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May 1, 2012
Aug 23, 2008

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You have been Avatorised!, from The Netherlands

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May 1, 2012
    1. Hubcool
      Yeah I understood what your point is :p I think the worst of all is that there already was much confusion going on in the submission thread, and it was accepted without even making sure the concept was clear to everyone and without finding any judge. But yeah overall, I totally agree with you about the theme being vague once again and that only issues will come out of this
    2. Dragonson
      Grats on your second blue! :D
    3. greasontim
      Whats a good tool to change icons to a BLP files from a PNG
    4. Numerion
      I wasn't avatorised for long time D:
    5. Keiji
      Avator, did you at all check out Megafyr's terrain before you said that? He changed his terrain up for those of you that disapproved of his terrain, he explained perfectly well that in his terrain you can see the docks up front, torn to peaces due to the cataclysm. Then far in the background you can see the "tower" floating on a rock. And rwo resemblences is MORE than enough. >.>
    6. Gaegamel
      That's what i wanted to hear :D
    7. Gaegamel
      Hi. I hope, you haven't given up the Final Fantasy 9 project. Would be a shame for the whole FF world. You did a great job. And you can always count on me, if you need something.
    8. HappyCockroach
      I expected you to say this. Now behave yourself.
    9. SanKakU
      hey how's the ff9 project going? wow i've really been working on my aos map a lot...getting inspiration from monsters from video games for my map's monsters that i need to design...after which i need to program them...which is going to be a lot of work. i'm still in the process of polishing off my current heroes that'll make it into the first release of my map but after i get done with that and more serious about my map's monsters i might be more properly motivated to document those monster abilities that you asked for
    10. Addicted07
      hey i wanna be an FF IX fan in your map! give you details about the game :) i'm much of an FF addict from I - IX hehe :P need me just pm or post on my prof.
    11. The_Grapist
      Hey,how are u?
    12. LexX
    13. Septimus
      can you resend the tatami model? i lost the files again ><
    14. Septimus
      do you still have the youtube video of the tatami?
    15. Amigurumi
      is the story [here] good enough :P ?
    16. Rmx
      MY EYES !!!!! it burns .. i can see the WHITE :P
    17. Amigurumi
      Oh, thanks :D
      now I'm going to do great stories xD
    18. Amigurumi
      don't know, if you want to have a friend, who made a cinematic with almost no story :DD
    19. Amigurumi
      I cannot change the story D:,
      it's only a fun cinematic. You have to live without a story :P
    20. Amigurumi
      It has a small story :D
      But nothing special.
      He was walking home to his family, and then suddenly he fall into a cave.
      And now he wants back home.
      What I said - nothing special, but it won't kill ya :P
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    The Netherlands
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    Final Fantasy IX
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    Northrend (Europe)
    I'm a regular map-maker who specifically goes on the triggers and I go a lot back-to-basics (which means a lot of use of If/Then/Else triggers), because I can make a fairly 'advanced' map that way. At the moment I only use GUI triggering, since I don't have the time to learn JASS.

    Map making


    Current projects: Released information: Progress:
    Final Fantasy IX Forum llllllllllllllllllll (13% - Main project)
    Disco Chicken Download Complete
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