Techtree Contest #14 - Reforge, Don't Refund [Optionally Paired]

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May 18, 2018



Night Power

Night Favors

Training System


On darkness, Nightscale Tribe fights fiercely. When they are at the moon light, units get an improvement to their abilities and spells. This improvement can be enhanced further with a special upgrade available at the Storage Pools. Also, each second on night they gain +1 Night Power for each Shrine of Tides, Sanctuary of the Seas and Ocean Nexus already built that can be spent on special powers. A maximum of 200 Night Power can be reached. FOR BALANCE REASONS, HEROES DON'T GET IMPROVEMENTS TO THEIR ABILITIES AT NIGHT.


Special spells that can be unleashed from any Shrine of Tides, Sanctuary of the Seas or Ocean Nexus at the cost of Night Power. New Night Favors can be unlocked by upgrading the Shrine of Tides.


When a Nightscale unit begins its training, it will be redirected to an available Watery Gate. The gate will then begin to summon the new unit. These Gates also provide food for the Nightscale and must be protected at all cost.


Tier 1



Reef Singer


Basic worker unit. Can harvest gold and lumber, build structures, and Repair. Can become a Greenfin Invader.
  • Switch Weapon: Greenfins can change their weapons to become Invaders obtaining better stats, useful to defend themselves. Invaders can also construct new buildings but can't gather resources or Repair.


Fierce melee Naga warrior. Can learn the Capture and Savagery abilities.
  • Capture: Causes a land enemy unit to be bound to the ground so that it cannot move for 7 seconds. Cannot be cast on flying units or Heroes and must be used at a minimum range of 200.
  • Savagery: Each time this unit receives damage it will increase it's attack rate by 8% and movement speed by 10. Maximum of 7 stacks can be reached. Each stack lasts 4 seconds.

Reef Singer.PNG

Versatile ranged unit that sing melodies that cause different effects on attacked targets. Can learn new melodies with the Siren's Song upgrade.
  • Song of Fantasy: Attacks have a 25% chance of distract the target enemy, causing it to have a 40% chance to miss on attacks. Lasts 12 seconds on units and 4 seconds on Heroes.
  • Dreams Melody: Attacks have a 12% chance of put target enemy to sleep. A sleeping unit can be awoken by attacking it. Lasts 6 seconds on units and 3 seconds on Heroes.
  • Ghost Soundwave: Attacks have a 18% chance of damage target's eardrums, dealing 3 damage per second and reducing its attack rate by 25%. Lasts 15 seconds on units and 5 seconds on Heroes.
Tier 2


Greenfin Oracle



Razorback Turtle



Fast attacking unit. Effective against buildings. Can learn Savagery and Evolved Tissues.
  • Savagery: Each time this unit receives damage it will increase it's attack rate by 8% and movement speed by 10. Maximum of 7 stacks can be reached. Each stack lasts 4 seconds.


Supporting spellcaster. Can initially cast Hydrate, which recover the wounds of allied units. Can also learn Water Shield and Reversion.
  • Hydrate: Heals a target friendly non-mechanical wounded unit for 35 hit points. After that the target will be healed by 5 hit points per second over 4 seconds.
  • Water Shield: Creates a shield of water around a target friendly unit. This shield will absorb a random percentage of damage received. Absorbed damage vary from 20% to 60%. Lasts 35 seconds.
  • Reversion: Dispels all buffs from target unit. Nearby allied units will be healed by 25 hit points +15 per buff the target has. Deals 100 damage to summoned units and restore 50 extra hit points to nearby allies.


Essential spellcaster. Can initially cast Eye of the Depths, which summons a flying explorer that can detect hidden units. Can also learn Terrorize and Stone Gaze.
  • Eye of the Depths: Summons an eye which can be used to scout. Can see invisible units. |nLasts 20 seconds.
  • Terrorize: Reduces damage of a target enemy unit by 25%. Lasts 40 seconds on units and 5 seconds on Heroes.
  • Stone Gaze: Petrifies an enemy target with the Gorgon's gaze, making it unable to move and causing it to receive 50% extra damage from physical attacks but 50% less damage from spells. Cannot be cast on Heroes. Lasts 15 seconds.


Ranged anti-spellcaster. Has Arcane curse, which dispels buffs and silences enemies and Mana Break, which steals mana on attacks. Can learn Mark of Wisdom.
  • Arcane Curse: Dispels positive buffs from enemy target and silence it. Silenced enemies are more affected from Mana Break attacks. Silence lasts 12 seconds on units and 4 seconds on Heroes. Deals 250 damage to summoned units.
  • Mana Break: Attacks against enemies dispel 4% of their current mana, and restores the same amount to the Nullifier. If target is under Arcane Curse, 6% of their current mana will be dispelled instead and will also receive half of the amount as damage.


A powerful and fortified Turtle, good at destroying enemy buildings, but slow and with a shorter range than other siege equipments. Can learn Spiny Shell and Enhanced Boulder Toss.
  • Spiny Shell: Sharp spikes on Razorback's shell deal 40% of an enemy unit's melee attack damage back to it. When Turtle's hit points drop below 50% the returned damage get reduced to 25%.


Fast flying creature. Can learn the Gale Winds ability.
  • Gale Winds: Aerial attacks can reach 2 extra nearby flying targets dealing damage to each.
Tier 3





Strong melee unit that excels at tanking. Can learn the Resilience ability.
  • Resilience: Every 12 seconds, this unit will remove any negative effects that affect it. Cannot be used while stunned or asleep.


Offensive spellcaster. Can initially cast Lightning Minion, which summons an elemental warrior. Can also learn Static Shock and Thunderstorm.
  • Lightning Minion: Summons a Lightning Minion to attack enemies. The minion has 240 hit points and deals 14 - 18 magic damage. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Static Shock: Overloads the weapons of an allied unit with lightning power, giving it a 40% chance of deal 10 extra magic damage on attacks and greatly slow attacked unit for 0.8 seconds. Increases speed of Lightning Minions by 50%. Lasts 25 seconds.
  • Thunderstorm: Calls down an electrical storm at target area to strike enemy units for 10 damage each 1.5 seconds in a small target area. Lasts 15 seconds.


Powerful heavy flying beast. Exceptional against land enemies and buildings. Can learn the Acid Breath ability.
  • Acid Breath: Acid spitted by Quetzal's attacks corrode armor and flesh, dealing 6% of missing hit points from target as bonus damage.




Warrior Hero, exceptional at resisting on front lines. Can learn Waterwave Stream, Torrent Blast, Vortex Barrier and Bulwark.

Waterwave Stream


Vortex Barrier


Summons a high speed water stream to damage and reduce the armor of an enemy unit. Armor reduction lasts 9 seconds.
  • Level 1: 110 damage, 4 armor reduction.
  • Level 2: 160 damage, 5 armor reduction.
  • Level 3: 210 damage, 6 armor reduction.

Saturates the area around the Oceanlord with random water explosions that deal damage to enemy land units and structures. Deals half of the damage to buildings. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Level 1: 20 water explosions of 18 damage each.
  • Level 2: 20 water explosions of 24 damage each.
  • Level 3: 20 water explosions of 30 damage each.

Generates a layered protective shield that increases hit points regeneration by 1 and armor by 2. If the Hero receives damage, one layer is removed, and takes time to recover. A maximum of 6 layers can be active.
  • Level 1: Layers removed when Hero receives damage greater than 10. Restore a layer lasts 7.5 seconds.
  • Level 2: Layers removed when Hero receives damage greater than 14. Restore a layer lasts 6 seconds.
  • Level 3: Layers removed when Hero receives damage greater than 18. Restore a layer lasts 4.5 seconds.

Attacks have a 8% chance of instant kill the enemy if Oceanlord's current hit points doubles the target's or 16% chance if Oceanlord's current hit points triples the target's. When an enemy is killed with Bulwark, nearby allied units get maximum movement speed for 8 seconds. Cannot kill Heroes or buildings. Also gives a passive permanent bonus to Strength of 7.



Mystical Hero, exceptional at creating confusion among enemy lines. Can learn Reflection, Hypnotize, Sunder and Illusory Chain.




Illusory Chain

Brings forth an invulnerable dark reflection of the target enemy using its life force. Affected enemy will be attacked by the reflection.
  • Level 1: Deals 40 damage to target. Reflection deals 60% damage and lasts 4 seconds.
  • Level 2: Deals 75 damage to target. Reflection deals 70% damage and lasts 6 seconds.
  • Level 3: Deals 110 damage to target. Reflection deals 80% damage and lasts 8 seconds.

Alters the reality from enemies in target area, causing them to create illusions of themselves under Dreamweaver's control when attacking. Hypnotized enemies receive damage from Sunder and increase the chance of spawn illusions.
  • Level 1: Targets have a 8% chance of spawn illusions when they attack. Illusions deal 30% damage, receive 330% extra damage and last 4 seconds. Hypnotize lasts 8 seconds.
  • Level 2: Targets have a 9% chance of spawn illusions when they attack. Illusions deal 35% damage, receive 300% extra damage and last 4.5 seconds. Hypnotize lasts 12 seconds.
  • Level 3: Targets have a 10% chance of spawn illusions when they attack. Illusions deal 40% damage, receive 270% extra damage and last 5 seconds. Hypnotize lasts 16 seconds.

Attacks have a 8% chance of create a illusion of target enemy. If target is hypnotized, the chance is increased and also receives damage when Sunder activates.
  • Level 1: 12% chance of create a illusion and deals 10 damage to hypnotized targets. Illusions deal 20% damage, receive 350% extra damage and last 4 seconds.
  • Level 2: 14% chance of create a illusion and deals 16 damage to hypnotized targets. Illusions deal 25% damage, receive 325% extra damage and last 4.5 seconds.
  • Level 3: 16% chance of create a illusion and deals 22 damage to hypnotized targets. Illusions deal 30% damage, receive 300% extra damage and last 5 seconds.

Binds the target enemy to its 2 nearest allies within the bind radius, causing a 30% of the damage dealt to one of them to be felt by the others. Any Dreamweaver's ability that a bound unit receives also has a 30% chance of be casted on the others. The chain can be breaked if distance between a bound unit and initial target is greater than 700. If the bind is broken by any of the units before the duration expires, the chain will search for another unit in a 600 radius to bound. If initial target dies, then another of the bound units will be the new initial target and bind radius will be transfered to its position. Lasts 25 seconds or until all of the enchained units are died and no new targets can be bound.



Cunning Hero, adept at inflicting poison damage on enemies. Can learn Toxic Cloud, Poison Touch, Venomous Fluids and Noxious Pulses.

Toxic Cloud

Poison Touch

Venomous Fluids

Noxious Pulses

Releases a nocive cloud at the targeted area. Enemy units who step across the contaminated terrain take damage per second and have their armor reduced. Lasts 16 seconds.
  • Level 1: 10 damage per second, 3 armor reduction.
  • Level 2: 14 damage per second, 4 armor reduction.
  • Level 3: 18 damage per second, 5 armor reduction.

Adds poison damage to Hero's normal attacks, slowing movement speed while dealing damage over time to the target. Poison lasts 2 seconds.
  • Level 1: 10 damage per second, 10% movement speed reduction.
  • Level 2: 16 damage per second, 20% movement speed reduction.
  • Level 3: 22 damage per second, 30% movement speed reduction.

The Hero exudes an infectious toxin every some seconds that damages any nearby enemy. Passively increases resistance to magic based on missing HP of the Hero.
  • Level 1: 32 damage, cooldown of 12 seconds. 0.4% magic resistance for every 1% missing HP.
  • Level 2: 48 damage, cooldown of 11 seconds. 0.6% magic resistance for every 1% missing HP.
  • Level 3: 64 damage, cooldown of 10 seconds. 0.8% magic resistance for every 1% missing HP.

Creates waves of nocive energy around the Hero, one per second, draining the hit points of nearby enemy units. Pulses deal 30 pure damage to enemies and restore a third part of all damage dealt to the Hero. Drains 35 mana with each pulse.



Cunning Hero, adept at dispatching individual targets. Can learn Shadowstep, Soul Eater, Reaper Slash and Spectral Dance.


Soul Eater

Reaper Slash

Spectral Dance

Teleports to a unit, friendly or enemy, dealing damage at both the departure and arrival locations and attacking it if it's an enemy unit.
  • Level 1: 70 damage on both locations.
  • Level 2: 90 damage on both locations.
  • Level 3: 110 damage on both locations.

Absorbs the soul of a fallen enemy to receive a damage bonus for 12 seconds.
  • Level 1: 15 bonus damage.
  • Level 2: 25 bonus damage.
  • Level 3: 35 bonus damage.

Each of Soulcatcher's attacks has a 12% chance to deal critical damage, also causing the critical strike to lifesteal for 75% of the damage.
  • Level 1: 125% critical damage.
  • Level 2: 175% critical damage.
  • Level 3: 225% critical damage.

Creates a circular formation of invulnerable Soulcatcher's shadows that attack any enemy at their range. The shadows deal 38 - 43 hero damage and gain the same level of Reaper Slash the Hero has. Lasts 18 seconds.


Ujimasa Hojo
Champara Bros
Azure Phoenix




Marcos DAB
Gwen Stefani



LINK TO THE MAP: Tidewater Glades - Nightscale Tribe
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this is a rant, but I have to . . . sorry

Alllllllright, not to brag, but I chose THE PERFECT theme for my entry.
Because I'm getting madder and madder with every patch that somehow manages to F up my map in new ways... it is indeed a... Nightmare.

Latest patch aimed to change ¨unit visibility¨ and address the team-glow/colouring that apparently some competitive players complained about.
What they must have done is just apply a big 'ol filter across every unit/building, making them brighter.
I get it that editing hundreds of would take them days if not weeks.
(keep in mind ORM is lighting + team colour, so you have to selectively edit, can't just apply a filter to the whole image)

Well now it looks simply ridiculous, units are way too bright. This change also made them loose some ¨depth¨, since they seem to be lighted everywhere.

So why I'm complaining:
My units looks stupid now, vibrant leaves, where there were dead looking ones.
Not so ¨nightmarish¨ since they look very very well lit.

What do, change every single texture I made, or wait until Blizzard changes it back, if ever?

What if you lower the unit's RGB values across the board for every unit?
But would be like 60+ textures man... and then they might change it back again.
I'm just really lost with all this bull-crap.

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Dec 16, 2018
Sorry, I don't know too much about texturing, but just changing the RGB from the unit itself on object editor does not change the brightness of the unit? I'm not good with that at all, but maybe that would not take too long.
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Mar 10, 2020
I'm pulling out of the contest.

Sorry the past couple weeks (and still going) have been hectic and exhausting. The rare occasion that I had some me-time I just want to murder some six reds in a shooter game to blow of steam. Being creative isn't on my mind right now. Good luck to ya all!
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Nov 4, 2010
The Last Revolt

-- By @Directive255 and @Daffa

"We are still alive and well, no worries and no cheers."

Next Progress Report (???) >>

"Where's all the commotion?"

Choose from the following auras, one at a time. Each aura drains 2 points of mana for every 4 seconds of active usage.
  • Suppression Aura: Reduces the damage output from enemies within range.
  • Pteneradon Aura: Boosts movement speed and attack rate of all friendly units within range, including itself.
  • Nanite Aura: Boosts health regeneration rate of all other friendly units within range other than the Blossom.
  • Dragon Aura: Boosts damage output of all friendly units within range.


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Feb 5, 2009
This is our entry, the Secret Grove by Wazzz and Spellbound


Discovered by wandering Sages who set out on a pilgrimage, the Secret Grove is a garden of great
mystical powers. The Ancestral Spirits who reside there reached an accord with the travellers, and
together they seek to defend the Grove and ensure its privacy remains.


- Wisp Power as a third resource
- Nydus Network-style mechanic
- Sage Chanting mechanics
- Mighty Amaranth units
- Specialized hero roles


- Retera
- Wazzz

- Wazzz

- Wazzz
- Spellbound

- Spellbound

Screenshot 1.png Screenshot 2.png Screenshot 3.png Screenshot 4.png Screenshot 5.png Screenshot 6.png

Download Here
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Last entry and download link will be posted tomorrow (technically still allowed since 7th is included).

I very much so apologize for the delay.
The map is finished, just need to make a decent video for it...well, I greatly underestimated this whole thing.
But I'm still 100%!


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Jul 29, 2008
Don't feel like you need to make a video for your entry; that's really not necessary (especially if it makes you late to submit!)

As much as I enjoy watching the videos & seeing people show off their faction, I feel like it often leaves people feeling like they too have to create the same fancy presentation. :<
Don't feel like you need to make a video for your entry; that's really not necessary (especially if it makes you late to submit!)

As much as I enjoy watching the videos & seeing people show off their faction, I feel like it often leaves people feeling like they too have to create the same fancy presentation. :<

Let's just say it like that. During the Contest time I had no job (plague related). So I pretty much spent all this time working on this map and it's assets, learned a lot of course meanwhile.

So I actually want to show it (off) a bit. Then again, I'm seeing some people without Reforged, and why not show them what cool stuff can be done with it.

(But probably it will be just some gameplay footage at the end... I'm tired : )
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Dec 16, 2018
Okay, this isn't an entry. I've technically completed all the requirements, but, for lack of time, I only finished 1 Hero, and there isn't too many upgrades or possible techniques. Also, some spells would be better and more interesting, but meh.
Anyway, I will upload this, as some kind of 2nd WIP :) .
I reccomend you to use the Salvajism technique, being the only Hero I finished is clearly maded for this playing mode (The Alpha, a Strenght Hero excellent buffing allies, who has an aura to turn off the effect of Salvajism in the nearby wolfs. I don't have to say this is very helpful).
If you play with wolfs, try to create lots of units (specially Scythe druids and Great wolfs) around the second Main structure update. With that, is possible to win.


  • THW.TC14.Keepers of the Wildness.w3x
    1.6 MB · Views: 79
Sadly, I must drop out. Other things kept me busy and I wasn't able to bring my race to playable level, maybe next time.
Man this shite is brutal... guess Arena is the right name for the forum.

Just had an epiphany: is the whole reason for contests like this to make modders pump resources in bulk?


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Feb 5, 2009
Techtree Contests are probably one of the most, if not the most, demanding and intensive contests. A part of it is due to the sheer versatility of skill involved, and the way various contestants will try to compensate for shortcomings in other areas by upping the ante in previously unexplored areas.

When the contests were still new, it was considered new or unusual for a contestant to make their own resources - now it's almost expected. Other contestants brought in increased standards in what was made possible through code, while others focus more on the core ideas of the techtree and how it functions. Although that last one is... rarer by far.
/Gigantic exhale...... ahhh ,finally!

My prayers to Omnissiah have been answered, no corruption, the map works well!

Here's my entry for the Techtree Contest #14:
Emerald Nightmare v1.0 (Reforged only)

I will try to upload the unit showcase video today, but I already have 2 valid WIPs, so we'll see.

And here is the actual WIP #4:

Now since I'm doing this the first time, how does polling work?
Is it amongst us, the contest participants?
How much time do we have to properly try each-other's maps?
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Dec 16, 2018
@Wazzz I know it can be considerated an entry, just I think it isn't ended or ready enough to be one, and I don't think that is a good idea make the judges loose their time. So, no. It isn't an entry, I think I still having the last word on this)?

Edit: @Moonman , I am happy for you being able to fight with that... Special problems.
As far as I know, the pool has a duration of half a month, or some think.
The members will vote, including us, and the percent of votes will be considerated as points, who will cover approximately a 25% of the definitive results. After the pool, there will be a beatiful process of... Waiting :) .
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