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  1. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Apr 27, 2017
    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.28.1 is live
    Link to Battle.net post
    Launcher / Patching / Installing Issues (1.28 / 1.28.1)

    The expected minor followup to 1.28 is here. The only thing missing from the patch notes on the left, is about the order IDs bug. It has indeed been confirmed fixed, meaning maps broken or partially broken by 1.28 should also be fixed. We expect for the mention of the the order IDs fix to be included in the patch notes after Blizzard updates their thread.

    We'll add more information here and in Patch Discussion if / when new info surfaces. Stay tuned!

    Previous patch: Warcraft III - Patch 1.28

    Update 2:
    @MindWorX reverse engineered the functions that control the artificial latency in network games, both for LAN and Battle.net games. Previously, the functions returned 100 for LAN and 250 for Battle.net. But as of this patch, both functions now return 100, which means Battle.net latency has been reduced.

    (Single player) NetProviderLOOP = 100
    (LAN) NetProviderLTCP = 100
    (Battle.net) NetProviderBNET = 100

    Update 3:
    So since we got reports that the battle.net delay feels the same, we've concluded that while the code has changed, it's probably not fully implemented yet. That could explain why it isn't mentioned in the patch notes. The good news is that the code being changed probably leads to it happening for next patch, may it be 1.28b, 1.29, or something else.
  2. Ralle
    Created by Ralle
    Apr 25, 2017

    Introducing, SharpCraft: World Editor Extended also known as WEX. An add on to the World Editor used to heavily expand the limits in modding Warcraft III along with making it more efficient and flexible to use. Using WEX makes it much more possible to create complex and creative maps and mods than in the vanilla editor, especially in terms of JASS usage, the code used in developing the game. WEX currently supports WC3 versions 1.27b and 1.28. In simpler terms, it’s the “World Editor 2.0”.

    Some of the major features include:
    • Removal / increase various limits, such as the number of doodads, units, destructables, and more to be placed on a map.

    • JassHelper, a vJASS compiler, that replaces the internal world editor compiler completely.

    • No more crashes from bad code and many more features through vJASS.

    • Trigger Editor Syntax Highlight (TESH), a code syntax highlighter for the Trigger Editor, that makes coding in JASS/vJASS a breeze.

    • Simple to update when WC3 is patched by editing a text file.

    • Object ID dialog, that allows you to manually set the object id when creating a new object.
      Want to make a hero peasant? Just copy the peasant, and when the dialog asks, just change the first letter to uppercase, and he's ready.

    • Expanding the map dimensions (playable map area size) to 480x480, whereas the default limit was 256x256. Note that this is not working as intended at the moment, however.

    Today, we are pleased to announce that SharpCraft joins Hive Workshop as our newest hosted project, with its very own forum for discussion, updates, and more! If you would like to try it out, contribute to the project, engage in discussion, or simply read more about it, visit the forum linked below.

    SharpCraft Forum

    More background information & technical details
    WEX is a stab at creating a replacement for JNGP based on modern principles. JNGP has served the modding community well for many years with its turbocharging of many aspects of World Editor. It has support for syntax highlighting and a more modular version of JASS (vJASS) allowing for easier code sharing and development. It also comes with abilities to use custom object IDs, remove doodad/destructible limits and more.

    Grimoire, which JNGP uses to inject all its features, is starting to age, and hasn't been updated since version 1.21 of Warcraft III. This means that in order for JNGP to keep working, we've had to bundle the 1.21 version of worldedit.exe along with it ever since. This has been working fine for a while, but by now so much has changed in the internal structure and workings of Warcraft III that several issues have started to come up and features are missing.

    • GUI HashTable functions like the Key of ... will immediately crash the editor.

    • The MPQ structure has changed, making it necessary to manually import the cd-keys back for the World Editor to work again.

    • The new Validate feature is completely missing from JNGP.

    This is only bound to get worse, as Blizzard continues to add new features we requested, which aren’t compatible with the old 1.21 editor.

    While it might be possible to patch Grimoire and keep it up to date, it will be hard to maintain because it is hardcoded to target a specific version of Warcraft 3 in a very cumbersome way. Not to mention the fact that taking the opportunity to rethink the system can be healthy sometimes.

    Blizzard has picked up patching Warcraft III again and that is at this point a mixed blessing, but we trust that Blizzard will soon make it enticing to run the latest patches and we want to make sure that we can keep up with the latest versions of Warcraft 3.

    The official maintainer of JNGP, @MindWorX, saw the writing on the wall and in late 2016 started work on a replacement based on his existing project SharpCraft. Some of you may have tried it already, but it hasn’t drawn much attention to itself until now.

    It is already more robust and works with both 1.27b and 1.28. All features are loaded independently, so if one feature fails, the other features continue to work. This ensures a very stable environment for the users. It also uses a dynamic plugin system, which means it is much easier to add or remove plugins from the pack. This means that everyone can tailor their WEX package just to their own need. WEX builds on a programming principle called Dependency Injection, which makes it possible to switch out features without affecting the overall system. If you’re not satisfied with the way it currently uses static addresses, you can simple remove the plugin and add one that uses dynamic lookups, and it’ll continue to works just as before. The plugin system is open to anyone, and as SharpCraft and WEX mature, the plugin API will be properly documented. If you’re interested in getting in early, you can get in touch via the SharpCraft forum to get more information and help.

    It is important that everyone keep in mind that WEX is new and still under very active development, and will likely lack some features you have been used to in the past. As it develops, most of these features hopefully make their way back. If you miss any particular feature, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it. Enjoy :).
  3. StoPCampinGn00b
    Created by StoPCampinGn00b
    Apr 4, 2017
    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.28 comes out on April 4th
    Link to Patch 1.28 battle.net post
    Current status: Patch is live
    Help with specific, detailed feedback here: [Feedback] Compiled List of 1.28 Bugs & Issues

    The publicized patch notes by Blizzard is to the left.

    As stated in previous posts on Hive and Blizzard forums, patch 1.28 would not be about any drastic gameplay or modding changes. One of the most significant things patch 1.28 does bring, however, is a new modern day patching system which paves way for those major changes to come at quicker and more efficient rates. It's basically the equivalent to fixing the old broken road (Windows '98 road -> 2017) before getting to the destination. What is desired by many is priority and will come.

    Important: If you are one of the few modders that has modified any of the official game files, make sure to back up your files so they are saved as they will be erased without warning when applying the patch. The information about this is here: Warcraft 3 1.28 Pre-patch PSA

    We'll make sure to keep the thread updated when more info arrives, especially at the time of release. Happy classic gaming!

    Recent statements from Blizzard:
    - On patching system and bug fix patch notes
    - On alt tab issues
    - On matchmaking issue and resolve
    - On loading screen issue and resolve
    - On broken order IDs breaking some custom maps
    - [WC3] Frozen Download Troubleshooting
    - [WC3] 1.28 Mac Troubleshooting
  4. Rufus
    Created by Rufus
    Apr 2, 2017



    Update #34
    In this version of Warden, I have made various improvements to terrain, visual feedback and responsiveness.
    Most importantly, I have implemented the ideas that was suggested by players most frequently:

    What people felt like the project was missing the most, was the feeling of progress not being present.
    That ended up turning the project into the beginning of a campaign, with cross map transitions, like in the Rexxar campaign!

    Many thought that it would be better to play the game in a more classic way, with the cursor.
    That made me create an optional system for cursor movement, based on the arrowkey system!

    Players wanted to get familiar with the game, but a story was not really present, only fragments of a vague script.
    The beginning of a dark and depressing story is now present in the first campaign mission!

    This update also adds an overmap called Starglade which is Willow and Shalis' home.
    This is how it looked a little more than 10000 years before the events of Reign of Chaos, before this paradise on earth turned into the dreaded area of Felwood.
    From Starglade, you will be able to travel to and from three submaps: Solen's Sanctuary, Bonechiller Burrow and Forest Temple.

    More information can be found by clicking the link below!
  5. Ralle
    Created by Ralle
    Apr 1, 2017

    Hey guys,

    Today we're announcing something that might make some of you a little angry, but know that we're doing this to ensure a bright future for the site.
    As you may know, we are working hard to improve our presence on various social networks and in a step in this direction we are introducing a new functionality on the site. We are restricting the ability to download maps/resources until we have confirmed that you have either liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter or subscribed to us on YouTube. It may be a bit drastic, but we believe it will be an effective way to drastically increase our social media popularity.

    If you have done any of the above listed things, please post in this thread and we will add you to a special user group that will restore your ability to download. Please bare with us.

    Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

    -The Hive Staff