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Dec 18, 2010
Jun 7, 2008


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Coinblin was last seen:
Dec 18, 2010
    1. pleasancer benediction
      pleasancer benediction
      All the icons u made i like it but regards about the godspeed icon that u made. I suggest u add in some sort of lightning symbol on it that way it looks better and give it some shoes yes.
    2. Midnighters
      Welcome back to hive.
    3. Forgotten_Warlord
      sweet looks awesome! :D
    4. Forgotten_Warlord
      ok cool thnx :)
    5. Forgotten_Warlord
      Well he will have a mixture of all of them lol, but can't you add a tag for those? instead of more than one unit :)
    6. Forgotten_Warlord
      Hows the animation coming? I'm anxious to use it in my RPG :D
    7. dizzt
      Thats the coolest thing ive heard so far. youre cool too man. :P
    8. Gausslander
      It's your work, and it's magnificent.
      Would you like to be credited in my user details?
    9. MetalThing
      Hi Coinblin i just posted too tell you how great icons you make :D Its a very nice stile and i think it suit wc3 perfectly.
      ~MetalThing (an not so good artist.... YET!).
    10. oh_snap
      Good Job with the newest icon. I want to see more like that. It matches blizzards style, and is simply splendid.
    11. supertoinkz
      Hello Coinblin
      first of all, hello
      i was a member of Midnighters new modding forum. We need population
      so im encouraging you to join it
      Blizzard Mods
    12. De.Facto
      Hey mate, thanks for your suggestions! I will fix this issues as soon as possible [;
    13. Vercas
      The timing couldn't be better. I just ate before reading your post. :xxd:
      My stomach isn't so solid... :xxd:
    14. supertoinkz
      hai Coinnlin
      So first of all, hai :D
      So heres my message, you have potential in icon making. Just with the highlights and shadings impressed me. The only problem is some "users" don't know the art of icon making so that they'll comment rude words about your icons. Maybe someday, you'll be more famous than me :D

    15. FrIkY
      Well, maybe you can show it to me by uploading a picture on ImageShack® (or any other image hosting site), and then just give me the link to it. Or you can use pastebin.
    16. FrIkY
      Cool. ^^
    17. FrIkY
      How's your progress with the second skin, can I see the WIP (Work in progress - in other words, how far you got)? ^_^
    18. Misha
      hello there.

      ~Misha the master critiquer~
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