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Model Submission Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Ralle, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004
    Model Submission Rules

    • Be original and don't submit models similar to existing models.
    • No unedited original Warcraft models (e.g. contained within the war3.mpq, war3patch.mpq, or war3x.mpq) may be submitted.
    • All building, destructible, item, and unit models must include a game camera or portrait model; attachment and doodad models need not.
    • Building, destructible, and unit models that require animations should be properly animated.
    • If the model requires custom texture files all necessary textures must be included.
    • Resource Moderators shall decide on a case-by-case basis which models are acceptable.
      • If a model is rejected, valid reason(s) must be stated.
    • The mesh must be clean, with no excess of unnecessary edges and no wasteful geosets or polies.
    • The UV map must be decent and continuous, with as few seams as possible and without nasty stretching of the texture.
    • Building, destructible, and unit models that require animations should be properly animated. If the model has custom animations, they must be good and smooth. Animations cannot be too slow or too fast and should be as realistic as possible.
    • The model must have proper attachment points.
    • Attachment models must list all models for which they were optimized for (There must be at least one).
    • If it's a geomerge, make sure the parts are blended properly and so they don't look like something wickedly unnatural (i.e. exaggeratedly huge heads, very thin necks/waists, etc); objects that should be attached to body parts must not float around or attached unnaturally (i.e. a sword floating near the hand or attached to the lower arm instead of being in the fist); also make sure the UV mapping is correct and that it has no nasty stretching. If so, redo it.
    • Edited versions of existing models (from Warcraft or the community) are allowed as long as the model is changed significantly or in a useful manner (as long as your usage is permitted, read more in the "General Resource Rules").
    • If the model has any custom textures, they must adhere to the texture/skin submission rules.
    • The submission must include an in-game screenshot.
    • All submissions must follow the General Resource Rules.
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