Dwarven High King (Re-Classic Pack)

Dwarven High King
- Added an Icon made by r.ace613
- Added Dwarven High King (Axe A and B and Hammer A and B)
- Added Collision shapes
- Added Dwarven Thunder God, Alternate and Axe Missile
- Added an Icon made by r.ace613
- Added Particle Emitters on Spell Slam and Spell Throw animations (Dwarven Thunder God)
Base Model Credits
Reference/Idea Credits
Hero Thane by Tranquil
Hero Thane icon by r.ace613
Unit Type
Melee Hero
Author's Note
I was finally inspired to make a dwarf model and I know that it looks like the Hero Thane of Tranquil but I created this on my own and added more details.:grin:
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Dwarven High King (Model)

Dwarven High King (Axe A) (Model)

Dwarven High King (Axe B) (Model)

Dwarven High King (Hammer A) (Model)

Dwarven High King (Hammer B) (Model)

Dwarven High King Avatar Icon by r.ace613 (Icon)

Dwarven High King Hammer Missile (Model)

Dwarven High King Icon by r.ace613 (Icon)

Dwarven Thunder God (Model)

Dwarven Thunder God (A) (Model)

Dwarven Thunder God Axe Missile (Model)

Dwarven Thunder God Icon by r.ace613 (Icon)

A great bundle of dwarven warriors with highly decorated details, especially the thunder god! Works in-game. Approved! A small suggestion is to add more things happening to the thunder god's alternate state, as now the 'breathing' wings are almost...
Level 57
Feb 14, 2018
Those shoulder pad and hammer ornaments kinda look like runes, which gives his armor and weapons an enchanted feel :smile:
Oh god yes another Johnwar model yessss <3
Good to see my icon actually inspired a model xd
Bloody brilliant model... {Respect}
I love it, it's been a long time since I saw a Mountain King model that I liked. Thank you very much for your work, regards.
Variants of existing models are always conflicting for me, because I can't really use them... But man this is cool. : )
This looks very cool. :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:
Thank you to all of you. :smile: I plan to add here in the bundle the same model but with the Footman and Grunt animations it will only be a hero for now as I don't know how to make a unit version yet. This will also serve as my base for more variants of the Mountain King. :grin:
Level 57
Feb 14, 2018
If I'm not mistaken, since the Thunder God's alternate animations are identical to his default ones, you could remove them to reduce the filesize. Keep Morph and Morph Alternate though. :)
The alternate animations has texture animation in it. :thumbs_up:
Edit: I also wanted to have a version without the texture animation so I just used the alternate animations for the texture animations so I don't need to make separate models for them. :smile: