Last Revolt [Techtree Contest #14]

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The Last Revolt
Entry for the 14th Techtree Contest

-- By @Directive255 and @Daffa

This map is meant for SD. Best played in patch 1.31.1.

"When freedom fell as Void took reign, we shall stand till the bitter fall."


An entirely new faction joins the fray!

After an epic battle with Fallen's undead legions, a fatal defeat struck all of the elves. The Battle of Shadowspire was lost, and with Mind Zero acticated, nearly all of the world has now fallen under the dark lich's will...

But not all hope is lost.

A few months before the Battle of Shadowspire, one certain general from amongst the elven factions backed away to create an underground bastion on the farthest side of the planet. He has gathered all of the mightiest and smartest elves, building up a strong revolt against Fallen and his army of the dead. Some surviving humans and dwarves have also joined the ranks of the Revolt as well. By putting their technology and sorcery to the extreme, they have managed to resist Mind Zero.

Now, after decades of hiding and preparing, they are ready to avenge Shadowspire at all costs. They will not rest until Fallen and Mind Zero are put to an end, once and for all.​





Notice: Gameplay Screenshots may be slightly outdated. However, all of them are taken after the techtree design is mature and stable.







Gameplay Videos

Latest Version



  • Above-average durability
  • Extremely powerful troops
  • Mechanical advantage (most units are mechanical)
  • Variety of buffs and debuffs available
  • Usage of Support Powers to turn the tides of battle
  • Bounty income


  • Very costly
  • Difficult food production (requires early tier upgrade/tech advance)
  • Heavy food usage
  • Powerful gimmicks are very reliant on mana
  • Certain key buildings, once destroyed, will remove access to many technologies in the Revolt's arsenal.
  • Slow training
  • Complicated early game


Version 1.0 : 7th May 2020
  • Uploaded.

Bundle-Only Update : 25th May 2020 - A
  • Updated a missing entry in the Credits list (Retera for the altered melee victory/defeat code).

Bundle-Only Update : 25th May 2020 - B
  • Uploaded a gameplay video from @Daffa.

Bundle-Only Update : 1st June 2020 - A
  • Changed an incorrect typo of @xYours Trulyx's username from "xYours_Trulyx" to "xYours Truly".


  • Ujimasa Hojo: Dalaran Building Set (as nearly all Last Revolt buildings)

  • Elenai : Blood Elven Shieldsman (as Striker)
  • Stefan.K : Salandria (as Blademage)
  • infrenus : Blood Elf Skyship (as Phoenix Skystriker)
  • Reflex : Light Reaver (as Blightcleaner)
  • General Frank : Bloodelf 'Scorpion' Ballista (as Judas Artillery); Bloodelf Arcane Blossom (as Chromium Blossom); Bloodelf Vanguard Tank (as Chromium Suppressor Tank - Deprecated); Bloodelf Archer (as Ranger)
  • Illidan(Evil)x : Marine Tesla Trooper (as Thundergunner)
  • WILL THE ALMIGHTY : Nebula (as Healing Cloud)
  • WhiteDeath : Living Statue (as Genesis Blade)
  • Mythic : Starfall Channeler (as Stormcaller); Singularity Vol. II Orange (as Judgment); Chain Grenade Orange (as Bomb Power attack projectile); Psionic Shot Blue (as Thundergunner's Attack Projectile); Radiance Silver (as Nanite Aura buff); Radiance Crimson (as Dragon Aura)
  • Freddyk : Toad (as Explosive Toad)
  • The_Swamp_Warrior : Prismatic Missile (as one of the effects for Cherry Crush)
  • familla : Large Purple Magic Explosion (fixed by Azsure; as Rain of Bombardment effect)
  • xYours Trulyx : Infernal Bulwark (as Sunshield)
  • Sin'dorei300 : BloodElfPriestess (as Cherrybomber) (with Uncle Fester)
  • -Grendel : Engineer (as Artificer)
  • MN Lahmar : Demonic Missile (as Cherrybomber's Attack Projectile)
  • Hermit : Empathic Bond (as Suppression Aura buff and Pressure buff)
  • Kitabatake : 3-Tier Power Generator (as Haltwatch Core)
  • dhguardianes : Arcane Nova (as Cherrymite Explosion)
  • Champara Bros : Arcane Explosion (as Cherry Crush)
  • Ujimasa Hojo : Illidari Ancient Vault (as Ancient Vault)

  • Mr. Goblin : BTNBloodElfCavalry (as Striker)
  • Scias : Salandria (as Blademage)
  • infrenus : BESkyship (as Phoenix Skystriker)
  • Eagle XI : BTNMaelstromEngine (as Chromium Suppressor Tank)
  • Sin'dorei300 : BTNNozdormu (as Blightcleaner); BTNBloodElfPriestess (as Stormhailer)
  • Darkfang : BTNBETower (as Energy Tower); Eye of the Storm (as Eye of the Storm); BTNIncome (as Salvage)
  • zbc : BTNMagicMirror (as Craftsdrone)
  • LiOneSS : BTNbloodelfarcher (as Ranger)
  • viiva : BTNMagicalTornado (as Healing Cloud)
  • PrinceYaser : BTNPhoenixFire (as Phoenix Rage)
  • 67chrome : BTNMurlocGreenWorker_by67chrome (as Explosive Toad); BTNBoots_by67chrome (as Pteneradon Aura)
  • kola : BTNFlower_Explosion (as Cherry Crush)
  • Captain_Rufar : BTNSystemNavADV (as True Radar); BTNSystemSci (as Maximal Clearance)
  • FrIkY : BTNDragonKnightPresence (as Dragon Aura)
  • JollyD : BTNGnollMechanicMechanicalAura (as Maintenance)
  • CRAZYRUSSIAN : BTNcrMarineArmor1 (as Combat Suit); BTNcrMarineArmor2 (as Combat Suit Mk. II); BTNcrMarineArmor3 (as Combat Suit Mk. III)
  • The_Silent : BTNExpansion (as Expanded Blossom Battery); BTN (as Suit Battery); BTNBatteryBIG (as Suit Battery Mk. II); BTNBattery (as Suit Battery Mk. III)
  • Mc ! : BTNRevenantNew (as Genesis Blade); BTNDarkAura (as Suppression Aura)
  • Jacky The turtle : BTNzoom5 (as Heightened Clearance)
  • NFWar : BTNDwarfEnginer (as Artificer)
  • The Panda : BTNShockAura (as Nanite Aura)
  • : BTNFieryExplosion (as Bomb Power)
  • KelThuzad : BTNStorm (as Lightning Call)
  • Kul'neas : BTNDivineReckoning (as Judgment)
  • WILL THE ALMIGHTY : BTNElectricStrike (as Electromagnetic Pulse)
  • Infinitynexus : BTNDevouringBlade (as Broken Saber)
  • (*Unknown*) : BTNBEBallista (as Judas Artillery)
  • Blizzard Entertainment : BTNAngelicShield (as Judas Shield Protocol and Suicide Protocol: Mass Shield)

  • Adiktuz : Volty Crush (as Cherry Crush)
  • Bribe : Damage Engine; Table
  • Vexorian : TimerUtils
  • Ujimasa Hojo : Faction Dialog Box (modified)
  • Retera : Altered Melee Victory/Defeat Conditions (modified)


Last Revolt [Techtree Contest #14] (Map)

Shar Dundred
Really enjoyed this contest entry. Good work you two! Approved!
Managed to beat a 3v1 Last Revolt game in both Normal and Insane. I'll try to upload it once I can. The Insane one is pretty tricky though, so it would be a long recording or a series of them. Never thought with a race designed to "tank" and "push" I have to execute a rush to win.

Patch 1.32 is used, though apparently this map still uses the patch 1.07 balance. There are also some issues such as Cherrybomber's Ultimate, Bounty Hunter, and Sunshield are bugged, glitchy animation for towers from Architect ability, and also the Chromium Blast SFX. These already pointed in the contest, but a QoL update would be in order now that I find these are quite the hindrance. Some tooltips in the caster section still refers to old spells before the final contest entry version.