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A Song of Ice and Fire2.8e Protected

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

A Song of Ice and Fire 2.8e

Made by Gasido
The current stage of the map is in beta mode

What this map is about:

This map is my interpretation of George RR Martins Novels about the Game of Thrones, Play as one of the fictional houses and take over Westeros by banishing your rivals.


The story begins just as Ned Stark have been executed by the Lannisters and the Forces of the north proclaim Robb Stark the King in the North. At the same time the armies of the Grove with Renly Baratheon in the front march to the city of kingslanding to claim the throne for himself.

Map features

Play as one of the 12 great houses of Westeros. Use your skills to lead your armies and bannermens to take over the keeps and fortresses of the relm so you can get a gripp of Westeros before the winter is coming.

Houses and Heroes:

House Lannister
Hero - Cersei Lannister, Cersei is a very weak hero that only
depends on her spells to make damage and get backups.
She is a very fast hero that can travel the map in a very short period of time taking her forces with her or make them travel to her in an emense speed.

House Grayjoy
Hero - Balon Greyjoy, Balon Ironborn Head of the House Grayjoy,
He is Lord of the Iron Islands and proclaimed himself king twice.
He is a follower of the old custom of the Ironborn and tried to bring them back to prominence.

House Fray
Hero - Edwin Fray, Edwin Fray is the hire to the Twin Keeps
and a very cunning man, he uses his lances to get a distance
between him and his enemis.

House Baratheon
Hero - Renly Baratheon, Renly Baratheon is the younger brother
of the late king Robert Baratheon and claims the right to the
throne after him. He uses a great slegehammer to the battle
witch he swings with mighty strenght at his enemis causing
concussions and stunning them.

House Florent
Hero - Florent, Lord Florent is a sworn Bannermen of
the house of Thyrell and stands behinde King Renly in
his fight for the ironthrone. He fight with both his shield
and his sword making him an exelent survivor.

House Arryn
Hero - Brynden Tulley, Also called The Blackfish is lord
Hostel Tully's younger brother and sworn knight of the vale.
Brynden uses his greatsword to make terrible bleeding wounds
and stun enemis for a shortperiod of time.

House Thyrell
Hero - Loras Thyrell, Sir Loras Thyrell the "Knight of Flowers"
is a very young and dazzeling man but with exeptional skill
and commanding abilities. He is leding his army to support
King Renly Baratheon and as head of his Rainbow Guard.

House Lanniser (2)
Hero - Jamie Lannister," The Kingslayer" twin brother to Cersei Lannister
and also her lover,comander over the Kingsguard and an great swordsman
uses his abilitys to travel fast to his enemis heroes and kill them
with as litle effort as posible.

House Tulley
Hero - Edmund Tulley, Heir to the keep of Riverrun and protector of the riverlands, Following King Robb against the Lannisers and the southern forces.
He is traind by Brynden Tulley and due to that his spells is cuiet simmular to his.

House Stark
Hero - Robb Stark, Lord of Winterfell and King of the north
have asembelled his bannermen to go south and revange his
father and breake free from the outher kingdomes.
Robb uses his direwolf Graywind in battle and summons backups
from Winterfell as he pleases.

House Clegane
Hero - Gregor Clegance, The mountain that rides is a freakishly large man,
over seven and a half feet tall, and possesses enormous strength
capeble to cleave thrue several enemies.

House Baratheon (2)
Hero - Stannis Baratheon, is the elder of Robert's younger brothers.
A brooding, humorless man known for a hard
and unyielding sense of justice, he is obsessed
with slights real and imagined. After the death of Robert, he styled himself king
of the Seven Kingdoms as Robert's heir, though he has difficulty getting
support for his claim. Stannis uses the power of R'hallor to damage his opponent.

Miscellaneous Info:

Based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
Credits to Crazyrussian for nearly all imported icons.
Credits to Olofmoleman for longboat model and last but not least credits to Elenai for his footman.

aoif, A song of ice and fire, George R.R Martin, Westeros, Game of Thrones.

A Song of Ice and Fire2.8e Protected (Map)

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00:48, 9th Sep 2011
Status: Rejected

Multi-upload, please use the update button.

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