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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2018
Dec 30, 2005

Awarded Medals 3

Sep 8, 1907 (Age: 113)
Science Master


Creator, 113, from Finland

Kitabatake was last seen:
Aug 31, 2018
    1. ThomasEddington
      Hey man - I've been following your work for years - really great work you have done. I wanted you to know that I will be using your models rather heavily in the map I am working on - your farm, house, and at least a couple others or more (don't want to ruin the surprises). I might even say your work is part of what has motivated me to finish my map that I started 8 years ago.

      Anyway, best regards, be well.
      1. Lt. Col. Noob
        Lt. Col. Noob
        Hi, I'm new to the site can I ask where can I find models specifically made ex. Kitabatake.
        Nov 16, 2019
      2. ThomasEddington
        On this very page, look up and to the right a little, click on the Resources tab, this is where Kitabatake's creations reside.
        Nov 18, 2019
      3. Lt. Col. Noob
        Lt. Col. Noob
        tnx man ... now lets do some exploration!
        Nov 19, 2019
    2. MeijinDao
      Can I use some of your models?
    3. FeruEnzeruJKun
      111?! Damn you're super duper old! @.@?
    4. SeedinAethyr
      Happy birthday!
    5. Elissabeth Haser
      Elissabeth Haser
      Hi Kitabatake! I'm making an Altered Melee map, and I would like to use your Armed Mage (https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/armed-mage.88716/) model as a substitute to the Blood Elf Spellbreaker, obviously giving you credit, but also editing out it's hero glow and a few more details like the size of the sword. But, as i'm kinda new with modeling or editing, could you plase (or anyone) make a version of this model with a Decay Flesh and a Decay Bone animation? I know it's a really old model, but it's still really useful in some maps like this nowadays. I've already edited the mentioned things without problems so far, but those two animations are too much for me. It's also okay if you don't have the time for that, and just give permission for others to do it, or if you don't want it to be edited too. Anyways, thanks for reading.
      1. Kitabatake
        Yes, feel free to edit and use it.
        Good luck with your map project
        Aug 31, 2018
    6. drako3y
      Is it possible to get Revnant yori?
      1. Kitabatake
        Yes go get it
        Aug 31, 2018
    7. xorkatoss
      "Kitabatake was last seen: Mar 17, 2018" wuutt? Secretly working on BnG 3? :D
      1. Kitabatake
        Unfortunately too busy with work to do much modding these days :D
        Apr 27, 2018
      2. xorkatoss
        that's exactly what someone who is secretly making a map would say :D
        Apr 28, 2018
    8. KingWarlord
      how can i set the art-animation to third
      i want to make a model for that
    9. Diegoit
    10. Diegoit
      Men i love you RPG models but PLS add it portraits
    11. Spinach Salad
      Spinach Salad
      Hey, your models are really amazing
      I was curious if you would mind if I used some of your attachment models is a map I am working on (probably won't be finished for a long time)
    12. Tharifas
      Hi! I'd like to ask permission to add attachment points to your Fradz model. Your models are great!

      And since he's a dragonslayer, him not being able to attack air is weird so I would like to use his sword model as missile, but it doesn't have a death anim, so it looks bad. I wonder if I may ask you to add it? If you're busy, may I have your permission to do it myself (I have never done it before tho)

      Thank you!
    13. Zartyzzo
      Any chance you could fix the selection during its build animation for your Encampment model? I really want to use it for my map. Only if you have the time and desire for it, of course. :)
    14. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      Nothing much at the moment.
    15. xorkatoss
      Last Activity: 01-20-2015 11:50 PM

      dafuq man when are you coming back? o.o
      1. View previous comments...
      2. xorkatoss
        BnG 3 in the making? :D
        Dec 7, 2016
      3. Kitabatake
        I'm too busy with my job to develop anything :D
        You still in military service?
        Jan 16, 2017
      4. xorkatoss
        lol no actually I finished that 2 years ago man haha
        Feb 6, 2017
    16. apcrabnightlive
      Hello there, I'm going to use your Samurai Katana model for my entry in the Techtree Contest#10.

      May I have your permission to to edit the model? I ask someone to add a decay anim and edit the custom texture. I hope that you could allow me thanks.
      1. Kitabatake
        yeah sure, go ahead
        Dec 3, 2016
    17. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      Hey can I ask Permission
      to use your Blood Lotus Attachment
      as the Sword for my Tyrael Model
      I will give you a Credit
      1. Kitabatake
        yes, go ahead
        Dec 3, 2016
    18. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      I wondered if you could make a Gate to fit your "Wall" model. I think it would be quite useful.
    19. Wietlol
      Hya Kitabatake

      I am making a map which will soon be uploaded to the map dev and want to use your Fire Mage model as one of the heroes.
      For every player, you can also have one slightly more overpowered hero (levels to 14 and all abilities have an extra level) so I need 2 versions of it.

      I think that this Fire Mage looks pretty strong by itself so need one with lets say, steel armor and without the fireball on the staff (also without those spikes around the fireball).

      I can do the recolor myself, but I cant remove the fireball and the spikes from the staff.
      Can you edit the staff for me?
      Or if not, do I have permission to ask someone else to modify it?

      It would also be useful if the mage has one more spell animation.
      Just a simple channel animation.
      Like holding his staff right in front of him holding it by 2 hands.
      If you could do that, it would be awesome.

      Best regards,

      1. Kitabatake
        Yes, go ahead with the edits
        Dec 3, 2016
      2. Wietlol
        That took a while to think about.
        Dec 4, 2016
    20. rndudcks45
      Hello, kitabatake! I'm a user on M16 sever.
      I had created clan for Blades n gore ii ..
      I have translated Blades n gore ii.
      I wanna new version, fix some bugs..
      I see you said "Don't ask." But so long time are passed..
      Where are you??
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  • About

    Sep 8, 1907 (Age: 113)
    Science Master
    Current Project:
    Currently working on Blades 'n Gore II.
    It is a fast paced sword fighting game that is fast to learn and hard to master.
    It supports a variety of game modes & team configurations and more features are added with future updates.

    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Started map making with the Age of Empires II editor. Those who are familiar with that editor should not find it hard to know where my username originates from.

    I switched over to making maps for Warcraft III at around ~2003.
    As I didn't have an internet connection at the time, I learned GUI triggering with only experimenting, trial and error.
    (That is also the reason why I never switched over to using JASS. I'm too lazy to learn to do stuff I already know, only to do the exact same functionality with a different method.)

    Later on, after getting an actual internet connection, I discovered wc3sear.ch and joined it after lurking the site for nearly a year or so.

    Eventually, I got eager to expand my skills to model editing and I started out with simple stuff using Magos' War3 Model Editor and Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modify.

    At some point wc3sear.ch went heavily over it's quota and died. All data and users were transferred over to Hiveworkshop, so here I am.

    map making, model making
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