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Sep 6, 2018
Dec 20, 2009

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Defender of Sith

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Sep 6, 2018
    1. morbent
      Wow whaat. M0rbid was last seen Thursday? I'm intrigued. You're one of the few people I expected to see last seen "4 years ago" or so.

      Hey dude. We didn't chat much if I'm not mistaken (I think I just asked you annoying questions :D), but I'm just glad you've visited at least. Your avatar and name has weight to it :p I've recently been checking my oldest VMs and most people don't seem to be around. Feels good to see you.
      Might. Might wanna respond to those friends of yours below, possibly, if I'm not mistaken :cgrin: (bout the friends part. Don't leave em hanging dude xD)

      edit1: (oh goddamit, u prob did. This new Hive. I still cant get used to the no "view conversations" option. You probably replied n stuff :d goddamit, I can't even make a half-decent-mostly-shit joke work)
    2. deepstrasz
      Your MatrixReloaded album is a scam :D
    3. Keiji
      Originally I planned on answering by pointing out the linguistic weirdness in asking someone "/how/ they are", but meh.

      I've been good, I am good, things are good. I met a girl, crazy for me, summer days drifting away to ah, oh, those summer nights.

      Ahem. Well, as I said, I met a girl, we're together now, and we've moved from Bergen to Lillehammer, which is effectively cross-country
      relatively far away. I finished my bachelor in literature, which I'm not even sure you knew I started, and now I'm spending most of my days
      working at a construction store and writing ^^

      How about yourself?
    4. Keiji
      Holy shi-

      You're alive?
    5. Rui
    6. DerekX
      My first visit here but didn't you have models here, including a stormtrooper?
    7. HERON
      Hii how are you?
    8. neo_sluf
    9. Sin'dorei300
      Happy New Year! :)
    10. I3lackDeath
      Pretty much. Just dropped by to reply to a PM.
      You can find me on dA anytime, though.
    11. Vengeancekael
      Ah yes, studying. New school year will be starting next week, I can't wait. /sarcasm
      I've gotten into writing nowadays actually, 'ya know, fictional stories etc.
      It's fun!
    12. Vengeancekael
      So what are you up to these days?
    13. morbent
      Last Activity: Yesterday 04:43 PM

      Omg, M0rbid! You're still around :X Say something man ^^ Hey I played Kotor some months ago, now I know who Revan is :p at long last. Nice game. I don't have the nerves for the second part though, combat is just.. too slow for me.
    14. Dat-C3
      Any chance I could get your resources? I forgot the names, but you had quite the excellent art/resources. It hurts I can't see it anymore so I decided to finally ask if your willing to share with me.
    15. Vengeancekael
      lol dark wizard's reign. nice
      Will update it now.
    16. Vengeancekael
      Added. Got any dates for your position? Roughly your years of service would suffice really.
    17. Vengeancekael
      Wait, what were your positions again? Icon mod?
    18. Vengeancekael
      Yes you aaaar- you're not. Wow, how could I forget you baby boo <3
    19. Revilo
      Been a while since I logged in hasn't it! ;)
    20. N.Knight
      Hows it going :)
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