How to add Hero Glow without Modeling

How to add Hero Glow

without modeling?

by supertoinkz

Description: First of all, I saw many questions and request about adding hero glow on models. They didn't know there IS a SIMPLE way to make any unit have hero glow. Well, I can't teach you how to add dissipate because there are no specific evidences that you can add dissipate animations without modelling :p.

+World Editor: Duh?
+Hero Glow by assasin lord
+Simple WE knowledge so I can make this tutorial without providing too many screenshots

Getting Started

First of all, you need to open World Editor (either the classic, UMSWE, or WEunlimited) then open Import Manager and import the model provided in the Needed section (If you dont know how to import it, there is a tutorial on every model here in the hive).

Open Object Editor and click the ability tab. Create a custom ability base on the Slow Aura (Tornado). Change this:
Data - Movement Speed Factor : 0
Stats - Area of Effect: 1 xD
Stats - Buff : None
Art - Target : (The previous model I provide)

Now give it to any unit you want to become a hero and click test..... tada!!!
You had a new hero!

Tips and Tricks
You can change the model (Art - Target) and experiment with it, you can make absolutely epic ingame-only models with this.



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You forgot to mention that for heroes you need to add the ability in: Abilities - Normal. And the ability needs to have it's attachment set to origin;
it should look like this: "Art - Target Attachment Point 1 origin".

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Instead of making an ability, I actually do this: Make a trigger with the default event (Map Initialization), make a "Special Effect" action (its near the bottom of the list), select the "Create Special Effect On Unit" option. The default parameters should be set to: overhead, (Triggering Unit) and Abilities\Spells\Other\TalkToMe\TalkToMe.mdl.

Change these to origin, (select the unit you want to have the glow), and (the path of the imported hero glow model). When you test it, your unit should have the hero glow without the need of making an ability. Much easier in my opinion.

Also, before anyone asks, it still works if the hero dies and you resurrect them. Killing them doesnt remove the effect (during my testing it hasnt, anyways)
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