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Spell Submission Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Hive Workshop, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Hive Workshop

    Hive Workshop


    Jun 30, 2016

    • Submissions must have an adequate resource description. A changelog must be present in either the resource description or the trigger viewer.

    • Spells must provide an in-game screenshot. Systems do not need an in-game screenshot, but their preview image should be related to the resource.

    • Submissions must be useful. Concepts that do not have a clear purpose, or are extremely simple might be rejected (e.g. a "remove unit on death" system is too simple).

    • Submissions must be leakless. To find out more about leaks, click here.

    • Spells must mimic in-game mechanics (e.g. damaging spells must give bounty when they kill enemies).

    • Submissions must be MUI or MPI, meaning that they can be casted by multiple units or players without bugs.

    • Systems must be as instance-able as possible (instance-ability will often depend on the type of system).

    • Submissions must have decent performance. Unnecessarily repeating function calls, repetitive group enumerations, overuse of special effects, or other useless overhead, should be avoided to prevent a performance drop.
    • Under no circumstances can a resource modify Unit User Data (Custom value) with the exception of Unit Indexing systems.

    • The documentation must at least contain a listing of the API, external library requirements and importing instructions.

    • No overloading the test map with bulky, unneeded custom models and icons. If you really do need to use a lot of imported content, link to it in your description.

    • Submissions must be easy to import. Strive to require as few changes as possible when importing (e.g. use variables to store object editor data such as abilities and unit-types).

    • Submissions must be made using vanilla GUI (aka triggers), JASS, vJASS, Zinc, or Wurst. Using other third party languages, including UMSWE GUI, or similar, is prohibited.

    • GUI resources must strive to follow common GUI convention set by GPAG.

    • JASS resources must strive to follow common JASS convention set by JPAG.

    • All submissions must follow the General Resource Rules.
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