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  1. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    May 1, 2018
    Patch 1.29.2 is LIVE on Battle.net

    The Battle.net ladder has been completely reset, and a flurry of more bugs have been squashed. 13+ player bugs, World Editor mini-map bug, and a few changes to some ladder maps and natives have all been implemented.

    The Blizzard post also includes a list of known issues.

    Stay tuned for more updates and make way for 1.29 projects utilizing things like the new natives, increased limits, and 24 players to come forth!

    Path 1.29.2 (PTR)

    You guys know the drill :]

    The 1.29.2 PTR includes an even longer list of bug fixes than the previous 1.29.1 patch, including fixing the World Editor mini-map, fixing arranged team for ladder, some changes to a couple natives, a couple 13+ player fixes, and various changes to things like ladder maps and other technical aspects.

    There also includes a statement on improving the process and expanding communication.

    Full patch notes, statements, and download links to the PTR are located here on Blizzard's forums.
    1.29 Megathread - 1.29.1 Thread

    ~Will edit this thread when the patch leaves PTR and goes live on the main Battle.net servers
  2. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Apr 13, 2018
    Patch 1.29.1 is live on Battle.net!

    This fixes the majority of significant issues and bugs that were on the PTR. We're hearing and getting reports of a bunch of custom maps that broke before are up and dandy again, so that's good news.

    In the full patch notes from Blizzard, there is also a list of known issues that should be fixed in later hot-fixes / patches. If there are issues still worth reporting that aren't acknowledged by Blizzard, please report them. Cheers, on to the next ones!

    Patch 1.29.1 PTR

    Patch 1.29.1 aims to fix a multitude of issues with installation, broken custom maps, and some faults with the editor. It also releases a few changes such as increasing the BNet channel and clan limit to 255. Please test and see if this patch fixes the issues with custom maps, the editor, GB installation, and other bugs!

    Full patch notes and PTR version download:

    NOTE: I will edit this thread when 1.29.1 goes live; no need for another thread when this and other hot fix patches releases.
  3. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Apr 10, 2018
  4. Frotty
    Created by Frotty
    Mar 23, 2018

    1.29 AND PTR

    The wurst team is excited and curious to see what the new PTR changes will mean for the wc3 modding community. We are anticipating the release to the stable battle.net realms, and will add support to the wurst toolchain as soon as possible.

    At this time, we do not plan to have a separate branch to support PTR installs. However, if the classic team continues to make extensive use of the testing realm, we may consider that option in the future.

    We are actively thinking about what the PTR changes will mean for us and how it should affect 2018's timeline. For example, now that 24-player maps are coming, we will prioritize support for editing map player metadata from vscode.

    24 unique player-colors, in wurst!


    We are quite a bit late with our blog post this month, as there were no major updates to present and we were focusing on quality work as well as keeping an eye on Wurst's stability. That being said, in march we revamped the lambda syntax for more flexibility and cleaner code. Additionally we again have received a number of contributions from the community.

    • Type inference plus new block handling for lambda expressions and closures
    • We resolved several opened issues (#44, #45, #48) and merged 7 pull requests (#47, #49, #50, #51, #51, #54, #55, #56) for the standard library.
    • The Wurst Setup received several stability updates and we are working on further integration with the wurst tool suite.

  5. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Mar 15, 2018
    Patch 1.29 PTR Update

    Hey everyone! As most of you guys know, Patch 1.29 is still in the public testing phase. For those who don't, the thread detailing the insane changes (24 players supports, tons of new natives, balance changes, world editor limits raised, true widescreen, etc) is here: Warcraft III - Patch 1.29 PTR
    You will also find the download link linked on that thread.

    Today comes with a significant update that comes with many bug-fixes, but other changes and adjustments were made to the melee and modding scenes as well.

    • Camera reset to 1.28 height
    • Team colors revision v2. Props to @Erkan for setting us on the path (Erkan's post on the Hive color thread)

    • Korean client crash resolved
    • Custom hotkeys no longer unbind Esc
    • Matchmaking now starts when using community maps
    • Alchemist's Healing Spray now self-heals
    • Various missing textures located
    • Queueing actions behaves correctly
    • Thanks to @TriggerHappy for the test map

    • Selecting LAN in Asian locales crashes the client
    • Esc on Mac has a chance to close the client
    • Opening a scoreboard will temporarily freeze the game during a multiplayer match
    • TriggerAddCondition() now requires you to add (Condition()) around the "function
    • Constant native DecPlayerTechResearched not working
    • The GUI equivalent for SetAbilityOnIcon and GetAbilityOnIcon have invalid parameters
    causing the editor to throw errors
    • World Editor crashes with bad IF statement syntax
    • Cannot set research to a lower level using SetPlayerTechResearched
    • DecPlayerTechResearched causes SetPlayerTechResearched to set level at a lower value
    • PlaySpecialEffect and PlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale are not working correctly
    • The Italian client is missing menus

    • Ladder maps cleansed of sneaky tower locations near starting mines
    • Blademaster, Shadow Hunter, Dreadlord, Demon Hunter, and Priestess of the Moon have been adjusted.

    • Mirror Image
    • Decreased Mana cost (all levels) from 115 to 100

    Shadow Hunter
    • Serpent Wards: Increase damage and Increase HP
    • Level 1: Increase damage from 11-13 to 14 to 16; Increase HP from 75 to 90
    • Level 2: Increase damage from 23-26 to 27-30; Increase HP from 135 to 165
    • Level 3: Increase damage from 41-45 to 48 to 52; Increase HP from 135 to 200

    Dread Lord
    • Carrion Swarm: (Buff) Mana Cost (all levels) 110 → 100
    • Max Damage Increase:
    • Level 1: 300 Dmg to 400 Dmg
    • Level 2: 600 Dmg to 700 Dmg
    • Level 3: 1000 Dmg 1200 Dmg

    Demon Hunter
    • Mana Burn: (Nerf) Mana cost increase from 50 to 60

    Priestess of the Moon
    • Attack Speed (cool down): (Buff) change default from 2.46 to 2.33
    • Scout: (Buff) Mana cost reduction and increase movement speed
    • Level 1: Reduce mana cost from 100 to 50; Increase movement speed from 270
    to 300
    • Level 2: Reduce mana cost from 75 to 50

    • World Editor limits raised for reals
    Neutral Units - 2,048
    • Neutral Buildings - 384
    • Player Units - 4,320
    • Player Buildings - 2,400
    • Items - 1,024

    And that's all! 1.29 looks to be one step closer to its full release. Please test the new PTR version and help provide feedback either on our forums or Blizzard's forums.

    Link to Blizzard patch notes: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20761878126