Medieval Zombie Apocalypse 4.5!

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In this map the're 6 human teams, Red as the main city of Harthen and the king., Blue as the mages guiild, Teal as the forces of Lord Dargen, Purple as the forces of Porternburl, Yellow as the Forces of the Golden Eagle (Alike to that of the Silver Hand) and last of all light Blue as the forces of South Fields (a farming community with the large city of Chinon overlooking it).

There are 2 Zombie Teams. Brown, the main atatck force from the North is led by the Death Knight Fredrick. Dark Green, the attack force from the East led by the Dreadlord Rarzeen.

For the Humans to win they must hold 1 of the following buildings by the end of the 1 hour timer. The Fortress of Harthen, Castle Porternburn, The Outskirt Town Hall, Castle Chinon, The Mage Guild Citadel or The Church of The Golden Eagle.

For the Undead to win the must destroy all of them in the one hour timer :)

Please test my map and get back to me on it :)

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Medieval Zombie Apocalypse 4.5! (Map)

13:35, 29th Aug 2010 Cweener: Rejected (until updated) As several posts have said, fix you description, and your map author. Otherwise, this will never be approved, as both of those things are in the rules.




13:35, 29th Aug 2010
Cweener: Rejected (until updated)
As several posts have said, fix you description, and your map author.
Otherwise, this will never be approved, as both of those things are in the rules.
Level 2
Jan 14, 2010
Sounds fun,screenshots?

I'll check it out and we'll see how it goes.
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Level 7
Apr 16, 2008
this map came to be a bit of a dissapointment, its basicly a replica of about 2000 other maps of the same type, why do i think this? all zombie maps have HIGH ASS HP/DMG and the zombies are either underpowered or overpowered, i havent checked yet but the events seem to be boring and typical, 2/5.
Level 2
Jan 14, 2010

Played and here's some feedback::grin:

3.5/5, room for improvement.:confused:

First and foremost, as everyone has said,fix your basics-description, screenshots, authors, etc. :cry:

Plus points:

Creativity- not too bad a concept. Golden Eagle was kinda cool. :thumbs_up:

Good, but room for improvement:

Units- Variety,yes but insufficient? Passing off a few modified melee and only a couple of ranged units simply wont do! Zombies with only like 1 or 2 varieties are seriously an eyesore.:razz:

Events- Hey "light blue is getting reinforcements.
The garrison has been destroyed! Fall back to red!"

WHAT THE HELL IS LIGHT BLUE and RED?for crying out loud:cry: use actual names. If i aint wrong light blue are the paladins and red is defender of hearthglen or something? And the events are kinda crapish. Work on them. Triggers too.:thumbs_down:

Advancements- What was that..."oh some place fell and masters grant zombies a flesh golem" thing? It gets kinda boring when we see these repeated time and time again man.:cry:

Terrain- Fine,but specifics and details,can improve gameplay and aesthetics greatly if refined.:zip:

Balance- Zombies get way too powerful towards the end of the game, and several human units are way too expensive to build,and do literally no damage to zombies? Wouldn't it be potentially unfair if the outcome of this game is simply for zombies to overrun all human outposts? And with the spam zombies and simply propagate the entire map and swarm everywhere and anywhere.:hohum:


In view of the current flaws and aspects that are lacking,i strongly suggest improvements to be implemented,and thereafter updated.


In view of the criticism and discouraging comments, i'll shed some light on this issue that the map can contribute to improved gameplay and a better experience if these issues are fixed, and the map is improved. Seeing humans war against zombies is kinda fun, as long as balancing is done.:con:

With the warmest Regards,
Yours sincerely,
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Level 3
Jul 22, 2008
This is my first map and everything on it I've worked out for myself, I'm far from a pro and how is the description breaching the rules? and Zaperer thanks for the feedback :) Will fix it up when I get the time :)
Level 2
Jan 14, 2010
Improve the description, because it's violating the rules.

Its really quite easy to fix your description...

1. Change the author
2. Add screenshots
3. Section your description:
-How to play
-Advanced stuff, tips, hints, strategies etc etc.
4. Show the events?
5. Add a changelog.

Just go to other maps with good descriptions and use their's as a format for your own description. Well if you can make your own map,dont see why you cant fix the description.

Check this map on hive for example,its description made me play the game.

A description basically leaves a first impression. If you have a good description, people will be compelled to check your map out.