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Icon Submission Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Hive Workshop, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Hive Workshop

    Hive Workshop


    Jun 30, 2016

    • Screenshot icons and/or icons with too little free-hand are not allowed as standalone icons. They must be submitted in the same bundle as the bundle from which the screenshot was taken.

    • Uploading an icon solely fitted for a specific model, skin or spell in any of their respective sections is not permitted. You must "Edit" the bundles of the corresponding resource and add the icon there. In this case screenshot icons are also allowed no matter the amount of freehand etc.

    • Submitted Icon Resources have to be at least 50% freehand work. Filter works, recolors and copy-pasting of other artworks are not considered freehand content. Drawing a complete artwork and then copying/rotating it around multiple times in a single Icon is not considered freehand work!

    • All Icons must include at least one invisible Light Source for Highlights and a set of Shadows to follow it.

    • All Icons must have the original and standard borders to be approved.
      Button Manager can help you with doing this very quickly and easily.

    • Stealing Artwork, or in other words, CnP (Copy and Paste), is prohibited - these resources will not be approved and might result in punishment, if done continuously.

    • Hue changes (changing color) of your uploaded Icons or of original, ladder Blizzard Entertainment Icons, will only be approved if they show great usefulness.
      Otherwise, please attach color variations to the first post (or upload them to the pastebin) of your resource thread.
      Recolored existing Warcraft III icons still need to be at least 50% freehand work and follow other icon submission rules.

    • Submissions based on simple edits of Blizzard Entertainment material that do not fulfill the 50% ≤ freehand content criterion, but are significantly useful, will be approved if all credit goes to the original source.

    • No multi-uploads of a single resource - please use the "Edit" button instead.

    • Icon Tracing is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, applying outlines over existing artwork layers; applying existing artwork over the complete icon and using filter effects and layer settings to enhance the icon's details, light sources or shadows; and drawing/coloring over existing artwork and using filters and layer settings to change the appearance of the former to make it look drawn.
      It is not considered tracing if you draw by LOOKING at reference images - drawing OVER them IS tracing.

    • Only artwork created by yourself may be uploaded, unless the original author has allowed you to upload his/her work.
      Provide the proof of this (written permission etc.) right away.

    • All Icons must bear a fitting title.
      Example: an Icon depicting a tree, and being titled "Elephant", will not be approved.

    • All submitted resources have to follow the Site Rules.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 18, 2017
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