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  • Problem: Spawn sound not activating

    Reasons: Incorrect event and Incorrect condition.


    • GromSpawnSound
      • Events
        • Unit - A unit Finishes training a unit
      • Conditions
        • (Unit-type of (Trained unit)) Equal to Grom Hellscream
      • Actions
        • Sound - Play GromWarcry1 <gen> at 100.00% volume, attached to (Trained unit)
    It's because you never confirmed what was wrong, there were two possible errors.
    First the condition, secondly that you play it at a location.

    I could indeed create a map for you.
    However if you can't manage to do this yourself your future in triggering is not that bright, that's why I wont help you in that way it's for your own good you may say.
    Don't have it :p
    If I recall there are perfect examples in the thread of yours.
    I've posted a solution to your spell immuned and spell attacking unit problem

    but those guys just blew me off...

    I just thought I'd tell you that I know my solution works because I've been using it in one of my games for quite some time.

    If you could wait for this weekend I would send you the code
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