Mini-Mapping Contest #14 - Stealth

Level 25
Oct 2, 2011

Contestants are to create a map where the player should hide, sneak, pickpocket, assassinate or perform similiar quiet and stealthy things.


  • No submission may violate any of the site rules.
  • If a submission does not follow the map submission rules the creator will be disqualified.
  • All submissions must follow the current theme.
  • Your submission must be posted before the deadline in the contest thread. The post containing your final submission must also contain the following:
    • Several screenshots of terrain and gameplay.
    • The file in the appropriate format.
  • You must show at least one unfinished preview of your submission, before the deadline, as proof that it’s yours.
  • Your submission may not be started/made before the official launch of the contest.
  • Judges may not participate.
  • Your final submission should be mostly bug free.
  • Teamwork is not allowed.
    • Finding testers and voice actors to help you with your submission is not considered teamwork.
  • Imports may be used in the map, however they must all be credited. You may make new models, icons, etc specifically for the contest.


  • First Place: 45 reputation points and your entry on the award icon
  • Second Place: 30 reputation points and an award icon
  • Third Place: 15 reputation points and an award icon
  • Finished entry and judges: 5 reputation points


  • Judge #1
  • Judge #2
Contact me if you want to be a judge in this contest!


ThemeHow well does the entry comform the contest theme "Stealth"?20%

The fun factor: Does the whole package create an enjoyable experience for the player?
e.g. Are the spell effects satisfying, is there replayability, is the plot compelling, ...?
AestheticsIs it good looking terrain-wise? How polished are the details such as preview pictures, title, in-game texts and icons?30%
TriggersDoes the map run well performance-wise?
Factors which influence this category are: efficiency of the triggers/coding, memory leaks, etc.
  • 65% of the winner shall be determined by the contest's appointed judge(s).
  • 35% of the winner shall be determined by the results of a public poll.

  • The contest shall begin on July 22nd, and conclude on October 1st, 23:59 GMT, GMT
Zenonoth Presents

Run Tyrande, Run!


"Run Tyrande, Run!" is a 2P co-op map which combines both Stealth and Escape gameplay, made for the Mini-Mapping Contest#14: Stealth by Rufus"

''Tyrande and Shandris, after dealing with the Orcish & Human encroachment on the lands of Ashenvale; finds herself facing a bigger threat! the Burning Legion has returned, and Archimonde's doomguards are after Tyrande!"

- You get to choose between playing as Tyrande Whisperwind or Shandris Feathermoon, Tyrande's loyal friend
- You are then forced to use stealth to assassinate demons and escape captivity from Archimonde's Doomguards!


- 2 playable heroes that coordinate their abilities for achieving success
- 3 Difficulties
- Achievements
- Time limit
- Various items

- Unlockable cheats


Coming soon.

Coming soon..

Coming soon..
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Level 25
Oct 2, 2011
Be careful not to wait for too long though!
People usually think they have a lot of time, and then asks for an extension.

I will only extended the contest if the majority thinks its ok, by anonymous vote.

This is the best contest evah! The most interestinging. The greatsest.
Making the mini-mapping contests great again!
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Dec 19, 2012
Be careful not to wait for too long though!
People usually think they have a lot of time, and then asks for an extension.

I will only extended the contest if the majority thinks its ok, by anonymous vote.
Thanks for your reminder. Since my school exam is coming, I would have little time to participate within first month. But for the next month I'm complete free, so I might only have 1 month to complete the map after exam. Hopefully I could really be able to finish the map.
Level 42
Dec 8, 2008

Prepare to play as the deadliest assassin this world has ever known. Small but equipped with a quick mind, a deadly sword aswell as conveniant and clever gadgets, the goblin Tynlee Shadowfinger is an enemy feared by all those who can not afford her service.

Tynlee Shadowfinger

Basic Abilites:

- Temporal Flux Generator: Classic blink ability but has mechanical origin.

- Focusing Lens: Reveals area of the map, but other then the classic ability, this one has limited range.

- Vortex Cloak: Classic windwalk ability but with slowed movement speed. Tynlee gains the ability to instantly execute enemies when leaving the Vortex Cloak, depending on the strengh of the enemy and the level of the ability.

Basic Game Idea

Unseen is going to be a relativly simple stealth game. Similar to the Thievery campaign, but with straightforward gameplay. The abilities and mechanics are going to be relativly simple (as a I am not the master of coding and triggers) but I aim to compensate that with interesting level design, movement that requires thinking and planning as well as appealing asthetics. As in most stealth games, Tynlee is very weak when engaged in open combat and is pretty much sure to die. She has to rely on her abilities and strike from the shadows. But when she does, she is deadly. Kinda wanted to create a mix between 'Thief' and 'Dishonored'.


Just some basic layout. I just love to do this stuff, so I figured, why not. I know that the abilites are pretty much standard warcraft abilities, but used under different circumstances and all with a little twist. Basic parameters for the gameplay are already set, such as enemy types, abilities, stealth 'mechanics' etc. Will post some screenshots when I get to it :)
Level 9
Jul 7, 2007
I'm entering! I figured I'd try to stand out by doing something a bit different, so I'm making a turn-based, grid-based stealth-'em-up. I was initially looking to make a bare-bones Invisble Inc or something like that, but then I realized I'd have to implement pathfinding algorithms, and I am not getting my head around A* for a wc3 map, so I'm going more rougelike-ish.

So far I've done tile indexing and a basic movement trigger. I'm most worried about having to do AI, as that's not an area I'm very familiar with. I'll welcome any critique of my code so far, I'm pretty new to working in JASS. Good luck everyone! :)


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Aug 13, 2011
This is probably my favorite contest theme. These entry concepts already have me hyped to play them, and we're only a couple days in!

@Argus I'm curious to see how you'll factor the grid system into combat. I thought about attempting an offshoot of Invisible Inc. as well, but then the realization set in. AI is the bane of making a more unique stealth game.
Using this as an excuse to learn matrix eater.
Normal marine models is so boring, especially if you need multiple different variations for different heroes.
Stealth system essentially works, so I just need to design some heroes with some interesting spells that fit the theme and design the map.


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Aug 27, 2013
If I can finish it on time and have the will to complete it, I'm in. :p

Trying something futuristic. The map is going to be survival-stealth themed. These robots movements are very slow, you need to be efficient and thoughtful about how to trap your enemies, destroy them, and steal their core. Their attacks will also take time to cast so you'll be really dependant on invisibility and traps here or else, you won't catch anyone. ~


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Level 9
Jul 7, 2007
I'm making progress, I've got some basic AI up and running (just a patrol route system). I am having a lot of fun, and I'm learning a lot about JASS :)

@Tickles Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. I'm hoping I'll be able to put together something that's simplistic, but at least a little bit fun.
@Rheiko Looks cool, and it sounds like an interesting blend of genres. Good luck!


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Level 13
Jul 15, 2007
Looks like a fun contest, some good looking ideas so far. If i can think of a good concept, i'll join in :)

Question: If there are only 2 judges, does that mean it's probably better to make a 2 player map? Since anything more will not be played to full effect, and 1 player makes it hard for 2 judges :p
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Feb 28, 2016
Here's my WIP, Call of Duty: Special Operations.

You get to play as Captain John "Soap" MacTavish to sneak up to the enemy, destroy a mobile SAM, and escape the enemy base.

- Captain Price will guide you throughout the gameplay with an invisible drone, so you can get some tips on how to get out of the base safely.
- Triggered abilities. If you cast an ability which only can be cast on the right time, you will alarm your approach.
- The map is campaign-styled, which has its own story.

I will credit the models and icons soon after I've done my submission.

EDIT: The map is not gonna be trigger-heavy, as long as it fits the theme.


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Jul 15, 2007
I have thought up of a concept that i'll try to get started:

Name: doesn't have one yet :(
Type: survival/murder-style

Takes place in a human city. There are two teams:

You have inflitrated the city and can disguise yourselves as members of the populace. They are tasked with gathering items of interest and/or killing people of interest. Completing tasks
increases your score.

Dreadlord Hunters
City mages suspect the presence of Dreadlords. After 1 minute, you are called in to find and kill them. Watch out; killing innocent civilians carries a penalty.
You have 5 minutes to find and slay all Dreadlords.

Win Conditions
After 5 minutes from the Dreadlord Hunters being summoned in, if all Dreadlords are dead, the Dreadlord hunters win. If there are Dreadlords alive, the winning Dreadlord is the one with the highest score.

This concept is inspired from prop hunt.. but instead of props you have living things and dreadlords (cos dreadlords are good at disguising). There will be more differences to distinguish it from PH such as things for the dreadlords to do. There's no hard invisibility except for a Dreadlord escape ability, most of the sneaking/stealthy actions are done in plainsight, but you need to avoid Dreadlord hunters and act natural.

At the start of the game, Dreadlords and Hunters will be chosen randomly (1 hunter for every 3 dreadlords).