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General Resource Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Ralle, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004
    General Resource Rules

    • Exported materials from other sources is not permitted.
      One exception is content created by Blizzard Entertainment, which may be permitted if it is properly adapted to the Warcraft 3 engine and credit is given to Blizzard.

    • A resource created by a different author requires proof of the author's documented and verifiable permission.

    • The use of external materials is only permitted as long as: (Applies to all resources except maps)
      • The usage is allowed according to the terms / license under which they are released.
        • Any material created by Blizzard Entertainment can safely be used, as long as the target game is owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
        • If they are released without terms / license, having permission from the author is preferred but not required, because the original author has full rights to have it removed.
      • They are properly adapted to the target game.
      • It is explicitly declared in the description which parts were created by somebody else.

    • You must give credit where credit is due.
      All made by a third party (not you), must be given credit in the description. The credit must express the author and the name or description of his/her contribution. This includes material created by Blizzard if it comes from a different game than Warcraft 3

    • Resources should be unique. Largely similar resources, such as icons or skins that are hue-adjusted version of each other, simple reskins that don't change the shape of the model, or maps that are effectively clones of each other, such as most LOAP and Footman Wars maps, may be marked as substandard.

    • All submissions must have a minimal amount of errors. If it does not function properly in-game it will not be accepted.

    • Resources must be complete.
      Works in progress, alpha and beta versions must be posted in the relevant forum, or the pastebin.

    • A list of all software required for a resource to be used must be provided.
      It should be included in the resource where applicable.
    • All selected tags must be relevant.

    • If your resource is marked as substandard, and you think the ruling is unjustified, then you refer to the Staff Contact forum. Re-uploading resources is not permitted.
    • A proper description must go along with the resource. For resources the description must describe what the resource is and can be used for to help when searching for synonymous words. For maps it must describe the gameplay and features.
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