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Last Activity:
Sep 29, 2016
Jun 6, 2008
Home Page:
Thinking of new things to do with Warcraft.
High School Student
    1. DerekX
      Looks like you've been away for a little too long. I've finally converted your "Onix" model to .m3. Lemme know how I did. :)
    2. DerekX
      1. Zerox
        Yes it is. I used to be active there.
        Sep 29, 2016
      2. DerekX
        Cool! Sorry to continue late, but I've finally converted your "Young Link" model to .m3. It's in the same original resource thread, credits are still yours. I also made a Kokiri Forest map, look through my SC2 content. :)
        Mar 4, 2017
    3. Luffy
      Hey 'sup. I remember a warcraft 3 forum just like hiveworkshop, and it was specially a place that you could find a lot of anime related maps/models and stuff. Was it's name "Ultimate Warcraft" or something? I can't tell... Anyways, I remember that you were an admin in that site (unless if it was a different Zerox), and when I googled, I couldn't find the site. What happened?
      1. Zerox
        It was Warcraft 3 Unlimited. I was indeed that admin. The forum hosting site/service closed down and so ALL forums done there were deleted without any notice and it was permanently deleted sadly. Many of those things can be found at Trishroom.com or Chaos Realm if you look those up.
        Sep 29, 2016
      2. Mechanical Man
        Mechanical Man
        Trishroom went down too. It retained stuff from the former site, but now everything is lost. Well, not everything. After hard work, i managed to pick up my SW models.
        Nov 26, 2016
    4. jonhysone
      Hello sis! I've been using your Mario and Birdo's model to make a Mario Party Map (Basically not similar to others, it's taking me 1 year of working)

      I wanted a good Yoshi Model and I believe you would do this for me xD

      EDIT : Wagh, Never mind, I've found it in my friend's map (Yoshi Tag -dead-). And I also found BowserJR's and Wendy's models... That's awesome... I am now in need to a Toadette's model (Which is not really necessary, maybe I can re-skin Your Toad model.)...

      But seriously, why is wc3r.forumcircle.Com dead? I couldn't find any answer for that. :D I can no longer get your epic models. I wish you upload em somewhere else :/
    5. Misha
      Zerox hey ^^
      how have you been?
    6. MasterHaosis
      Zerox, :cgrin:
      Haha hai girl! I am glad to see you. Haven't seen you for while.
      How are you?
      Yeah, I am here... I took ocassionally break from Hive on months then I come back. BNow I am here for few months already
    7. Zerox
      Hai everyone. Yes I was here. Bwahahahaha!! And now I'll take my leave.
    8. StoPCampinGn00b
      Yay, a 2015 message for the user to read :D
    9. DerekX
      Too bad WC3 Unlimited is gone. :( Any way you could upload your other resources here or elsewhere?
    10. ERYFKRAD
      Oh, just another way of asking how you are. Good to see you again. Mostly.
    11. ERYFKRAD
      Ohai Zerox, how's tricks?
    12. makai
      i miss Warcraft3 Unlimited :(
    13. andreariona
      zerox! it's been awhile ma'am.
    14. Dat-C3
      How goes your sonic project? and what happened to your forums?
    15. PyroKnight
      Is your forum still alive? :))
    16. RakEnRoL
      Hey Zerox! :/ Did you quit or what? I miss warcraft unlimited.
    17. Gekigengar
      I came here to pay honor towards Zerox.

      ;) Signing up on her wall.
    18. DerekX
    19. Paillan
      2 years unactive
    20. Warcraft_Tester
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    Home Page:
    Thinking of new things to do with Warcraft.
    High School Student
    Current Project:
    Meh Whatever I feel like really.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Natalie Is my first name. Zerox is just an alias name. Its not really my last name. XD

    Modeling, Skinning, Making Maps, Thinking of Maps, Anime


    [​IMG]Out with the old, in the with new; I've got some new models for you![​IMG]
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