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Last Activity:
Mar 19, 2015
May 11, 2004

Awarded Medals 2

Home Page:
Arizona. USA
Student/US army

VGsatomi — Webmaster's Council

Former Wc3sear.ch Administrator, from Arizona. USA

VGsatomi was last seen:
Mar 19, 2015
    1. RED BARON
      Must make the yearly greeting. (Though I do like knowing that while your last Hive visit was a while ago I still see your online presence thanks to the comic).
    2. RED BARON
      Still looking forward to that 2015 event. Hope all is well and life is treating you good :smile: Have a good one.
    3. Heinvers
      Greetings VGsatomi. I hope that you're doing well wherever you are :]
    4. RED BARON
      Usual yearly greeting. This time from 2016, to as always awesome VGsatomi. Just seeing that name makes me nostalgic.
    5. RED BARON
      Nice, you were online this year :smile: Glad to see it. (Somewhat funny that I last commented something along those lines back in 2011 - how time flies)
    6. Aisha Mizuki
      Aisha Mizuki
      Hello i see that Wc3sear.ch was not active more )=
    7. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Moqtada al Sadr retired from political life. I guess we won't expecting any more meat grinder 2 like maps.
    8. nambo
      hi how u doin
    9. VGsatomi
    10. RED BARON
      A message from 2013 :smile: To one of the most important persons on Hive, that will never be forgotten.

      Hope all is going well in your life and that you'll drop by again :smile: For instance I could be interested to hear if your still in the army and a student.
    11. sonofjay
      We need you on this kind of crisis.
    12. sonofjay
      I hope you'll visit hive this year
    13. oender1990
      I dont know if you come back but...where do you get your inspiration for the music? And where do you search for the music from the maps?
    14. Archael7
      Hello VGSatomi! Remember me? I am the author of Megalith, that old WC3: TFT map that had tons of terrain behind it. I happened to do a random search for the map out of curiosity (I thought wc3.search and all it's content had died) and found this site!

      I might get into mapping again very soon for SC2 engine, but apart from that I wanted to give some thoughts in the Megalith 1.5 thread

      Let me know what you think!

      Good to see this site still exists in some shape or form! lol

      Have a good day, and let me know if it's possible to revive Megalith at all!
    15. RED BARON
      Oh damn you visited while I was gone. Nice to see.
    16. top.boy
      what's the name of the song in the map "inuyasha" at the first?
      the one that no body understands anything of it :)
    17. VGsatomi
      It just allows me access a few extra forums.
    18. Sky Green
      Sky Green
      Hey VGsatomi, what's the Chieftain's Council?
    19. VGsatomi
      Hello Ramza! I'll be sure to check it out once I live in a spot where I get better then 3kb/sec download speed! Should be another week or 2.
    20. Ramza
      Hey, Satomi. I'm wondering if, when you've got the time, want to check out this short campaign I made? I think you'll like it.
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    Home Page:
    Arizona. USA
    Student/US army
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Argent Dawn
    Staff Position:
    Webmaster's Council
    WC3! What else?


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