Wurst Submission Rules

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Oct 6, 2004
Wurst Submission Rules

The Wurst-Submissions forum is a great place to share your custom script for WarCraft III. Here you may submit Wurst resources that you would like to share with the community.

Where to Submit
If your code is written in Wurst submit it here. Spells, systems and libraries are accepted.

  • Global site rules apply here. There are some exceptions, for example double-posting is allowed if you want to bring to attention that you have updated your resource. In this case it makes more sense than editing your last post like you would do in another forum.
  • First post in the Thread must contain:
    • A description of the resource
    • The code of the resource and/or a link to the code on github
    • Documentation on how to use the code and/or a link to documentation. For some resources Hotdoc comments might be enough.
  • Code Quality:
    • Resources must function properly before they can be approved. Some resources have a rating which bears in mind efficiency, readability and usefulness.
    • There must be no avoidable memory leaks.
    • Unit-tests for the code should be provided if possible.
    • The code should follow the coding conventions
    • All required Object Editor data generated at compiletime must be included and use Id generators to avoid id collision
  • Documentation:
    • Dependencies on other resources. (This includes but is not limited to the name of the library, the author, and a link to the library's thread.)
    • The version of Wurst the resource was written for.
    • Hotdoc documentation for the public interface of all packages.
    • Instructions on how to import the script into a map should it not be simply copy and paste.
    • A clear description on how and why the script should be used. Usually this should include an example of the usage.
  • New threads represent new submissions. Do not make a post here unless it is a submission. 1 thread must contain 1 submission. No more, no less. 2 submissions can only be in the same thread if the purpose of one is to add an extra field to the other without making any radical changes to the core. (Add-ons)
  • Please do not include your signature in the submitted source. It is distracting and looks tacky.
  • Please do not submit an incomplete script. Incomplete submissions will be marked "Needs work". Please test your map for any foreseeable glitches or bad parameters.
  • If you wish to submit a resource that is not your own, credit must be given and you must have written permission from its author.
  • If your resource has not been reviewed or if you do not agree with the reasons a moderator has not approved your resource, feel free to PM another moderator addressing the issue.
  • A good resource is a resource that has a clear purpose and performs only that. The less things it does, the better. This may sound silly to you, but it's great to do so because modular design allows you to debug things far more quickly.
  • If your resource was moved to the Graveyard, check if the resource followed the above rules. If you would like to update it, feel free to resubmit it or PM a moderator about the situation if you feel that the graveyarding was in error.
  • If you port a (v)Jass resource to Wurst please give credit to the original resource. It might also be a good idea to provide a link to it.
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