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  • Hello GreyArchon!
    How would you like to join my modding team of Colossal Productions as our 3D/2D Artist? Colossal Productions is made up of jones080, jxtranghero, hades17, Champara Bros, newbchu,
    AL0NE, Blood Raven, GangSpear, eubz, Verdun, Skipper and me.
    Our goal is to make quality maps for peoples enjoyment. If you are asking, what would I do? You would just simply provide us 3D/2D resources to be used in our maps.
    If you have any more questions, please fell free to VM/PM me.

    Also, our current projects are located in my signature.

    Gotcha. Well, deadlines.. well, the map is a hobby project, but personally, I'd want it as quick as you possibly can make it. When that is should be up to you to be honest. I'm a patient man, but if too much time pass, I'll probably ask someone else.. usually with a warning to you first though. XD
    Thats pretty awesome. Needs some touching up but, as a whole, that looks nice and genuine.

    Ok, no promises yet until my IRL settles down a bit, but what sort of deadlines for the project do you have in mind?
    I think I am the only one that has bombed his UI and added a grill over the inventory slots. The map thread haven't been created yet. The UI however,

    Gonna do some minor tweaking with possible height issues, then CRAZYRUSSIAN will do his magic and buff up the level of detail and remove minor flaws. Quite possibly help with the inventory cover, that's a maybe though. I just asked about it, so we'll see where that goes.

    I have a pretty fancy Tech tree going on for the map though, The style of the map is sort of Goblin Exploration Tribes meets Empire Earth. There's 8 Tiers and a shitload of techs. Been thinking about finding a way to cancel techs. (The idea was to give item requirements to some upgrades, some having item requirements and costing gold/wood. I haven't managed to get that to work though. Not enough = cancellation)
    The thing is, goblins are techno maniacs. They love to shove unnecessary things onto their creations. Besides, if it's as I suggested, it would become a multipurpose model. Some can use it as a Node to reach.. Sort of the Assassin's Creed style capture all flags one by one and return to the starting point kind of thing. Some people might even use them as doodads or items by scaling it up or scaling it down.

    Well, since the problem is time, there's no real alternative solution to the problem. Well, unless you made two versions just for the hell of it. But that would sacrifice even more of your time. The lamp and the exhaust pipe are a given. Rally point or not, I find those necessary. It would stick out from the rest of the rally points and say that "THIS is for goblins"

    Well, that's my thoughts on the matter. The choice is yours, I've argued my point, but the creator has the obvious last say in the matter. That's all for me.

    Err.. No, I don't think it is that simple. There's a lamp to the left and a (chimney? I can't remember the english word for it) to the right. Also, some gizmos to hold the whole thing up and some makeshift wiring in the back.

    So, should I assume that you are interested? XD
    Also, if you find this or any of my ideas uninteresting. Please don't forget to tell me. XD
    Waiting for nothing is not my idea of a great time. XD
    Well, I'm making a goblin map, you could probably tell since I'm also the dude attempting to make the goblin UI. I got a lot of ideas. But the one that is probably among the most interesting one would be a rally point. I got a picture actually.

    I'm starting with this one because the many others I have is so vague. XD
    Yo, dude. Do you take requests?
    also, what happened to your sheep building? Do you remember why it was rejected? :O
    Hey GreyArchon! -News : Are you interested in inheriting a map somewhat like your very own Digger? the map is called "Slug Tag" and with a little work and your ingenuity it can really shine! The original owner is kinda giving it to me, but I honestly haven't any time to review maps, let-alone create one. If you agree, we can collaborate (I'll ask -Rispetto- for his approval) and make another cute, fun map without any damn ZOMBIES! (get the hint, map makers?!) O.k. sorry for my outburst. >.> ...Waiting for a reply!
    Well, you sure did hit the spot with Digger. Like I said : adorable! Friends?
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