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The Search for Ancient Heritage

The Search for Ancient Heritage

Under the leadership of King Torgrim, an exciting adventure begins in the campaign 'Quest for Ancient Heritage'. Immersed in the depths of the Fortress of the Deep Lord, where ancient secrets lie and the promise of untold riches awaits, our heroes embark on a quest for glory and greatness. However, faceless monsters stand in their way, reminding them that the past of our people remains under threat.

I decided to make a small addition to the old inspired campaign "Dwarf Campaign (Warcraft 3 Campaign)"

I used models from the Hive and XGM websites for my campaign:

Icons to Models Pack - Kenathorn
Workshop and Derivatives - Ujimasa Hojo
Dwarven High King (Re-Classic Pack) - johnwar
Rock Chunk Golem (Texture) - Archian
DeadDwarfs (Model) - Sellenisko
BTNMegapod (Icon) - tee.dubs
DeadDwarfs (Model) - Sellenisko
BTNUpgradeShield1 (Icon) - viiva
Dwarven Banners - bakr
Blacksmith and Derivatives - Ujimasa Hojo
BTNWrench (Icon) - The Panda
Ubershield (Model) - Vinz
BTNUpgradeShield3 (Icon) - viiva
Back Pack (Model) - Grey Knight
KnightStatueA (Model) - Hellish Hybrid
BTNRandomArmor (Icon) - NFWar
HQ Classic - Faceless Ones (Icon) - Aldeia
BTNINV_Axe_09 (Icon) - Blizzard Entertainment
Gold Coin - Crates (Model) - A Void
BTNSteelAxe (Icon) - PrinceYaser
Sea Turtle (Icon) - (zerotul) Blizzard Entertainment
big_leaf_light (Model) - Sven
Halo Tree (Model) - Fingolfin
Megapod (Model) - tee.dubs
Archway1 (Model) - olofmoleman
Farm (Human) and Derivatives - Ujimasa Hojo
BTNRuneOfStrength (Icon) - lieutang
BTNPlateGauntlet (Icon) - 8512590215848
Wine Bottle (Model) - Blood Raven
Custom Tilesets Pack (Type-C) (Texture) - SNART
BTNINV_Chest_Chain_14 (Icon) - Blizzard Entertainment
Faceless King (Model) - MN Lahmar
Wood Bench (Model) - hortaxman
Door 00 (Model) - Tranquil
Stargate Ramp (Stone) (Model) - Thrikodius
BTNGear (Icon) - kola
BTNINV_Hammer_17 (Icon) - Blizzard Entertainment
Forge of Empires - Icon pack - Late Middle Ages VI (Icon) - FlameofChange
BTNTurtlePendant (Icon) - Pyramidhe@d
Zahnrad (Model) - Elunes-Guardian
BTNNorthHelmet (Icon) - PrinceYaser
Wall Set - All (Model) - Tranquil
TableNChair (Model) - Hellish Hybrid
Tortollan Spellcasters (Model) - PetHer01c3
The Turtle Lair (Icon) - Ceterai
BNTHolyArmor2a1 (Icon) - meatfactory
Dwarf Bard (Model) - assasin_lord
BTNEngineeringUpgradeTwo (Icon) - Ergius
Ancient Tomb - Rounded Top (Model) - hellblazer-14
Dwarven Hero (Model) - Direfury
BTNNecromancer (Icon) - assasin_lord
Robot Golem (Texture) - SnaKy
BTNLeatherHood (Icon) - NFWar
BTNUpgradeShield2 (Icon) - viiva
Skeleton Warriors (pack I) (Model) - Villagerino
BTNDwarvenWarrior (Icon) - General Frank
Dwarven Worker (Model) - IamMclovin
FacelessOne.blp (Texture) - Hawkwing
BTNPlateArmor (Icon) - NFWar
BTNINV_Misc_Bag_10 (Icon) - Blizzard Entertainment
Barracks (Human) and Derivatives - Ujimasa Hojo
Stairs (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
MoriaWell (Model) - olofmoleman
Earth Elemental (Model) - SuPa
BTNDwarveShaman (Icon) - Marshmalo
Wooden Mug (Model) - Sunchips
BTNDragonHuntersHelmet (Icon) - NFWar
Chalice (Model) - Mike
Wall02 (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
BTNGrandAxe (Icon) - PrinceYaser
BTNWindsCloak (Icon) - Mc
Dwarven warrior - General Frank
Bone Impale (Model) - JesusHipste
IcecrownObelisk and Derivatives (Model) - Jiok
SmalStairs (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
BrickHigh (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
Rifleman Pack (Model) - Ilya Alaric
Nebula (Model) - Blackveiled Unknown Author
felnagahound10.BLP (Texture) - Pyramidhe@d
Subterrain Vehicle v1.2 (Model) - Shardeth
BTNRunicBracelet (Icon) - 8512590215848
Gear (Rotating) (Model) - Solu9
Siege Ladder (Model) - MassiveMaster
KnightStatueA (Model) - GreyArchon
GoldOre (Model) - Ergius
Forgotten One Birth (Model) - D.O.G.
BTNSimpleAxe (Icon) - Moy
Water Blast (Model) - JesusHipster
Town Hall, Keep, Castle, and Derivatives - Ujimasa Hojo
JunkPile0 (Model) - Hellish Hybrid
Firepit with Roast Meat (Model) - Grey Knight
Tiny Green Potion (Model) - General Frank
DeadDwarfs (Model) - Sellenisko
Wall01 (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
BrickMed (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
Golden Chest (Model) - HappyTauren
GolemStatue (Model) - Masken
Mine (Model) - Mike
Pulsating Tentacles (Model) - Kinjal
Tower01 (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
Gold Pile (Model) - HerrDave
priategoldcoin (Model) - Lubbe
JunkPile0 (Model) - Hellish Hybrid
Ankyloturtle.blp (Texture) - Daenar7
Wooden Minecart (Texture) - M0rbid
Bridge01 (Model) - Illidan(Evil)X
Drawbridge (Model) - Tranquil
Broom (Model) - Sin'dorei300
Faceless & Unbroken Cultists (Model) - Sin'dorei300
Queen's Throne - Variation A (Model) - Remixer
Mountain King Statue (Model) - Cuore
Bandit Defend on (Warcraft 3 Icon) - bu3ny
Magical Missiles (Model) - MN Lahmar
Rusted Golem (Model) - Darkenneko_003
Small Green Potion (Model) - General Frank
Repair (Icon) - komarovba
Poison Elemental - icewolf055
Darkness Essence (Model) - JesusHipster
Tiny Blue Potion (Model) - General Frank
Dark Harvest (Model) - Power
Pack purple textures - tomoraider
https://xgm.guru/p/2058/Nabor-modeley-dlya-gorodazamka-VB8 - ValdionWorld
https://xgm.guru/p/wc3/tag/model,faceless - Айаал
https://xgm.guru/p/wc3/Avatar-NZota-3VM - Айаал
https://xgm.guru/p/wc3/Koltso-Inzhenera-Ihk - RvzerBro

Dwarf Music II (Sound) - MelNefys

Regarding Regorged, this update has not been tested, so proceed at your own risk.

Here I will record all the changes and improvements to the campaign.
1. Added the ability "Dense Rations" to the Defender.
(The defender instantly consumes a piece of meat from his supply, restoring 90 health points. Cooldown: 75 seconds.)
2. Added a new upgrade to the workshop and the ability "Steam Compressor" to the Iron Titan.
((Iron Titan) Allows to activate its steam compressor, releasing a powerful steam jet from its iron chambers at a distance. This steam flow, resembling a dragon's fiery breath, deals 140 damage to all enemies in its path.

Added the ability to pass through the portal to the realm of the Faceless, where you will explore a new location and complete the task of eliminating Azarnak. The path to Azarnak won't be easy; you'll need to deal with three overseers to remove the barrier of the Dark Castle. After removing the barrier, heroes can enter the Dark Tower and confront Azarnak.

In the main map, the place of Azarnak will now be "The Despot."

My thanks to VanAndro for suggesting the idea of adding the ability to pass through the portal, as well as for testing.


The Search for Ancient Heritage (Campaign)

Generally, a neat map which can benefit from more custom material in regards to abilities and techtree. A promising start for a campaign too. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S...
Level 9
Jul 7, 2023
Level 9
Jul 7, 2023
tested it, no bugs and went smoothe as butter. enjoyble challenges and story telling. are you planning to release more chapters?
Thank you for your appreciation, glad you liked it. As for additional chapters, they weren't planned because, in my opinion, there's no storyline hook for continuation, as the main task has been completed
Level 6
Mar 12, 2023
Hello there!
Have finished the map, and wow, this is another fun map with good balancing!
I was wondering what should I do when SPOILER I have to fight huge mobs with only basic melee and ranged units, but when the golems come, it makes things easier and I can even progress through the map. Overall, a nice map with good lore. Oh, and no bugs also! >w<b



Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Very short intro without proper setting (custom universe, where exactly is this happening, when, why?) of who the characters are (background) and generally, pretty much two people talking.
  2. Loading screen text is hard to read because of the image being all over the place and detailed.
  3. In the next map it says something about faceless, so it's Warcraft? OK, nerubians too.
  4. Why was the drunkard dwarf lord trying to keep what they found until then secret from the king but then in the next chapter the latter is met by a nice and talkative dwarf?
  5. Gameplay mechanics are just Warcraft III. I think we all played the Mountain King hero at least 1000 times.
  6. How can a person be Grand Stone Throne?
  7. Crushing Hammer of War's description says it combines with the hero's Strong Strike. Maybe, Slam? There's no ability named like what the hammer says.
  8. Morgan has no hero glow. It could be simply added: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling Killing four legged turtles is OK, bipedal ones, no way.
  9. Funny thing seems to be is that the enemy has two types of silithid units as the player has two types of dwarves.
  10. Units selected during the gnoll cinematic.
  11. Nice stuff with combining items. One good point besides the really cool atmospheric terrain. One more for some good scenes and secrets.
  12. Runed Braces' description is incomplete, only numbers.
  13. The golems look alike.
  14. How to open this though?
  15. What does Axe Madness do?
  16. So apparently the king knows a lot about the forgotten city. I thought the idea was to discover things about it.
  17. "There it is. A legendary, endangered species of giant creatures. Let's kill!"
  18. Keys could be variables so not to occupy inventory space. But since there's no active enemy who can take your items, the gates could open by themselves after bosses die or levers are pulled without need of keys.
  19. Units selected when meeting the forgotten one.
  20. Female (weird boss name) silithid has no hero glow and has the same model as the ranged silithid troop.
  21. Azarnak has no hero glow and Seekers use hero models with glow.
  22. Amulet of Spellshield's description is broken.
  23. Intelligence on Shroud of the Faceless is named Mind.
  24. Ha-ha, all for the money in the end.

Generally, a neat map which can benefit from more custom material in regards to abilities and techtree. A promising start for a campaign too.


If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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Level 9
Jul 7, 2023


Thank you for the review. I'll address the questions of interest in order.
1. It turned out that I first created a chapter, and then an interlude. I had various ideas, but I decided to simplify it with some decoration and a time gap. The motivation was that the Lord of the fortress didn't want to let the king into the excavations because it belonged to him, and he didn't want to share, but I didn't fully implement it.
2. Regarding the gnoll sanctuary, the door there cannot be opened. I considered giving the player a gnoll hero, but it would be strange to make them allies since they are considered enemies, so I decided to isolate them there. They were needed mainly for the cinematic, like marauders in this underground city.

3. The Felblade Axe increases some hero stats, except for strength (it's negative), and grants the ability "Madness".
4. As for the hero glow, it didn't occur to me, although in the Scarlet Crusade campaign, I added this effect to Mirak, but now I've added passive icons instead of active ones.
Level 9
Jul 7, 2023
Sure but the item should say what Madness does since it's a custom ability not a known Warcraft III one, even if it kind of seems to be Berserk.
Yes, I remembered why the description isn't complete. It's because of the line breaks, like (strength on one line, agility on another), and because of that, the full ability description didn't fit. I've already fixed the descriptions in the items you mentioned, as well as added glows for all heroes.
Level 13
Jun 22, 2020
Nice game! Although I tried to reveal as much of the map as possible, there were still some doors left closed. North of the first base, there is a wooden barrier. Can one go beyond it? Unfortunately, I failed, and the northwest part of the map remained undiscovered.

What I liked the most were the special effects of the Dwarf's spells and the sound effects in general, as well as the interesting items. In many places in the item descriptions where it is about dealing damage or increasing the character's stats by several units, you could omit the word "units". For example, "Ax - deal 25 damage" or "Damage - 25, Intelligence - 14" instead of "Damage - 25 units, Intelligence - 14 units". It is implied that there is a damage increase of 25 or a specific stat increase of 14. You could also clean up the semicolons in the item titles and generally fix the text in their descriptions, as well as the text on the characters' abilities.

The role of the rock breaker is quite limited. It would be nice to have more parts of the map where it can be utilized.

Overall, it's a game that can be enjoyed by anyone. I didn't notice any issues with 1.27.



Level 9
Jul 17, 2022
Simple yet enjoyable campaign. Definitely gives the vibe of Dwarf Campaign. Nice work with the terain and neat ambient sounds - greatly improves immersiveness.
1) The interlude is rather confusing and doesn't really add anything story-wise since it's hard to understand what it's supposed to tell. Like, you could just omit it, instead write a couple sentences at the chapter start how some dwarven king gathered an expedition into some deep forgotten kingdom to uncover its riches - and nothing would've changed from story perspective.
2) At first I was a bit disappointed with the way Morgan was introduced - we just meet him and he agrees to help us, no questions asked by anyone whatsoever, no any interesting backstory for Morgan or something like that. But then I heard Torgrim talk with Rick Sanchez's voice, so I guess Morgan just likes 20 minute adventures.
3) Rock Hawk - summoned goblin mechanic can only repair stuff, so would be nice to have Repair autocast turned on by default.
4) Funny how there's a hint that losing Rock Hawk doesn't lead to defeat, when even losing both heroes doesn't lead to defeat.
5) Faceless that summons 2 hounds with mana burn is pure cancer.
Also a couple bugs.
1) Giant Turtles summoned by Morgan (ability lvl 3) have their Spiked Shell skill greyed out as if it's not learned yet, but the skill actually works.
2) Defender has no hotkey for Dense Rations.