Player Color: Red) (These sides for Grand Horde have choisen atleast 10 factions to play the faction during the campaign.)
24. Kalorian Alliance - The Kalorian Alliance is the combined faction of the Imperial Army, the Republic, Elves of Elysium, Phantom Revolt, Sisters of the Empire, Custodian Guard, Brotherhood of Taurus, the Ravagers and Draenei that combines with all strength by sides during the events of End War. Every side has users to loyal the army to prevent the corruption and defeat the Eldritch Legion and put an end to Zom-Nurgal the Unspoken once and for all. (Player Color: Blue) (These sides for Kalorian Alliance have choisen atleast 10 factions to play the faction during the campaign.)

These 2 combined factions at war which is on the last story takes the events of End War and a prior to the story of Tales of Arynetia for Classic WarCraft III (requires 1.28) who proves the new timeline at the end of End War as the Eldritch Legion will come to it's end by Kalorian Alliance.

Phantom Revolt Campaign:
Introduction: At the Covenant's Emergence
Chapter One: The Quest at Yvessina
Chapter Two: Stalked and Prowled
Chapter Three: Defense of Mareharrow
Interlude: Forgetting Requests
Chapter Four: A Return to Elysium
Chapter Five: House Sonora's Misfits
Chapter Six: Uniting the Elves
Interlude: An Unseen Hand
Chapter Seven: The Growing Corruption
Chapter Eight: Escape at Elysium
Chapter Nine: The New Ally
Chapter Ten: Gods of Death
Interlude: The Essence of Nether
Chapter Eleven: The Feet of Clay
Chapter Twelve: Elysia's End
Ending: The Phantoms Beyond

The Kunoichi Campaign:
Introduction: Unwilingly Lies
Chapter One: The Sister's Presentation
Chapter Two: Avenging Souls
Interlude: Reporting Duty
Chapter Three: Ideologies
Chapter Four: The Follow at Kirishima
Chapter Five: Noshiro's Culling
Chapter Six: Bring the Metaphor
Interlude: Wasting Time
Chapter Seven: Sand's Arrow
Chapter Eight: Blood of the Mistress
Chapter Nine: Vagrants at the Bay
Interlude: Into the Blistering Wastes
Chapter Ten: Desolation of Zuhn
Chapter Eleven: The Stone Faced Witness
Chapter Twelve: Forever Sets the Sun
Finale: With A Great Power

Draenei Campaign:
Introduction: The Arcane Display
Chapter One: Enemies Through the Forest
Chapter Two: Mystical Improvement
Chapter Three: The Arrow Around the Crystals
Interlude: The Exodar Afterglow
Chapter Four: Ghosts in the Mist
Chapter Five: Strike at Daeroloth
Chapter Six: March of Exodar
Chapter Seven: Luring the Enemy
Chapter Eight: Demonic Display
Interlude: Betrayal and Payback
Chapter Nine: To Tame the Living God
Chapter Ten: Untold Stories
Chapter Eleven: Exarch's Sacrifice
Interlude: Preparing Assaults
Chapter Twelve: The Moon Shall Never Have Them
Finale: Through the Light's Guidance

Great Horde Campaign:
Introduction: The End War Starts
Chapter One: The Ministry (Moonshadow Elves Side)
Chapter Two: Unlucky Invitations (The Kunoichi Side)
Chapter Three: Scouting at the Silent Ones (Death Angels Side)
Interlude: The Meeting of Warlords
Chapter Four: Beleaguered Plans (The Forged Hand Side)
Chapter Five: Uniting the Horde (Wolf Horde Side)
Chapter Six: The Incursion (Desertborn Orcs Side)
Chapter Seven: Assault at Belmaski Hills (Redstone Mercenaries Side)
Interlude: The Wrong Place
Chapter Eight: The Spell of Destruction (Tidecallers Side)
Chapter Nine: Desperate Union (Wrathtide Savants Side)
Chapter Ten: All For Nothingness (Furbolgs Side)
Interlude: Howling Fury
Chapter Eleven: Fire in the Sky (Desertborne Orcs Side)
Chapter Twelve: Last Stand of Felreavers (Wolf Horde Side)
Finale: A New Era of Peace

Kalorian Alliance Campaign:
Introduction: Beginning of the End
Chapter One: Bad to Worse (The Republic Side)
Chapter Two: Hard Choices (Imperial Army Side)
Interlude: The Meeting of Ynnilith
Chapter Three: Spontaenous Outbursts (Sisters of the Empire Side)
Chapter Four: Things Fall Apart (The Ravagers Side)
Chapter Five: Cold Hard Truth (Brotherhood of Taurus Side)
Chapter Six: Further Complications (The Palatinate Side)
Interlude: The Taskforce Betrayed
Chapter Seven: Insurrection (Custodian Guard Side)
Chapter Eight: Lockdown (Elves of Elysium Side)
Chapter Nine: On A Road to Outland (Draenei Side)
Chapter Ten: The True Destiny (Phantom Revolt Side)
Interlude: All That Glitters
Chapter Eleven: The Gates of Eldritch (Brotherhood of Taurus Side)
Chapter Twelve: The End of All Things (The Republic Side)
Finale: Erased to New Timeline
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SOTE Bonus Campaign: The Fate of Arynetia (Based on the Founding of Durotar)
Synopsis: Ranger-Maiden Agnes LeClerc, a half-Human, half-Vettaran adventurer wanted to become part of the Sisters of the Empire, but she must prove her worth to Canoness Therese Venot by making herculean task to aid the Imperium's branches and uncover the atrocities committed by the Imperial Commissar Torbjorn Yolt. (Events after the Great Horde and Kalorian Alliance Campaign)
Act One: Dawn of a New Light
Act One Submaps:
  • Rafaela's Courtyard
  • Artois Basin
  • Storm Valley
  • Arynetian Slums
  • Ephira Mountains
Act Two: Treason at Kaloria
Act Two Submaps:
  • Korman Manor
  • Telamon Proper
  • Velonara Bastion
  • Kameugne's Ridge
  • Fort Maristella
  • Neratha Forest
  • Firebase Seraphica
Act Three: Ultimatum
Act Three Submap:
  • City of Kaloria
Level 8
Feb 15, 2021
SOTE Bonus Campaign: The Fate of Arynetia (Based on the Founding of Durotar)
Synopsis: Ranger-Maiden Agnes LeClerc, a half-Human, half-Vettaran adventurer wanted to become part of the Sisters of the Empire, but she must prove her worth to Canoness Therese Venot by making herculean task to aid the Imperium's branches and uncover the atrocities committed by the Imperial Commissar Torbjorn Yolt. (Events before the End War Campaign and after the Draenei Campaign)

Introduction: The Path to Oblivion
Act One: Dawn of a New Light
Act One Submaps:
  • Rafaela's Courtyard
  • Artois Basin
  • Storm Valley
  • Aldurian Slums
  • Ephira Mountains
Act Two: Treason at Kaloria
Act Two Submaps:
  • Korman Manor
  • Telamon Proper
  • Velonara Bastion
  • Kameugne's Ridge
  • Fort Maristella
  • Neratha Forest
  • Firebase Seraphica
Act Three: Dark Whispers
Act Three Submaps:
  • Noellan Bay
  • Shrine of Amara
  • Cathedral of Ghosts
  • Obelisca Valley
  • Waldenheit City
  • Shinjo-Ashihara
  • Eldritch Arena
Act Four: Ultimatum
Act Four Submap:
  • City of Kaloria
  • Mt. Nordhal
  • Eldritch Temple
Epilogue: The Prophecy Fulfilled

Of course, the Bonus Campaign is now jumped to the post-Draenei Campaign before the events of End War conflict.
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23. Grand Horde - The Grand Horde is the combined faction of Desertborne Orcs, Wolf Horde, the Forged Hand, Moonshadow Elves, Furbolgs, Wrathtide Servants, Tidecallers, Death Angels, The Kunoichi and Redstone Mercenaries that combines with all strength by sides during the events of End War. Every side has users to fight with their territorial accounts of Kaloria and by the way to defeat the Eldritch Legion at this moment. (Player Color: Red) (These sides for Grand Horde have choisen atleast 10 factions to play the faction during the campaign.)
24. Kalorian Alliance - The Kalorian Alliance is the combined faction of the Imperial Army, the Republic, Elves of Elysium, Phantom Revolt, Sisters of the Empire, Custodian Guard, Brotherhood of Taurus, the Ravagers and Draenei that combines with all strength by sides during the events of End War. Every side has users to loyal the army to prevent the corruption and defeat the Eldritch Legion and put an end to Zom-Nurgal the Unspoken once and for all. (Player Color: Blue) (These sides for Kalorian Alliance have choisen atleast 10 factions to play the faction during the campaign.)
The Great Horde should be:
  • Desertborne
  • Wolf Horde
  • Moonshadow Elves
  • Furbolgs
  • Kunoichi
  • Wrathtide Servants
  • Tidecallers
  • Draenei
  • Forged Hand
  • Isakari
  • Saurian Duchy

The Kalorian Alliance should be:
  • Imperial Army
  • Republic
  • Redstone Mercenaries
  • Brotherhood of Taurus
  • Elves of Elysium
  • Phantom Revolt
  • Sisters of the Empire
  • Death Angels
  • Felreavers
  • Ravagers
  • Palatinate
25. Saurian Duchy - The Saurian Duchy is a race of blue-skinned lizardmen that has been a loyal ally to the Great Horde, its power may yield to the Servants of Rakkai and their followers. Hoping to become a powerful faction that may ravage throughout Arynetia and beyond. (Player Color: Wheat)

Saurian Duchy Campaign
Introduction: Rise of the Lizardmen
Chapter One: Evolve to the Limit
Interlude: The Duke of Sardaukar
Chapter Two: Abducted!
Chapter Three: Amphibious Combat
Chapter Four: Rakkai's Fortune
Interlude: The Meeting
Chapter Five: Rescue the Duchess
Chapter Six: Reptilian Valor
Chapter Seven: The Hatcheries of Elysium
Interlude: Kunoichi Intervention
Chapter Eight: Sand and Salvation
Chapter Nine: To Hunt an Abductor
Chapter Ten: Ascension to Hell
Interlude: The Duke's Final Legacy
Chapter Eleven: Descending to Heaven
Chapter Twelve: The Final Vengeance
Finale: The Successor of Sarkaukar
26. Blackstone Skeletons - A skeletal race where is made from the corpses of the mortal creatures which was reanimated and burnt by the Flaming Green Lightning curse which was turned the skeleton with their bones became ebony black and has the Green Fel Fire-Lightning, Green Acid Poisons, Green Mists, Black Mists, and the Black Shadow Powers. (Player Color: Coal)

27. Tachyon Empire - A humanoid race that comprised of abnormal beings, yet highly intelligent lifeforms that brings the greater good by invading the realms of angels, demons, and mortals alike. With superior plasma technologies and high-end weaponry that conventional weapons cannot compete. (Player Color: Peach)

28. Principality - A private Imperial race that close to the Imperial Army, the Republic, and the Custodian Guard. They rely on less powerful, yet very effective technologies and tactics to support or damage anyone that may stand in their way. Thus, a Prince or a Princess would rule this Imperial faction with an iron fist and assess any strengths and weaknesses. (Player Color: Teal)

29. Peridot Legion - An Imperial race comprised of the elements of Goblin Slayers and Fenris Regiment that formed after the joint Republic and Imperial victory against the remnants of the Bloodaxe Clan during the Battle of Bloody Grass. Organized and founded by the Fenris Regiment Commissar Regis del Mercedes, this faction dominated every sect of the battle with superior tactics and conventional strategies, as well as plant-based technologies that sustain every life. (Player Color: Emerald)

30. Oriental Front - This unique faction that comprised of both Pandaren and Human diversity, they wield earth, storm, and fire to their arsenal and they prophesied that these two races befriend one another and shared to fight a common enemy. (Player Color: Snow)

Blackstone Skeletons Campaign:
Introduction: Arise from the Ashes
Chapter One: Born to be Blazed
Chapter Two: Boning Around
Chapter Three: Acid Rain
Chapter Four: Imperials in the Mist
Interlude: Rise of the Black Reaper
Chapter Five: Demons over Troubled Tar
Chapter Six: Unchained to the Bone
Chapter Seven: Hakagure's Elegy
Interlude: A New Blood
Chapter Eight: Shadows on the Desert
Chapter Nine: The Fall of Merdeka
Chapter Ten: The New Necropolis
Interlude: The Reaper's Last Legacy
Chapter Eleven: Hakagure's Wrath
Chapter Twelve: Day of the Dead
Finale: The Dead Victorious

Tachyon Empire Campaign:
Introduction: Weirdos into our World
Chapter One: Landfall
Chapter Two: Moldybutt's Legacy
Chapter Three: To Steal a Relic
Interlude: The Progress
Chapter Four: The Tuskars
Chapter Five: The Imperial Facilities
Chapter Six: The Forest of Doom
Interlude: The Climax
Chapter Seven: Operation Rising Karma
Chapter Eight: Orcs in the Realm
Chapter Nine: Onward to Outland
Interlude: The Confrontation
Chapter Ten: The Shards of Hell
Chapter Eleven: The Angels' Descent
Chapter Twelve: Subjugation of the Nephalem
Finale: The Victory Report

Principality Campaign:
Introduction: The Weak Emerges
Chapter One: New Merdeka
Chapter Two: Refugees
Chapter Three: Reclaiming the Facilities
Chapter Four: The Prince of Kaloria
Chapter Five: The Froststone
Interlude: Rian's Meeting
Chapter Six: More Interlopers
Chapter Seven: A New Magic
Interlude: The Discovery
Chapter Eight: Striking Back
Chapter Nine: The Wilhelm Entrapment
Interlude: Betrayal at Sea
Chapter Ten: Sodomy on New Merdeka
Chapter Eleven: Stopping the Comet
Chapter Twelve: The Astrolabe of Death
Finale: As Time Resets

Peridot Legion Campaign:
Introduction: After the Bloody Grass
Chapter One: SSDD
Chapter Two: Vegan Valley
Chapter Three: The Jungle always Greener
Chapter Four: Thorny Maleficent
Interlude: Soryena's Intervention
Chapter Five: The Succubus and the Gardener
Chapter Six: The Harvet
Chapter Seven: The Floral Regisvine
Interlude: The Nephalem Wanes
Chapter Eight: Restore the Caste
Chapter Nine: Planted for War
Chapter Ten: Floral Madness
Interlude: Against the Elements
Chapter Eleven: Overgrown
Chapter Twelve: Bloody Vineyard
Finale: The Floral Republic

Oriental Front Campaign:
Introduction: Sleeping Dogs
Chapter One: The Informant
Chapter Two Pt. 1: The Bust
Chapter Two Pt. 2: The Cartel's Demise
Chapter Three: Drugs, Alcohol, and Mayhem
Interlude: The Interrogation
Chapter Four: Imperial Indecency
Chapter Five: Primal Pain
Chapter Six: Suspicious Cargo
Interlude: Death of a Pandaren
Chapter Seven: Oriental Civil War
Chapter Eight: The Traitor
Chapter Nine: Above the Law
Interlude: A New Ally
Chapter Ten: The Election
Chapter Eleven: The Governor's Brothel
Chapter Twelve: Revenge
Finale: A New Leaf
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Level 1
Jul 11, 2022
31. Dusk Armada - The Dusk Armada is a race of void-touched humans from Imperium via Bysmault in the Voidlands, similar to Felreavers, once prouded with Phantom Revolt led by Lord Nigh, the Voice in the Void. The Dusk Armada has a very mission to eliminate Tachyon Empire, Children of Ny'Adrin and Eldritch Legion. (Player Color: Violet)

32. The Drow Hunters - A race of dark elves comprised with the driders, wolvars and vampiric creatures to fit with chaotic magic. Followed Sonora's downfall and Elysia's death, the Drow Hunters makes hide and seek technique to make them invisible similar to Moonshadow Covenant and unleashes their tactical ambush to cleanse the sacred lands. (Player Color: Gray)

33. Chosen of Daeroloth - A race of felblood elves that poisoned the former House Sonora elves into eldritch corruption. Now exiled to against the Eldritch Legion but in order to establish the darkest presence of Algol who known as Terminus Daeem. As of this moment, they are allies to the Grand Horde. (Player Color: Green)

34. The Children of Ny'Adrin - A lustful race of Demonesses that once secluded the efforts of the Old God Ny'Adrin to consider the statement of Lord Marezdon and now Queen Akasha (Zom-Nurgal) by infesting through the regions and spreading lustful essence around Arynetia following Urizen's death. (Player Color: Pink) (The Children of Ny'Adrin gives another origin faction after Eldritch Legion and also before the events of Battlefield Warcraft Reforged.)

35. Khaz-Danor Dwarves - The race of united Dwarves known as The Great Bellato Circle that settled the efforts to unite the dwarves together such as Thornbeast and Bellato to fight against the threats in the name of the Titans. Now splitting together to join the part of Kalorian Alliance by retaking the choices of the conquest. (Player Color: Orange)

36. Thornbeast Dwarves - After the separation to join the Kalorian Alliance alongside Khaz-Danor and Bellato, the Thornbeast Dwarves, in similarity of Wildhammer Dwarves, are a druidic and beast-driven dwarven race. In this state of nature element, they fight in the forest with the assistance of the Furbolgs and later the Dwarven Races. (Player Color: Mint)

37. Bellato Dwarves - The Bellato Dwarves are a fiery, Dark Iron-like dwarven race that brings the instruments of forging fire (similar to The Forged Hand) where the Emperor-Thane Kustak Blackhammer sets to the effort of fiery madness. They worship the Fire Lord Incineros to guide and forge the settings of Bellato Dwarves in order to maintain the below of depths' defenses. (Player Color: Maroon)

38. Holy Union of Cora - The Holy Union of Cora are a light-based Draenei race, similar to the original Draenei, that wields the holy powers in order to exile the secrecy of Alliance. Although that Draenei is the Exodar and Broken combined race, the Holy Union of Cora were representing the lightforged Draenei in Outland. (Player Color: Yellow)

39. Accretia Empire - The Accretia Empire are the combined hybrid of Demons (such as Mo'arg, Man'ari Eredar, Sayaad, Ered'ruin etc.) and insectoid Aqir (such as Nerubian, Silithid, Vespari, Mantid and N'Zoth's Aqir) consumed with arcane energy and augmented with bio-engineering for the representation of Grand Horde. The Accretia are dangerous and vile-oriented, similar to Eldritch Legion, where ordered to control the combination of both technology and magical elements in order to protect the world from Eldritch Legion. (Player Color: Blue)

40. Heralds of Naz'Ramar - The scourging undead forces have under the control of the Death Knight General Verlis Drawford, the ex-Republic General that turned into evil version himself, the Heralds managed to take over the world in fear and despair with plague. However the Heralds are responsible for assisting the Death Angels and Blackstone Skeletons siding together for the plans to stop Eldritch Legion but it betrayed the Death Angels. (Player Color: Dark Green)

Dusk Armada Campaign:
Introduction: The Awakening in Bysmault
Chapter One: Walk With the Darkness
Chapter Two: Conquest at Voidlands
Chapter Three: Approaching Doomsday
Interlude: Into Vegathis
Chapter Four: The Ashen Blaze
Chapter Five: Temple of the Black Sun
Chapter Six: Agnitus' Fate
Chapter Seven: Source of the Void
Interlude: The Phantom Uncanny
Chapter Eight: Liberation At Nachital
Chapter Nine: Unforeseen Eye
Chapter Ten: May Them Be Unraveled
Interlude: The Nano-Link Relay
Chapter Eleven Pt. 1: Fear in the Shadows
Chapter Eleven Pt. 2: Disastrous Vortex
Chapter Twelve: The Void Primarch
Finale: Void Remedy

Drow Hunters Campaign:
Introduction: Amaya's Task
Chapter One: Memories of House Lady
Chapter Two: The Drow Cometh
Interlude: As Shadows Splinter
Chapter Three: Foul Intent
Chapter Four: Acquired Essence
Chapter Five: Dusk to Dust
Interlude: The Ravagers' Interview
Chapter Six: The Path to Naz'Zuraq
Chapter Seven: Burning Homes
Chapter Eight: Painful Consequence
Chapter Nine: Arachnophobia
Chapter Ten: The Legion and The Isakari
Interlude: The Natural Invasion
Chapter Eleven: Green Day
Chapter Twelve: Loyal to the End
Finale: Prince of Naz'Amun

Chosen of Daeroloth Campaign:
Introduction: The Death of Queen Elysia
Chapter One: A Turning Point
Chapter Two: Choices of Suffering
Chapter Three: Demonic Path
Chapter Four: Razing Out Through Kaloria
Interlude: The Follow to Inspection
Chapter Five: The Felreavers
Chapter Six: Solid Empathy
Chapter Seven: Fixation in the Darkness
Interlude: A Rejection of Intervention
Chapter Eight: Before the Hallowed Tomb
Chapter Nine: Unwanted Lessons
Chapter Ten: Lightning Strikes Twice
Interlude: From Dust... You Shall Return
Chapter Eleven: The Orc and the Desert Elf
Chapter Twelve: Eldritch Domination
Finale: A Beautiful Lie

Children of Ny'Adrin Campaign:
Introduction: The Demon Lord Left Behind
Chapter One: Flesh and Misery
Chapter Two: Locating Arynetia
Interlude: A Work of Hate
Chapter Three: Accursed Strings
Chapter Four: To Deal With Ny'Adrin
Chapter Five: Intruders in Disguise
Interlude: Resplendence
Chapter Six: To Fight With the Legion
Chapter Seven: Torn Between Two Gaps
Chapter Eight: Hollowed Fears
Chapter Nine: The Skyseeker
Interlude: Lilith's Arrest
Chapter Ten: Silent Screams
Chapter Eleven: Dread Impulse
Chapter Twelve: Queen's Revenge
Finale: A Trust of Akasha

Khaz-Danor Dwarves Campaign:
Dwarves of Khaz-Danor Campaign
Introduction: Where Dwarves Dare
Chapter One: Setting Up the Base
Chapter Two: Jungle Fury
Chapter Three: In A Distant Road
Interlude: An Intervention of Furbolg
Chapter Four: Welcome to Mareharrow
Chapter Five: Interlopers
Chapter Six: Strike in the Forest
Chapter Seven: Redstone Dissension
Interlude: The Face of Commodity
Chapter Eight: Keep Caravan Safe
Chapter Nine: Breaking the Chains
Chapter Ten: Long Time Coming
Chapter Eleven: The Uprising Must End
Interlude: Last Talk
Chapter Twelve A: Last Stand of the Redstone
Finale A: The Way Forward
Chapter Twelve B: End of Gloryhammer
Finale B: Betrayal of Redstone

Thornbeast Dwarves Campaign:
Introduction: The Sleeper Awakens
Chapter One: Establishing Foothold
Chapter Two: Wild Recall
Interlude: Furbolg Intervention
Chapter Three: New Loyalists
Chapter Four: Against All Odds
Chapter Five: They Ain't See Coming
Chapter Six: Rampage In Mareharrow
Interlude: The Covenant Execution
Chapter Seven: The Wildkins Arise
Chapter Eight: Into the Blackspear Scar
Chapter Nine: Out of the Cave
Chapter Ten: Feral Frenzy
Interlude: The Phantoms' Pride
Chapter Eleven: Retaking Mareharrow
Chapter Twelve: The Last Chance of Selina
Finale: The True Without Effort

Bellato Dwarves Campaign:
Introduction: The Dwarven Unity
Chapter One: Into the Forging Flames
Chapter Two: Smoking Aces
Chapter Three: A Yearn For Hammer
Chapter Four: Dreamers of the Custodian
Interlude: Burned to the Ground
Chapter Five: Blackstone Attack
Chapter Six: The Threshold
Chapter Seven: May Them Be Scattered
Chapter Eight: The Eldritch Servants
Interlude: Parallax
Chapter Nine: Raxx'Vespar
Chapter Ten: The Cardinal
Interlude: The Dwarves United
Chapter Eleven: Destruction Imminent
Chapter Twelve: Sarthan's Wrath
Finale: The Great Peace Offering

Holy Union of Cora Campaign:
Introduction: The Holy Awakening
Chapter One: The Siege of Elara
Chapter Two: Into the Nourishing Fate
Chapter Three: Principality to the Rescue
Chapter Four: Unstable Mind
Interlude: Divine Strings
Chapter Five: The Great Resource
Chapter Six: The Forged Invasion
Chapter Seven: Numerous Stockade
Interlude: The Naaru Condition
Chapter Eight: Materials Unfolded
Chapter Nine: One by One, Take You Down
Chapter Ten: Death Before Dishonor
Interlude: Jurisdiction Among the Gods
Chapter Eleven, Part 1: The Invasion of New Merdeka
Chapter Eleven, Part 2: Dread Incursion
Chapter Twelve: Battle For Za'renis
Finale: The Holy Retribution

Accretia Empire Campaign:
Introduction: Behold, Empire Accretia
Chapter One: A Way to Nachital
Chapter Two: Scrapped Mistakes
Chapter Three: Tharul's Grace
Interlude: Face the Intent
Chapter Four: Killing Games
Chapter Five: The Red Scorch
Chapter Six: Imperial Facility Takeover
Chapter Seven: The Wilhelm Disorder
Interlude: Cora and Bellato, Beware!
Chapter Eight: Unshackled Minds
Chapter Nine: Appreciated to the Extinciton
Interlude: Going Out of Voidlands
Chapter Ten: Back In Arynetia
Chapter Eleven: The Tachyon's Conflict
Chapter Twelve: Your Flesh Is Weak!
Finale: No Strings Attached

Heralds of Naz'Ramar Campaign:
Introduction: The Plague Unleashed
Chapter One: Spreading the Disease
Chapter Two: Grain Infestation
Chapter Three: Mark of the Dead
Interlude: The Unveiled One
Chapter Four: Plagues, Chaos and Skulls
Chapter Five: Felony in the Kadralos
Interlude: Wrathtide Coming
Chapter Six: Deepwater Hunt
Chapter Seven: Sinking the Army
Chapter Eight: The Blackstone Cometh
Chapter Nine: Aggressive Terrors
Interlude: The Betrayal of Death Angels
Chapter Ten: For the Black Reaper!
Chapter Eleven: Thakris' Wrath
Chapter Twelve: The Death Cult Confrontation
Finale: Alas, My Master
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41. Gatekeeper Consulate - A mystical faction of arcane-enhanced soldiers and mages that uses powerful magics and iron willed abilities to keep the traditions alive and well. Most wizards and soldiers hailed from Imperial, Republic, Palatinate, and Sisterhood to learn the art of combat. This is like a school, but with might and magic. (Player Color: Purple)

Gatekeeper Consulate Campaign:
Introduction: A New Era of Heroes
Chapter One: First Day
Chapter Two: Ravagers on the Loose
Chapter Three: Magic Raid on Telamon
Chapter Four: Witchcrafting
Interlude: A New Student from Outland
Chapter Five: The Phantom Revolt Menace
Chapter Six: JDLR
Chapter Seven: Enter the Viscerals
Interlude: The Consul's Farewell
Chapter Eight: The Pushback
Chapter Nine: Gatekeeper's Hope
Interlude: Mika's Memoir
Chapter Ten: Into the Arcane Void
Chapter Eleven: Light falls above Arynetia
Chapter Twelve: Double Rainbow
Finale: Graduation Day
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42. Anudda Shinrikyo - A faction of radical Humans that wreak havoc on non-Human, creature, Undead, and even innocent civilians that may stand in its way. The Imperium marks this faction a terrorist organization that caused ethnic cleansing, guerilla warfare, and overthrowing a leading government and establishing an all-Human nation. Though operated in barren areas, its volunteers are expendable and ready to die for their cause. (Player Color: Peanut)

Anudda Shinrikyo Campaign:
Introduction: The Terror Begins
Chapter One: Sealing the Gates of Hell
Chapter Two: Gnoll Trouble
Chapter Three: Establishing a Terror Cell
Interlude: The Meeting
Chapter Four: Raid on the Skunk Works
Chapter Five: Crushing the Goblin Slayers
Chapter Six: The Bleadsdale Massacre
Interlude: The Arynetian Threat
Chapter Seven: The Elven Purge
Chapter Eight: Orcs on the Horizon
Chapter Nine: Necromantic Nuisance
Chapter Ten: Traitors of the Cult
Interlude: The New Command
Chapter Eleven: Last Stand at Heura Plains
Chapter Twelve: Relentless Defense
Finale: Martyrdom
43. Void Elves - Once part of Elysium's diverse retinue, but have been consumed by the Void. An all-female Elven force that competes the Moonshadow Elves, the Sisterhood, the Kunoichi, and the Tidecallers. It is an ally to the Republic and hope for quelling the Phantom Revolt's incursion. (Player Color: Violet)

Void Elves Campaign:
Introduction: Abandoned
Chapter One: A New Hope
Chapter Two: Cepheus Realm
Chapter Three: The Empyrean Trial
Interlude: Prophecy of the Void
Chapter Four: Unwelcoming Guests
Chapter Five: Realm Invasion
Chapter Six: Aleph Realm
Interlude: Escape from the Void
Chapter Seven: Return to Elysium
Chapter Eight: The Gate of Salvation
Interlude: Phantom Resurgence
Chapter Nine: To Push the Revolt
Chapter Ten: Fort Erasmus
Chapter Eleven: The Runes Bleed
Interlude: The Heart of the Revolt
Chapter Twelve: The Final Trial
Finale: Freedom
Bonus Level: Void Thrashing
44. Colegio Automata - A mechanical race that has no living or decaying influence, but they are immune to most spells and are durable in battle. They are the first line of defense of the Imperium's finest and they would never back down. (Player Color: Dark Green)

Colegio Automata Campaign:
Introduction: Life's an Object
Chapter One: Meet the Creator
Chapter Two: Tinker Steps
Chapter Three: The Living Intrudes
Chapter Four: Flesh and Steel
Interlude: Abducted
Chapter Five: Heart of Gold
Chapter Six: Demonic Automation
Interlude: A New Threat
Chapter Seven: Negotiations
Chapter Eight: Brass Conundrum
Chapter Nine: The Creator's Nemesis
Interlude: The Truth
Chapter Ten: Daeloroth's Folly
Chapter Eleven: Fergana Rift
Interlude: The Creator's Last Wish
Chapter Twelve: Automated Fury
Finale: The Demon Slayers