A Song of Dream Chasing

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This campaign was made by Flower Fairy. She is the author of this campaign. The campaign is being posted on HiveWorkShop on her behalf with her express permission.

The campaign was originally posted here:

逐梦之歌 - 自定义战役系列地图讨论区 - 游久社区 - bbs.uuu9.com


A Song of Dream Chasing
A Song of Dream Chasing
This campaign follows Arthas and the undead. This campaign is comprised of 11 playable missions and 8 cinematic missions, and follows the style of the Blizzard campaign with RTS-style missions as well as RPG-style missions.

Due to the conversion tool used to convert the campaign to the standard world editor, it is recommended to play the campaign using the most recent patch.

List of Flower Fairy's Campaigns
List of Flower Fairy's Campaigns

1. The Lonely Nightstar
2. Of Crimson Tides
3. Evil Resurgent
4. A Song of Dream Chasing


Thrall: The warchief of the Horde. He received a warning in his dreams that Outland would inevitably sink into the sea. For the future of the orcs, he led the Horde away from their home, and planned on searching for a new place of dwelling. But this is destined to be a hard journey. Even though the young Horde warchief believes in peace, Thrall must fight for his people’s greatest interests and best living conditions.

Rexxar: No-one knows Aiden Perenolde’s cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness better than this elderly beastmaster. His clan, the Mok’Nathal clan, surrendered to the humans in the past war, but the current leader of the Silver Hand, Aiden Perenolde, entertained them with very cruel experiments: gas bombs, bio-transformations, mothers' love experiments, beautifying invasive histories... To this Mok'Nathal chieftain, until the humans are doomed, his inner hatred will never fade.

Rokhan: Ashenvale in the north is his former home. Now though, that familiar though unfamiliar homeland is a reef beaten by the waves. Even though a natural disaster has crushed the trolls, their unyielding spirit and noble toughness encourages them to survive staunchly from beginning to end. The shadow hunter still has a long way to go though. He must not only face the pressure of survival, but also harm from an old friend.

Cairne Bloodhoof: No-one can resist fate and no-one can avoid defeat. As the chieftain of the tauren though, Carine Bloodhoof is old, and due to his negligence, his beloved wife died in battle and his only child was captured by the centaur. He often feels anxious and worried, and the tattered current situation once had him in low spirits. The Horde's arrival was a turn for the better though. Cairne Bloodhoof sees a future. This may be able to rewrite the destiny of the tauren.



Message from Flower Fairy (creator): This campaign takes some inspiration from Tomoraider and Sclammerz.

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Special Thanks

Message from Flower Fairy (creator): This campaign takes some inspiration from Tomoraider and Sclammerz.

These people helped in various ways in bringing the campaign to hiveworkshop.
Ghostwolf- YDWE conversion tool, Quinten- map description title picture, Deepstrasz- various things, Naruto- helping contact the author, Tuwnew- map template.

Change Log

SoDCv0.020- Initial Upload
SoDCv0.025- Grammar/spelling fixed based on cleavinghammer/lisboah comments


A Song of Dream Chasing (Campaign)

[/spoiler] I think things need to be planned more than be done on the fly. Many levels seem rushed. More thought should be given to map layout and gameplay design for each chapter, to be made as different as possible. In what the story is concerned...
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008
Just to remind you all: The author of this campaign is 我是花仙魔法使 (flower fairy). The campaign is posted on hiveworkshop on her behalf with her express permission.
The campaign was originally posted here:

逐梦之歌 - 自定义战役系列地图讨论区 - 游久社区 - bbs.uuu9.com


This is a campaign from the Chinese warcraft 3 community. Hopefully we can "give back" in the sense that by sharing many campaigns from their community, it will inspire Hiveworkshop creators to make more campaigns, and then the chinese community can play those campaigns when the Chinese translators bring Hive campaigns to their community (so in this way, they can benefit also).

Finally, it is strongly recommended to use some kind of method to moisturize your eyes before playing this, because if you blink during any of the cinematic scenes, you might miss all the dialogue.

Message from Flower Fairy:

When I was still a primary school student, I would often fantasize about making my own map. When I was in my first year of middle school (2014), I was influenced by older creators such as Tomoraider and Turnro, and my plan of making my own campaign became firmer. In 2015 (my second year of middle school), I began the slow process of making a custom campaign. Even though during my self-study period in 2014 I made a few crude Azeroth fanfiction maps (Like the Forsaken v Scarlet Crusade + Burning Legion, Uther’s son, who followed Jaina, leading Humanity to retake Lordaeron), I still wish for my campaigns to be based on an adapted Warcraft Universe, as in this way I could integrate more personal ideas. This is how I came to make custom campaigns.

In 2018, a player called Tulee wanted to translate custom campaigns from the Uuu9 website over to hiveworkshop. I knew about hiveworkshop. It was a war3 website favoured by map makers. For this, I actively signed my campaigns up to be translated. But I must admit, the four campaigns up until now have more or less contained some detail issues. In addition, when initially making campaigns I did not plan to set up cinematic skip triggers (in my opinion this is the core issue with the first four campaigns), since many players have been troubled by this. But after knowing players’ comments, I do not think my campaigns are terrible. Some players even like them greatly. This invigorates me.

But the most prominent comments concern the names of the characters. I realize I must express my personal view on this matter.

Tulee is not the first person to translate my campaign. Before him, a player translated my first campaign for me and posted it on hiveworkshop. It was only after she finished the translation that she informed me that she had changed many of the character names in my campaign to names of characters in the Azeroth Universe. She had edited some models and icons, and had even changed my campaign’s name from “Shadow of Youth” to “The Lonely Nightstar”. But at the time, I was good friends with that player. I knew translating a campaign was difficult, so I agreed with her idea. Later, due to various reasons, the initial “The Lonely Nightstar” was forcibly removed. I am not very clear on what happened at the time, but there were still many players who had played my campaign.

I have practically never seen a campaign where the characters’ names were altered. I think this is very rash, and really don’t like this. This is also why I hoped Tulee would still translate some names of characters and places into the corresponding names for Azeroth when translating my campaign. After all, many players had played my campaign. Also, I think in this way the immersion will be greater for players at hiveworkshop. In reality, when designing some of the characters, I referred to some settings of Azeroth characters, but many original characters like He Xiaoshu without any references are directly translated. Players must understand this is an overhead universe adapted from Warcraft, even though this world has some similarities with Azeroth. I have even given this world a name: Alysisy. This special name will be emphasized repeatedly in my 5th campaign. For this, I feel strange when I see some players think Tulee changed the character names in the campaigns. The requirements of the translation were set out by me personally. It was not Tulee who decided on his own. I hope players can understand this.

I have also seen some comments that have left me with a deep impression. Some players think many plot points of my campaigns draw from the Blizzard campaigns.

In my opinion, the plot and gameplay of campaigns complement each other. For example, in A Song of Dream Chasing, Thrall becoming acquainted with the Tauren and Trolls of the Barrens is an inevitable outcome, as in the techtree I set up, the Orcs’ allies are still the Tauren and the Trolls. If I had to be different from the Blizzard campaigns, then I would be forced to design new units, such as harpies or quilbeasts or even centaur? But such a techtree would then coincide with the Legends of Arkain. If I were to design it like this, then the campaign plot would need to be greatly changed again. So, I will draw on some plot and settings from the Blizzard campaign. I myself like the traditional style of the Blizzard campaigns. I do not think this is a very, very bad thing for this.

My 5th campaign, Guangying Xiangsui, will have nothing to do with the Blizzard campaigns in many areas. At the same time, I think this will be my best, and longest custom campaign. So, whether or not I can finish it by July-August is still unknown. But I will do my utmost to make it good.

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Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Alright, following the same tradition I have been following with these campaign's series, I shall give my review

The campaign's description is too long in order for all of it to appear

"...found that you were not there..."
"How are you still alive?!"
"...groundless prophecy?"

First Chapter
-Thrall's Shaman Claws: 'Horde should be written with capital 'H'
-The ogres lack a name and only their levels appear
-So Yrel will borrow ships in return of us finding THREE civilians? This seems a weird deal
-In the Draenei group, only Yrel has a name
-The 'Meeting' Quest is only completed after we reach the ships

"...Kingdom of Stormwind lies a large dungeon..."
-So basically the Order of the Silver Hand are like Blackmoore from Warcraft, trying to create a slave orc army?
-Wretched Stormwind and Silver Hand. I will forever curse the Order of Dawn for stopping Arthas and the Scourge from wiping them out!
-Come on Beve! Follow your canon counterpat's idea and try to kill your wretched father!
Level 3
Aug 30, 2017
Map1) I like how the ending of the undead campaign is directly connected with the start of the orc campaign (the orcs' land will soon sink into the ocean is related to the final boss of the undead campaign). The first playable mission is good, but I think the map is too big. There is a lot of places in the map that is empty space. There are some paths we can take that have nothing at the end of the path. At least some of the places have dialogue (Like Thrall making a comment about a destroyed village), but other places are just empty with no creeps, just environment.

Map2) Mission two is a really good rpg map. The mechanic to not kill humans makes the mission far more interesting (also it means less time killing, which is good, since one of the big problems with many rpg maps is it only involves killing everything on the map). The character development for the human heroes seems to be better than for the orc heroes (at least based on the previous cinematic in the dungeon).

I like how the Hero speaks lines when he sees things like Fountain of Life and Waygates. In so many campaigns, when heroes find things like Fountains of Life, they just say nothing... It is almost like for them it is normal to find a fountain that restores life!! So I was glad when Rexxar mentioned the fountain of life + waygate.

Also regarding the previous cinematic, the part with the orc mother + child is something I did not understand. The humans talked about how the mother will choose to save the child or save herself, but actually, the mother will die regardless what happens, because she is also trapped in that area... So I don't understand how the mother could have chosen to save herself... was that even an option?

Map3) Rexxar overcomes his urge to kill humans too easily at the end of this map. Maybe he should have at least killed some human villagers to make it more realistic.

Map4) This map was extremely big, I think it the size could have been reduced (even after searching the entire map, I only found like 1-2 good items). I like how the Scourge are introduced here.

I just want to say right now, it is a good idea to mix RTS and RPG maps. If there are consecutive RPG maps, then players will start to hate the RPG maps, because it is basically just killing everything on the map. RTS maps help relieve this pressure, because building bases creates some intellectual stimulation.

Why am I saying this? Because the first 4 maps of this campaign are RPG maps. It would be a good idea to mix some RTS maps in between them. Of course you might say "But Map 03 is a RTS mission". That is incorrect. Map 03 is a fake RTS mission. On the surface it is RTS, but in reality it is RPG. The mission objective is to collect the pigs, which basically requires you to kill all the creeps on the map to access the pigs. Also, you have a very limited amount of gold, and there is no enemy base (except the waves of humans at the end), so basically map 03 feels like a RPG map.

Map5) This is the first RTS mission. It is quite challenging, though the map is a little too big in my opinion. I wish the AI ally would send attack waves, its only purpose here it seems is to isolate the top left base (the one with the enemy hero).

Up till here, I just want to say, there is very little conflict within the Horde. Taurens, trolls and orcs are all happy allies (they do not have conflict with each other). It makes it less realistic, since in reality there will be problems / conflicts within the Horde. Later in the troll mission where you go to Echo Village, there was an opportunity to create conflict between the mind-controlled trolls, and the normal trolls. However, the enemy shadow hunter was the only main troll villain in the entire map, so the opportunity to elaborate on conflict within the trolls was missed.

There was some funny dialogue about the Giant Kobold. I forgot who said what, but someone said something like it has a big appetite. Funny

Map6) This was a good mission. I liked the story a lot. Centaurs are good at being villains. I am also very happy that the Tauren Chieftain's son died at the end. If he had survived, I would be very upset, since that would be an almost perfect ending. I want to say though, it is not a good idea to give windwalk to enemy units. The AI in warcraft will never use windwalk correctly unless in normal games with a blademaster unit. In this mission, the wolves get to low hp (I think 200~), then they windwalk to hide. They won't attack from windwalk, so you need to wait for their windwalk to run out. This creates issues, since unless you can stun them when they have low hp, or guess where they are and use shockwave, it is very annoying/difficult to kill them.

I liked the boss fight for the centaur a lot, it was really good.

Map7) The Troll mission is actually impossible on insane difficulty. Let me explain why. There are 3 units in the enemy attack waves that make this mission impossible to win no matter what strategy you try: the flying unit, the turtle unit and the unit that casts rejuvenation.

The flying unit is the worst unit of all--- it has heavy armour!!! This is a huge balance problem, since air units need to have light armour so that they are vulnerable to piercing damage. At least then, you can mass towers / use the Troll hero's serpent wards to kill them. But because it has heavy armour, this unit becomes impossible to kill, since orc units have no magic damage units (with high damage I mean). Troll bat riders are a terrible choice to counter the air units, since the explosion ability is only good against masses of low hp, low armour units (explosion deals less damage to higher armour units). The enemy flying units is a high hp, high armour unit. There is no way to kill it.

The turtle unit makes massing towers not a possible strategy, because it targets any towers in range. Mass towers is the only other possible strategy I thought we could use, but because of the turtle unit, mass towers cannot work either.

The healing unit with rejuvenation just makes it even harder to kill the -enemy attack waves, since it casts rejuvenation on them.

I really want to know if anyone could beat this mission on insane, especially because the two heroes we get are the support heroes (the two damage/Strength heroes are fighting the centaurs).

This mission would have benefited a lot if there was an ally troll base to help us.

Also, it is good to give enemy bases a hero. Heroes given a base a personality or a "flavour". Right now, all three enemy bases have no enemy hero, so they almost seem like they are the same base. It is always a good idea to have an enemy hero. This same point applies to the last RTS mission also (6 undead enemy bases, no enemy hero in any of them).

Map8) The first RTS mission against the human bases. I really really wish we had ally AI to help us. Right now, the best way to win is to lure the enemies to one side of the map with some units, then let the 4 heroes kill the enemy main building + peasants. The map could have been smaller in my opinion.

Map9) I enjoyed the sea mission a lot. The key to winning is to have a good navy.

About the cinematics, I just want to say, the human characters have great development. The humans did things that were unexpected many times (like when the human villain reveals he knows his daughter is the one who freed Rexxar, when the human villain kills his 3 subordinates, etc. There was only 1 thing the orcs ever did that was surprising, and that was when Rexxar offered his life at the end (also maybe when the tauren leader's son died). Everything else the Horde did was very expected and it showed they were a "good" faction, with little conflict within.

Also, regarding the title of this campaign, whose "Dream" is being referred to? At first I thought it was Thrall's father's dream for peace, but at the end I started to think it was the human villain's dream for his daughter... Even the title maybe referred to humans? Haha, orc campaign but humans are the main stars.

Map10) The undead RTS mission needs to have a stronger ally. The goblins only send the hero + 4 units to attack. They actually do nothing, they cannot even kill a few towers.

I really hate Thrall. He refuses to help fight the Scourge until his capital is attacked....

Map11) I think it is a mistake to have the final map have lots of optional strong units that drop items. If it is the final mission, there is less value in collecting items, so most people will choose to not explore the final map unless they need to, which is why normally final maps in campaigns only have 1 path to go. In this map, the top left of the map, and the far right of the map had lots of extra boss units/stuff to kill, but there was no need to go there, we only needed to get the two levers to open the door to the final area.
Also, 5 heroes actually destroyed the entire Flying Fortress? How is the Scourge going to kill the living if they lose a Fortress to just 5 heroes?

Overall thoughts:
A) I would love to see more AI ally maps, like in Flower Fairy's Nightelf campaign + Blood elf campaign. Ally AI missions are the most fun of all missions in my opinion.

B) I really enjoyed the split faction of evil/good within the humans. I wish we saw more of this in the other races. (In Flower Fairy's Bloodelf campaign for example, "Grom" and his betrayal almost felt unrealistic, but the evil humans in this campaign had real personalities and made the campaign really enjoyable. Hope to see more realistic conflicts within races. For example, Maiev could have a split with the other night elf leaders, or something like that.

So is Flower Fairy's next campaign a dreadlord/vampire campaign? They mentioned something about an experiment with 7 humans, and only 1 survivor (the experiment mixing vampire bats or something like that, bio-engineering). I look forward to it!
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Part Two of my review

Chapter Two:
-Attagirl Beve! :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
-Ok, so Beve wants Rexxar to escape without killing humans, otherwise she will change her mind and imprison Rexxar again. She just saw her fellow humans treating orcs as guinea pigs but Rexxar killing these same people would be unforgiveable?
-It is very hard to keep my soldiers alive when they are so low on health when we rescue them. Some of them were killed right after I rescued them from the cells

Chapter Three:
-The Envenomned Spears lacks a description and its hotkey is the same of the Spear Thrower
-The Goldmines are too low in gold in my opinion
-The hardest thing in this map is waiting for the pigs to arrive the ships. :xxd:
-The mage in the village has no name
-Wow I just remember that Blood Elves here have chinese names
-Rexxar had more character development in this map than most characters in an entire campaign
-Technically Rexxar is not wrong. It is not like the soldiers that tortured him and his fellow orcs were born in Mordor. They were born in villages similar to the one they were attacking
-'Stormwind Alliance' sounds weird. How about 'Alliance of Stormwind'?
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Have you guys ever realized the amount of campaigns that involve the orcs fleeing or deciding to leave?

The Prologue Campaign from Reign of Chaos: orcs have to leave Lordaeron in order to flee from the demons and find their destiny
The Exodus of the Horde campaign: orcs have to flee from murlocs and the Sea Witch
Jeopardy of the Horde: orcs leave Lordaeron
Second Orc Book of Arkain: orcs depart from their homeland. Centuries later, they have to flee from their islands and find a new home
A Song of Dream Chasing: orcs leave Outland

What is the reason for this pattern?
Level 22
Apr 6, 2010
Shaman Claws tooltip ends too soon.
Fallen Skull: cast raging beast -> summon fel beasts


First level:
Delay between song end and beginning is too long.
Ogre creeps don't have names and wonky tooltips.
The only Draenei units with names are Yrel and the civilians, all four casters lack tooltips.
End cutscene:
* Meeting quest marked as completed along with Setting Sail.
* "transportation ships" -> "transports"
* "Ok" -> Something like "Good, let's set sail.", it's just off.
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Hey, I am sorry to announce that I will be unable to give my review for a couple of days.
The charger of my laptop stopped working today and it will take days for a new one to come via mail.
Level 22
Apr 6, 2010
Envenomed Spears upgrade has no tooltip.
Narration should not be by (null).
Level 3 Bear's life drain has no tooltip and should use a passive icon.
Level 3 totem's slow aura uses the Tornado tooltip.
Unit name: Plague Bringers -> Plague Bringer

"experiments" twice in the same sentence.
Rexxar's line isn't loud enough.

Second mission:
"Breaking Through Shackles" -> "Breaking The Shackles"
Intro cutscene:
* "naughty" isn't strong enough.
* Camera angle should be changed so you can see the rune on Rexxar instead of just the top (the rest is hidden by the gate).
There's still a day/night cycle.
"Leaderboard: Remaining orcs" should read just "Remaining orcs".
Salamander has no name (and seeing as there already is a blue lizard called a Salamander, maybe give the blue snap dragon a different name). Whatever it drops has no name, item or tooltip.
"caught" doesn't really seem the right word for skeletons. Maybe "humans are even using undead in their experiments"

Third mission:
Loading screen calls it Chapter Three.
Intro cutscene: pig meat -> meat
"Leaderboard: Wild Pigs Remaining" should read just "Wild Pigs Remaining".
Town should not use invisible walls. The means of blocking it should also be further out, the buildings are visible by the orcs.
The two blood elves don't have names.

Second interlude:
"naughty" isn't strong enough.
control current -> control the current

Fourth mission:
Loading screen:
* shops->ships
* arrived at -> arrived on
Player name: Quilboar->Quillboar
Troll cutscene:
* "ability, Thrall"->"ability, Thrall."
* "We own you"->"We owe you"
Breaking the Encirclement quest has a typo (Encirclemen).
Quillboar chieftain has no name.
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Level 22
Apr 6, 2010
^ As soon as you have two items marked as combining in the same hero's inventory. It may take some experimenting.

Searing Axes upgrade and ability has no tooltip. When researched, no text shows up.
Piercing Spears ability has no tooltip and should have a passive icon.
If Hurl Boulder is one-use, there should be a 1 on the icon as with Huntress Sentinels. But why is it one-use in the first place?
Wyvern: "A flying close range" -> "Flying melee"
Tauren: "A large" -> "Heavy melee"
Refined Boots -> Boots of Quel'Thalas

"a boulder region" -> "a rocky area" or "a place with many boulders".
Got the boulder quest dialogue almost at the same time as the centaur/tauren dialogue.
Boulder region should have more rocks.
Hurl Boulder has no tooltip.
Hurl Boulder ability needs to be researched after completing the quest.
Only T1 upgrades despite having T3 hall.
Main Tauren building has no name.
"Tauren Bluff Ally" -> "Rally Tauren Bluff" or similar
Given how easy it is to take out the pink and yellow centaur bases before even getting to Cairn, the Tauren-finding quest should be available before meeting him, as soon as you run into them (and the dialogue with Cairn plays if no Tauren have been found).
Maybe give names to the centaur tribes.
During the end cutscene, the berserk sound plays as the troll messengers arrive.
NW centaurs seem to stop attacking after the first quest is done.

"baptized by the Scourge" -> what?
Faol asks Mara a question but Wrynn answers.
"fulfil your allegiance to" -> "do your part for" or similar (also, fulfil -> fulfill)

Sixth mission (not completed yet):
Intro cutscene: study -> sturdy
Once And For All quest is named One And For All.
Why the weird wolf howl for nightfall?
No counter to tell you how many centaur are left to kill. And given that it's to feed kodos, it could really be kill 50 or 100 anythings.
Level 22
Apr 6, 2010
When a base is destroyed for a quest, there should be a quest update and/or message from one of the heroes to that effect.
Wall Armor upgrade ability has no tooltip and should use a passive icon.
Mur'gul Military Governor needs a better name.
When a naga building dies, it's heard across the map.
Does Pulverize count as an orb effect? If it does, Cairne needs a new ultimate. Nothing wrong with Reincarnation.
(orc language): If all they ever say are known phrases like "Victory or Death!", those should be translated.
Chain Lightning tooltip should mention that it can target buildings and mechanicals.

Sixth mission (continued)
T2 weapon upgrades with a T3 hall.
Attacks stop coming after a while.
Why are random animals holding the keys instead of centaur?
Maglam cutscene: "would could"->"would come"
Leaderboard name isn't long enough.
Maglam has no name.
End cutscene: Well that was unexpected.
* One message is from ~.
* lovely->beloved
Why do Centaur Archers have Sleep? Those should be renamed.

Seventh mission:
"Scarred all Over"? I don't get how that relates to the mission.
Loading screen:
* Thralls->Thrall's
* Map points to Stonetalon Peak.
The three troll hut structures have no name, no tooltip and no sight range.
Pursue Dakan quest: "the troll brethren"->"the trolls"
Murloc forces need different names.
One of the Mur'gul forces has level 3 upgrades before you even have a goldmine.
The northernmost Mur'gul base is too close to the Wandering Murloc camp and jungle stalkers.
T2 weapon upgrades with a T3 hall.
Naga bases should have an abovewater patch of ground so you can place a Town Hall.
Tiny Great Hall should not be in a barrel.
The "you exiled me" and dialogue between Thrall and Dakan can overlap (shame, I like that one).
Two overlapping music tracks during the cutscene.
Zarjila's lines don't correspond to the audio.
Zarjila has no name.
End cutscene:
* No music?
* "that I did"->"than I did"
* "happy life"->"happy afterlife"?
* residents.->residents!
* Cheering should start as the troops do their victory animations.

The airship keeps shaking from side to side.
Fog is coming in through the tent wall.
Aiden should drop the scroll on the ground rather than it being narrated.
Aiden leaves through the tent wall.

Eighth mission:
Intro cutscene:
* desolation etc.->despair should never be felt by the Horde.
* "In the name of the warchief"-> Thrall is the warchief. Just ask him.
Siege Engines have no name.
Spider creep on north edge has no name or tooltip.
End cutscene: remnant force->remaining forces

Ninth mission (not completed yet):
Intro cutscene: bank->shore
Thrall talks, but there's no message when the flyers arrive.
There's a Lordaeron flag just north of the Horde Forge on the eastern edge.
Level 22
Apr 6, 2010
Ninth mission:
Invisible wall under the arch. Maybe replace it with a goblin gate that they unlock?
End cutscene: "allow anyone"->"allow any of the"
This one is... I dunno, any force you bring that's strong enough to take out the first base (and the four attack forces that end up guarding it) is pretty much going to steamroll the remaining three. Not to mention needing absurd amounts of ships due to being horribly disadvantaged against T3 upgraded enemies.

When voicelines are used (Rexxar, Sea Witch, etc.), they're not loud enough to be heard over the music.
Horde Forge should be buildable at T1.
Airship has no name.
Goblin Engineer has no tooltip. His abilities have no tooltips either.
Ke Luge Horde should be translated.
One of Xiaoshu's attack lines is "Retreat!"
Xiaoshu's second starting item has no tooltip.
Goblin Night Scope has no tooltip.
Bone Armor tooltip is cut off.
Higher Necromancer/Banshee: Elder/Elite would be a better adjective, or a different name entirely (Osteomancer, Wrathful Spirit, etc.).
Crypt Pioneers need a better name.
Vrykul casters, altar, and catapults have no name.

slice of my platform->What?
they vengeance->their vengeance
history of river->river of history

Tenth mission:
Loading screen text is cut off.
Intro cutscene:
* feed my piglets breakfast this.->give my piglets their breakfast this morning.
* Floating Fortress keeps leaning to the sides. It should also move slower.
Blood Elf mages lack names, tooltips, ability names, and caster tooltips. Breath of Fire has no name or tooltip.
gain the essence parts->learn the essential facts
When the other orcs->While the other orcs
Uninvited Guests quest: Ke Lugu->Ke Luge
Goblin cutscene:
* may still be fighting->would still be fighting
* telescope->night scope
Fortress cutscene: to in order->in order
Floating Fortress needs to fly higher, it keeps getting in the way of spellcasting.

Eleventh mission: (not finished yet)
Loading screen:
* ready to set out->battle-ready
* horde->Horde
Quest: Floating Fortress Inside->Floating Fortress Interior
Day/night cycle is still on.
* be elemental creatures->be elementals
* And they are->And why are they
* undead have gone up->undead never cease
Dalaran Mutant units have no name.
The enemies in the two areas between the central waygate and the orange base come to each other's help.
Had a kodo eat a mutant, but it doesn't take damage while devoured.
Level 22
Apr 6, 2010
Eleventh mission:
The staff dropped by the east Vrykul tower has no name, tooltip or description.
Halls of Valor have no building model and seem to lack construction pathing.
The ring dropped by the Magic Vault has no name, tooltip or description.
Doodad buildings can be walked through.
The necromancers guarding the core tend to get drawn into the battle below them.
During the core battle, it's possible if not likely that the Death Knight will be the only survivor, making the rest of the wait pointless: he can't do enough damage to kill your units (he can only ever throw a Mana Burn and Shadow Strike), but respawns as soon as you kill him.
Both core timers are cut off.
"elemental protection ability"->"Elemental Protection ability"
Blank transmission from Xiaoshu after the escape starts.
End cutscene:
* So is the thing still flying?
* "hard worked hard"->"worked hard"

"boring and uninteresting"->"boring"
sword craft->swordcraft
mister warchief->warchief
"conventions/stereotypes"->one or the other.
Next campaign's name is untranslated.


I feel this is currently the best of the Flower Fairy campaigns: much less frustrating thanks to the most hilariously broken abilities and items and the downplaying of "AI swamps you with infinite units simultaneously" tactics (the most difficult one I found was the battle just before the fortress core, and mostly because they keep charming my units), plot is easier to understand (even if it is a retread of the vanilla campaign, it's well done and does go into newer territory later), music is good even if there is a gap between loops. I give it a 4.5 (or would if it were possible, so 5).

I didn't find the final combining item that goes with Aardwolf Claws, anyone know where it is?
Last edited:
Level 11
Mar 18, 2014
I must say I especially enjoyed this campaign alot more than western ones I've played, the things that are annoying are already stated the translation problems and missing stuff but overall the campaign has a nice gameplay,nice story and a fair difficulty, I dislike the missions against massive human armies, I did the same on Evil Resurgent those flying battleships and stuff are not my taste when fighting against. My personal problem is Ke Lunge Horde and He Xioashu(?) can't they have atleast 'placeholder' names instead of Chinese ones that are out of place cause it feels weird to have one hero called Cairne Bloodhoof and other called He Xioashu.
Most important thing: Man please change the voiceset of He Xioashu(?), attack line 'retreat' and ready line 'I'm out of mana' is straight annoying, yes I even can stand her saying she can't find anywhere to get her nails done but those 2 are so bad :D

PS: What the hell that absorb mana iconed item does in the last chapter, when trying to understand what it does I got my heroes stuck lol
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Now I can restart my review

Second Interlude
Losding Screen: I think "...in Stormwind's dungeons." sound better
"...cannot control the current situation..."
"These are good news..."
-Aiden knew that Beve was behind the orcs' escape and yet he killed those guards for no reason?
-Is Beve' seriously considering Aiden's point of view? 'Oh we commited atrocities before against the other races, so why not keep commiting them?' This is idiotic
-So the Silver Hand is not only nazis, they are the nazis from 'Hellsing Ultimate'? Get it, because they experimented on vampires?
-So Aiden wanted to rewrite the history records inn order to paint humanity in a good light while criticizing everyone else? Why? The scholars behind the history records will surely realize that they have been altered soon enough. It is like you ordering students to learn something and then rewrite everything in the middle.

Chapter Four
Loading Screen: "...the Horde's ships..."
"Far away..."
"We owe you a favor."
-Rockhan's 'Brilliance Aura' ability has no name in the Research part and only has the E hotkey
-The Quillboar's Warlord has no name

Chapter Five
Loading Screen: "...most ruthless and powerful enemy..."
"...Is there news from Baine?"
-The Searing Axe upgrade has no name and description
-Fix the Searing Axe's, Piercing Spear's and Hurl Boulder's ability description
-I think our Tauren allies should be already with Level 1 Weapon and Armor upgrade
-I find a bit weird that the Centaurs use towers with the Horde's Tower's models.

Third Interlude
"...King Wrynn..."
"... Perenolde has taken..."
-Isn't 'A Divided Nation' kind of a stretch? I mean, the kingdom isn't truly divided since Perenolde took everyone loyal to him to Kalimdor.
-So they sent an assassin to bring Perenolde and the entire Silver Hand back? How? Obviously Aiden is not going back if Mara comes and ask nicely, right? So she will have to use force, and how can she do that, by killing Aiden and all of his top servants? An assassin is meant to assassinate targets, not to deal with armies.


Map Reviewer
Level 52
Jun 4, 2009
All maps visible from the start might make it prone to spoilers.

  1. -many transmissions end too fast.
  2. -in this edit, the draenei and broken ones are not enemies with the orcs? Feels, like they know each other well, especially if they are going to ask for ships.
  3. -sink below the wastes of the space's void, more likely seeing how Outland is not the one before the consumed one from the original game.
  4. -some doodads are levitating. They should be properly lowered into the terrain.
  5. -no resistance from anyone? Everybody just agreed they should go because the dude had a psychotic vision?
  6. -the icon has nothing to do with Thrall. It would have suited the model used when the character was younger.
  7. -some demons sleep at night. Intended? And it's the "dogs", not warriors.
  8. -Elemental Totem has a vague description. It doesn't tell about any values. It doesn't even say how long it lasts.
  9. -terrain seems to be flat allover.
  10. -the point of exploration is to find things, immerse the player in the landscape and story not make players wander aimlessly around for experience from neutral hostile like they'd be playing melee. Places should look representative not repetitive. A bit of world building. It's a thing most map makers don't consider properly.
  11. -the purple demons should come to defend their gate when it is attacked not stand idly at a distance.
  12. -the demons remaining quest could have been spread out across the map in 2-3 locations.
  13. -Skull of the Fallen's Raging Beast needs a description in the item's tooltip.
  14. -a different/custom model for the totem?
  15. -spear throwers have the same sound set as the grunts.
  16. -when meeting the demons and draenei in the southwest, probably before finishing the first main quest, nothing happens.
  17. -looking at the water's appearance, I wonder what these people drink.
  18. -why not also make the unit spells have QWERTY type hotkeys?
  19. -it would be worth mentioning if the item to combine with can be found on the same map or not.
  20. -this chapter is totally filler. Nothing's happening. And what is supposed to could have been implemented in the prologue. The first and last chapters are the most important ones. Players want to have a welcoming and captivating beginning and a worthwhile ending.
  21. -draenei civilians: "help us!" but they stand idle (except for their animations of course) not even trying to run.
  22. -this quest is quite lame. There should be more places with draenei, orcs and such and these shouldn't get in the way when exploring the map beforehand without being able to save any right when met.
  23. -this chapter presents the story of Thrall, the chore boy.
  24. -this place is devoid of people, in general. Some few draenei and no orcs at all except for the player units. There are more demons than anything else.
  25. -it might be hard to try finding some fitting ship models.
  26. -ships selected during cinematic mode.
  27. -wait, so, the orcs had ships but not enough and thought it was a good idea to "borrow" the ones from the draenei leaving them behind without means of leaving themselves?

  1. -this makes no sense, the dead Aiden Perenolde (maybe, his son?) under the Silver Hand conducting experiments on orcs who are not in Outland this time?
  2. -Alan Stark's animations freeze after doing something.
  3. -Aidolf Perenoldler and the Nazi SH (Silver Hand). And I thought the other campaigns butchered Warcraft. If I weren't a reviewer, I'd probably finish playing right here.
  4. -right, so now Beve Perenolde is Taretha Foxton, Aiden Perenolde, Aedelas Blackmoore and Rexxar, Thrall.
  5. -no cinematic scene skip or is it just me?
  6. -no other orcs in that big room of Rexxar's? Aiden had lots of space to spare.
  7. -Rexxar the kind. Didn't try to catch the girl to use her as hostage to escape.
  8. -they don't follow the player. Human stamina is really low in this heated up place.
  9. -experiments are allied with humans.
  10. -funny how Rexxar and co. might go through the same place where guards are without them having any idea where the orcs are going. I mean, the guards could obviously block the way when orcs are going south.
  11. -"a waygate? Perhaps it will take us to another location." Or a trap?
  12. -why would a lever to a forcewall in the dungeon be behind some rocks in an ogre dwelling?
  13. -so, every creature here is a dungeon experiment?
  14. -"A fountain of health!" More like a jacuzzi.
  15. -maybe use the current hero icon for Rexxar's Road to War ability instead of the current Varok icon.
  16. -caught skeletons!? I mean, necromancy man...
  17. -since there's noting in the cages anyway, why wasn't the doodad version used?
  18. -"Yet another waygate." I didn't realize.
  19. -here it is "Gnoll in the dungeon!" instead of "Troll in the dungeon!".
  20. -what's a malda? All I found is some city in West Bengali.
  21. -poor malda body, its skeleton disgorged under it.
  22. -if that was the idea of a chapter boss fight, it wasn't even nearly a good one.

  1. -!? Outland is a continent within Azeroth (the world, not continent. I have no idea why they named the world or the continent the same)?
  2. -the intro for this chapter is quite familiar.
  3. -they don't know of the humans and the captured orcs on this land!?
  4. -I mean, a peon to carry the pigs or the raiders would make more sense than the pigs suddenly turning to the player's side and command.
  5. -to avoid pigs being killed by accident, if only 25 as the required number, make the animals always invulnerable, since the pigs are invulnerable after being ensnared anyway, and make Ensnare work on Invulnerable targets. Because if there are only 25 and one dies by Ogre Lord Shockwave or similarly, the map has to be restarted and I mean restarted, not loaded, because the player might not notice one died this way.
  6. -Shamans don't know how to use Lightning Shield anymore. They have to remember.
  7. -while, I suppose, the aim was for a more peaceful gameplay in this chapter, it should have been more of a farming, hunting simulator, to have more to do than run around pressing E and left mouse button click. I don't know if the author played or has any clue about the Anno game series to get my drift.
  8. -Dragonscale Armour's description has the combination part in gray instead of yellow. I think I get it. It's that way so the player knows which item is supposed to fuse with which.
  9. -this map's terrain is not the usual type. Is it an edit of another map by any chance?
  10. -Rexxar doesn't know Thrall but the latter knows the first?
  11. -since it was a human who helped Rexxar escape, he wanted to do a cowardly and unthoughtful thing like Aiden!?
  12. -elves have Chinese names!?
  13. -dwarves!?
  14. -why did all my buildings disappear?
  15. -the player can complete the quest by sending a raider or any unit to the ships. The heroes don't have to be brought there.
  16. -how did the humans find out so quickly about the orcs to send so many troops so fast?
  17. -only heroes seem to trigger the human appearances.
  18. -usually during cinematic scenes after playing certain animations, all animations freeze for at least a while. Happened with Rexxar and then with Thrall.

  1. -so basically, I only read words here and there trying to get the glimpse of this fast forward tale.
  2. -Rokhan's hero icon has nothing to do with the character.
  3. -Voodoo Heal (I assume it's Tranquility) and Healing Wave? Kind of overpowered? Much more +the totem +Brilliance Aura if the time comes.
  4. -for some reason, neutral hostile units don't attack when player units get close. The creatures have to be attacked first. Happens with some melee and flying ones.
  5. -"I've never seen mages in black robes before!" (well, it's not like there weren't any necrolytes pre-human necromancy history) "You haven't? Oh let me tell you all about us, what we do, who's our boss, where to find him and... that might be enough for now because we have to fight you!"
  6. -no froggy? Just a panda?
  7. -pig chieftain is just a stronger quilboar.

  1. -the big tauren totem has no name.
  2. -the techtree is messy. I see no reason for both the troll and spear thrower. They play the same role. This could have been done better, choose from certain types of units or factions (all orc, all troll).
  3. -why aren't the centaurs just threatening the tauren with killing Baine, since he's being held hostage?
  4. -the third level bear's second passive ability has a broken tooltip and an active icon. It can be made to look passive with this: Button Manager v1.8.2 Same with the troll's second spell.
  5. -more trees in bases?
  6. -Kobold God Stone doesn't say anything about damage or stun/slow duration.
  7. -the summoned troll berserkers should be different units so that when double clicked not all berserkers including the trained ones will be selected along.
  8. -the problem with Pulverize as a hero ability, especially an ultimate, is that its damage is limited to 100 and is not bonus to the hero's.
  9. -there were no separated tauren when I explored most of the map. Here we go again...
  10. -at least this map gameplay design was much better than the filler chapters until this one, except, maybe, for the dungeon level with Rexxar.
  11. -no magical frog?

  1. -priests teleport?
  2. -the king speaking with assassins quasipublicly in the throne room?
  3. -Outland tileset?
  4. -I mean more trees wouldn't hurt really. Who cares about nitpicky realism in video games?
  5. -aardwolves? I think I saw that in the Chinese Paladins campaign.
  6. -found another combination item, from an enemy neutral this time. Didn't find any in the previous level, except for the one from the panda but its description doesn't say it's supposed to be combined.
  7. -a Scroll of Resurrection lying about? Who could have been so unlucky or maybe it was buried and the earth spit it out?
  8. -right now, the tech tree is still not interesting. It should be improved more or just stay away from the usual Warcraft III one. Most fans are bored of replaying the same thing over and over. It works for melee but for solo play, it should be an achievement to show something was actually worked upon that the player will take inspiration from. It's not like with selling food.
  9. -makes no sense that BlizzEnt made revenants sleep at night while other undead don't. Actually, more unit types do and others don't. At least, they didn't err with the golems.
  10. -the keys are too easy to get. The optional quest is harder which shouldn't be.
  11. -yeah, so, horses and dogs go too well together.

  1. -why vaguely remember? Isn't he living there or something or did he move to the Barrens years back?
  2. -the enemy attacks too soon and with little pause between waves. They also have attack and armour upgrades.
  3. -the flying serpents have heavy armour and 7. There's only minor damage dealing magic attack casters that deal more damage than normal to them but it's useless since casters have 10-15 damage which will be reduced to 5 because of the enemy armour and its upgrades. And the ranged units which are supposed to be used anti-air have piercing damage which deals much less than even 100% to heavy armour.
  4. -actually, most of their troops if not all have heavy armour. That means that even the player melee units have trouble dealing proper damage with normal attack type to the enemy units. Therefore, this map has a problematic balance.
  5. -the player is held in the base because leaving it will ensure the base being destroyed. Towers also have piercing attack type so they're mostly useless. it's beatable but on higher difficulties it might be a problem, the attack rate and heavy armour. I mean.
  6. -Tauren? I thought they went to fight the centaurs.
  7. -upgrades like Voodoo Cloud should say what the replaced ability does. Same with the Shaman's Feral Spirit.
  8. -even in this tropical region, trees are lacking. Are the murlocs pyromaniacs?
  9. -intended not to be able to build near the enemy mines?
  10. -Fanatic Clam Eater. At least, it's not dog eater.
  11. -the Tower's ability has the same icon as the Kobold Stone item.
  12. -Frenzy Heart increases mana regeneration by how much, also 15%?
  13. -the murloc bases quest doesn't have to be finished to end the chapter.
  14. -well, the golems were still alive but the scene started anyway and after it, they were no more. Better just kill them when Dakan dies.

  1. -Duswallow Marsh part of the Barrens is north?
  2. -generally, the loading screens have little to do with the location the action takes place in.
  3. -is (null) the god of this virtual world communing with the player?
  4. -icon/research positions in the Horde Forge are not stable. Some take the place of those which are being researched.
  5. -"Down in the sea!" It's quite not even close by from what can be seen.
  6. -I'm not sure why they're so convinced on winning when they don't even know the territory.
  7. -non-hero gryphons with hero glow?
  8. -flying machines have no name.
  9. -besides that the magic vault location was just given out, its position should be in the main base of operations if it's that important.
  10. -by this point in the campaign, there could be creeps over the tenth level. Ah, so there are some but too weak against even only the four heroes. There should have been more to give some incentive for the player to care about wasting time on neutral hostile camps.
  11. -sure, let's trust a random human who sends the heroes to do an errand which might not be a trap.
  12. -why would I want to have the map all fogged of war so I would not know where I went before?
  13. -no secondary mine?
  14. -the burning centaur archer is weaker than the wyrm and even hidden.
  15. -is the Burning Spear supposed to give Immolation? Nothing appears on the hero when it carries it. Also, needs to be specific about the burning part in its description. Ah, OK, it's Pheonix Fire.
  16. -not gonna ask about the frogs anymore. I've no idea why the game started with the amphibians if the trend wasn't going to be continued.

  1. -deus ex machina goblins.
  2. -I mean, the orcs could literally steal the ships.
  3. -Goblin Engineers have hero glow; well, they are using a hero model. The body will remain on the battlefield for a long time with the glow.
  4. -they actually agreed to play games for the ships.
  5. -Perenolde could simply destroy those ships before the orcs would get their hands on them and besides few ships won't be enough against an armada(?).
  6. -and I was bringing my peon army there...
  7. -murloc huts in the goblin settlement?
  8. -the enemy doesn't send any ships or air units, transports to the player's base?
  9. -land pirates?
  10. -got in the yellow base first. Alan didn't flinch until I got near the hero's position.
  11. -what's the point of naval battles if the player can just land near one base and access all others by land?
  12. -intended for Chain Lighting to be cast on mechanical units? It can even be cast on buildings.

  1. -couldn't they have just told Beve that Aiden was killed after getting back to Stormwind?
  2. -Perenolde went too far by poisoning subordinate commanders. Also, if the characters didn't trust the commanders, why would the subordinates trust Aiden? Nothing suspicious about the character suddenly urging them to drink an alleged healing potion.
  3. -there's no logic in Beve turning on Rexxar since the character knew what the orcs had gone through unless Beve was a complete nutcase.
  4. -I'm giving up reading any transmissions. I doubt that even in Chinese they can be read this fast.
  5. -again units with hero models (elven mages). Same with Stitches.
  6. -He Xiaoshu's second item has a broken tooltip.
  7. -Vitality Aura has an active ability icon.
  8. -this part of the story is total filler. The Undead/Scourge came out of nowhere.
  9. -5 heroes? Go home instead of directly to the undead bases? Ah... invulnerable main buildings. But at least they don't rebuild troop facilities.
  10. -so, the goblins help by standing? Oh, no, excuse me, they send 3 units against 20 undead ones.
  11. -and yeah, basically Warcraft III spells.
  12. -she's out alright, out of lines.
  13. -Barrens Sasquatches, Furbolgs.
  14. -when Goblin Engineers die, they turn into their alternate form.
  15. -destroying every building to win is a waste of time. It should be only production facilities.
  16. -"We must find the floating- Oh there it is, it came straight to us suicidally!"
  17. -5 heroes, one floating fortress, who would win? Well, should mention the heroes have catapult, no rocket launcher marksmanship skill.
  18. -lucky the goblins pinpoint the location of the FF on the minimap otherwise iseedeadpeople.
  19. -to Thrall, the undead looked like they were mindless savages. I don't know who's actually mindless.

  1. -mushrooms, water and basically just a cavern, that's what a necropolis is? Totally immersive.
  2. -"He Xiaoshu, I know we needed your help and that you might know more than anyone here how to stop this construct but I think you should go now to be safe instead."
  3. -why not a custom model for the Soul Warriors?
  4. -so, there's Higher Banshee and Higher Necromancer, but where are the High ones?
  5. -sludges have no name.
  6. -a necropolis within a necropolis.
  7. -the vrykul's position on the minimap was pinged somewhere far from where the heroes allegedly encountered any since the region triggers from too much a far distance. There was no vrykul enemy in sight, only an orange tower somewhere up.
  8. -those custom crypt fiend/nerubian are hero models on normal units.
  9. -vrykul throne has no name and death animation.
  10. -where are the dragons though?
  11. -contrary to what cleavinghammer reported, on 1.31.1 Halls of Valour has a visible model.
  12. -Baron Rivendare comes alone insanely multiple times if the hero's first wave of troops is eliminated. So, the last 5 minutes were gangbanging Rivendare, day and night since the time of day wasn't fixed.
  13. -the fastest hero alone is enough to get back to the portal to finish the last quest.
  14. -how many campaigns will there be? Seems, like this could go on forever pretty much aimlessly.
  15. -what's Ke Luge, by the way?
  16. -the person's ID is "<1>"? Never mind, the editor can see Chinese characters.
  17. -what was omitted exactly?
  18. -well, no, finishing early in this context usually means rushing work.
  19. -so, the "after note" is supposed to be read by progeny of Hermes or quantum brained humans?

I think things need to be planned more than be done on the fly. Many levels seem rushed. More thought should be given to map layout and gameplay design for each chapter, to be made as different as possible.
In what the story is concerned, what's the message wanted to be conveyed and a convincing or proper way for it to be transmitted to the player should be found. Avoidance of overwriting characters and other stories. If things are wanted to be set in a universe that's not the author's, either original characters should be created within the rules of this fictional universe or the cannon ones to be carefully used for different stories than those they were already seen in, basically, shaping the universe to become alternate.

The gameplay is saner than in the prequels but falls short on many levels.


Honestly, if thing weren't that complicated with the translation and all, I'd set this to Awaiting Update. It should be improved a lot.

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Level 2
May 30, 2018
This campaign was pretty cool to play, If Flower Fairy is taught by Turnro, she could make it more interest to play.
Just, too much missing, as people above already said, also, still facing enemy overruning us at the beginning( especially Murlocs squad, i have to type whosyourdaddy when they assault altogether with 3 waves, and also, i hate rat). And still, dialogue still too fast, cant made this duration as long as the words number?
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Chapter Six
-The Envenomned Spears upgrade has no description
-The Centaur chief has no name
-So Malam's plan is to let Cairne arrive so that he could watch his son die? So, while we are slaughtering his ENTIRE species, he is simply waiting for us to come? Even if he was to kill us, what could he do? We have basically exterminated the centaur race, except one or two individuals
-Isn't the Optional Quest 'Killing 50 centaur' kind of unnecessary? Because since we are facing up to three Centaur bases, plus the centaurs spreaded across the map, this can be completed even without us wanting it
-Does the 'Kill 50 centaur' also include their wolves?
-The other centaur optional quest is morally ambiguous to say at least. It is basically commiting genocide under the belief that all centaur are a bloodthirsty race and that they cannot be reasoned with

Sorry for posting only this today. I have been busy and, for some reason, while playing this mission, the wretched 'Blue Screen of Death' appeared.
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Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Sorry for not have been reviewing, but I am back at university and I have been busy

Chapter Seven
-The map chosen for the loading screen doesn't fit very well. The map implies we are in the Barrens, but in truth we are near the coast
-Not having a goldmine in our current base makes the gameplay difficult, because there is only one avaiable goldmine nearby and it is hard to build a base next to it while defending ourselves against the Murlocs
-The 'Mur'gul military Governor' should be called 'Murloc Military Governor, because its model is the one of a murloc.
-We should get updates about the number of Murloc bases destroyed
-I find it hilarious that the Mur'gul Witch has the Soul Burn ability. Why? Because it is a Fire-based spell and Mur'guls are aquatic :grin:
-'force wall' not 'forcewall'
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Interlude after Chapter Seven
-The Horde 'sensed' that they were coming? What, do the orcs have Jedi among their ranks? :xxd: It doesn't take a magical-sensitive guy to notice a large fleet approaching right?
-Am I supposed to now start to like Aiden Perenolde? What, the racist commander that wants to keep performing experiments on orcs and aims to take over Stormwind has, after all, an actual heart? Well, too bad. If something, this might even make him worse.

Chapter Eight
-It would have been more inspiring if Thrall made his speech on a higher ground to all of his troops
-So I guess the Horde sucks at genocide considering that we still face centaurs
-Some of the upgrades in the Bestiary don't have fixed positions
-Our gold mine is very quickly to run out, while our foes have access to gold mines with far more gold to harvest. So, it should be better to increase the gold capacity in our gold mine and/or put some gold mines spreaded across the map
-So, the Silver Hand raided our bases and left no guards there in order to prevent us from rebuilding them?
-Let me get this straight. In return of us finding a potion, which took zero effort to both find and return, we get a lot of money and lumber, and we get a Glyph of Omniscience?


-Well, Thrall, if Perenolde and his men escaped, then of course the war is not over, right?! There is no need to point out the obvious
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Chapter Nine
-Some of the upgrades on the Horde Forge have no fixed position
-Why do we need to collect 5000 gold in mere 15 minutes? Why that specific time?
-The Goldmine quest doesn't help in completing the Gold quest because it is hard to reach it in time
-So, the Silver Hand doesn't even bother in sending occasional attacks against us?
-Well, the so-called dreaded Silver Hand warships are not really that much of a threat. There are around 5 on each base and they are so close to the shore that my ground units can attack them. Why did we even need the help of the Goblins aside from transport ships?
-Why do the Silver Hand's bases lack gold mines?
-What, Rockhan now wishes that the Alliance came to aid Perenolde so that he could kill more humans? Well, now we know who is the Token Evil Teammate in the Horde

-It is a good thing that Perenolde poisoned all of his lieutenants before dying. With this, the corruption among the Silver Hand is all but gone.
-I don't follow Beve's logic. Did she really expect Rexxar and the Horde to let Aiden live after all he has done? Her father being a good father is probably the only redeemable trait he has, and even that is not excusable enough to make us forget that he is an amoral and racist backstabber. She should be thankful that they only wanted Aiden's head rather than going against Stormwind.


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Jun 4, 2009
-I don't follow Beve's logic. Did she really expect Rexxar and the Horde to let Aiden live after all he has done? Her father being a good father is probably the only redeemable trait he has, and even that is not excusable enough to make us forget that he is an amoral and racist backstabber. She should be thankful that they only wanted Aiden's head rather than going against Stormwind.
It's just a Jaina-Rexxar+Thrall-Daelin ripoff but in a worse way.

About the gold mine, I don't know what difficulty you've played the map on but on Easy it's doable.
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
It's just a Jaina-Rexxar+Thrall-Daelin ripoff but in a worse way.

Oh yeah, Daelin was a genocidal racist, but he had a good reason. He fought on the Second War where the orcs basically razed everything on their path and lost his son. Aiden doesn't even have that. Hell, Daelin only wanted the orcs dead, while Aiden wanted to use them as experiments.

About the gold mine, I don't know what difficulty you've played the map on but on Easy it's doable.

I always play these campaigns on Normal. Plus, I was afraid of the Silver Hand attacking my base while my heroes were away, so I spent a lot of money in upgrades and units. By the time I reached the Goblins my goldmine was nearly empty.
Level 18
Mar 28, 2015
Chapter Ten
-Loading Screen: "...and taurens' similar..."
-The text in the Loading Screen is too long for all of it to appear
"...King Wrynn..."
"...Fortress, it is the Scourge's..."
-How convenient that the Scourge decided to attack the Horde right when He Xiashou was there and right before Thrall was about to refuse joining the war. Convenient or planned?
-The Scourge sends all of their forces against our heroes rather than against our base
-I find it very unfair that by this point of the campaign, we still have to research all of the upgrades rather than having some already researched, while the Scourge is fully upgraded

Chapter Eleven:
-Well, it is a little bit exagerating to say that the Scourge is like an Always Chaotic Race. Most of them aren't entirely to blame. The original Lich King was made by Sargeras to be like that, Arthas was corrupted and all the others are bound by the Lich King, so it is not like they have much of a choice in the matter.
-Really He Xiashou? Your mages can use Elementals all they want, but when the Scourge uses them, it is unforgivable?
-Giving a Hero Abomination both a Mask of Death and an Amulet of Spell Immunity seems kind of unfair.
-Even after we trigger the explosion, Rivendare keeps coming after us. Is this intended?

-This was kind of rushed, if you ask me. Varian's conversation with Greymane was too short considering the past. It would be nice seeing Beve talking with Rexxar. The Alliance and Horde simply chose to join forces like if old hatreds and grudges are that easy to die out.
-So the mysterious figure is the real main villain?

Ultimate Review:
-The gameplay was good. Most of the maps were not only large but varied in terms of geography, two things I enjoy very much
-The characters were overall great, especially Rexxar, Beve and even Aiden in a certain way.
-The plot is the weakest part, in my opinion. The Horde searches for a new home, finds allies, gets attacked and is forced to fight to both preserve their new nation and later to save the world. While I did enjoy the story, the way how the plot unfolds is kind of predictable

So I give, overall, a 4 to 4.5 out of 5. Good job Flower Fairy for making it. :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
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Mar 28, 2015
Ah, but you wrote original, so I thought... original as in the first before Arthas then?

Sorry if I wrote it in a non-explicit way. But, yes, I meant the original Lich King, the one before Arthas usurped the place at the end of 'Evil Resurgent'. Since Ner'zhul doesn't exist in this world apparently, this Lich King was already born as the Lich King rather than being someone else in a previous life.

But He Xiashou is not a slaver, the character uses the elements for good.

Good is a point of view.
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Feb 10, 2014
Are there any major updates coming to this campaign ?
It would be a pitty to start playing it and than wake up with a newer version.
Level 7
Feb 21, 2015
I'm enjoying this a lot so far. It's an interesting story as well, but some of the abilities are op, such as Elemental Totem. That thing is like a walking fountain of power. I think it even heals faster. Also, the campaign is so easy even on hard difficulty. The music is very well integrative with the situation of the cut-scene and I like that. However, it's a shame that the dialogues end quickly and I can't read what they say because the conversations end too fast. I know that this is an abandoned project, but I will still rate it just because that's fun same as playing the campaign.
Although, the campaign is easy overall, but it gets so hard in the later chapters, that chapter 8 seems impossible to beat in hard. You get attacked by approximately 4 bases at the same time, nonstop. Even if you spam your 4 op heroes, it seems as if you're doing nothing. The gold is not enough either, and doing the side quest of finding the other horde bases is also useless, since they give no gold. Had to use whosyourdaddy to defeat to what seemed like 200 units attacking me at the same time, with around 5 heroes every single attack.
A solid 4/5 for now.
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