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Bandit Defend

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Defend icon based on the shield the Bandit model uses. The default Defend icon's shield is based on the shield of the millitia, so I made a Bandit shield version, since they also have the defend animation.

Work sizes. Based on Orc Defense upgrade icon.

Here's a Footman Defend icon.

Edit: Added some lighting to the arrows for visibility.

Previous version

Keywords: Shield, Bandit, Item, Defend, Toggle

Bandit Defend off (Icon)

Bandit Defend on (Icon)

Level 6
Jul 6, 2012
Wow this looks awesome! I'm not a big fan of the glow though. It seems kind of... random and everywhere? It doesn't really look like its "emitting" from the shield like other glows ingame.

Look at Blizzard's defend icon, it has that glow as well. I sticked with their style here, same for the Footman defend icon.

I can add one without the glow though.
Level 6
Dec 13, 2017
The icon is awesome. But you have twisted names, On and OFF files are the contrary of wich you show in the preview. But 5/5!