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  • I saw you were working on a map similar to Stronghold, so I thought I'd show you the map I made, inspired by Stronghold. Of course it's not 100% Stronghold, but has a lot of similarities. Rise of Nations v5.63
    giving me the materials to do a map based on a map
    Are u really making it ? xD (i'm curious)
    Hey atleast our old name lives on, hehe.

    I'm not that interested though to be honest - since that name is dead and all - but do you know who the shamans are or chiefain is? Anyways, thanks for the notice, it's such an interesting thing to know xD
    Yes, humans are completely dumb when it comes to manipulation, most are to proud to accept the fact that they are manipulated.
    ToC became an RTS and an ORPG, but in different worlds.

    I will need a tester for SC2, but I might release a ToC update soon (the RTS one). If you play SC2 at all, hit me up.
    It WAS infurn4tr1x, but now its A(uro)N2, i pop up here and there, :D on all servers practically 'cept asia cos i haven't registered on there and i dont plan to (no english speakers there or very few >.>)
    I'm still A.o.C on USwest. I am XenoStalker on USeast and XenoStalker on Starcraft so thats why I use this username.

    My old ORPG took a dive when all the core systems broke because of that one major editor patch - the one with Hashtables. I am pondering wether to continue it or not and release it. I have already buffed up and released Warfare 2149 and Tides of Cataclysm RTS. Check them out if you want.

    What was your Bnet username again?
    Just giving you a reply to let you know I'm not completely dead. I might be back on every now and then to check around, but I doubt I'll do much in terms of updates.
    I am A.o.C

    You PM'd me on my old account a while ago and I just saw it (a long time ago rather).
    Well, here I am I'm not dead.
    Aok is age of kings, aka age of empires 2. aoc is the expansion to that. :D
    about the project, PFFT, it died before i opened the map! lol, instead im going smaller simpler and more doable by me :D
    LoL np :) It's great some people keep working on it, it's what I wanted !
    Maybe you could tell me more about your project :)
    What is aok ? (sry xD)
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) wel you know, firstly i did them as flightless dragons... but some idiot still wanted wings.. so i did them
    By the way, on my picture, im the one directly in the middle, all you other scum, are the one to my right, or to my left, Huahahaha!
    aaron, i'll happily join, now that im starting up with my map making Reign of chao-i mean heavenlyness again, :)
    Grapist, im good, how are you, and ham ham, Err, thanks for notifying me :)
    Thats a RPG that I left. Maybe I will start working on it again someday, but for now I have to worry about my ww3 map.
    hey i was wondering if you would join my site :) we are a cozy community that is growing with 29+ members
    @antinoobfreek, Try googling for once,
    @ awsome wolf who is a good guitarist mind you, Hurry it up!Im impatient :p, and your other fans are too from what i seem to have noticed, last time i played this i was booted because i-well i have no idea, he was probably convinced i had something to do with the making of the map or something, host said "go get the next version, your banned until then" or somethin' rather :eek:
    hey! lol :) dont worry, this project is far from being over :p the v1.18 update is a lot bigger than any of the previous ones and has taken a long time to finish mainly due to the inventory system which has required thorough testing to weed out all the bugs ;) No to mention the exam periods for all our project members which always take priority over hobbies ;) We're very nearly there though :D

    Im afraid im not going to be around for the next week, but as soon as I come back, I'll get everyone together and we'll try to get something released within the week wfter that :D

    Thanks for supporting us!
    Hrm?I know im evil, i don't really want reputation, why would i?im a normal person who deserves to be normal 'till i actually EARN it. Trust me, in the not too far but not too close future, i will.
    Oh dear, arthas will hack, i bet, unless illidan turns his hacks on before arthas can find it...hmm...Hack worz maybeh?
    Sorry I haven't replied, I've been sick and away at school.

    WoRP is cancelled, and has been cancelled for... eh... a year or more?
    Warcraft 5 follows Warcraft 3 and 4 when it comes out, but since we don't know 4's story I have to make one my self. I hate WoW Lore, I DESPISE it, Ever since its first expansion it just kills off the cool characters.
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