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Create a warcraft hero, based on a hive member!

Let the Warcraft universe feel the power of The Hive and send our fellow brothers into the battle of storm, earth and fire. Shape a new son, give him the right looks and arm him with a unique spell to rule the battlefield for our good! Heed my call!

Theme Criteria:

The goal is to create a hero based on a hive user. Here are possible user associations that helps to define how the model, icons, and spell can look like:

General Frank's avatar lets us associate him with a tank, possibly with a special shooting ability.

Murlocologist could be interpreted as a murloc themed hero.

Link 1 2 3
Dr Super Good is actively promoting SC II, so I'm relating SC II with him.
It would be possible to bring a SC II unit into the warcraft world to symbolize that.
Basically, as long as the association is not blatantly disrespectful and makes some logical sense, you are free with your imagination.
The technical criteria for the entry is:
  • 1 Model
  • 1 Spell
    You may, but don't have to create one extra co-ability next to the main spell if it's required for your concept. In case a second ability is used, it's extend should be kept at a minimum, and it should exclusivly serve the main spell's effect, instead of only having some synergy.
  • 3 Icons
    • Hero Portrait
    • Spell Icon (symbolizes the spell effect alone)
    • Spell Icon (symbolizes the spell in usage of the hero, example Chain Lightning)
      Two icons featuring the spell are regarded as two different variations/versions of one same spell. In fact they are representing two approaches to drawing the spell - abstract and figurative.
      Copy pasting elements from one icon into another is not allowed, they need to be all drawn from bottom to top.

Team Criteria:
  • Defining only yourself as team is not allowed.
    A team is defined by 3 members, respectively responsible for: Model, Icons, Code
  • Work sharing inside a team is allowed. That means it's legitimate to share work, to make edits, and to support each other in what ever way.
Make a post in the thread to tell what aspect you want to be responsible for, and find partners to build a team. You may join the contest at any time, until 10th December 2017. Joining is no more possible.


There are general team rules, which have to be followed by everyone, and there are aspect-related rules, which are mostly only relevant for the 2D-, 3D-, Code expert respectively.

Team related rules:
  • Submissions must follow the contest theme.
  • Submissions must follow the General Resource Rules.
  • Submissions may not be started / made before the official launch of the contest.
  • The chosen hive user to create must have at least 100 forum posts. You can ask in thread for exceptions.
  • Teamwork with non-team members is not allowed.
  • Each team must post work in progress in the contest thread before the deadline. It should be made clear that the team works on each aspect (Model, Icons, Spell). 2 WIPs from each category is required!
  • The final entry must be posted before the deadline in this thread using a demo/test map. The post should be a little presentation of the hero, and must link to all submitted components of the hero (link to Model, Icons, Spell in the resource section). The entry must contain a short explanation of the theme, naming the created hive member and it's theme association.
  • The test map's name should be: <team> + "-" + <hero name> , and it must have decent testing conditions. Which means the user can test various aspects and behavior of the spell/code under certain conditions without too much of effort. For example cliffs/water/trees might be provided already in a spell demonstration, or chat commands might be given as well.
  • Judges may not participate.

Model related rules:

  • Submission must follow Model Submission Rules.
  • Model must contain these animations:
    - Stand
    - Attack
    - Walk
    - Death
  • Model may contain multiple animations.
  • The model must be posted before the deadline in the models section.
    The resource description must make it clear it is an entry from the respective contest.
Icon related rules:

  • Submission must follow Icon Submission Rules.
  • Only freehand work is accepted. CnPs, in-game screenshot edits, excessive filter-work, trace-overs or heavy referencing existing artwork are not permitted.
  • Minimum canvas size of the WIP must be 256 x 256 pixels.
  • The icons must be posted before the deadline in the icon section.
    The resource description must make it clear it is an entry for the respective contest.
Code related rules:

  • Submission must follow the Spell Submission Rules / Jass Submission Rules respectivly.
  • The use of enhancing systems is permitted as long as their contribution is not the major aspect of the final entry. Clarification matters on certain libraries/snippets should be discussed with judges in the contest thread, in case of uncertainty.
  • Third party programs, except Jass New Gen Pack or WEX, are not allowed. Using WurstScript might be accepted, as well, but should be mentioned in the contest thread to ensure a proper judgement set.
  • The spell must be posted before the deadline in the respective resource section.
    • The resource description must make it clear it is an entry from the respective contest.
    • The submission must be testable with the standard WorldEditor.

Breaking any of these rules may lead to punishment in the judgement score, up to disqualification from the contest, depending on the weight of the issue.
In case of doubts towards a certain rule or the urge to discuss something related, you are very encouraged to post in the contest thread so others and judges may help with sorting it out.


  • First Place: 100 reputation points + Special Rank Icon on the hive
  • Second Place: 65 reputation points
  • Third Place: 40 reputation points
  • Remaining entries: 10 reputation points
  • Judge: 10 reputation points
All winning teams will receive an award icon, representing the winning entry.​


How clean and well shaped is the mesh? Is it balanced and how well is the wrap made?/10

How quality and smooth are the model's animations? How effective are they? How fitting are they?/10

How effective is the texture? How well is it applied to mesh? How does it look aesthetically? Is it clean, understandable and logical?/10

How creative and unique is the concept? Does it fit the chosen theme?/10

Does model feature special effects like particle emitters or ribbons? How well do they contribute to overall quality of model?/5

How well does the model works within in-game environment regarding its appearance, its filesize, does it feature sounds, does it feature necessary attachment points?/5


Blizzard style
Is the style similar to standard icons?/10

How qualitative is the concept, how unexpected and creative is the idea? Originality and uniqueness of icons are judged. How fitting are icons for model/spell?/25

Technical note
Quality of: color, composition, expressiveness, shape, definition, sharpness, clarity, shading, realism, proportions, rendering, details, materials./65


<Here> is a more detailed explanation of what Cokemonkey does look for!

Is the skill bug- and leak-free? Does it support multiple instances? Is there a good documentation and are there enough configurable variables to fit the needs of different user? Does it cause performance issues upon effect? Is the code fitting for a decent spell submission, or is it too simple?/20

Is it unique? How creatively was the idea executed and is it fitting the contest theme?/10

How does the whole spell procedure look? Is it overloaded with special effects? How explanatory is the tooltip/description of its functionality?/10


Judgement score is defined like:
  • Model: 40%
  • Icon: 30%
  • Code: 30%
Final team score is defined like:
  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
JudgementScore = (40*Reached_Model_Percentage) + (30*Reached_Icon_Percentage) + (30*Reached_Code_Percentage)

FinalScore = (30*PollVotes/POLL_VOTES_TOTAL) + (70*JudgeScore/100)


The contest shall begin on 10th November 2017 and conclude on 7th January 2018 GMT (day is included).


Assigned Staff: @Murlocologist and @IcemanBo

:fp: The Poll | Results


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Team name
Model 1 2 ✔️
Icon 1 2 ✔️
Code 1 2 3 4 5 ✔️
Zul'Aman was an Inside Job
Model 1 2 3 4 ✔️
Icon 1 2 3 ✔️
Code 1 2 ✔️
Troll Pariah

Model 1 2 3 4 ✔️
Icon 1 2 3 4 5 6 ✔️
Code 1 2 ✔️
Model 1 2 ✔️
Icon 1 2 3 4 ✔️
Code 1 2 ✔️
Team Solid ✖️
JesusHipster ✖️
Edge45 ✖️
Flux ✖️
Model 1 2 3 4 ✔️
Icon 1 2 ✔️
Code 1 2 3 ✔️
Best tem 10/10
Model 1 2 ✔️
Icon 1 2 3 ✔️
Code 1 2 ✔️
AboveMiniLucent ✖️
MiniMage ✖️
Apheraz Lucent ✖️
Abovegame ✖️
Model 1 2 3 ✔️
Icon 1 2 3 4 5 ✔️
Code 1 2 ✔️
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May 9, 2006
> I would like to allow Wurst, but I won't judge it. If you're interested and want to particpate with Wurst, then we need to find a person who does help out.

You realize that doesn't make any sense, right? Even if the onus of finding a judge should be on me (it shouldn't), you'll still find it impossible to get fair judging.
perhaps some one creative can recreate me, the mur'loc god, as a tyrannical hydra with a 99999 chain lighting that bounces 9 times. with a demolishers burning oil attack made green and a giant crimson eye aura. all hail the mur'loc god. the time to prove you're worthiness to me is now. go my cultists, bring us swift victory.

its actually a neat contest idea.

edit: dont forget the kill-able rune flowers in the test map to eat for health and mana
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Oct 30, 2017
Interesting contest.
I'd rather make model of either any of these two:

@Emperor Lucas II



However, I am in the need of a modeller and I can do a part of texturing, skills, and lore. Yet, I have to find more members to work with for the contest.
See if you think these fine models will fit as heroes and bosses to fight with, I haven't noticed bronze full-armored kings or vampire queens here as models.

ANYWAYS, if I fail to gather some team-mates. You can adopt this idea and you can have it then. :D


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well, iunno.. my only idea is, well.. me, as some odd combination of a naga and archon, lol

but.. i'm not sure about skeleton/animations, as i would most likely use what i already got, instead of making it from scratch, which i really, really don't want to do.. there would be some custom things tho 'u' if reusing rigging and animation is allowed by the contest host

i have zero idea about an icon or spell code
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Sep 13, 2017
Interesting contest.
I'd rather make model of either any of these two:

@Emperor Lucas II



However, I am in the need of a modeller and I can do a part of texturing, skills, and lore. Yet, I have to find more members to work with for the contest.
See if you think these fine models will fit as heroes and bosses to fight with, I haven't noticed bronze full-armored kings or vampire queens here as models.
I'm nothing like that.
i think the timespan of this contest is too short. the deadline should at least be until the end of december. 1 month to coordinate a high quality model, icon, and code is way too little time, especially considering the latter two is quite dependent on the model for inspiration.

if it gets extended, i'd be interested in being an icon artist and/or texturer.
Level 3
Oct 30, 2017
Mine is unique, if you wish to do mine, fine by me.
Her's is irrelevant.
I was attempting to contact her if she agrees to make a vampire bride but her profile looks like its hacked or destroyed. Well, I will find my team mates who wants to make a gold knight of yours which is a good commander of footmans, no... footmen.

Can we make herrdave's model? Im not sure if he fits the criteria for 100 forum post, not sure how to check
Good idea, Herrdave could be a captain hero in a map.
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