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Medieval Zombie Apocalypse 2.23

Submitted by Arathorn
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
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The kingdom of Teredar is in peril. A mysterious plague is spreading throughout the kingdom and hordes of zombies are destroying everything in their path. Take control of a ruler of the kingdom and defend your lands or join the darkness and annihilate all living beings..


It's a 12 players map. 9 players fight to protect their kingdom against 3 zombie players. Units and buildings killed by zombies become zombies. When a human player has no more heroes and capital, he joins the zombies with a unique hero.

You must destroy the 8 capitals of the kingdom.
Each of the 3 zombie players has its own unique hero and can also each have a 2nd unique hero. It is possible to have 3 more heroes in total but it is more difficult and to discover by yourself. Every unit and building you kill turns into a zombie. However, you can also train zombies in your crypts as well as different types of special zombies. Your basic zombies have 5 evolutions to do in your Laboratory. In your Necromancy Pit you can also make special events. Undead heroes revive.

You must defend your capitals during 1 hour.
Each player has his own unique faction. You can recruit units, make upgrades and repair your structures. Focus mainly on your base but don't hesitate to support others if you can. The coal player plays the role of the Protector of the kingdom who can teleport himself everywhere in the map to help players in difficulty; his capital is not an objective for zombies. Human heroes don't revive.








Change camera distance : -cam [number]
Start a vote kick : -kick player number/player color/player name
Send ressources to allies:-give gold/soul [player number(01-21)] [amount]
Take ressources to the players who left:-take gold/soul [player number(01-21)] [amount]
Type "-share [player number(01-21)]" to give your vision and full shared control of your units to an ally. Type "-unshare [player number(01-21)]" to take your control away from an ally.
After 30min, if you are a human player and still alive, you can type "-undead" to give the control of your units to the others humans player and become zombie.
Everyone can activate and deactivate the command "-troll on/off". It only works on the triggering player's team. Also when the command is activated, it can only be deactivated 60 seconds after. When activated, if a unit attacks a friendly unit, his attack is interrupts.
Red or Grey if they are still humans can request bonus (it means that they must both agree):
"-Hard" = 5000 gold per undead player
"-Impossible" = 999999 gold per undead player
If red or grey is not played by a player or became undead, the bonus are directly activated whithout asking to the other player.
Brown and Dark Green have the same system. They can type "-Hard" to provide +2000 gold to each human player.
Type "-add time XX" and if half of the players choose -yes, the indicated time is added to the timer.

The original creators of the map are: Argos, Rex5, Guillimans
I liked the map very much but I found that it lacked a lot of improvements, additions, bug fixes, script and balancing optimization to do and the project was abandoned. So I set out to give the map a second chance. My version series takes as suffix "HEHA" and starts with :
Medieval Zombie Apocalypse HEHA 1.0.
If one of the original developers sees this message, please contact me. I would be glad to discuss it with you. I have no intention of stealing your work and hope that you will understand my simple intentions.
The map only supports classic graphics.

You can contact me or join the map's community on Warcraft 3 by this discord server: Join the Medieval Zombie Apocalypse Discord Server!
Vous pouvez me contacter ou rejoindre une grande communauté française sur Warcraft 3 par ce serveur discord : Join the Heaven Heart Discord Server!



VERSION 2.23 (19/02/2020)
- The bug causing the dummy undead players to turn hostile to all after a human player falls has been solved.
VERSION 2.22 (15/02/2020)
- Few minor bugs have been fixed.
- "Cutting down trees" for Purple player costs 1500 gold instead of 2000.
- "Hard" and "Impossible" commands can be now initiate by all players.
- Limit training of Thanes to 15.
- New overhead visual for Empowered zombies.
- Crossbowmen for Purple player have been replaced by Riflemen.
VERSION 2.21 (21/12/2020)
- Few bugs have been fixed.
- "Water Mending" ability has been optimized to drastically reduce lags.
- New anti-hero final research for undeads.
- Improving a Footman to Heavy Footman cost 80 gold instead of 120 gold.
- Purple area has been reworked to be easier to defend at multiple chokes.
VERSION 2.20 (05/10/2020)
- Several minor bugs have been fixed.
- Few optimizations.
- Pressing the spacebar immediatly set your camera to your capital.
- New camera "-angle" command.
- Empowered zombies spawn with full life.
- New model for the Dragon.
VERSION 2.19 (17/09/2020)
- Fixed bug from previous version: "King's Protection", "Reinforcements" and "Dwarven Royal Guards" abilities summon units permanently.
VERSION 2.18 (16/09/2020)
- 2 bugs from previous version have been fixed:
- House Wolfblood no longer cost 300 mana.
- "Reinforcements" ability icon is no longer green.
VERSION 2.17 (15/09/2020)
- Few minor bugs have been fixed.
- Amories are immune to spells.
- Only human players can use the "-add time XX" command and vote.
- Health and mana bars have been changed aswell as the small and medium selection circles.
- Spawning effects of several summoning spells have been improved.
- Models for Privateers, purple Heavy Footmen and purple Royal Defenders have been changed.
- Hotkeys for human units have been reworked.
- Starting cinematic has been enhanced.
- Yellow player's reinforcements are divided in 6 Heavy Footmen and 6 Paladins Initiate instead of 12 Heavy Footmen.
- The "Give Gold" ability for Undeads will give all your current gold if it is under 1000.
- Cannon Towers damage ennemies only.
- All ingame tutorials have been finished.
VERSION 2.16 (05/09/2020)
- Few bugs have been fixed.
- Cannons are limited to 4 instead of 3.
- Cannons still have attack zone but it doesn't damage allies.
- Training limit of Axethrowers after "Robust Armor" has been fixed.
- Green player's heroes receive correctly the final undead upgrades.
- "Death Eyes's "Werewolf" ability has been greatly debuffed.
- The first income does not come sooner by watching starting cinematic or tutorials.
- New decoration for Dwarf base.
- New system for "Last Stand" on capitals.
VERSION 2.15 (30/08/2020)
- Few small bugs have been fixed.
- Units who enter in Aslyr sword region and owned by a zombie player are moved out instead of killed.
- Tyrial's undead Graveyard spell can no longer glitch through the Northwall Pass.
- Several towers's descriptions have been improved.
- Teal player correctly automatically join the zombies when he is defeated.
- New easter egg at Purple capital.
- New decorations around the map.
- Restor Fallen Admiral is no longer shaking as hell when moving.
- Purple player's ballistas have been replaces by Cannons.
VERSION 2.14 (26/08/2020)
- Few bugs have been fixed.
- Human players's undead heroes have their kills displayed in their name too.
- Undead income increase has been fixed.
- Loading screen has been modified.
- Second XP group for undead heroes covers more distance and Global Distribution applies to all undead heroes and not only heroes owned by the owner of the killing unit.
- Cinematics doesn't cancel teleportation spells.
- Demi-heroes can't revive when they carry an important item.
- Zombies can't prevent Tyrial the Protector from taking the portal to Aslyr sword.
VERSION 2.13 (21/08/2020)
- The 2 undead final upgrades completely changed.
- New "-add time" command for every players.
- Number of kills is display at start for heroes and not only after their first kill.
VERSION 2.12 (20/08/2020)
- Several bugs have been fixed.
- Holy Towers range has been increased to 1200 instead of 1000.
- "Critical Strike" for Heartless has been replaced by "Cleaving Attack" and their movement speed has been increased.
- Custom XP system gives more XP to undead heroes.
- Main undead players have 2 new final upgrades to improve all undead units on the map.
- "Aslyr sword" item gives 20% life steal instead of 25% and 25% cleaving attack instead of 30%.
- Toby the Special Boy has been buffed a bit.
- "Death Pact" spell requires to be level 2 instead of 1.
- "Fire Burst" spell costs less mana and has a shorter cooldown for level 1 and 2.
VERSION 2.11 (17/08/2020)
- Heroes owned by Neutral Passive doesn't get XP from Global Distribution.
- Global XP Distribution only applies to the heroes of the owner of the killing unit.
- Torendil's "Multiple Arrows" ability shoots the correct amount of arrows.
- Names of Heroes display correctly with number of Kills.
VERSION 2.10 (16/08/2020)
- Few bugs have been fixed.
- Few small balance changes.
- Crypts cost 200 gold instead of 250.
- Demi-heroes level up every 5 kills intead of 10.
- Archer's model in the starting cinematic has been changed.
- Each heroes have their kills displayed in their name.
- Storm End and Restor's Sword items can no longer be picked up by ranged heroes.
- Torendil's "Cold Arrows" spell has been replaced by "Arcane Arrow" spell.
- Default XP system has been deactivated and a new custom one has been made.
- New easter egg.
VERSION 2.9 (15/08/2020)
- Demi-hero being dead is no longer required for a player to join zombies (appeared in 2.8).
- Demi-heroes no longer use the default XP gain system ; they level up by the number of their kills.
- Light Blue player receive Knights in his reinforcements and not Royal Defenders.
- Coal player's demi-hero has the "Warrior Blessing" ability.
VERSION 2.8 (14/08/2020)
- Several bugs have been fixed.
- Few small improvements.
- Axethrowers are easier to select.
- New Teleportation animations for teal hero and the Great Necromancer.
- Visual improvements have been added to Hammerfell region and his Royal Defenders have been replaced by Knights.
- Demi-heroes have stats and can level up.
VERSION 2.7 (14/08/2020)
- Sound for Guardian Golems, Ancestors and Guardian Statues has been fixed.
- Demi-heroes can use items.
- Green heroes are reviving correctly.
- The Great Necromancer can also open the abandonned church.
- Orange player received new things in the cave and an easier defendable Northwall Pass at start.
VERSION 2.6 (12/08/2020)
- Few small bugs have been fixed.
- Guardian Golem, Guardian Statue, Ancestor, Arcane Golem and Crystal Golem are now mechanical units but have a better life regeneration.
- Green player's heroes should really revive correctly this time.
VERSION 2.5 (12/08/2020)
- Green player's heroes should revived correctly.
- Display time of few more messages has been greatly reduced to annoy less players.
- Few small bugs have been fixed.
- All demi-heroes have a special inventory.
- New "system" with Book of Light.
VERSION 2.4 (11/08/2020)
- Several bugs have been fixed.
- Many display time of messages have been greatly reduced to annoy less the players.
- Green heroes are correctly reviving.
- Gem of spell mastery cooldown has been greatly increased.
- "Hard" command gives 3500 gold to each undead player instead of 5000.
- New animation effects for "Call of Justice" spell.
- The voice for Galadrasil the Corrupted Master has been changed.
- The city of Red player has been reworked.
- Few small balance changements.
- Light Blue and Red players have a second Armory.
VERSION 2.3a (08/08/2020)
- Several bugs have been fixed.
- "Upgrade Undead Hero" has been removed.
VERSION 2.3 (08/08/2020)
- Several bugs have been fixed.
- Few balance changements.
- Magical Fury Towers for Elendar are correctly limited to 3.
- Hammerfell Castle provides 1000 gold by income instead of 800 gold.
- Each player have a unique tutorial if you choose -tuto at the beginning (work in progress).
- South Fields Barricade is more defendable.
- Second hero for Green zombie player is much more easy to get.
- Light Blue player have a reinforcement.
- "HEHA" has been removed from the name of the map (loading screen will be changed later).
- "Carrion Beetles" has been greatly buffed.
- "Summon Heartless" summons 2 Heartless instead of 3.
- New ultimate ability for Crypt Lord.
- Income for Zombies increases of 100 gold at each capital destroyed.
- All towers are destroyed if Civil War is launched.
VERSION 2.2 (04/08/2020)
- Few bug fixes.
- Few balance changements.
- Green player start with a bit more zombies to attack faster.
- Bugs with Civil war option has been fixed.
- Orange player doesn't go undead if his second hero is still alive.
VERSION 2.1 (03/08/2020)
- Several bug fixes.
- Several balance changements.
- Dark Magic and Nightmare are no longer required for zombies evolutions and cost less but zombies evolutions are more expensive.
- Elendars's Towers have now Magic damage and no longer have the "Feedback" ability.
- Destroyable bridges by red can be destroyed individually with a Bridge control next to it.
VERSION 2.0a (01/08/2020)
- Ganch Keep capital is correctly needed to win as zombies.
- Endgame score multiboard doesn't appear ingame.
- No zombies spawn in Elendar Region.
VERSION 2.0 (01/08/2020)
- The legendary blade for Tyrial gives a 25% life steal instead of 40%.
- Ghost Ship can't attack buildings.
- Several bugs has been fixed.
- Several balance changements.
- All Zombie HQs has been removed and all researches, upgrades, events and evolutions for zombies has been moved to their start positions.
- The interface of zombie buildings has been improved and few help buttons has been added.
- Almost every items are droppable ; the items who are not are droppable only after their first carrier dies and several items descriptions has been improved.
- Heroes with Stealth, Blink or Teleportation spells have these spells disabled when they carry Orb of DragonFire, Skeleton Key or Heart of the Mountain.
- A third main zombie player (Green) has been added but "Dwarf Lords" player (Orange) can no longer become a main zombie player.
- The Outpost of Hammerfell (Light Blue) has been replaced by a new player "Elendar" (Elves - Teal).
- The starting cinematic and Bulwark has been reworked.
- The Plague Cure Timer has been changed to 1h instead of 1h10min.
- Several visual improvements.
- Experience given by undead units has been changed.
VERSION 1.90 (17/07/2020)
- Ballista's stats at Tavern has been fixed.
- Fallen humans undead heroes and their spells has been globaly debuffed.
- Hit points of undead ships has been increased.
- Few bugs has been fixed.
- Civil War command has been added.
- The weather is changing every 10 minutes between Heavy Rain, Light Rain, Light Snow, Light Wind or Clear Weather.
- After the cinematic the units fighting are set back to their starting life.
- Skeletons invocated by Necromancers are temporary.
- New gate at the dwarf capital to protect from the tunnels.
- Every special items are undroppable until their first carrier dies.
- Several Guard Towers in Leonar City has been upgraded to Fortified Guard Towers.
- Aslyr, Blade of Northern Winds is more powerful.
- "Immolation" ability from Ordinat'er has been replaced by "Hardened Skin".
- New item for Lord Bucket and a new item model for 3 items.
VERSION 1.89 (13/07/2020)
- Purple Footmen and Light Blue Heavy Footmen has been changed.
- Sounds has been added for Day, Night, Starting game and Income.
- Few bugs with the "-undead" command and fallen humans joining zombies has been fixed.
- "Desecration" spell from High Lich Tylar has been greatly debuffed.
- Locations of Graywall Bastion and Leonar City are pinged to Undead Players to indicate Heart of the Mountain and Skeleton Key.
- Priests and Sunrise Healers hit points has been increased.
- New undead heroes are considered undead units.
- Spells of new undead heroes has been changed a lot.
- Every x10 army has been adjusted to the correct price of 10x unit type with a discount of 10%.
VERSION 1.88 (05/07/2020)
- Paladin's Soul at Yellow capital no longer move.
- Orange undead Ship is no longer too far to recruit.
- Souls earned by second player slot for main zombie players are correctly sent to the players.
- Main zombie players no longer loose control of their second player slot when orange player turn into zombie.
VERSION 1.87 (05/07/2020)
- Ordinat'er took back his Immolation spell.
- Ships under Blue capital are no longer too far from ground to recruit.
- Few bugs with the second player slot for zombies has been fixed.
- Unique undead heroes for humans take 30 secondes to revive.
- Death Pact can be cast on allied units.
- "Necromancy" spell for "Servants of Darkness" has been fixed.
- Blue undead hero "Inferno" spell has been replaced.
- "Termal Eruption" and "Desecration" can no longer hurt invulnerable and magic immune units.
- Second player slot for undead orange player is not allied to humans when orange player use the command "-undead".
- Hero glow on Death Knight and Heartless has been removed.
- Team color has been added to Flesh Giants, Death Hounds, Zombies, Mutant Zombies and Mutants.
VERSION 1.86 (04/07/2020)
- Several bugs has been fixed.
- Holy Towers can incinerate their targets.
- Fountain of Health at Yellow Capital has been replaced by a Paladin's Soul casting Inner Fire on friendly units.
- Few visual improvements on Towers.
- Dragon is a bit less stronger.
- DragonFire Orb can be drop.
- The main zombie players have another player slot each to reduce units lags.
- Unique hero for each undead human.
- Most of General Hector's spells has been changed and few changes to Lord Benedictus too.
VERSION 1.85 (27/06/2020)
- Dwarven Warrior, Axethrower and Priest can also be recruit in Stormfury Citadel.
- Undead orange player second hero is reviving.
- Undead orange player is receiving his income.
- The Powerful Necromancer can no longer takes the Orb of Dragonfire.
- Few bugs has been fixed.
- Few visual and icons improvements.
- Units stay paused 3 seconds after the end of a cinematic.
- Ancestors correctly require The Vault to be trained.
- The Vault correctly gives its income directly when owned.
- Bug with musics cutting before the end has been fixed.
- Blue player has now a Mana Well at his outpost above the Dragon Shrine and Mint player a Statue.
- Spiders in Dwarf tunnels are a bit less stronger.
- General Hector's attack speed has been increased.
- Undead dwarf king spawns with his level when he was living and the second undead orange hero spawns directly level 5.
- Tyrial Dawnstar's teleportation spell can level up.
- Fountain of Health aura at Golden Eagle church has been increased.
- All buildings are visible at the beginning of the game.
- The Dragon is stronger but outposts around the Dragon Shrine are harder to break through.
- Hero for dead human player spawns with a certain level depending of the game time.
- Ballistas can no longer attack walls.
- Decorations has been added at Light Blue capital and outpost and Yellow capital.
- 2 new undead events.
VERSION 1.84 (20/06/2020)
- Owner of houses at Leonar City has been changed to Inhabitants of Teredar.
- Few minimap and map preview bugs has been fixed.
- Infected rats appear in dwarf capital too.
- The Vault gives immediately its income when owned.
- The limit of archers before Robust Armor has been fixed.
- Decorations has been improved at Leonar Citadel.
- Guard Towers owned by Royal Family outside the capital has been upgraded to Fortified Guard Towers.
- End Game Results Multiboard has been fixed.
- Decoration has been improved at several places.
- Few small bugs has been fixed.
- Few texts improvements.
- 6 new easter eggs.
- New "Crystal Skin" ability for Crystal Golem.
- Death Eyes's ultimate spell has been visually modified.
- The Great Necromancer can attack gates.
- "Dwarf Lords" player can have a 2nd undead hero.
- Protector's teleportation spell cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds instead of 20.
- Human units who die during night become stronger zombies than usual.
- Ballista: team color has been added, wheels and arrow has been fixed during walk animation and it no longer cost lumber to repair.
- Few fixes has been made on spiders.
- Team color has been added to Graywall Infantry.
- 9 items visually changed.
- ¨Pictures on Hive Workshop has been updated.
- Units limit in the Tavern at Dawnfall Hold has been fixed.
- Only the "Dawnfall Guardians" player can buy units in his Tavern.
VERSION 1.83 (30/05/2020)
- Humans who joined the zombies and obtained a Corpse Storage benefit from all the zombie researches.
- All light blue player's towers on the frontline has been upgraded to Fortified Guard Towers.
- The selling stats for sold units at the tavern at Dawnfall Hold has been changed.
- The Vote Kick Sytem has been entirely remade.
- Leonar City has been completely remade and give more income.
- Skeleton key has been transfered to Leonar City.
- Corpse Storage training queue has been fixed.
VERSION 1.82 (28/05/2020)
- Classic graphics supported only.
- Flesh Giants and Death Hounds change their color if they are upgraded.
- Upgraded animation for the Prince Elias's spell "The Dragon Slayer".
- Guardian Statues which keep Dawnfall Hold are much more stronger.
- Undead Players are warned for every upgrades and researches their allies did.
- Chief Galus-Gof and Kerrak the Cruel models has been changed.
- Decoration around The Forgetten One, at the gate above Leonar City and at the South of the map has been improved.
- Houses at Leonar Harbor can be destroyed.
- The fountain of Life at the Golden Eagle Order Church is corrupted when the capital is destroyed.
- A message and a voice has been added after the Dragon or Lich appear even if the cinematic is skipped.
- "DragonBorn" and "Misty Mountains" musics has been replaced by 2 better undead musics.
- Color of Inhabitants of Teredar has been changed to Peach.
- When a human player join the zombies, a hero owned by of the main zombie players can summon a Corpse Storage for the defeated human at the position of his capital.
- An all new loading screen.
- The tutorial in game has been updated.
- Agandur and Hellscreamer can learn a "Sleep" ability at level 10 which affects heroes, units and buildings too.
VERSION 1.81 (09/02/2020)
- Classic graphics version for Reforged.
VERSION 1.80 (20/12/2019)
- Triel Wolfblood walking animation has been fixed and High Priest Tylar attack projectile has been changed.
- Infernal and Water Elemental use the upgrades.
- The new features are no longer display at the beginning of the game and the display time of the starting explanations has been reduced to 20 seconds instead of 30.
- New "-help" command to see players colors and numbers.
- Falcon Mage use "Range upgrades" instead of "Melee upgrades".
- The 3 Guard Towers at the south entrance of Graywall Capital has been replaced by Fortified Guard Towers.
- "Holy Order" spell spawns Lightward Paladins instead of Paladins.
- Trees has been placed to prevent zombie players to attack purple player through the orc camp.
- Mint Player (Graywall) has been added to the Votekick System.
- Ballista no longer have attack zone but 200 base damage instead of 100.
- Red player's armory has been moved away from the edge.
- The "-troll off/on" command has been fixed.
- The dwarf tunnels are open at start and can be closed with the miner.
- Necromancers can cast "Frost Armor", their training time has been reduced to 15 seconds instead of 30, they summon better Skeleton Warriors with "Raise of Dead" and they are limited to 24.
- The Ancient Horror must die if the dwarves want the control of The Vault.
VERSION 1.79 (27/11/2019)
- New icons for the "Mage Tower" and "Magical Fury Tower".
- "Volatile Light" spell heal has been fixed (50 hp per second instead of 10).
- When the zombies evoluate to level 3 (Infested Zombie), all level 1 (Zombie) zombies are removed, once level 4 (Crazy Ghoul), zombies level 2 (Mutant Zombie) are removed and after the level 5 (Mutant), zombies level 3 (Infected Zombie) are removed.
- New models for Mounted Royal Huard, Sir Vandol, Falcon Footman, Humphrey, Captain Tallosy, Sir Hicks, High Priest Tylar and Triel Wolfblood.
- New demi-hero for the dwarf player but 6 starting Dwarven Warriors has been removed and the number of Dwarven Warriors at The Vault has been reduced to 6 instead of 8.
- Icons of heroes owned by "Defenders" are removed when the heroes die.
- Necromancer's attack rate has been increased to 1 second instead of 2.
- Magister Si-Nil's "Chain of Lightning" spell has been changed by a "Shadow Strike" spell.
VERSION 1.78 (24/1/2019)
- Bridges doesn't collapse if Toby uses his spell on bridges.
- Closing portals by going on the circles is easier.
- The "-take" command works with "Defenders" too and computers even if they didn't leave.
- If Northwall Pass has been collapsed and an undead unit is trained just near to it, it can't spawns over it.
- New easter egg in the map.
- New models for Lord Restor, General Galenforth, Command Luther, Magister Wreystern and General Mirridon.
- It's no longer possible to have Heavy Footmen controlled by an undead yellow player.
VERSION 1.77 (19/11/2019)
- Mage Guard range has been slighty improved.
- Few bugs fixed.
- The Lich and Dragon icons disapear when they die and the corpse of the dragon disapear too after 3 minutes.
- When a hero is not allowed to pick up an item, the item litteraly don't move.
- "Ring of Shadow" item cost has been changed to 700 gold instead of 400.
- New command "Hard Bonus" for Human players.
- Lichs, Ganch Keep, Dwarf Barracks, Dwarf Towers and Dwarf Armories models has been changed.
- New "share" and "unshare" commands.
VERSION 1.76 (10/11/2019)
- New command to take ressources to the players who left.
- The dwarf player's heroes are cursed when they take Heart of the Mountain or Skeleton Key even if they didn't join the Humans.
- Crystal Golem's stats and spells has been improved.
- Ballistas can no longer be hit by "Death Coil".
- Dwarf King's movement speed has been slighty improved and his ultimate spell has been changed.
- Dwarven Rifleman cost has been reduced.
- For the undead players, only the Dragon can takes the Orb of Fire.
- "Heal" ability for Priests has been improved.
- "Pride of the Dwarves" provides a 3000 range +7 armor bonus.
- The bridge at west of Ganch Keep is rebuild with the "Rebuild Bridges" undead event.
- Thane's cost has been reduced (750->500 gold).
- Zombie players receive a message if they have more than 200 units in the map.
- The Powerful Necromancer can obtains a new spell.
- The Guard Captain's announcements are only visible by Human players.
- The problem with Human players turning into Undead players and still having the control of "Defenders" has been fixed.
VERSION 1.75 (04/11/2019)
- The Abandonned Church can no longer be opened by an undead yellow hero.
- The "-share" command no longer displays several times the same message.
- Border Guard's stats has been slighty reduced and Graywall Knight's stats has been improved.
- Arcane Golem price has been reduced and his hp has been improved.
- The number of automatic spawned zombies at seafront has been greatly reduced.
- Holy Tower range has been increased to 1000 instead of 700.
- Paladin and Lightward Paladin have a new voice line.
- The portals at Bulwark Wall can be activated for 2 souls instead of 3.
- 2 towers has been removed behind the Bulwark Bastion.
- The bridge at the west of Ganch Keep has been destroyed.
- The cost of Death Knights has been reduced to 500 gold instead of 1000.
- Special zombies have scaling upgrades at each zombie evolution and zombie players can buy spells for them after Tier5.
- Mint player no longer receive Graywall Infantry when he makes an "Army Training" research.
- The cost of the undead event "Rebuild Bridges" has been reduced to 6 souls instead of 8.
- The cost of the research for Blue and Red player to close the portals has been reduced to 3000 gold instead of 3500.
VERSION 1.74 (30/10/2019)
- It is no longer possible that a unit take the portal at red player's base from below.
- The cost of the "Ring of shadow" item for zombie players has been changed to 400 instead of 800 and the hero have 2000hp at the resurrection instead of 500.
- Zombie Players and Inhabitants of Teredar are enemies.
- "Burrich's Lance" item stun has been reduced to 1s for heroes and 2s for units.
- The number of Skeletal Orcs obtained with the undead orc hero has been reduced.
- Death Hounds now require the "Dark Magic' research.
- "Death Pact" spell cooldown has been changed to 20s instead of 15s.
- The tunnels has been reworked and the spiders stats has been changed.
- A 10x spawner has been added for the dwarf player.
- There is a new human village and the Abandonned Church quest is now activated by another way.
- When Tyrial Dawnstar is dead and is a ghost, he can be revived with the Book of Light.
VERSION 1.73 (27/10/2019)
- All outposts and bases entrances of Light Blue player has been changed to be more defendable.
- The casting time of "Judgment" has been reduced to 1.5 instead of 3.
- Lightward Paladin's life has been increased (+100).
- Blue player's towers has been changed and can be upgraded.
- Energy shield generator in Blue player's capital has been moved backward and the entrance is more defendable.
- Decorations has been added.
- The "Celerity" item is dropped when the carrier dies.
- "Volatile Light" spell has been set to "Unique cast".
- Houses owner has been changed to "Inhabitants of Teredar".
- The "Remove" ability has been added to many undead units.
- The version can now be check from the map preview.
- All musics has been changed and the musics are played in the lobby.
- Few messages/descriptions has been modified.
VERSION 1.72 (23/10/2019)
- The command to exchange ressources has been fixed.
- Human players can't attack human buildings even if the "-troll" command is desactivated.
- Bulwark walls collizion has been fixed and income provided by Graywall Bastion has been changed to 350 instead of 200.
- Mint player (Graywall) can now train "Footman" units and Border Guards have Heavy Armor.
VERSION 1.71 (27/10/2019)
- Border Guard unit has been slighty improved.
- Items are not limited in shops but a hero can only have 1 item type.
- The exchange ressources command is now available for every players.
- If a main zombie player left, the "-undead" command is activated sooner.
- Dragon and Necromancer cinematics has been fixed and no longer cause crash.
- Plague event in red player capital has been removed and replaced by an undead event that costs souls.
- A bug that gave control of the target player even if he is finally not kicked has been fixed.
VERSION 1.70 (17/10/2019)
- Yellow player can activate his secret quest with a hero level 2 instead of level 3.
- The "Remove" hotkey for zombies has been changed to R instead of Z.
- The curse on Human heroes when they take Heart of the Mountain or Skeleton Key also removes any invisibilty mod.
- Heart of the Mountain is now obtainable by destroying the Graywall Bastion at Bulwark Wall.
- Palladium Armor, Palladium Helm, Ebony Armor and Ebony Crown are limited to 3 in shops during all game.
- The bridge at Bulwark Wall can no longer be razed but has been reduced.
VERSION 1.69 (17/10/2019)
- If Red player is with the Undead when Elias should come, Elias will come owned by "Defenders".
- Portals between Red and Blue can be closed again.
- Humans players automatically join Zombies if they have no more Capital and heroes.
VERSION 1.68 (16/10/2019)
- Map Preview and Loading screen has been slighty improved.
- "Remove" ability for zombies has now a hotkey.
- The "Last Stands" of capitals now appear when the percentage life of the capital is under 50%.
- Undead orcs can be removed.
- Ranged units's life has been changed to 100 instead of 80.
- The number of inhabitants in red capital has been reduced.
- "Death and Decay" spell has been reduced and "Chain Lightning" increased.
- Shadows reveal nearby invisible units.
- Zombies that spawns when the ships land are now Mutant Zombies.
- Dawnfall Warrior limit training to 10 has been fixed.
- If a cinematic is trigger while the portals are closing, the heroes used for the portals will stay paused.
- Sir Burrich's spells hotkeys has been fixed.
- Shops, x10 army veterans and Cloaked Strangers are imune to spells.
- The Portals can be closed with heroes owned by "Defenders".
- Sir Journ has a new item.
- Player 3 (Teal) alias Graywall (Maroon) has been changed to Player 19 (Mint).
- New options when you lost your capital.
- A pro tiper can give you advices at the top right of the map.
- Few little more things.
VERSION 1.67 (07/10/2019)
- Dark Guards are allowed precisely at 5 minutes remaining even with the event "Add 5 minutes".
- The control of a kicked player will be correctly shared whatever happens.
- The "-troll on/off" command has been reworked. Everyone can activate and deactivate the command but it only works on the triggering player's team. Also when the command is activated, it can only be deactivated 60 seconds after.
- Several descriptions, icons and aesthetics of spells has been improved.
- You can attack your own units even if the "-troll' command is activated.
- The undead income stays correctly at 800 gold during all the game.
VERSION 1.66 (01/10/2019)
- The "-troll" command is directely activated at the beginning.
- The "-undead" command is only activated after 30min.
- Fallen Paladin's upgrades are more expensive, his "Dread Blade" spell has been reduced and his attack speed slower.
- The votekick works fine for everyone.
- The tier1 zombie doesn't stay all game available in the boats.
- Summoned units doesn't turn into zombies when they die.
- Mutant Zombie (level 2) is a bit faster and Zombies level 3 and 4 has been changed.
VERSION 1.65 (29/09/2019)
- New command:Type "-clear" to clear your screen of all text messages.
- The Map Preview and Loading screen has been changed.
- Several icons and descriptions has been changed.
- General Galenforth's Starfall spell has been modified.
- Winners's units play their victory animation at the end.
- "Defenders" player has the researches made by players.
- Undead ships are no longer invulnerable 15min after their landing.
- "Dread Blade" passive spell for Fallen Paladin has been reduced.
VERSION 1.64 (27/09/2019)
- Wolves with Night Eyes no longer sleep.
- Murloc creeps has been improved.
- Instead of spawns of zombies at the Seafront, Undead players can recruit zombies from the ships.
- If Brown zombie player takes control of the Ancient Horror, it will be stronger and much more difficult for the dwarves to get over it.
VERSION 1.63 (26/09/2019)
- The fallen Paladin for Gray player is not removed.
- Bugs when skipping the Dragon or Necromancer cinematics has been fixed.
- Dark Guard's Rain of Fire spell damage has been reduced.
- Upgrades for Fallen Paladin has been reduced.
VERSION 1.62 (25/09/2019)
- Useless spawns of zombies has been removed.
- A bug with the share of "Damned Training" has been fixed.
- "Game Result" column in the end game multiboard has been replaced by "Heroes Killed".
- Falcon Lightwielder and Sir Doyle's model has been changed.
- Border Guard Veteran's model has been changed.
- The "share" command displays a message to the team when used.
- Cinematics of the Dragon and Necromancer can be skipped if half of the players or more wishes it.
- Necromancer's cavern and cinematic has been improved.
- Dark Guard have a Demonic Aura that reduces armor of ennemies by 40%.
- Dark Guard's Rain of fire and War Stomp spells has been improved.
- A glitch for Pride of the Dwarves has been fixed.
VERSION 1.61 (23/09/2019)
- The "Grenade Launch' spell works completely differently now.
- Death Knights and Lichs's spells hotkeys has been fixed.
VERSION 1.60 (23/09/2019)
- Purple player have a new gate with a Fortified Guard Tower to prevent Dark Green zombie player to rush him too fast.
- "Grenade Launch" spell has been optimized again.
- Most of the starting zombies at Bulwark Wall frontline has been removed.
- Crashes, Towers's prizes and Skeleton Key that is not dropped has been fixed.
- Units in the Dawnfall Tavern has been fixed.
VERSION 1.59 (23/09/2019)
- "Smite" spell have a new animation/special effect.
- The "Grenade Launch" spell has been optimized.
VERSION 1.58 (22/09/2019)
- Toby the Special Boy's invisibility spell has been replaced by a "Beast Attack" spell.
- Purple player have few more units in his capital.
- Dark Green zombie player have 3 Heartless instead of 4 at the beginning.
- The decoration at the Bulwark Wall frontline has been changed.
- Starting votes display has been improved.
VERSION 1.57 (21/09/2019)
- Masons for the Dwarf Player has been replaced by Dwarven Workers.
- All ranged units has been changed and fixed.
- Many descriptions and buttons positions has been improved.
- A multiboard at the end of the game shows the game results.
- The undead paladin hero for human player who became undead can be upgraded with gold.
- Dark Guards are much powerful.
- Humans heroes who take Heart of the Moutain or Skeleton Key are slowered and can't cast spells.
- Toby the Special Boy can wield 1 item.
- Magic Arm spell has been replaced by a "Grenade Launch" spell.
- Ballistas are much more powerful.
- Minor bugs fixed.
VERSION 1.56 (18/09/2019)
- Many descriptions has been changed and improved.
- The bug with some undead researches has been fixed.
VERSION 1.55 (17/09/2019)
- The "Bow" and "Sword" abilities for the Dawnfall Warriors correctly use the "E" hotkey.
- The protector of the kingdom can again take the Durball Armour.
- Several descriptions and icons has been improved.
- "Damned Training" and "Invincible Power" researches are shared between zombie players.
- Lichs no longer have a hero glow and Paladin and Wolf Guard's portraits are fixed.
- There are no risks that undead players do the same researches at the same time.
VERSION 1.54 (16/09/2019)
- Flesh Giant and "Weapon Mastery" spell's icons has been changed.
- Few aesthetic and messages improvements. - All the abilities work with QWER hotkeys.
- A Cloaked Stranger (for Sunrise Healers) has been added for purple player and his "Assassin Sanguine" hero has been replaced by a ranged hero.
- Zombies and evolutions now have a remove ability to specifically remove a unit.
- All Fortified Guard Towers at Bulwark Wall has been replaced by Guard Towers but Graywall Infantry now have Medium armor instead of Light.
- Brown zombie player have a new "Portal' event.
- Protector of the Kingdom can no longer takes the Durball Armour.
VERSION 1.53 (14/09/2019)
- Orcs at north west of Brown player start location give gold.
- Many small discreet aesthetic improvements to the decorations and some models, icons and descriptions.
- Every dwarf units has been rebalanced and the glitches with the Northwall Pass/Alliance and the Horn of the Dwarf Lords has been fixed.
- The "Open tunnels" dwarf research now costs 1500 gold instead of 2000 gold.
VERSION 1.52 (11/09/2019)
- Rebalance of the Dwarven Rifleman.
- The event to takes control of the Ancient Horror now costs 3 souls and stop the progressive loss of life of the Ancient Horror.
- Several icons and "invisible" things has been improved.
- Type "-share" to give your vision and full shared control of your units to all your allies. Type "-share" again to take control of your units from them.
VERSION 1.51 (10/09/2019)
- "Robust Armor" ability has been fixed with the research.
- Undead players income has been changed to 800 gold instead of 750 gold.
- Starting info messages for each players has been replaced by one text for each team.
- The Protector of the Kingdom can no longer takes Heart of the Mountain, Skeleton Key and Orb of Dragonfire items.
- If the dwarf player closes the Northwall Pass, he lost the control of the Horn of the Dwarf Lords.
VERSION 1.50 (10/09/2019)
- If the dwarf player is ally with the Humans, when he types "-undead" or that he loose his capital and main hero, the control of his remaining units will be given to the Humans players.
- Limit of 40 archers for Teal player has been fixed.
- Shockwave spell's hotkey has been changed.
- Gold Bounty Award for zombies has been changed:
Before-> sides per die = 2-1 and 5 -> 8 -> 10 -> 12 -> 15 gold
Now-> [sides per die = 2-1 and 10 -> 15 -> 20 -> 30 gold.
- Infected rats event takes 100 seconds to make instead of 40.
- Damage of T3 - T5 zombies has been increased.
- Dwarf player can now choose a path "Pride of the Dwarves!" instead of the Alliance with the Humans.
VERSION 1.49 (08/09/2019)
- When the Dwarf player is ally with the Humans, he doesn't lost his income but the income is reduced to 200 gold.
- Features of 1.47 has been added:
- Dark Green undead orc hero's "Shockwave" spell has been changed by an "Endurance Aura".
- Paladin Initiate and Dwarven Warrior have returned to their medium armor.
- Hellscreamer's "Death Hounds" spell has now only 1 level and so can summons a maximum of 2 Death Hounds only.
VERSION 1.48 (08/09/2019)
- Big terrain/decorations improvements.
- 3 new icons.
- Few icons positions and hotkeys has been improved.
- Hellscreamer must be level 4 to learn his "Death Hounds" spell.
VERSION 1.47 (05/09/2019)
- Dark Green undead orc hero's "Shockwave" spell has been changed by an "Endurance Aura".
- Paladin Initiate and Dwarven Warrior have returned to their medium armor.
- Hellscreamer's "Death Hounds" spell has now only 1 level and so can summons a maximum of 2 Death Hounds only.
VERSION 1.46 (03/09/2019)
- Gold earned from zombies and their evolutions has been reduced. From T1 to T5: 5->8->10->12->15.
- Guard Captain's voices lines has been redone.
- Humans can not enter in the Necromancer's cave and the Necromancer is invulnerable until his event is trigger.
- Many armor types of units has been changed.
- There is now absolutely no way to glitch the "Abandonned Church Quest".
- If dwarf player is ally with Humans and he type "-undead", the control of his dwarves will be given to the Humans.
- Hellscreamer's model has been changed by a Dreadlord and his "Endurance Aura" spell by a "Death Hounds" spell.
Death Eyes has enough mana to cast his Ultimate spell.
- The color of the orcs has been changed to green.
- Orc campment at east of Barkshire has been reinforced and if an undead player kill the chief, he has an strong undead orc.
- Dark Green player can have a second hero by killing the orc hero who keeps the Necromancer Gate.
- Death Eyes's ultimate spell has been improved.
VERSION 1.45 (01/09/2019)
- The way the inhabitants of Teredar transform in zombies has been completely changed in the script. There is normally no more risk of crash with this event.
- Many leaks has been removed in the map. The risk of a crash should have been drastically reduced.
VERSION 1.44 (31/08/2019)
- "Hard" and "Impossible" Bonus commands has been changed (check the 'commands' tab for more information).
- The admin can use "-troll on/off" to prevent players to hurt their allies (check the 'commands' tab for more information).
- It is now impossible that a hero teleport or blink in the yellow player secret quest before exploring the zone.
- Many voices and sounds has been added to dialogues.
- Few cinematics changed.
- Few script improvements to reduce the risk of crash/desync.
- Some units's selection circles and voices has been improved.
- Few spells's description, hotkey and power has been improved.
- Gold Bounty Award for zombies has been changed:
Before-> sides per die = 3-2 and 15 -> 18 -> 21 -> 24 -> 27 gold
Now-> [sides per die = 2 - 1 and 10 -> 15 -> 20 -> 30 gold.
- It is now possible to repair all the buildings (it wasn't possible before for many buildings because it costed souls (wood) to repair them).
- Fire Arrow Tower's damage has been reduced (200->150).
- Few bugs has been corrected and decorations has been added.
VERSION 1.43 (22/08/2019)
- Capitals are immune to spells.
- Red player name has been changed (Kingdom of Teredar->Royal Family).
- Book of Light's spells doesn't share their cooldown.
- Zombies no longer auto spawn at the Graywall.
- The yellow player's secret quest is a bit more easier.
- The two easter eggs at the east of Yellow base has been changed.
- Countdown timer window at the beggining for the vote.
- The map has now his own discord server:Join the Medieval Zombie Apocalypse HEHA Discord Server!
- Undead players can exchange ressources with commands (check the commands's tab).
- Undead's income works.
- Undead players can no longer summon units behind the Northwall Pass.
- Build time of the Crypt has been reduced (3min->2min).
- Few minor bugs fixed.
- The Royal Commander who spawns at Barkshire Invasion showed properly.
- If red or grey player is in the undead team, he can't type "-hard" or "-impossible".
- There are no risks that a human player who joined the undead, received human reinforcements.
- The human victory countdown is paused during cinematics.
- One of the 4 starting Dawnfall Warriors has been replaced by a Dawnfall Captain.
- Many models and icons has been changed.
- Yellow player now have a Paladin Veteran to recruit x10 armies.
- Now when the Protector dies, the grey player will no longer be able to have the hero Toby but will have an ethereal ghost of the Protector. The ethereal ghost will revive all the time until Dawnfall Hold is destroyed. If Dawnfall Hold is destroyed and the Protector is in an ethereal ghost, the grey player will join the zombies.
- The Grunts summoned by Kerrak the Cruel near the Dragonshrine, no longer give gold but 6 grunts have been added among the creeps at this location.
- The dwarf player's income has been corrected.
The income system, especially with "Defenders" when someone type "-undead", has been improved.
- The voting system at the beginning of the game has been improved, it is no longer possible for it to remain blocked: in case of a tie between "-tuto" and "-cinematic" or "-skip", the tutorials will start. In case of a tie between "-cinematic" and "-skip", the cinematic will start.
- The secret quest for yellow can no longer be glitched with abilities like "Blink".
- Flesh Giants no longer have fortified armor and can therefore be automatically attacked by units. On the other hand, they gain +2 armor.
- The 3 teal (brown) towers that could be attacked by a Flesh Giant from below were slightly moved to avoid this.
- Dwarven Rifleman has been improved: range (750->1200), base damage (50->65).
- Drain life for zombies now last 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds and Drain life for Hounds, Lichs and Flesh Giants last 60 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
- "Holy Drain" spell is now much more powerful.
- The Cannon Tower has been improved: life (2000->3500), base damage (60->110).
- "Twilight" spell which summons Death Knights now summons 2 Death Knights instead of 4.
- Brown zombie player obtains 6 Hounds instead of 12 when he obtains his 2nd hero Night Eyes.
- Income per important building has been redistributed, giving less importance to small bases for income.
- The income system has been totally revisited (Now important buildings provide income).
- 2 new icons for the bows upgrade.
- Units that are on a bridge when it collapses die.
- Heroic Leap spell has been fixed.
- Paladin and Dwarven Berserker in Tavern has been fixed.
- Dawnfall Warrior/Ranger and Musketeer limit has been fixed.
- x10 armies of Heavy Footmen and Royal Defender with the Royal Veteran has been fixed.
- Several icons has been improved.
- All banners doodads has been changed.
- The spell "Dark Arrival" of the Great Necromancer has been debuff:cooldown (20->60), units teleport (24->12), casting time (5->10).
- Now it's a vote at the beginning of the game between -tuto, -cinematic or -skip.
- Cloaked Stranger and Buildings which spawn x10 army doesn't have any animations so that we can understand that they are not units.
- Wolf Elder, Wolf Guard, Paladin, Lightward Paladin and Thane no longer have a hero glow.
- Many icons has been updated to fit more with their purpose and to facilitate understanding.
- Few minor bugs has been fixed.
- Neutral hostile spiders don't spawn if the undead made the special event to take control of the Ancient Horror.
- Player 1 can now decide between advanced tutorials or cinematic at the beginning of the game.
- The dwarf player can now make a research to train riflemen.
- The DISBTN of the Ring of Valour item has been fixed.
- A spider sound has been added when they spawn.
- The DragonShine now only ping for undead players.
- Added some appropriate colors to messages which warn of a capital destruction.
- There is a second "pause all units" action a bit after victory/defeat to avoid unpaused units because of a "create unit" action.
- Sintoras's icon fixed.
- 13 new models and 5 new icons for items.
- All the items except potions, are now indestructible.
- Luther's Armour item buff has been fixed.
- The information tabs have been updated.
- Many items in the map have a new model and several have a new icon and the others have at least one color change to easily differentiate them all.
- The location of Aslyr, Blade of Northern Winds has been revisited.
- Several heroes have a new icon.
- Aslyr sword deals 70 damage now instead of 50.
- The stone bench at the bottom of the statue in front of the entrance of red base has been replaced correctly.
- "I would gladly bear any curse to save my homeland" sound has been added when the Protector takes his legendary sword.
- New music at the end of game (in case of both victories):an extract from the music "My son" in World of Warcraft
- The Heavy footman which could not been recruited at Barshire has been deleted as well as the Border Guard and Graywall Infantery in the Yellow Garrison Tower at South East of red base.
- The Ballista's icon in Tavern has been changed.
- Descriptions of the Protector's spells has been fixed.
- Bug fixed: players who joined the zombies now have only 1 hero and everyone is warned of their defeat.
- Ballista have a new icon.
- Icons for the mounted ability of the Graywall Knight has been changed.
- Limit of Dawnfall warriors has been fixed and set to 10.
- The icon for removing all mutants has been fixed to the unit's icon.
- All bugs with Light blue's units has been fixed.
- Wolf Guard now begin with 200 mana when they spawn.
- Dwarven mage at the grey's tavern has been fixed.
- New secret quest on the map.
- Ordinat'er's voice has been changed.
- New features now also appear at the beginning of the game.​


Medieval Zombie Apocalypse 2.23 (Map)

Why am I obligated to start with cinematic scenes or tutorial? What if I don't want any? Well, at least it doesn't last that much. So basically Warcraft III spells with changed icons and names. Even armour and attack icons are changed. Is there any...
  1. Helessar


    May 13, 2019
    Hmm Really Good map
    I have already tried it
    Need a little balance update maybe but good enough.
  2. Horomis


    May 12, 2014
    Really well reworked :D thx for uploading it here ;)
  3. Triox


    Jun 30, 2019
    Very good work !
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    "If one of the original developers sees this message, please contact me. I would be glad to discuss it with you. I have no intention of stealing your work and hope that you will understand my simple intentions."

    So you haven't tried to contact any of them before editing their map?

    For instance, there are other versions on the site already:
    Medieval Zombie Apocalypse:Wolfblood (two of the authors you've mentioned have released this version)

    Why would yours be better or so different?

    Awaiting Update.

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    If you're not satisfied with the review and wish another opinion, contact the other reviewers or use the staff contact:
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  5. Arathorn


    Sep 8, 2017

    I tried to contact him but he doesn't seem to be active anymore. I talked to someone who used to play with him once and he told me it wouldn't bother him at all, but it's obviously not enough ^^
    Nevertheless, I still hope to get an answer from Argos!
    Apart from that, I would like to say that the changes I have made since then (31 updates to date) considerably improve the map.
    I also always credit all the developers of this map before me, since the very first version I made.
  6. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Why am I obligated to start with cinematic scenes or tutorial? What if I don't want any? Well, at least it doesn't last that much.
    2. So basically Warcraft III spells with changed icons and names.
    3. Even armour and attack icons are changed. Is there any difference between the original game's percentages and this map's?
    4. Spells like Rain of Chaos are heavily imbalanced compared to others. Also, the spell hasn't got its proper position when you learn it. It comes first instead of second as in the learn ability menu.
    5. Wolf Guards have hero glow but are units. The problem also is that they do not have a decay animation and the body will remain on the battlefield for a long time. Same: Paladin, possibly others.
    6. Wolf Elder looks alike. It's pretty confusing.
    7. Holy Burst=Shockwave.
    8. There's a strange issue when hovering over the Priest:
    9. Stronger Construction (Ballista) should be a passive ability. It has an active ability icon. You can make it look passive with this: Button Manager v1.8.2 Same with Armour of Fate and probably others (+Mage Barrage, Gunspray etc.). This spell also has issues with its description in the learn ability menu.
    10. Confusing to have units as buildings training units.
    Generally, it doesn't look like a bad map. Could be fun with full house.

    Since, it's a legacy map, it's OK as long as the original authors don't ask for it to be taken down.


    (previous comments: Medieval Zombie Apocalypse HEHA 1.31)
  7. Arathorn


    Sep 8, 2017
    Hello, thanks for your precious advice and remarks, I've taken into account several of them in the 1.32 version if you're interested:

    1. Now it's a vote at the beginning of the game between -tuto, -cinematic or -skip (starts immediately the game without the cinematic). The game automatically starts with the cinematic after 20 seconds if there are no votes.
    2. The map has no intention of inventing new skills that are completely unique on Warcraft 3. On the contrary I want to stay as close as possible to warcraft 3 so as not to lose the player in this map already complicated enough ^^
    3. No it's the same stats/game's percentages in the map. Some armour and attack icons are changed to fit more in the map. I still put some of them back by default.
    4. The spell Rain of Chaos is very powerful indeed but it's not imbalanced at all. Each player have his specialities and his role in the map and trust me I played the map many many times and it's totally balanced. ^^ Also I fixed the spell's icon position.
    5. Wolf Elder, Wolf Guard, Paladin, Lightward Paladin and Thane no longer have a hero glow. I have tested and I see it in all the games I do, all the units have a decay animation and really none of them have the problem you're talking about.
    6. Cloaked Stranger and Buildings which spawn x10 army no longer have any animations so that we can understand that they are not units. They are now completely immobile.
    7. I changed the spell's name: Now it's called "Holy Shockwave".
    8. Indeed. I try several things but the issue remains :( But I noticed that it appears only at a specific point of the priest'icon, absolutely not everywhere on the icon.
    9. Every icons has been updated to fit more with their purpose and to facilitate understanding. I made what you said with Button Manager v1.8.2 and now all the icons are perfect. Thanks for the very useful tool ^^
    10. I solved the problem in the sixth point.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  8. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Is it because of a hidden ability or something like that? You can hide it with triggers now and don't have to set its positions with negative numbers (e.g. X:-2, Y:-1).
    The idea was that they are the same spell but just have different names. It's lacklustre.
    Have nothing against fitting them to the theme but it's confusing when you see them the first time if you don't know the values since you can't see them in numbers, they're left with words as in the original game.
  9. Yogglicious


    Jul 12, 2019
    I signed up today to write a post here. Keep up the good work.
    Here are some of the glitches I found / Suggestions that I make. Please let me know what you think about them.

    Game System Issues
    1) Voting System: Voting system is broken. Yes, this is a critical issue. If there is a tie, nothing happens. There simply is no trigger to continue the game. I believe this should be an easy fix. Please do hotfix and release a new version with a better vote system.

    Suggestion for vote system: Make people choose by clicking instead of typing. More people would be participating in the vote that way. When there is a tie, just show the tutorial.

    2) Spider Event Trigger: I'm not entirely sure what's causing the problem, but spider event sometimes isn't triggered and everyone gets desyncd. Never had such a problem on version 1.30.

    3) Flesh Giant: Currently two major issues with Flesh Giant.
    a. Units ignore Flesh Giant because of its armor type. People have to manually click Flesh Giant to target it if there are other units around.
    b. Flesh Giant being able to attack some of the turrets from down hill. This is rather a terrain issue. There are several towers that could be hit by Flesh Giant: Teal's tower at the ramp on the main castle, Purple's tower next to the main gate.

    Balance Issues
    1) Brown being too overpowered with early level 6 Death Knight rush. 4 death knights and hounds give Brown little too much power boost compared to other factions. Looking at same undead, DG's base hero is trash compared to Brown.
    2) Drain Life for zombies should have a timer for its first use. At the moment, what Brown does is farm creeps, pool gold with DG to upgrade to tier2 while ignoring Dwarves and Bulwark. After that, they just get rid of tier1 zombies to deny XP/Gold for both Dwarves and Bulwark. Yes, it is effective but honestly much less fun for both Dwarves and Bulwark. I must say it's rather abuse of the system than strategy. In order to prevent such thing from happening, you could simply get rid of tier1 zombie removal or have a timer to it so that players cannot abuse it.
    Suggestion 1: Have a timer to Tier1 zombie removal.
    Suggestion 2: Make first wave of zombies uncontrollable, meaning, make them creeps just like orcs but rushing towards each base.
    3) Cannon Tower (Dwarven Turret): I don't even feel like upgrading the turret when I play Dwarf. This turret is an utter garbage. Please change it or buff the damage.
    4) Holy Drain (A skill acquired at lv6 for certain heroes): This locust swarm based skill needs a serious rework or buff at the moment. Considering the skill is an ultimate, it is hardly noticeable and when I actually tested it out, it did not even kill one Tier 1 zombie. (Did about 700 damage total)
    5) Dwarven Rifleman: Dwarven Rifleman has 700 range and very slow attack speed, while damage is similar to Axe Thrower (Much lower DPS right now).
    Suggestion: Increase range, damage, or attack speed. It's just the worst ranged unit out there for now.

    My opinion based on the latest patch note (I haven't tried 1.33 yet, only 1.32)
    1) Adding gold value to the base is a good idea, but they should never be the same value. First, it's very unlikely for each color to defend non-important base. Second, the importance of each building is completely different. There simply is no merit to defend the other base. Third, losing 500 gold income early on is very critical, and 0 gold without base is rather brutal.

    Question: Are you trying to nerf human? If that's the case, how would you like to nerf it? These changes seem very radical.
  10. Arathorn


    Sep 8, 2017

    Thank you very much for your feedback and precise remarks! It's good to see that people are interested in the map and are taking the time to make a constructive feedback.
    I am active and open to any suggestions so don't hesitate to contact me, the versions can be released very quickly.
    I have corrected some of the things you pointed out and agree with some of your comments.
    I invite you to read the changelog of version 1.34 and then test it! ^^
    Have fun!
    Don't hesitate to leave a note on the map too ^^

    Version 1.34:
    - The voting system at the beginning of the game has been improved, it is no longer possible for it to remain blocked: in case of a tie between "-tuto" and "-cinematic" or "-skip", the tutorials will start. In case of a tie between "-cinematic" and "-skip", the cinematic will start.
    - The secret quest for yellow can no longer be glitched with abilities like "Blink".
    - Flesh Giants no longer have fortified armor and can therefore be automatically attacked by units. On the other hand, they gain +2 armor.
    - The 3 teal (brown) towers that could be attacked by a Flesh Giant from below were slightly moved to avoid this.
    - Dwarven Rifleman has been improved: range (750->1200), base damage (50->65).
    - Drain life for zombies now last 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds and Drain life for Hounds, Lichs and Flesh Giants last 60 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
    - "Holy Drain" spell is now much more powerful.
    - The Cannon Tower has been improved: life (2000->3500), base damage (60->110).
    - "Twilight" spell which summons Death Knights now summons 2 Death Knights instead of 4.
    - Brown zombie player obtains 6 Hounds instead of 12 when he obtains his 2nd hero Night Eyes.
    - Income per important building has been redistributed, giving less importance to small bases for income.
  11. Calciumcarbonat


    May 28, 2009
    Just discovered this one on bnet and instantly got addicted to it. Great concept, good balancing and a lot of detail. Very cool viarity on units and events.
    It is a little bit like eras zombie invasion but actually done right.
    Here some criticisms and recommendations:
    1) Hero abilities could need some work. Some of them are much stronger then others e.g. frostnova is stronger than chainlightning on the melee wizard hero.
    2) Team colours of red and dark red are too similiar. It often gets confusing. Also it is weird in the game lobby since teal is not actually teal.
    3) Human heroes have brutally strong spells but die very quick. This leads to melee heroes beeing not even used in battle and them standing around for some time.
    I would recomend: give melee heroes about double HP or give them some escape mechanism like an ability or an item.
    4) It would be nice if you could indicate which factions is which in the lobby. This could be done by creating a Team for each human player which are titled with the faction name.
    Also an difficulty indicator for the different slots would be neat.

    But everything else is very nice! Keep up the good work!
  12. Groffi


    Oct 30, 2019
    I like the new changes. And the new village looks good. Haven't figured out what it does though..
  13. Pownage


    May 21, 2014
    The fact this map is continuing to be worked on again is nice.

    I've liked the recent changes in balancing terms.
  14. Groffi


    Oct 30, 2019
    Just came back to the game after like 10 year to play some old school cotum maps: Hero Sieg, Helms Deep, Racoon City, etc. Found this map and been playing it non-stop for over a week. The 8 human and dwarf faction are have a very uniqe gameplay. I tried out all of them and i still have not figured out all their tricks. The undead are the same except the heroes but have very different objectives. The game feels very different every time as you play with different people and have different outcomes. I think i will be coming back for a long time. Especially as it has regular updates.
  15. PhucTH


    Jan 17, 2017
    I really love the map, both the old and this map as well. But I really can't find players to play with (since I mostly play with a small group of friends only). This may not be easy but can you add AI players?
  16. Arathorn


    Sep 8, 2017
    I could but we already discussed it many times with the community and it would be completely unnecessary. The work would be really too much high for what it will give. Just a constant feed, the AI will never have the level of a real player. I know it could be a bit fun if you want to play it solo or just few people but as I said before, it's too much work what it is. Also I don't judge you if you only want to play with friends but if you need players you should know that we have a discord server and a large community who hosts the map very often. You can almost always have a lobby at any times on Warcraft 3.

    Last thing: Don't hesitate to rate the map : )
  17. PhucTH


    Jan 17, 2017
    Don't worry. It just a suggestion/selfish idea. Your map/work is great. I will rate the map to 5 :)
  18. Guillimans


    Jun 23, 2014
    You've seemed to have put a lot of effort into the map. Fresh blood and a new set of eyes have improved the map, where I as the previous editor lost my focussed down the line. Kudos on keeping it going.
  19. Virtuoze


    May 21, 2020
    I have discover this game a few weeks ago, it's so nice. You have to learn the game a bit to enjoy it.
    There is a discord for the community with people ready to play with you and give you some pro tips. You can exchange about your feedback there.
    Game is still worked on, i didn't crash a single time using classic graphic.

    5 on 5 !