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  • Comic? well, that sounds time consuming ^^

    I just celebrated my 5th year of hiving, yepee.
    Thank you!
    The warrior will have (and already has) that whirling animation+
    an effect will be added to his weapon and its fine.

    im not sure why i didnt check that.. well it should be easy to do

    I dont get whats the problem with the stances, u just need
    a defend ability. When defend s active its defensive stance, when
    non-active its berserker.
    ok i can make it like that np :thumbs_up:

    and the charge is good

    well talk to u later
    i was just about to tell you what ive done so far i am finishing it up soon

    for bladestorm: it doesnt just make the caster immune but the whirly effect
    you see is part of the blademaster's animation so a new effect will have to
    be imported if you want it to look like wc3 otherwise its easy to make a custom
    bladestorm spell

    spell reflection is done. it lasts 5 seconds and reflects the first spell cast on the
    hero with a spell reflect buff

    skull banner done

    the stances were somewhat tricky as you cant use the same ability twice on a hero
    im still thinking what to do with them

    colossus smash/ heroic strike done , sudden death has 10% chance to activate
    from physical attacks resetting colossus smash cooldown and showing that
    effect from the texture

    charge done. the link u gave me was invalid or something and i did this spell
    last so i used one of the best charge spells on the hive and modified it a bit
    tell me what u think about it its the one by paladon

    btw i started to make all the spells in a pure vjass format that way they are
    easy to maintain, its better for the map (more efficient) and its overall better

    sry it took so long ill be a bit faster from now on
    ok all done with the mage spells now they use acid bomb for projectiles, the arcane missiles can be cast on everything and all spells cannot be cast unless at minimum range to the target otherwise an error message is displayed
    Thank you very much, I felt satisfied with the hard work done when someone said the size could be so small, I guess only map maker who worked with WoW models could understand well. :)

    I've released version 1.0.a before working on other model remaking and other materials related stuff, feel free to check it out. (felt fail with previous version 1.0 lol)
    hey dude, i think there might be a slight delay with my coding, im a bit busy at the moment i have 2 tests later next week, one of them is easy but the other one is really hard so ill still work on the stuff but expect some delays ill def be able to completely finish arcane tomorrow and if that somehow does not happen it should be done the day after that otherwise it would have been done by now sry.. ;//
    Who's that smoker guy in your photo? He's familiar but I can't remember. Maybe from a korean series?
    Congratulations! It looks very nice. And tasty.
    and it was edible
    ow yiss! thats the colossus smash proc that resets it. its a pretty nice addition. so its just the texture and no model but 40kb is still a lot for a texture have u tried compressing it a bit more btw can u post the maps here in the pastebin mediafire does not like me too much ;/ also the terrain is looking 3 times better

    edit: oh and btw u know about the project wc3 wow right? since were going with durotar theme there were a ton of durotar/orc models in that project i think i have them lying around if u wanna use them or u can just look up that project
    bosted be you
    I like your drawing stile, plz make your thread in the
    concept art section!

    /friend request sent
    but i cant how:goblin_jawdrop::goblin_jawdrop:
    ok so about the dr .. heres the thing since each of these
    will have a specific duration for every unit the easiest way to do all of them is to make several functions which apply them to a unit. the functions will consider if a unit has recently been applied a similar effect and reduce the duration by how many times the effect has been applied.

    so what im saying is that each one of those effects will have to be fully triggered skills
    -stuns is already implemented
    -fears can easily be done by ordering a unit to move in a direction
    -disorients - same as fears but random direction
    -roots - just set a unit's move speed to 0 and put some effect on him for a duration
    silences - this might be tricky but i think i can do it with buff removal

    so yea thats the easiest way to make it work just lettin u know
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